I've just finished watched The Greatest Story Never Told

I've just finished watched The Greatest Story Never Told.

I was lied to. My whole life. You fuckers were right. The truth has set me free. I'm no longer bound to the last chains that held me from understanding how that fucker understandably got into power in post-WW I Germany. I thought it was "understandable". It's obvious that such a man had to be demonized and completely stained from everyone.

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I'm still shaking.

Going from one lie to another doesn't equal the truth.

right on schedule, kike. check your bank account.

Welcome to the feels club.

welcome to the redpill, you are never going back

Welcome, fag.

Welcome aboard, friend.

You were a minute off, Aaron!
Fucking kikes.

Welcome to the real world. Holla Forums and such truth is like nuclear radiation, once you're exposed to it, you cannot go back.

Forgot to check your OP dubs. Nice work.

Obviously the official story of World War II is written by the winners and, as such, is full of lies and exaggerations.
However, that doesn't mean that "The Greatest Story Never Told" is the absolute truth either.
Be skeptic when someone tells you everything is bad or everything is good.

Willkommen Freund.

This webm is mine now

Welcome newfriend and smell the ashes.
Now to the first rule:
Don't make shit slide threads.

The part that is harder to grasp is that Hitler only wanted what's best for HIS people, the german volk. All of what he did is neither "good" or "bad".

"The most precious thing that you possess, is your own volk" synthesizes most of his actions.

I've just been exposed to a mighty dose of 180ยบ narratives. It's obvious that it is going to shock anyone. My point is that even if you concede half of the points from this documentary, it's still a gigantic shock.

So if I mention a very important documentary anyone should watch for the sheer importance of its content, it is a slide thread?


Everyone here saw it. Everyone here knows it.
You're preaching to the choir and sliding more important threads.

We've all seen it, newfag.

Sorry, FBI, didn't knew you were tracking every single lurker.

Save it! It's all yours, my friend :)

I think that Hitler, unlike Stalin, didn't consolidate enough power in Germany and over-extended himself as a result.

I'm here for years, never got to watch it. Only the watered down (((Hollywood))) bullcrap. Closest thing to reality was this series where I knew something was up when he flogged a dog before the bombardment in his position and TJQ being thrown at you before even he enlisted.

It's CIA faggot.

Something doesn't add up here. Sage for faggotry.

Modern historians will agree with a lot of points in "The Greatest Story Never Told." History books in school aren't exactly the most detailed or updated, so it's not really that shocking.
He was a war hero and he thought all Germans would act as him during World War II as he had acted in World War I. Turns out he was wrong.

Checked. Welcome home, you're here forever.

lol judenraus

Global report.

Have an argument or commit suicide.

Angry lil fellows, aintcha?

Trust, but verify. Everything.
Otherwise you're nothing better than an MSNBC/Fox News consumer.

In general? You bet your freshly plugged numale ass we are. At you specifically? Don't give yourself too much credit. You're amateur hour.

Since I am assuming that you are genuine in your reaching out to us, I'm taking my chances to believe in you and I'm going to go ahead and spoonfeed you this one time.

As the replies to this post have already said, virtually everyone that browses this board has seen the documentary. It's practically the most basic entry-level "redpill" for anyone here. The point is that when you make a new thread, an old one "slides" off the board and is deleted. Shills do this when they don't want a specific thing here talked about, and whether you meant to do that or not, a thread died for this one that was potentially more important than someone announcing that they're a newfag. So, for future reference, make sure when you're posting a thread that it's actually relevant to something that we should dedicate our time to, like new information/habbenings/etc.

Regardless, welcome to reality. Remember to lurk for at least two years prior to posting. Your thread needs to have a real purpose, though. It could be revamped into the designated redpill thread, but the one in the catalog still has a while to go before reaching the maximum replies.

Please tell me why I'm incorrect.

I think TGSNT could be a much better documentary, I don't think it's really well produced except for the info it provides.

Not an argument. Reported.

Prove your claims or kill yourself.

Rejecting "Listen and Believe" is why I came to Holla Forums to begin with.

How many jewish producers do you need to make it a better hit, schlomo?

Kek, I'd like Mel Gibson to make a Remastered edition.

Daily reminder that an extended remastered version is set to release this Christmas.

This right here. This.

Historical revisionism is important, but you need good documentation to back up your opinions.

For instance, there are a lot of claims that Einsatztruppen killed millions, even though many of their reports are missing and it's more likely the 'victims' died due to lack of food and diseases than being executed. That's just a bad extrapolations of events by the winners of the war.

When I get down, and lose hope, I think to myself: At least we still have Mel Gibson.

I'd be interested in seeing Allied war crimes compared against German war crimes.

wtf is this from?

Isn't it obvious? You're not circle-jerking in a condescending manner towards internet strangers for the gratification of your narcissistic ego.

Either go along with the established narrative using a smug sense of superiority or submit to my e-power fantasy and allow me to get the last word.

Reported btw.

don't recall kkk, I assume boardwalk empire. Very degenerate show

Damn son. Show me on the doll where Holla Forums touched you.

Not an argument.

I'm not arguing with you, I'm mocking you. Very astute of you to notice.

Good job OP, now read Mein Kapmf.
You're going to need it. Check the sticky

Did you take my post as a personal attack?
You do know I wasn't talking about you right?

Hahaha, (((you))) missed the first post.
True, but

I can only hope my beard one day looks that fucking good, holy shit.

Good morning, sunshine.

>but the holocaust being a lie is also a lie.
What did jews mean by this???

also the (((allies))) starved alot of people by bombing rail lines. dont you ever forget this.

I was never fully asleep, but not completely awoke either (Hitler IMO was always this guy that came to power because of the Versailles Treaty completely fucking with Germany; the other reasons were just icing in the cake; after the documentary, it was clear that wrecking the country with war reparations was just ONE of the many reasons). It was this state of half-ass slumber before you wash your face, take a shower and a sip of coffee. Then you're fully awoke.

Yeah, about that; there were jewish victims in the war, obviously. No one denies that. And that was my impression; the dead existed, but there was never concentration camps to obliterate an entire race; it was completely bonkers to imagine that while a guy fought against the world by himself. Every drop of fuel to incinerate corpses would be needed for the tanks, for manufacture. Germans are fucking autists when it comes to war, in a good way; no wonder they recovered so fast after (((their shackles))) were removed.

Gentleman, as long as we can agree that all the Jews must be eradicated then we can come to an accord.

Yeah I'm good with the proposition of extermination. I agree to the accord.

Here, here!
May it be said, that as long as we unite under our common hatred, we are unstoppable!

They'd like us to believe the Germans had a surplus of coal.

And while it's true they had more coal than petroleum, to the point where they invented the Fischer-Tropsch process to turn coal into fuel for vehicles, the idea they were producing more coal than necessary, and therefore had more men mining coal (and thus not fighting) than necessary, is just flat out silly.

Cianiggers glow in the dark

I felt the same way after finishing it. Watched the whole documentary in one night because I couldn't stop.

Now you move on to the hard part. Having the conversation with your friends and family, and recommending this film to them. I've done it a few times now, and it's ended better than you might think. Enough time has passed that people can discuss the holohoax now without immediately getting triggered (save for leftists).

Good luck on your journey OP

Hey, schlomo. A little slow today? You didn't get the first post like you usually do. -10 shekels from your account.


but did he REALLY kill any "Jews"?

Remeber that it's more valuable to us that you maintain a good relationship with your family, who are your safety net, than to turn your family into National Socialists. If you can do both, that's great. However if you risk losing your family because you try and fail to make them national socialists, that's a serious problem. Don't do that.

What kind of shitty family would reject you for your political views? sorry if this is you
But agreed, don't push it, even with friends. Better to have a leftist friend you can use to peer into his circle of influence than one that hates and betrays you.

Anyone who watches TGSNT and doesn't come away questioning at the very least what they've been told, is completely lost to humanity. There's no way you can see the truth and not comprehend it in some way no matter how far along you are in life. If only it was available 15 years ago it would have saved me a shitload of time doing all the back checking that the film actually presents in a very clear and concise manner.


Read White Power by Rockwell or listen to some of his speeches. Mein kampf is good too, Stalag edition.


Thanks for reminding me OP. Now I have something to watch tonight

Happened to me. I tried to make several of my family members aware on Faceburg and one of my cousins, who happens to be a freemason nigger, went full SJW on me and threatened legal action if I attempted to contact anyone in my family again. I decided it wasn't worth it to call his bluff.

And that's what you call a terrible strategy.
You talk this sort of stuff person to person, one on one. You don't reveal your power levels to all of them at once or you have to fight several fronts.

Sorry user but I hope you learned from being so retarded.

This. I went full retard thinking they could understand. Well one of my family members called the FBI on me and will never be talking to that person ever again. It can destroy a family if they are not close to each other.

Not me at all. My family converted me, not the other way around :)

Considering the state of Israel-loving evangelical cuckservativism in America, being disowned by your family for Hitler appreciation is a very real threat. Everyone should consider the risks in their particular circumstance carefully before attempting to talk politics with family members.

I hope you can rebuild, user. Despite how foolish you were, you do not deserve that much backlash.

May this serve as a warning to any anons thinking of doing the same. Baby steps and you can convince anyone. This is how they've spread lies, and it's how we'll spread truths. One brick over another.

It's also important to consider the number of grandparents who "fought Hitler". Trying to convince your parents that their father fought on the wrong side can be next to impossible. If your grandfather fought in that war, you probably shouldn't even attempt it.

Converting younger generations is more important to the cause anyway. Younger generations are the political future of America, whereas older generations represent the political past. What's more, with older generations the old dog / new tricks adage appliesโ€ฆ

This, don't even bother with baby boomers or anybody older than that. They are completely demoralized as Yuri would say. The younger generations though seem to be taking the equality is my god meme quite literally. They are becoming communist zealots that want to destroy whites.

One last thought:

It's much safer to make your family anti-communists than it is to make them National Socialists. Tell them about how many people communism murdered in the 20th. Tell them about communism's war on culture and tradition. Encourage them to acknowledge that the Soviets weren't "good" during WWII (without asking them to believe the Germans were. It's safer to allow them to find that conclusion themselves.) If necessary, you can fall back on "two wrongs don't make a right" to salvage this situation if it starts to go south for you.

Teach them about the communist subversion of higher education in America during the latter half of the 20th century, and it's manifestation in modern American politics, media, and business. We understand that this is driven by jews. Those jews often happen to be communists and it's relatively safe to point them out as communists. Point out postmodernism and describe it as a communist plot to dismantle tradition and culture.

If normalfags resist jews while believing they're resisting communists, the end result is still working in the right direction.

This is the baby steps approach!

I can "redpill" them and get them to fully understand and agree that niggers and jews are bad news, and that Hitler was a great man with no trouble at all. But then, a week later, I talk to them and they're back to the mainstream narrative.
Women are like sponges, they just absorb whatever opinions they are surrounded by, but never have any real convictions.
The only thing that sticks is hating niggers, since they probably have to deal with them more than kikes, and kikes aren't as easily observed to be evil as niggers are.

I'd go as far as to say don't even bother with gen-x. Sometimes it's worth the effort, so judge each individual circumstance for yourself, but in general gen-x are old enough by now to be set in their ways. The younger somebody is, the more valuable they are to us.

This is why meme warfare is such an important tactic. Memes, not marches, is how we win the hearts and minds of young people.

The only real method of "redpilling" a woman is to make her into your loyal wife. Women don't have political beliefs of their own, they always follow the dominant "male". In 2017, that "male" is often not a person, but an abstract concept derived from ZOG. The government is their true husband; the media rather than their husband directs what they believe.
Some anons hate women for this, but it isn't their fault. It's just how they're biologically programmed. Contrary to the claims of feminists, men and women are very different. Anons who are upset at women for not behaving like men are inadvertently buying into the feminist premise of biological equality between the sexes.

The problem is what comes after. It doesn't mean fuck all if everyone knows what's wrong but no one wants to act on it.

It was a choice of that one or this one.

Yeah, it's really almost impossible. When you see a "redpilled woman" it's usually because of a strong male figure having convinced them, personally or through media. Consider ShoeOnHead, she's just a female voice for ArmouredSkeptic's beliefs. If he hated jews she'd hate them too.

What's funny is that women most of the time don't know this. You can change her belief system and she will think it's her own thoughts. I've done this to great success, you just need to come from a place of authority. You really need status, but on the flip side the only thing you need is status.

The cheap trick (that works by repetition) is appeals to emotions. The jew is bad because it feels bad. The jew is dead kittens. The jew is crying children.

I assumed they would give me the benefit of the doubt. I've gone out of my way in the past to help out several members, even helped them build a few garages and other various projects since I have a construction background. Looking back it's sort of a mixed blessing since I really don't care to have people like that in my life.

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Ya, all them other slide threads shitting up the catalog are so very important

It means a lot, since everybody knowing what's wrong is a prerequisite for successfully acting on it.


Redpill goes well with supper.

How do you know it's a shill?
They talk about the CIA, which doesn't operate domestically and hasn't since before the Cold War ended.
mkultra was not a domestic operation, it was research. Illegal research.
The FBI farms these boards, lads, to connect the Nazi-dots.
They know who I am but I don't care. They're barely competent but quite well-funded.

If you're on an Alphabet watch list, should you be worried? With all this recent shit about passing laws vs white nationalists, I'm getting pretty fucking spooked right now.

Start here:

idk if larp but thanks for the morale boost m8, went to a family gathering and this fucking third cousin or something walks in with a nigger.. total trainwreck tramp, 5 feet tall, short/shaved/dyed hair, tattoos.. probably got raped as a little girl, would explain everything. I don't even know her, never did, and she doesn't appear to ever have had much potential but I'm still in rage mode.

I watched TGSNT when I was 15 or 16.. pretty amazing feeling the first time you learn that stuff.

I have yet to ascend, OP. Can someone post a link?


it's like the most famous modern Hitler documentary, 6 hours long and pretty packed with info for one film

you must be new here

now watch communismbythebackdoor and go full blackpill

I tried immediately after watching TGSNT and couldn't get past episode 8. It was too black pill, but still good info.

TGSNT is just the tip of the iceberg. Welcome to the rabbit hole.


As said, you have been irradiated by the light of truth. When the brightness filling your soul right now starts to fade most people typically go through a little depression. Knowing that it's coming makes it much easier. Teach yourself to burn hate, rage and sadness as fuel on a journey to self-improvement

Now newfag go watch:
Yuri Bezmenov: Deception was my job
Hitler: Last Appeal to Reason
The Savage Peace
After Hitler
Between Hitler and Stalin
Britain Lives
Lindberg: The Road Not Taken
SACRIFICE - National Socialism
Being in the West: Personalism, Positivism and Ethnicity
"End of History" TV
Americana - Defeat in Victory

Taleb, The Dominance of the Stubborn Minority
Glubb, The Fate of Empires and the Search for Survival
Kaczynski, The System's Neatest Trick
Kaczynski, The Industrial Society and it's Future
Feder, The German State on a National and Social Basis
Feder, The Manifesto for the Abolition of Interest Slavery
Feder, The Program of the NSDAP
Hitler, Last Political Testament
Yockey, Imperium
Degrelle, Hitler Born at Versailles

You're here forever. Shits going to get tough for you now, but nothing good ever comes without struggle.

Reporting and banning them will result in nothing
The kikes have made a bot that uses Amazon AWS to change it's IPs
Just ban all IPs from Amazon and you'll be fine.
But seeing how the masonic hand works behind Holla Forums then I don't think that will happen.

This is beautiful, user. Well put and thoughtful. Love to see it. We were all newfags once. That being saidโ€ฆ


is best pepe ;_;
there there you're stron ==KEK==

I'm saving the pepe OP but this is also a good webm

don't you mean CIA(((niggers?)))


It's definitely important for us to develop our own opinions the RIGHT WAY.


good word to use tbh

yeah don't even bother pushing ideas into other peoples' heads more than they ask for, just be consider and polite and they will come to you for your ideas. Or you could just go to /k/ and get yourself a boomstick and keep your more aggressive opinions to yourself and work on MUH PR dishing out the soft version to those whom are willing to listen.

we are more than just simple human beings with sentience, we are made of many muscles and physical organs that work in tandem, there is so much you can do to become stronger and smarter and effect great change in your life for the better.

Welcome home faggot. Now, what good do you intend to do with this new-found knowledge?

how about none at all

The ride never ends, so never forget you're here forever.

Good to have you lad.

Don't be foolish. How else could I tell him I knew about that feel?

Holy shit, you fucking retard. King nigger gave carte blanche to CIAniggers to conduct whatever the fuck they want domestically during his reign. Not that they needed it, they have been doing whatever the fuck they want on the side ever since they took JFK down.

checked and welcome to the club. now go watch communism by the back door by Dennis Wise and report back.


You're doing God's work user.

That's a /sudo/ thread waiting to happen.

There is no absolute truth.(CONFUSED REDDITOR WAS SHOWN THE DOOR)

You can go fuck yourself you postmodernist piece of shit. There is absolute truth, if there wasn't there wouldn't be a universe. Denying absolute truth is denying the fabric of the nature of the universe, and no I'm not talking about god or anything like that. It's simple fucking science. If B doesn't follow A, then NOTHING as we know it would exist. Is 2+2 4? Yes. That is absolute truth, and you can try and say that those are just symbols used to clarify the abstract concepts of numbers, but it doesn't nullify the statement.

I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you mean that there is no absolute truth in social settings, as not all things can be knowable. I reject this premise because while one may only have a small understanding of the greater goings on, it does not mean that there is not a greater truth going on in play. In order to better understand the absolute truth one must take on a holistic and objective view while simultaneously understanding and examining the subjective views of the people who witnessed and played a part in it.

This tactical nihilistic bullshit never ceases to amaze me. "There's no such thing as truth." Then you lack perspective, understanding, and greatest of all, conviction.

I want post modernists to leave.


I'd like to see what happens when someone who feels the way he does about absolute truth tries to put together an engine. Are compression and work not absolute truths?

I cried too. It's why although I want to watch Der Untergang, I can't.
Better doc than Hellstorm, IMO.

I can't imagine the level of naivete or historical ignorance it requires to believe

A) enough Jewish bullshit that TGNST "redpilled" you


B) Dennis Wise is a reliable source of information.

You glean far more from reading Lost Victories by Manstein, Panzer Leader by Guderian, or the Rommel Papers, about the inner workings of the Third Reich. Of course, those aren't activities that the standard "just watch TGSNT!!!" cretins, or anyone in this board's history are willing to conduct.

Hitler was immeasurably preferable on the domestic side compared to the Weimar oligarchs like Hugenberg, Kurt von Schleicher, Franz von Papen etc., and a boundless incompetent ass at foreign policy and military leadership. It's not for nothing that a nation of such incredibly creative scientists and brave soldiers got its ass handed to it in a high hat, and it owes it to Herr Hitler's incomparably idiotic mistakes regarding A) the seriousness of the West's guarantees to Poland B) the Dunkirk fiasco C) the "no retreat" orders D) trusting Goering to supply the Sixth Army E) delaying Operation Citadel F) distrust of his best military leaders like Hermann Hoth, Heinz Guderian, Erich von Manstein, and Fedor von Bock.

Of course, the doltish people will respond with things like "lol stfu kike troll I just saw that movie and HItler was like fckin awesome."

I want them to die.
Greatest post in the thread tbqh.


The actual truth is that the holocaust was real.
At the end of the war the Jews build camps to put Germans into and gassed millions of them. All those pictures of people being killed are German civilians being killed.

Depending on how cucked the people around you are, you can "wear your hatred on your sleeve" and they'll ask why you hate kikes so much. They open themselves up to it, and are therefore more receptive to the knowledge of just how evil the kikes are.

Damn, didn't mean to do that.

You watched the entire thing OP? I always have to turn it off at a certain point because its so heart breaking.

Hitler was fucking amazing, he should have been killed at least 5 times during world war 1. Eva Braun was so incredibly beautiful and warm.

National Socialism is a banned ideology because it empowers the citizens of a nation to work together for a better future. Once we ship the blacks back to Africa and the Jews back to Israel/Kazaria, "Americans can begin helping Americans".

To the people on this sub who think they are conservative hardasses: Just because jews took over the left and perverted it, doesn't mean unbridled republican-style capitalism is best. My Uncle Adolf was a socialist, damnit, and there is nothing wrong with socialism as long as it doesn't involve white people working hard so blacks can smoke pot, sell drugs to each other and procreate for free.

wasn't the whole point of lovecraftian horror that it wasn't the fact that there are horrible truths out there but that they change you so fundamentally that it alters your whole world view and denying them becomes impossible. Then when you utter those truths the people that haven't seen it for themselves find them so strange and bizarre that they reject them and conclude that you must be insane.

you're right but still a faggot.

This isn't reddit.
This is a typical jewish tactic where they'll agree with you on a few of your topics, and then slowly try to coax you to the left.

Lurk for 2 years before posting you fucking queer. This isn't reddit and you aren't welcome.

"The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents." -H.P. Lovecraft
Lovecraft spent most of his childhood in his grandfather's library reading god knows what. I would have been interested in some of his philosophical stances

If you actually read about Lovecraft's life story he was basically a Holla Forumsack before Holla Forums existed.
His entire body of work is basically a poetic metaphor for what it feels like to be redpilled.

Typical tricks, Shlomo. Hitler was a savage economic nationalist, and his non-marxoid socialism put everybody in Germany back to work and left them with some cash to spare. Say it with me, you Jew motherfucker you:

National Socialism Is Best Socialism

Nationalism is a way for the individual to do his very best for the Volk that nurtured him.
Socialism is the Volk's way of expressing its love for the individual by supporting him and making sure he can be safe and prosperous.
Genocide is the mechanism by which the Volk cleanses itself of kike trash who want to twist that high-trust system to make sure niggers don't have to work, and three out of four babies are spics.

That's what I was fucking arguing for you goddamn moron.

To be fair it seemed like you were calling him a shill.

Then why were you arguing with the redditfag? He's pro-socialist too.

500+ thousand roasted alive in dresden


Why does the woman look like she's smiling?

and Dresden was a refugee camp for those that escaped the horrors of the soviet death camps to the east

If you actually read about Lovecraft's life story he was basically a Holla Forumsack before Holla Forums existed.

His entire body of work is basically a poetic metaphor for what it feels like to be redpilled.

Muscles retract from being cooked.

Corrupt vols, ban this faggot troll.

He needs to shut his mouth but it's obvious he's against Marxism.

Don't forget The Century of the Self.

Showing what the kikes managed to wrought on people should be mandatory. Wish i had some good shots of the pow prision camps after the war (they were (((real))) death camps)

Also if any of you new fags have not watched this yet I suggest you do. Gets into the meat of the kikery.

Higher quality


A good explanation of Lovecraft's philosophical stances can be found here, it makes commies cry: radishmag.wordpress.com/2014/04/21/cosmic-horror/


Why dont you just use Hitlers words and rhetoric to influence people?
It's quite simple, own the arguments as your own. Read his books newfags, the sticky has a minimum reading list before posting
People will agree with you, and after a good while they might stumble upon Hitlers works and become fully redpilled.

wait until you watch Hellstorm. Then the real waterworks start shooting.

not asking you to name that place you work at for obvious reasons, but can you give some examples of ones I could look at? I'd love nothing more than to help my fellow man.



Wtf I love Mel Gibson now

You didn't already?

Nope never heard his rant. Ill take 10 copies of braveheart.

Yeah, down to the "based" Jewess wife.

Not all of it is accurate but it's a beginners redpill.

For instance? Do you have a list somewhere? Or are you talking shit.

the greatest story never told is a great story indeed.


Haven't watched it in 3 years but some of the "operations" listed never happened.

It began as a good Hitler documentary then slipped into stormfront garbage around part 11 or 12. And from what I remember it wasn't organized well, it just jumped topics every few minutes.

you fucking better


It's taken long, bitter years, but I've come to accept this. Polite sage.

That's absolutely hilarious. I made an extended version.

Off yourself, no ifs, buts or maybes, just do it. Kill yourself.

Newfag here, where should I watch this?

Thing is, there is nothing in Greatest Story that is absent from any definitive text written about the rise of Hitler and WW2. There are just a lot of things left out of Greatest Story.
It's an incredibly manipulative text, from the selective facts to the emotionally overdrawn music.
Many historian-approved accounts of Nazism, the lead-up to World War 2, and Hitler's life contain the same information but with expanded context.
Don't be taken in by a 6 hour marathon of emotional manipulation and strategic omission.

Thanks for the salt, catamite.

Fascinating. Please do not let us stop you from posting some of the important information that was left out.

The Third Reich trilogy by Richard J Evans is great. It adds so much context into the picture. It can do this because it is not a six hour documentary, but rather thousands of well-cited pages. That added context shows what happens in between the events in Greatest Story.
I was inspired to read it because I found Greatest Story so compelling.>>10621997

This is mine now.

Welcome. Also you are here forever

Welcome to level one. Now watch an audio book or read "The Myth of the 20th Century" as well as The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

Expanded context in the form of falsified quotes and fraudulent witness testimony. Historians who do not fall into this trap can be counted on a hand or two.

I suppose you don't like the documentary because it stirs up positive feelings about Hitler.

fucking hell the
meme has spread from Holla Forums?

I remember the TGSNT threads from back when GG was going at full blast and Ebola - chan was cleansing Africa. So many people including me took their first redpills alongside a veritable horde of Holla Forumsirgin refugees, in the form of crime stats, Jewish overrepresentation rates, and Amren articles. Good times.

Redpill generals really should become a fixture here again, especially with the hordes of newfags coming over through half/pol/. They improve discussion quality and help expand my infographic folder.


The only reason why whites formed America was because of (((the Crown's behaviour.))) If the Jews are shipped back to Israel/Kazaria then do Americans really need to be Americans anymore? Couldn't they return to Europe and leave the Americas to the Native Indians? Or perhaps you intend to retain America as part of the overall attempt to complete the non-white genocide and claim the Earth for your race (in which case, why ship them back?)

I don't have my reaction folder on hand so just imagine a very unimpressed animu slut sneering at you.


bump for designated redpilling thread.

Welcome home, brother.

Is that absolutley true though?


Welcome home.

We want it to happen for real this time, kike.


And in the Second Reich the Jews were freed from the ghettos but they didn't leave.
White people can be nice to the extreme. Want to see what happens when they are not?

I have, it is just worded like a kike would word it. You're the newfag.

Somebody get this hothead outta here.


Shut up and deal with it faggot.


Those first picks are a garbled mess
Second picks: Patton's diary? Seems like something he would say.

there is no K in picture.

Well played, Shlomo. Very well playedโ€“ but as always, you were way too sloppy. There is nowhere to ship them too this timeโ€“ this time they get the gas chambers for real, and your subversion will not help.

Guys, i am really sorry, I do go on leddit to troll/red pill people who don't come on the chans and I slipped my brain.


Don't apologize,
just learn from your mistake and do better next time.

I know, but the information is valid and I haven't had the time to sit down and work them into something neat and tidy. Feel free if you care to - they basically show the US to be absolutely full of shit as goes any justification for entry to both World Wars.




goddamnit. well, she's scratched off my list of celebs i'd like to fugg

Mel and MJ were ahead of the curve, really

bump because i miss TGSNT threads and redpill threads

excellent docu

haven't heard of half of these. looks like i've still got some studying to do

The first step is admitting the truth to yourself, friend.
The other is GTFOing and lurking for two years, newfag.
But seriously, don't forget to download the vids, too. If you want to spread it, it won't be online forever.

To me you're doing God's work,I wish I had the patience to do what you do,I even have trouble not sperging out when I go to half chan.

Remember when here we don't give a fuck about names,and please try to learn don't be like a millenial leftard or thee usual crowd at half chans Holla Forums,smart enough to read and think he knows but still ignorant for the most part so he wastes his time spilling instead of learning.
And please don't give away 8 chan, 4 chan is kill beyond recognition due to the flood of normalfags thus your work dropping baby red pills elsewhere is to me priceless.

That being said I'm so happy to still be able to learn whenever I'm here and have comfy discussions.

Godspeed user.
Check out counter-currents and red ice for more food for thought.

remember the 6 grillon you bad goys

it is like having a weight lifted, having scales fall from your eyes. Suddenly it all makes sense, and the sheer evil of the jewish banking cabal becomes visible. Those niggling doubts and concerns made real.
Welcome to the fight, bruder.

Same here - about two weeks ago.

Hitler Dindu!



What confuses me, wasn't Hitler Austrian?

But he didn't lose.

We're still here.

can't tell if retarded, orโ€ฆ?

burn copies of it onto dvds and spread it to letter boxes that's what iv'e been doing. you'd be suprised how open minded some normies actually are

also lurk for 2 years before posting

mail boxes? synonym please

Hah, I didn't think she was Jewish, but it appears she is, and had a kid from a past husband, and was a working woman.

There are some irregularities in that narrative.

So we would be worthy of him when we win.

lol at second pic. Also speaking of Mengle anyone have any redpills they can throw at me about him? Cant seem to find much on him other then jew nonsense

user I'll just assume your underage status,please read a lot more before coming here,for your own good.
I'm happier when I reach the same conclusions than when I convince someone because if I agree with someone they too validate my point of view and back it up with their own knowledge and experience,if you carry no knowledge or experience your opinion is thus worthless for you'll end up agreeing with people who just want you to side with them for their own purposes.
I'm sure there are many things you're good at and your heart is in the right place but you need to know what you're talking about so you don't get kiked.
Hitler was from a border town in Austria nearing southern germany,Austria is full of germans in that they are germans,that's why he cared for his volk not for his nation,to him germans were germans regardless of the country they were born into and jews were foreigners regardless of them being born in germany.
In the same way as the new europeans born in france are goat fuckers who belong in africa regardless of them having french citizenship and passport.

My thoughts exactly.

just fkn do it m8

did somebody purposefully exaggerate the blueness of his eyes here?

fine, fine

heiled, and no. uncle adolf had a very bold blue eye color. it's just rare to see since quality color photographs were so expensive back then.

Welcome user. Welcome to the right side of history. Your next assignment is 3 hour video "hitler vs the jew world order"'.
Here's some pics relevant to the thread. Even those sent to shill against Holla Forums eventually have the redpill seeded within them. Many can't go back, and many will then be like you.

If in case the mp4 doesn't load;
The 3 hour video I was talking about will reveal more.
And things like the holocaust did have an actual meaning. I had to confirm it for myself in a 1950's dictionary. The TRUE MEANING OF A HOLOCAUST IS A SACRIFICIAL OFFERING BY FIRE, COMMON IN PAGAN AND JEWISH RELIGIONS.

Something similar happened to me. I used to be quite a tolerant fellow. You've never seen a better little shabbos goy โ€“ I even thought (((Christopher Hitchens))) made an excellent point about how great it was for the West when the Jews were let out of the ghettos so they could enrich us with their gifts to science, art, culture, philosophy, economics, and so on.

I heard about Holla Forums Holla Forums, not 4cuck as a bunch of racist cunts who will ban you for not being a goddamned fascist loon. That sounded like fun, so I lurked here less than two years, fuck you and had a look at all the whimsical LARPing going on. What delightful little imps you all were!

Of course I still believed in a woman's right to choose and thought interracial porn was very progressive, like living in the future or something. It goes without saying that I knew there was a literal mountain of evidence for the Holocaust, you guys! What are you, a bunch of flat-earthers? Lol!

And then I saw a Holohoax redpill thread, complete with the faked pictures and other bullshit. And then I started noticing Jews. Jews everywhere. Jews making degenerate films, Jews manipulating the currency, Jews bending presidents' ears, Jews preaching the death of my people. It got to where I would see an article about how the cool new trend for white girls was taking black cock, and I just internally thought: "bet a Jew wrote that," and what do you know, Holla Forums was always right.

Then I found the race/IQ studies, and I remembered all of the lefty faggots who preached at me that IQ was meaningless and culturally biased in favor of nips, apparently. I had been on the fringes of GamerGate, like most of the autists on the internet, but seeing the vile hatred this parasite race has for us, how it inflicts retarded spics and violent niggers on us, and how the modern (((consensus))) is following Comrade Yuri's playbook point by fucking point. . .

There's no going back. I am over the worst of the depression now, though I still have to lose the weight I put on. My new ambition in life (I'm creeping into middle age, so time's a-wastin') is to start a second family first one broke up because I never took control of my wife, good little (metaphorical) cuck that I was and breed more kids for war. My retirement is going to be to a farm, where healthy attitudes are safe, and raise some little whites for the coming aristocracy.

I swear to god, I wasn't this person in Current Year. I was like that fucking faggot mulatto Sargon. I came here to laugh at you!

Now, I'll die for /us/.


by the way, does anyone happen to know the name of the music track used at the very start?

watch this and you'll further see just how much of what Hitler says applies to modern day. Jewish tactics never change. And remember, when a jew asks why we press and carry on, why shit tactics on normies or bribery doesn't work, remind them:

The man truly was an artist.

the only things they excluded was being intentionally vague and low on details about the night of long knives that i saw, and excluding his spergtastic relationship with a girl who didn't know he existed, which wasn't particularly relevant to the overall thing.

Otherwise fairly spot on, dont virtue signal too hard there fedora.

my friends, i will reiterate my idea of copying the greatest story never told onto dvd and distributing it anonymously. what are some other doccos/vids favorable to the NS & 3rd reich perspective? iv'e also got some david irving stuff and that jewish guy who guys to a 'death camp' poking holes in the narrative

Audiomachine - Farewell to Earth, embed related
X Ray Dog - Here Comes the King
Ivan Torrent - Architects of Life
as noted in the source(?) vid, which amazingly still exists on jewtube. download it while you still can here:

>(((historian approved)))
user, the only historian i trust fully regarding hitler is david irving. dennis wise comes a close 2nd. pair them together and you have a wealth of knowledge.

david cole in this video, perhaps?

yea that's the spice, all 3 vids fit on one disk with room for a bit more actually

I've contemplated the notion of also hiding dvds of the greatest story never told within libraries.

i've only ever watched the chopped up jewtube videos of TGSNT. maybe it's time to cough up the shekels for the real thing

which 3 vids, user?

Most people don't know baby tier history here and especially irl inb4 defeatist shill. I'm sure you know this by now dude but our school systems didn't really teach anyone history and people don't care to learn it. I would bet its because the (((teachers))) presented it in a manner that made history the most boring thing to even think about when for the most part it is not. of course there are boring parts but unless you are studying something retarded like "Women in African history 101" at some pos'd college, there should be good shit over all. Honestly some of that ignorance is thanks to the (((mods))) here cracking down on books and self improvement threads here and that does not help fixing that ignorance.
t. baby tier history fan

TGSNT (try a torrent instead of jewtube)
A david irving lecture and David cole aka. that jewish guy at 'death camp' giving staff grief. if i could find a decent one of Hitler vs bankers it could sway the minds of the 'fuck corporations and banks man-dude-bro' crowd

Also thanks for the soundtrack names user.

sus the soundtrack at the end of this, fkn riviting

you're welcome. my autism doesn't kick in until anons ask
only took about 20 minutes to find that one. i'm shit for digging through wikileaks, but i'm good at finding things like that

i don't know why this never occurred to me before. thanks, user

Now I not only have the music, but also the speeches to listen to while working out in the gym. They serve as best motivation to hone the body away from most of the shit pop music of today.

nobody goes to libraries anymore

Just a minor post to say that I"ve been lurking/posting in Holla Forums for about 3yrs now including a couple of OPs, call the cops, I have to say I really appreciate all the info in threads like this. Please keep on doing data dumps for shadily newfegs Holla Forums, it helps tremendously tbh.

I would give you an F user, but instead you sound like you're already airborne and really have a lot to offer, so yea stay strong.

How about you read Hitler's military conferences instead? Should put all this nonsense about him being an inept military leader to bed.
No, it wasn't for nothing that they lost. A 10-1 disadvantage in troops and resources is one thing, traitorous cucks who didn't believe his mission is another. If Hitler had flaws as a leader, then every other leader in history was a complete retard. He almost did the impossible.

I need help ,The screencaps of posts come only as the transparent checkerboard

if only you knewโ€ฆ

Everything in TGSNT has documented evidence in the credits. Feel free to attempt to debunk it all and come on back when you're done.

I still haven't seen it and I've lurked on chans since '07.

I rarely have six hours in which I can do nothing but sit down and watch television, even if it is an excellent documentary. Who has time for that? I've got to build things, fix my home, take care of my family, workโ€ฆ who has time for idleness?

Saging this thread indicates that (((you're))) afraid, Shlomo.

When I do get around to watching it, I am certain that it will also bring tears to my eyes.

Watching the worldwide demonization of the ONE man who tried to help white civilization finally end the pestilence of world jewryโ€ฆ it's more than I can bear at times.

"Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!"

I've got some bullets.

If I had the fucking image, one very common early redpill is the german civil war that was instigated by jews. But for now, here's this.

You would first need to try to make an actual point. Everything is sourced. You're doing nothing more than sticking your fingers in your ears and going "NUHUH".

Yep. I'm triggered.

Fertility control in water supply should be in the box, so should requiring women to work(staying home is stigmatized now).

Just so you know, the ultimate redpill is knowing, not merely believing, but KNOWING, that Hitler prevented a jew-run world government from ever being formed. That is the victory he spoke of in his final speech. Communism and its agitators were unable to run over a Weimarized West because it had to be mobilized against Hitler. The kikes were out of options. This gave rise to a new spirit of American nationalism so typical of the 50's. Because of Hitler's uprising, the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan couldn't be enacted until the 1960's, and by then the world was hopelessly divided between east and west. The Cold War seriously fucked up any attempt at a world government.

American nationalism has survived the cold war. The mess the communists left in Eastern Europe, has inspired the plutocrats inheriting it, to found their own brand of nationalism. In the current climate of international unrest, the Chinese are sticking by themselves. Japan, the most Westernized of eastern nations, won't embrace multiculturalism. Even African nations reject the homecoming of their westernized kin (just look up some africans commenting on the 'We go back to Africa if Trump elected meme' to see what I'm talking about). Same goes for the middle eastern nations.

The only place suffering what a one world jew run world government would have looked like if it could ever be formed is Europe. And even European nations are rejecting it (Brexit). With the advent of cryptocurrency and AI, the (((Cabal))) are losing their last vestiges of control. The UN is a joke. The petrodollar will soon be history. The world will be turmoil. Nationalist sentiment will be previal. But most importantly, we will survive and while we look out for our own interests, Israel will be overrun by the horde it sought to mobilize against us. Never forget that Israel has the same problem with welfare-niggers that we do, except their niggers are ultra-orthodox jews who refuse to do anything except read the torah all day.

So all in all, remember this: "There will always be a new generation, each more vigorous and beautiful than the last." Adolf Hitler.

Also, give thanks to the men that fought the international elements before the world realized that they were even a thing.


Yes. Hitler promised the world, claimed to be opposed to masonry and kikery. But in the end, he double-crossed the people and started gassing regular Jews, Christians (Bonhoffer), Jehovah's Witnesses (weird, but gas them?), and left the nation in ruins.

this pic, user?

America had already been heavily infiltrated by the BRITISH kikes by the 1940s (time to drop redder pills with Carroll Quigley). Remember, the Rothschilds are British, and the Royal Family are Crypto-Jews, as are the House of Saud. You have to learn the difference between Jews and kikes, they're not the same.

Oh Mel, you wonderful person you.

Tor fag. Gtfo with your kike bullshit. No one is falling for you lies here faggot.

Middle of the road fallacy. Look it up. It's a thing.

Holocaust's been debunked. Sorry, but the gassing narrative doesn't stand.

Amen brother. Spread the truth.

Remember their sacrifice.

We can argue all day about how many, but Hitler killed lots of Jews and you are allergic to evidence if you say otherwise. There are sites where the killing took place, pictures of piles of bodies, lists of people killed, thousands of eyewitness accounts, etc.

Well aware.

Though I believe I'm right when I say that the international elements have failed to secure the one world government they so desire. No reason to lean back and relax though. Lord knows we need to work on our own communities and our own folk if we are to survive.

JIDF please leave. Mass extermination never happened, people starving to death due to the entirety of Germany's infrastructure being nothing but craters did as well as typhus outbreaks.

You're onto something with international Jewry. But it's not the whole picture. Start with B'nai B'rith, which is an actual organization you can track. Then start looking into Freemasons, David Rockefeller, CFR, the Round Table Group, and you'll see that there are a lot of non-Jews doing kikery.

Not going to waste time, because you still concede my point. Hitler left Germany in ruins. American nationalists, like Washington, Hamilton, Franklin, Monroe, Quincy Adams, Clay, etc. built America into a superpower by avoiding stupid wars.

Trying to deflect attention away from the jew AND shilling for the holocaust? Well shit, torfag is JIDF isn't he?

Tell me dirtbag, how do you feel about your ultra-orthodox brethren stinking up your desert hole, breeding like rabbits, siphoning of your state while contributing absolutely nothing, even refusing to serve in your military? God truly is great isn't he? There's justice in this universe bitch. Suck it.

Let me stop you there.

Time to smug you and toss you into the evergrowing filter JIDF

Oh youโ€ฆ

You do know that low-effort shilling like this IMMEDIATELY sends the critical thinkers down the rabbit hole on whatever you're trying to discredit, right? How about if you refute the fucking arguments instead of posting faggy memes? (you can't, because you're too stupid to get a job that pays more than $7 an hour, and liberals have no critical thinking skills. That's why you're liberals)


are you faggots done derailing the thread? can we move on now?

The pill of purest crimson is thus: that all Christians (who are not Semites) are race traitors whose spirits have been infested with a false, foreign religion which prompts them to betray the traditions of their ancestors.

How about if you make a moral judgment here and see that one side is obviously shilling and the other is having a serious discussion? I suggest you start jumping in on the side of anyone engaging in serious dialogue, and viciously attacking these shills. It demoralizes them, helps new users recognize bad arguments, and builds unity.

oh, you mean like the torpedo posts such as
i think it's already been done, thanks

You are like a stocky irish cop in the 1960s trying to infiltrate a group of hippies by putting on a tyedye shirt and a woman's wig.

Shareblue, we know you come in here pushing idiotic nonsense like this to discredit the board. Stop. Jesus whipped the kikes.

Wow, you're one of the useful idiots that actually got cucked into believing this Nazi bullshit.

Fact #1: Hitler was a Rothschild

Argument over, you need to go back to the drawing board, learn a lot of actual history, and stop listening to Shareblue trolls convincing you that Nazism is the way.

kys faggot gb2 r the donald


Really awesome argument you made there.

what is it?


the vid i linked is part 1 of more than 20. well worth watching all of them to let you know how far down we've already sunk.

just finished watching this today, hold me T_T

100% this
Cap related

bumping for visibility to newfags

Amazing. True. Saved.


Get out.

Kill yourself

The inflation of body counts doesn't mean the Holocaust or Holodomor didn't happen. Best case scenario, hundreds of thousands of mostly non-kikes died in camps because allied bombing caused them to starve. It's still pretty bad.


Are you lost? Did you mean to set your time machine to 2009?

Guess what, kike? It didnโ€™t happen. REPORTED.

Reported for being a kike.

Top-tier whitepills. There is hope.

I don't agree with some stuff on /pol even afterwatching TGSNT.
I still think Hitler did a lot of evil shit.
Or to be more precise, parts of his government did. I doubt he ordered every terrible thing. Strong ideological movements tend to attract zealots and dogmatists that will apply their terrible ideas fundamenting them with the over arching ideology.

But even then, with a more moderate view of WWII, I still tell everyone I know that maybe Hitler was bad. But there was something far more evil afoot back then.

Oh and just so you guys know, if you want to set someone against the Jews, try my approach.
I know it sounds "weak-willed" and cuckish, but starting from a more moderate position will not mentally block people from hearing the rest of what you have to say.
Starting with the "Yeah, Hitler was evil, butโ€ฆ" will open you many door with normalfags.
The worst that happened to me was someone deciding that no evil was too great to stop Hitler.
The best was putting two guys on the right trail. Didn't tell them much about the jews, just enough that one of them typed a bunch of things in Google and asked me some questions the next day. Usually met with "Holy fuck, they did WHAT".

And mods, please don't ban me.
The fact I think Hitler did evil shit doesn't mean I think he shouldn't have done it.
I'm a pacifist by nature but even then I realize that sometimes you gotta shoot someone when push comes to shove.
I really wish we could have peace without killing Jews. Justโ€ฆ let them go in peace, leave them alone and have them leaving us alone aswell.
Unfortunately Holla Forums makes a good case for why that isn't going to happen and most likely isn't even possible.
On the Day of the Rope, I'll join you. I'm not going to be happy about it, but you do what you gotta do.

It's understandable. Altruism is the white man's blessing and curse.
hitler did nothing wrong though

Rember any kindness or leniency will be taken as weakness and a knife will be driven into your back when you least expect it.

(begrudgingly checked)
You type like you've been stuffed with xenestrogens like a goddamn monsanto thanksgiving turkey. Serious question, not trolling: How much processed food do you eat? How much soda do you drink? How often do you pick up something that weighs more than fifty pounds?
Be grateful if you don't get banned for this shit alone.



pic related, very good read.

You are arguing implicitly that starving to death in a work camp because infrastructure damage made it impossible to be fed is the exact same thing as being purposefully starved to death.

Verdict: Jew.

The Red Cross statistics of 1948 show that roughly 80,000 jews died in the camps. A paltry number of casualties, compared to the number of Russians, Germans, Christians, Japanese and others who died because of the jewish plan for world domination.

nope. page 1

Kind of funny how a literal black dick thread is getting pushed harder than any thread with actual political discourse that isn't sucking trumps nuts huh.

it is funny. seems like there's an awful lot of moderator approved shilling going on the last few days

It's not the first time this has happened. Every so often (like a cycle or something) they decide to allow a bunch of shit that they would previously remove, and the board suddenly looks and feels different. This time it was actually rather mild compared to past shit-cycles.

Try Hellstorm (same production quality) and The Last Battle (relatively new documentary I've only seen on YouTube). TGSNT and Hellstorm can be bought as a DVD set on their website in full quality.

Yeah dude totally, the JOOS.

At least TRY to camouflage (((yourself))) and (((your intentions)))

dubs of freshly awoken babypill

Welcome to the lodge, friend.


Kek, that's fucking perfect. Mel Gibson is /ourguy/

I like that idea user the official "rope of returning home"! We all need to remember on the day of the rope as they're dangling from that treeโ€ฆthey're going home guys!