Commie Tombs

Lets make a thread collecting tombs/graves of famous communists.

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Someone translate?



That's a fucking baller grave marker. I mean, damn dude. Even in death nigga rollin

Under communism, people who constantly use their phones while they should be enjoying sights will be gulaged



Surprise, surprise

well, if you want to shit on the memory of fallen, that's your problem

How about some memories for marxists that had nothing to do with self idolatry or hero worship?


I'm a different poster than the other guy, and I have no real problem with remembering the achievments of the dead, but as a stalinist you can't really deny the fact that Lenin's corpse was kept around for ideological reasons, and mummifying him was an embarrassment.

and it is "wrong" becauseā€¦ morals? ideals?
fact of the matter is: it works to this very day

the LLL demonstrations are at least as big and important as the May Day protests
besides the monotonous display of people wandering to some stone and dropping flowers it's forcing even the "Left" party to honor communists and gravitate attention towards the "revolutionary" movements attending too


I just said I have no problem with remembering the dead. Keeping Lenin's corpse in a glass case, however, is a stupid idea, and yes it is partly to do with the morals of people, but mainly because it is proving that the bureaucracy was desperate to be considered real bolsheviks, yet in the end it is a good signal to people that they weren't.

press F to pay respects


that's your interpretation because you want to see it that way
you're obviously wrong though and full of shit even


Fuck off stalinist scum. Just because stalinsts put more communists in graves than anyone else doesn't make you an expert on the matter.

oh look who's buttblasted and resorts to liberal anticommunist slander?

everything i replied to you is a matter of fact and you know it, faggot

At least come back with wit rather than 'u r mad faggot'.

i don't need wit to state the plain obvious

It might help your cause if you gained some. Nobody listens to stalinists, especially annoying and unfunny ones.

yeah but nobody listens to leftcoms either for the same reasons ;)

you think anyone listens to your whining after a "stalinist" bend you over and fucked you raw, faggot?

I wouldn't let a stalinist do that to me. Generally they are teenage larpers so it wouldn't be hard.

Stalinists are the grave diggers of the revolution, sure, but I don't want them digging in me.

if that's the "wit" you were asking for
that's just sad
incoherent whining and faggotry
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All stalinists are devoid of wit and humour. Haven't you got some scans of a Hoxha book of poetry you should be reading?

no spooks on my watch, kiddo

A stereotype being a spook doesn't mean it isn't true, sage better next time my unlearned stalinist friend.

haha I too was born in le wrong generation fuck the sheeple!



It's for posing cunts. All about showing off to your "friends" on social media and creating an idealised image of yourself rather than enjoying life. Utterly embarrassing behaviour.

It's capitalist cancer.

Yes but that's an entirely different issue and not what the other post said, it was just 'durr technology bad' drivel you see so often. The social issues you describe are the issue, issues caused by capitalism, not the technology itself. Stop attacking technology in place of social issues, you can do more than post on Facebook on a phone, I swear it's like a form of fucking idpol, fucking luddite-pol or something, fuck off.

Technology is good, but not when it atomises people.


Hold on didn't Lenin want to be cremated?

anyways speaking of the Sublime body of the leader did you know that Lenin's brain was examined after his death just like einsteins was