Two subsequent years of receiving the flu vaccine boosts miscarriage rates from a baseline of 14 percent to 77%
Everyone knows miscarriage rates are much higher than 14 percent "as a normal matter of course." But as a side issue here, I figured out that the "as high as 40 percent" rate is a sham by the abortion industry to make abortion not look so bad, and that the normal miscarriage rate, after a woman comes up hot on a fertility test, is in fact 14 percent. Obviously this does not count failures to conceive after fertilization, because in those cases a woman never shows up as pregnant on any test.
More than just the abstract was hidden behind a paywall, but the abstract had all the key info!
The abstract proves that every time you get the flu shot after the first shot, it is only a booster shot to make the anti fertility component work even better. This study only shows what happens after two subsequent years of getting the shot. The numbers are not obvious to the lay person, but by cross checking different data sources to make sure I understood what they were saying, I was able to extract the real miscarriage rate from a sea of planned parenthood inspired B.S. and then put the numbers this abstract states into terms anyone can understand.


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FINAL OUTCOME: Normal miscarriage rates are 14 percent after pregnancy is confirmed (when you are not calling induced abortions miscarriages.) After ONE flu shot, a woman's chance of miscarriage increases to 37 percent. If the next year she gets another flu shot (which is obviously an anti fertility vaccine booster shot), her chances of miscarriage increase to 77 percent. The study did not go to the third year of getting the flu shot.

The abstract is so damning that the numbers look impossible! If you use planned parenthood's numbers which are greatly overstated and plug them into the numbers in this abstract, the miscarriage rate would have to be over 200 percent (which we all know is not possible). My corrected numbers make sense when plugged into this abstract and match pre abortion era medical stats.


Association of spontaneous abortion with receipt of inactivated influenza vaccine containing H1N1pdm09 in 2010-11 and 2011-12
James G. Donahuea, , , Burney A. Kiekea, , Jennifer P. Kinga, , Frank DeStefanob, , Maria A. Mascolac, , Stephanie A. Irvingd, , T. Craig Cheethame, , Jason M. Glanzf, ,

Abstract introductions Inactivated influenza vaccine is recommended in any stage of pregnancy, but evidence of safety in early pregnancy is limited, including for vaccines containing A/H1N1pdm2009 (pH1N1) antigen. We sought to determine if receipt of vaccine containing pH1N1 was associated with spontaneous abortion (SAB). Methods.

My comment - the bolded text means that this was a study to see if the flu vaccine really was an anti fertility vaccine, hence the phrase "spontaneous abortion methods". This proves they had a reason to be suspicious, because they only did this study to see if the flu vaccine was an anti fertility vaccine, which causes spontaeous abortions.

We conducted a case-control study over two influenza seasons (2010-11, 2011-12) in the Vaccine Safety Datalink. Cases had spontaneous abortion and controls had live births or stillbirths and were matched on site, date of last menstrual period, and age. Of 919 potential cases identified using diagnosis codes, 485 were eligible and confirmed by medical record review. Exposure was defined as vaccination with inactivated influenza vaccine before the SAB date; the primary exposure window was the 1-28 days before the SAB.

My comment - This paragraph establishes the legitimacy of the test, by stating the test conditions.

I'm going to have a massive postering campaign for flu shots at the local university.
I encourage everyone else to do the same.


The overall adjusted odds ratio (aOR) was 2.0 (95% CI, 1.1-3.6) for vaccine receipt in the 28-day exposure window; there was no association in other exposure windows. In season-specific analyses, the aOR in the 1-28 days was 3.7 (95% CI 1.4-9.4) in 2010-11 and 1.4 (95% CI 0.6-3.3) in 2011-12. The association was modified by influenza vaccination in the prior season (post hoc analysis). Among women who received pH1N1-containing vaccine in the previous influenza season, the aOR in the 1-28 days was 7.7 (95% CI 2.2-27.3); the aOR was 1.3 (95% CI 0.7-2.7) among women not vaccinated in the previous season. This effect modification was observed in each season.

My comment: The above states the ratios of what happened between unvaccinated women and vaccinated women, with the maximum possible error swings also stated. The error swings are reported in a way that is way out of whack to leave near mentally deranged margins of error. In this case the margin allowed was 2.0, when the normal rate of miscarriage was 1.4, which represents a margin of error that allows a result more than double normal miscarriage rates to simply be called "error" to help conceal how bad the damage from the vaccines was. This fails because the damage was too much to bury even with that huge error swing allowed.

The first numbers outside of quotes - 3.7 followed by 1.4, shows 3.7 as the rate of miscarriage after vaccination in the first year (before their "error margins" were applied, and 1.4 as the baseline miscarriage rate in unvaccinated women for the same year. For the second subsequent year of women getting the flu shot, the rate of miscarriage in vaccinated women was 7.7, and the rate of miscarriage in unvaccinated women was 1.3


Spontaneous abortion was associated with influenza vaccination in the preceding 28 days. The association was significant only among women vaccinated in the previous influenza season with pH1N1-containing vaccine. This study does not and cannot establish a causal relationship between repeated influenza vaccination and spontaneous abortion, but further research is warranted

My comment: It is clear they tried to lie here by leaving margin of errors so high that they buried the first year stats, but in the second year the damage was so much they could not hide it, no matter how they fudged the data. After showing an increase in miscarriage from 14 percent to 77 percent, they then say it is no big deal and can be ignored until further research proves the vaccine is actually a veiled anti fertility vaccine. But the numbers more than obviously speak for themselves.

This abstract was discovered by Their report is very different from mine, because I saw what they were talking about, and then re-did all the confirmation my own way, in much easier to understand terms.

The problem with their report, (even though they stated the same thing in a different way) is that if anyone tries to confirm what they said, and then gets mired in a pool of Planned parenthood fact rigging bullshit which dominates the infosphere, they won't make any sense of the abstract because inserting planned parenthood's numbers into it would put the miscarriage rate after two years of flu vaccination at over 200 percent, and almost every source out there is using planned parenthood's numbers.

But Greenmedinfo found this buried abstract to begin with and should be commended for that, and may have made the mistake of not clearing up the issue of planned parenthood fact rigging because they know planned parenthood has obscured the real miscarriage stats badly and as a result never got ensnared by them and then had to filter fact from bullshit. You can read their report HERE Their report is well worth reading also, because it goes into the politics of the issue, and my report was a basic fact check.

SO MY FINAL NUMBERS: The flu vaccine, after two subsequent years, boosts the miscarriage rate to 77 percent, which is a 592 percent increase over normal. Green Med Info came up with a final answer of a 640 percent increase. The difference is negligible. Two decent sites looked at the same abstract and reached the same conclusion. OBVIOUS ANSWER: There is no way the flu vaccine is anything but an anti fertility vaccine, and I'd bet the kids who do get through pregnancy after their mom takes the jab have a hugely higher autism stat.

So why haven't birth rates crashed through the floor?

Pro-vax cucks on an hero's control.




Interesting. I wonder how it affects men.

Association of spontaneous abortion with receipt of inactivated
influenza vaccine containing H1N1pdm09 in 2010–11 and 2011–12.pdf

Very good question! Read the scientific paper, are there lower sperm counts?

Citation needed. A 77% is a pretty extraordinary claim and it seems to me like disinfo to discredit the anti-vaccine movement tbh.

The reason I posted this I Should of gave context is that we have these vaccine people openly shilling for white genocide.

I'm not convinced, OP.
77% spontaneous abortion would be immediately recognized as apocalyptic. It seems that the report is comparing cases of spontaneous abortion among women who received h1n1 vaccination at different periods of gestation to women who did not receive it at all (and gave birth/stillbirth).

If you look at table 3 again you'll see that the only time that vaccination had any noticeable effect is when it was given BOTH 2 consecutive seasons and in the first month of gestation. Any vaccination after the first month of gestation seemed to have no discernible difference from receiving vaccination only once.

Could you explain how you got your numbers more in depth?

Is there any good documentaries or proof about mercury and heavy metals in vaccines leading to autism and other problems?

The Liberals and Democrats actually skew the average of White Births, the truth is that liberals and Democrats have a terrible birth rate of 0-1.5 while Conservatives breed like rabbits. SJWs and other Commie scum increase their ranks through brainwashing.

If you're in the medical field you're forced to take vaccines every single year for your line of work because you're the most likely to be exposed to someone with a disease. What do?

Can't vouch for his numbers, someone needs to run them. But remember that most people doesn't get influenza vaccines, so not necessarily apocalyptic.

Networking to get a trusted doctor to arrange for you a vaccine that doesn't have the bad shit in it.

Cite this study and others that expose the medical complications associated with vaccination and turn it into a legal fight if your employer tries to compel you to vaccinate.

Swine flu and bird flu were both hyped up psyops to get stupid people to take these shots because the common flu is totally going to kill you goy.

Stop you there, slide-kike. You are claiming things this study doesn't even assert. From the CDC:

Off to the catalog to find out what important thread you're using Holla Forums's latent paranoia to slide. . .

This is pretty jewish tbh.

Not a bad idea shlomo


Study says nurses have three times higher spontaneous abortion rate. Hmmmmm

if paywall is a problem almost all scientific publications can be accesed via

stick it to the jews at elsevier

from the article they analysed 500 cases, considering the implication of a 77% abortion rate i think they enlarged a statistical anomaly too high
further from the articles conclusion they seem to suggest a link between inflammation factors and miscarriage if it happens in the first stages of pregnancy
so no nefarious components in the vacine, just never use one when you are pregnant

This post deserves repeating:

further from the articles conclusion they seem to suggest a link between inflammation factors and miscarriage if it happens in the first stages of pregnancy


This faggot deserves filtering.

Didn't Israel and Bill gates sterilize people with "vaccines"?

Also there was a plot on Stargate where advanced aliens helped earth but it was a ploy as they sterilized everyone.

Good take a double dose, we don't need more humans.

I delayed taking a bird flu vaccine for literally about 8 years, but did it anyway (when I was a teen). What effects were avoided?



some stupid motherfuckers in the other vaccine thread literally said they they intended to continue receiving vaccines and giving them to their children
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Oy vey goyim, why have healthy White children anymore, the Earth is overpopulated didn't you hear? Try adopting a kid from Africa, you will help stop racism and do good to an oppressed family.

I was given a flu vaccine years ago. I've been trying to have a kid for a while now but still no child has blessed my life. Am I fucked?

Probably not due to the vaccine. These results pertain to women who knew about their pregnancy and were vaccinated within both years that they were studying. The one year miscarriage rate is significantly lower than the rate for both years, so it stands to reason if it was years ago, your vaccination should have far less of an impact to your fertility than either case.

haven't looked through yet, but if any of it's true, good work user


benis groad :DDDDDDDD

Association of spontaneous abortion with receipt of inactivated influenza vaccine containing H1N1pdm09 in 2010–11 and 2011–12.pdf


The fuck!?
Thats already way too high, is it realy that bad in the US?

Corn syrup and preservatives are one hell of a drug.
Also, drug habits and drinking.

14% is good tbh. Most miscarriages occur so early they're not noticed as more than a period occurring a day or 2 late. Urine tests can work up to a week before your period is due so it's possible to get a positive and then miscarry and have it look like a perfectly normal and on time period.
I don't find 14% alarming. If it was 14% late miscarriages, as in after 12 weeks, I'd say that was a problem.

Makes me wonder if the sudden aversion to vaccines that developed in the collective conscious was subconscious in nature.

I'm OK with this existing, I don't take them, other breeding Whites shouldn't, that leaves helping curb the shitskin infestation.

So what's causing the miscarriages? Is it fundamental to just the flu vaccine, or is it like going to happen with all types of shots?

This. is a great resource for getting around paywalls.
This link might work it worked for me for downloading the pdf:[email protected]
There is a reason why even couples who are excited for pregnancy wait until the second trimester to announce a pregnancy; you want to be sure it will stick.
Some miscarriages are "good" because they prevent an unhealthy baby from being born.
Miscarriages are more common in older women. The quality of a woman's eggs decreases over time.

when a woman gets pregnant, her immune system has to adjust itself so that her baby doesn't trigger a reaction from her, and also gets the benefits of her own antibodies to protect it from pathogens, while still being recognized as a biological entity in-her but not-a-part-of-her
all sorts of insanely complicated shit happen, that you can only begin to fathom if you've got specializations in endocrinology, immunology and obsetrics at the same time

miscarriages can be caused by a large variety of direct causes, from stress to chemicals to drugs to diseases, and from the mother's reaction to these aggressions
in the case of this flu vaccine, it can be the inactivated virus itself, in that case it's just this vaccine, or it can be any of the commonly used additives in its formulation, in which case many shots may be causing miscarriages and the (((medical profession))) has taken great care to hide the genocidal consequences of their actions

See I knew there was a reason that I never trusted flu shots and thought that everyone who got one was a wussy idiot. It's a relatively harmless, common virus that will be gone in a few days and it won't kill you if you're healthy, young, and not a shitskin in a poor country. And even then the shot doesn't guarantee you will be free, you could still get it. AND YOU HAVE TO GET A NEW ONE EVERY YEAR! Why am I the only one who seems to object to pumping this unnatural shit into my body on a regular basis that doesn't really offer me anything?

I have outright told family members and friends to shove it up their ass when they tell me to get a flu shot. I've had the flu a few times and it isn't bad. Usually I have one or two colds a year that last a few days and I go back to normal. For something so harmless why is there such a push to get vaccinated for it? I wonder (((who))) wants this so badly?

Even most vaccines don't seem this level of bad to me because those are for legitimately horrible diseases that could kill us but have been eradicated and stay that way because of vaccines. They could have some side effects but those seem to be rare and minor. But I don't buy into this attitude of "if there's a vaccine, take it because you must" either.


You should focus on niggers, mexicans, and jews. The first two don't go to college, the last one only goes to very prestigious colleges.

You have given the answer yourself, they see the old, unhealthy, shitskins and degenerates die of flu and instead of accepting that as natural selection, they think it is a problem.

Niggers and spics don't get vaccinated unless you force them to. Only upstanding white people do what you are "supposed" to do "for your health".

Ah, that's good food for thought, thanks.

Just keep trying and look into fertility boost remedies

Eat more zinc.

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You and your wife should both go to a doctor.

claim ur allergic to eggs.

fellow nurse fag

best part is we could have just banned asians and mexicans and avoided any problem.

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Never had a flu vaccine in my life. I was vaccinated when I was younger and I got the HPV vaccine when I was 14ish. I regret getting the last one because I later found out it was a vaccine for whores. I was laid out for an entire month with the swine flu when it went around, but I came out stronger and haven't been seriously sick in years. Even food poisoning doesn't affect me longer than a day now.

"I just don't get, it, goyim. Correlation isn't causation! Now buy my nootropics and ebooks."

stop taking hot showers and wear boxers you mongoloid.

Sunifiram and CDP-choline twice daily for one week. You'll blast her right off your lap. Also, eat six eggs a day for that sperm-building choline. You will NEED to have sex twice daily though, or else you're at risk for a spermatocele. (swollen sperm sack on testicle, aches….)

The last vaccine I took was a mandatory one for entry into middle school back in '98. Haven't taken any vaccines or shots since then. Luckily this was pre-HPV mandatory vaccinations for the LAUSD. When I get the cold I just get a runny nose, and when I've contracted the flu, which has been only once in 15 years all I had was a sore throat with phlegm. Had no fever, body aches or anything else. Since I started showering with cold water 3 years ago I haven't caught the cold (which I usually used to get every year without fail). Big pharma wants us all sick so they can sell us their crap which makes us even sicker.

So, ughh. If vaccines can cause abortions, could they also cause autism?


Not possible user. Scientists, ZOG, and the media have all told me repeatedly over the last few years that vaccines do not cause autism. They wouldn't lie about something like that.

From what i know, aren't vaccines just supposed to be a small/weak dosis of known viruses, to help you build an immunity by generating antibodies against them? What additional shit is in these vaccines to have this effect? Shouldn't content samples be tested periodically and the results publicly available too?

check out sci-hub, it'll help you get around the paywall for all academic papers. its domains vary because they keep taking the domains works

Fuck yeah I stopped getting that shit. Call me crazy.

Lurk 2 years before posting faggot.

Jonas Edward Salk (/sɔːlk/; October 28, 1914 – June 23, 1995) was an American medical researcher and virologist. He discovered and developed one of the first successful polio vaccines.

Jonas Edward Salk was born in New York City on October 28, 1914. His parents, Daniel and Dora (née Press) Salk, were Ashkenazi Jewish; Daniel was born in New Jersey to Eastern European immigrant parents, and Dora was born in Russia, immigrating when she was twelve.

But polio! Remember you should be more thankful to the Jew who saved you from polio, goy. Be more respectful like normal people.

Entirely possible. How long have these vaccines been going on for? We may well be in the situation where those who had the strongest aversion to them managed to breed more, and that's where we are today.

Salk vaccine contained cancer causing simian viruses.

I no longer have the source but I've read that the vaccine actually contained a number of other simian viruses that are still poorly understood. Anyways if you want to know why cancer rates increased here's one answer.

I just never cared, i am not a Burger and did not deal with this problem. But now that i see actual proof i am interested as to how the entire scam works.

This has to stop

Health ranger on jewtube did a good doco on it, start there.



We'll eventually evolve a super AIDS strength drug resistant Flu strain to wipe out the human race. You should encourage as many people to get yearly vaccinations as possible.

The flu vaccine being a genophage seems plausible. I've been playing around with the idea that thule group still exists and has infiltrated major companies to steer them in a direction that will help us wonder if thats not entirely off base.

that 77% includes niggers and spics, both of which were reported to have had a significant less amount of live births last year.

Nah it wouldnt amount to that. Because the flu vaccine has an efficacy rate that is laughable. Everyone I know who got it this year got the flu. What is going to happen is their bodies are being tricked into thinking that the pathogen arrives in a different method, and different packaging, than it actually does so when they come in contact with a more virulent flu strain one year many more normalfags are going to get deathly sick.


Will do, Thanks

Guess what the protein structure looks like for the human papilloma virus.

what the actual fuck


The only immune boosters you need is for shit like rabies, or if you're going to another country for viruses and germs you never encountered before in your life.

Jews are the masters of the hoax (deception)


Ninja stars? I thought the Samurai was on our side?

Talk about literal evil.

To clarify, "Merck" is a bit labyrinthine but "Merck & Co." is responsible for the vaccine for the virus that is portrayed as a six pointed star, and has the six pointed star HQ in Kenilworth New Jersey. This is pushed on all of our children.

too bad I have that, pro tip: condom doesn't work for this.

Pro tip: It might not be what you think it is. You might be selected based off of risk factors you admitted to

Basically, you said something and won the lottery. Congratulations, you are a test subject after getting poked

Oy Vey!


any reports of increased ovarian cysts/cancer?

Sure, but why? Unless you explain how these two things are connected, I won't do anything.

The kike strain!

Maybe the jews are on to something by making you fags infertile.

Jews accuse hitler of med experiments/eugenics.
conduct med experiments/eugenics.

ur not the only one.

Yep and now we have measles outbreaks again.

some are inactive some are weakened live viruses. Like everything else preservatives are the prob.

Here here

Verify the ingredients of your buyed industrial food oy

I got the swine flu when the media was freaking out about it. Wasn't that bad, felt like a normal flu. Felt like shit for a couple days then back to normal.

i had the flu a few times as a young teen
i havent had colds or flus since

if you even get the flu more than once a year either you have terrible hygiene (eating with dirty hands, thus getting any virus and bacteria to your mucus membranes in your throat) or you just arent healthy base on your heritage

top lel,

Population control is not about making EVERYONE sterile, but about curbing the number of kids each women has.

So if they can say lower the birth rate 10-15% one way and another 10-15% a 2nd way, they just killed 30% of births under the radar, without waking up the Goyim.

That can take your 2.5 birth rate to a 1.7- 1.8 real quick therefore needs more "refugees" to make up the difference.

Or you're just not around people very much. The flu does not need skin contact.

except i am
and i was just as healthy when i was still stuck in one of those urban degenerate jungles we call cities

Unless you are an old fuck there's no reason to take a flu vaccine.

The actual team that worked on the Polio vaccine produced the vaccine as well. Salk was the only one who got his face on everything at the time despite not contributing more to the project than anyone else according to all sources I have read, including the Oxford University Press source.

Reminds me of Einstein's bullshit and refusal to give credit to the people that actually put in work that he stole from like Poincare.

Don't get me wrong, the people that make discoveries should be acknowledged for their contributions, regardless of race. It doesn't change the obvious nature of white preeminence, it reinforces the fact we should have our own countries. However, what things like this show is jews will always put their people first and hoard credit at the expense of others to try to garner sympathy because in their minds it makes their parasitism less evident.

I can't help but think we didn't have a lot of these crazy diseases for a long time until mud hordes started bringing horrible crap into our countries.

Flu is one thing, but now we're being told we have to worry about sicknesses we wiped out in our nations a long time ago because the third world can't into hygiene.

Most miscarriages occur before the woman knows she is pregnant. No one would know but a medical professional intentionally looking…for most women it would appear as if their menstrual cycle was a few days off, which is more common than not and wouldn't raise an eyebrow.

Same reason I never bothered. I think natural immunity is better than artificial. Case in point: all the kids who have lysol-everything moms are usually allergic to something as a result. Kids who play outside have no/few allergies.

Unfortunately they got me as a kid because it's mandatory to get vaxxed in order to attend (((public school))) and both my parents worked. (I regard public school as a massive waste of my formative years. I would have done better being stuck in a library every day.) Can't change the past, but I can prevent further fuckery. My idiot parents really fucked me over in a number of ways.

Literally nothing wrong with this. It's the faggots that douse everything in anti-bacterial jews that cause their immune system to be that of a little baby. I can eat outright moldy or rotten food and be completely fine, as nature intended. More you give your immune system to practice on, the stronger it becomes.


Unless you are in the high risk brackets
The risk/benefit of Flu vaccines is not worth it.

If you are helathy and in your fertile years there is zero reason to get a flu shot

t. drunk immunologist

Here's the redpill on vaccines: we know it's a good idea to stagger them, and only start administration to kids over 18 months old.

We push them on infants, and push batteries of them on children, because we know nonwhites will not follow through with a vaccine schedule, so we want to get those kids when we have the opportunity.

It's better for the public if children face a little extra risk but all of them are vaccinated. It's best if we mitigate the risk as well. But negros are stupid and you just have to make sure they get their shots whenever you can. We treat whites the same way because muh discriminatory practices.

All I got from this is basically alot of kneejerking and don't ever let the missus have a flushot if I knock her up unless I don't think the kid is mine.

really makes you think

I thought this was common sense.

I haven't had a shot since I was a about 5. I did get the flu about 10 years ago and nearly fucking died but I didn't and haven't been sick since.

I'm not an expert but some heavy metals (mercury) are inserted in the vaccine along with the dead virus, the purpose of this is to cause a localized immune response since the dead virus itself would not do it. Of course the medical establishment says that the quantity of mercury used for this is too small to cause anything.

wh-what if you're immunocompromised but only a little?

indeed. considering that's exactly what they did for ethiopian jews entering israhell.


Anyone else get super fucking sick after recieving any sort of vaccination? Every time I ever got a flu shot I got the full blown flu a day or two after, yet I haven't gotten the flu since I stopped getting it.

really makes you think, huh?

Good luck with that, that is probably the topic I have seen most consistently and quickly shut down in IRL and online discussion. You can say a lot of shit around normalfags but if you even mention that vaccines might have something to do with the rising rates of autism, you will be ridiculed. That's been my experience at least.

People that take flu vaccines are completely retarded. They are afraid of missing a couple days of work, but they aren't afraid to inject toxic mercury directly into their veins. How fucking retarded. What's next? A poison vaccine for the common cold?


Trips confirm. Tinfoil hatting is an evolutionary advantage.

I've never gotten a flu shot. Just would honestly rather take the risk of the flu than get a shot, even if it wasn't full of toxic shit.


They were vaccinated against one strain and caught another. This is the problem with the flu vaccine. It's not a magic bullet. It should only be used by people at risk of dying from getting sick like the elderly.

But muh herd immunity.

Not to go pull a no true scottsman or anything, but fuck me the stupidity is rife in this fucking thread
Seriously guys, what the fuck. Did schlomo come a knocking and dish out a serious dose of fucking stupid?
Vaccines dont get tested as they fall under a different genre of medication, so it is straight from the lab to your arm.
They contain trace elements of aluminium and the preservative is made from mecury, the ONE test (((they))) did with the preservative was on already terminal patients and when they died (((they))) chalked it up to the terminal illness.
The sheer quantity of vaccinations they force on children ALONE should scream at any logically thinking individual, over 80 on the first day bub slides out of the vagine.
Autism rates have skyrocketed since vaccinating, espically since the MMR concoction.
Recent vaccination efforts have been coupled with record cases of influenza and common cold deaths the world over,
But no guys dont look at this, keep thinking (((scientism))) is the answer, good goy! Thats it let go of your critical thought, take schlomo's drugs! You'll be fine!!

0% chance to crit. That's only gonna take off his jaw and part of his face, his brain will be left in tact. With good medical care, he could survive.

I'm going with this guy. I doubt it's some massive conspiracy to cause white genocide but is rather an occurrence of biological systems that is conveniently ignored because there are a shit ton of shekels to be made off of vaccines.

the flu shot that ZOG forces all of its ZOG bots to get has formaldehyde in it. I know because I read the bottle

They gather good statistics like pic related.

Glad I've always taken George Carlin's advice about being a "swimming in the east river" sort of animal.


You're never going to convince a believer. Modern "science" is like a religion to most people. Not taking them yourself and not letting them give them to your own children is the only thing you can do. I don't even tell anyone around me my children isn't vaccinated.

Big fucking deal, more weak animals for the culling.

I've been forced to for 2 years now. Part of this college for medical sciences…
This is what it say in the student manual,
All vaccinations must be completed by November 19. Flu vaccinations are mandatory for all employees, volunteers, and students. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, this is the best strategy to protect the health of our staff and students and the patients and families we serve with the Administrative Guide Policy.

As much as the flu vaccine is a scam, the conclusion is a little off - this is one study, and statistical abnormalities happen all the time. The abstract's conclusion - that this warrants a follow-up study - is correct, as this could easily have been a fluke.

Should we avoid the flu vaccine for other reasons? Yes - it puts you out for a few days more often than not, and the flu itself puts you out for a few days if you manage to catch it. It's a poor trade-off, and that alone should convince you to avoid it .

Is the Jew poisoning us to keep us from breeding? Yes - but more directly, through the water supply.

Is *this particular thing* an instance of the Jew poisoning us to keep us from breeding? *Possibly*, and it would be a good thing to see another study on the same thing. But this isn't enough proof - we need more studies to verify this.

What's wrong with everyone?

Is everyone over fucking 60 here or something?

Because I'm an autismo who has never had any luck with women, so I guess that part of the vaccine isn't really of any effect to me. It's just annoying that I'm forced to get it.

What kinds of tards goes and gets Flu Vaccines anyways?

No. Fuckem. This is selecting out the gullible and stupid. Fuckem.


Well that's unfortunate to hear, maybe it's just easier for guys who grew up with sisters or female cousins. I always had female friends and they always had sisters. That's the story in a nutshell for me.


Sounds like things are going according to plan to me. What, you don't think Bill Gates misspoke when he said vaccines would help *reduce* population, did you?

Also, anyone else noticing how, where it used to be about 50/50, there's starting to be a fuckload of a lot more girls born than boys nowadays. And kike society is already ahead of the ball of normalizing it; the concept of side pieces and chicks on the side is in the zeitgeist. I'm predicting a lot of lonely women in the future.

That's beyond the point, faggot. If your system is too weak and your faggot offspring you have to make more. How removed are you from the blood and soil?

Sadly, and pathetically. Yes. That other reply you have was not me, but clearly what we are up against. Countless times I have this topic come up, and no matter what you say, no mayter how perfectly articulated and concise you make a point. Dissonance has already dictated how the conversation goes. Throw in a few eye rolls, and yeah. My parents never vaxxed me, i barely get sick, when I do catch a cold its for less than a week, ive had chicken pox, shook that in less than a week, and had glandular fever for 6 days. But no one cares.

Not only that, but (((scientists))) like to keep bringing back dormant diseases for (((research)))

check this guy out:

also congress is working on something related to vaccinations…

The insecure narcissist is posting in this thread.

Watch as he desperately attempts to draw attention to himself.

He will reply to this post.

Scary stuff OP, it's a very entertaining read.

The Pharma Jew makes defense contractors look like boy scouts. No one is more evil.

Here's a challenge for any science/medical nerds. Find a paper about a study on the effects of multiple vaccines. I will wager Jew coin that you won't find a single one. OP's shocking find shouldn't be all that shocking when you know the history of these cunts. There's drugs that have been taken off the market more than a dozen times, sometimes two and three dozen times only for the FDA to let the shit be sold again. Pills that do exactly what OP is talking about. I remember an acne one made by Roche that if a pregnant woman just TOUCHED one of these gel pills would either miscarry or have an abomination.

So yeah, my point is, there's some seriously fucked up substances out there that people are taking that aren't even tested like you imagine they would be. Massive corruption. Heck a former Monsanto cunt is now running some health thing in Washington… I should look that guy up.


Does getting vaccinated make you "slow"? I've always noticed how I'm always the first one to start crossing the road once it goes green for pedestrians. Nobody ever goes first than me, maybe they realize it's green a split second slower than me?

I have never been vaccinated, that's why I ask this.

Never trust a Jew.

Yes. Your body will get temporarly weakened and you may get a mild fever, especially if you have low immunity. But it subsides after a day or two. Not all vaccines are garbage, there are some which protect you against lethal diseases. Check the lot and who produced the vaccine and you should avoid bad batches most of times.


I really hope this shit aint as bad as you say OP. Holy fucking shit.

kek i love that pic, hes like ohhhhhh shiittttt, i hope she wins or im fucked haha and his daughter looks like yoda fucked kermit the frog

Listen to this man. I grew up in psych wards as a kid in the 80s and 90s being drugged and isolated by jew doctors for no reason other than having a gullible feminist mother who happily handed me off to these people like a dumb fucking libtard. They will politicize the existence of white children, keep your children away.

The straw that broke the camel's back.



Stop eating corn and other non foods. You probably don't even eat enough nutrients to make sperm if you are like most of the anons here.

I always hate it when people pretend that corn is a vegetable.

have any resources to share regarding foods to stop and start eating for better nutrition and health?

another godlikeproduction thread posted here. How stupid do those feds think people are here?

I haven't got a flu shot in years and don't plan to. My old ass grandma got one but she's healthier than most whites in their "prime".


This is why ((( they ))) shill so hard against virgins. They want everybody to catch the STD Jew. Anons we've had it all wrong. RFID chips and shit aren't the mark of the beast. This fucking virus is.

viruses are weakened with formaldehyde, but even before that the viruses have to be made. Viruses need a living host to replicate. So vaccine manufacturers grow the vaccines in live chicken embryos, but there is no way to isolate the virus from the chicken fetus proteins (egg allergy epidemic). Then the vaccines are mixed in a concoction with peanut oil to help emulsify (peanut allergy epidemic). Most vaccines also contain aborted human fetal cells… whats that one disease that only started existing after mass vaccinations… oh yea, (autoimmune diseases).

You cant infect me if I stay a virgin forever

This has illuminati written all over it, quite literally. They always put these kinds of symmetry and numerics into their craftsmanship.

wat da fugg

I still ain't putting any foreign shit into the immaculate temple that is my body.



It goes beyond that. It's not so much that it has been manufactured to align with their symbols, rather, everything which manifests under an evil influence will be shaped by the same patterns. Concepts which are manifested in the physical world follow fractal crystallization scaling from the micro to macro levels. One example to further clarify this is the Semites themselves. We are naturally repulsed by them because they are formed from a repulsive patterning; they are incarnate evil. If we had eyes to view the template behind the Semitic race, it would likely look very similar to that oh so familiar star of darkness.