Holla Forums will defend this

Holla Forums will defend this

Lmao is that Bordiga

What's with the checkered jackets? Are they a gang?

He's like a cross between Bordiga and Sanders.

I have no idea what I'm looking at OP.

An Italian hotel owner being evicted for refusing to house the migrants that are brought to Italy's shores.

Seems reasonable, we entirely support that sort of thing here. Every refugee should get a free hotel, car, Bordiga impersonator and my wife.

Of course you knew we don't support it already, you're just a boring fuck who creates these shit threads when you can't think of a template thread to regurgitate on Holla Forums and Holla Forums's resident schizophrenics are too busy updating stormfront and eating tendies to create bullshit roleplaying threads for you.

No. I believe it's the US that should receive all the refugees. The US government created ISIS, so it's up to them to take some responsability.
But as always the european countries enjoy sucking USA dick and would never do such a thing.

Refugees have a bad sense of fashion when they go receiving donated clothes.

Porky btfo

Only if the nearby rich as fuck middle eastern countries that take next to no refugees at all like Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and Qatar are actually no longer capable of holding them.

Don't downplay it, he's clearly being gang raped.

You had me at

why do you act like you're on a forum?

I don't.

probably just the shitty board culture here then

Might just be your shitty witless brains tbh fam

Seriously though, it's like the EU is trying as hard as they can to fuel right-wing nationalism.

They would get less blow-back if they appropriated some fallow fields and established a functional semi-permanent camp. Which, if done correctly wouldn't necessarily be a shit place to live for a short while.

For some reason they think that taking over pre-built spaces will cause less disruption because - I dunno, it's technically cheaper I guess?

pretty sure i didn't create the staleness here

should have done more than evicted

Wow its almost like if cappies were able to profit from racial segregation and right-wing austerity policies

Sure, this happens because of material imperatives in the Base. But you would think that the bureaucracy involved in crafting these polices would be the least bit concerned with the destruction of their own specific institutions.

bureaucrats are useful idiots