History of North Koreans being bad goys (full report)

Bad goyim report on North Korea, worth reading.


Over the years, North Korea has supplied various weapons, missile technologies, and NBC - Mass-Destruction – technologies, to several of Israel'senemies, including Iran, Syria, Libya, Egypt, Iraq under Saddam Hussein, Hezbollah and Hamas. For example, Libya had the same designs as North Korea for a 500-kilogram nuclear warhead missile, before Qaddafi shut down the program.

Because of the Syrian Civil War, the Assad regime has lost a good deal of equipment. The North Koreans have replenished them with T-55 tanks (North Korean variants), trucks, RPGs and shoulder-fired missiles. According to North Korean expert, Bruce Bechtol, “if you look at the Syrian army, it is much like the North Korean one, based on legacy Soviet systems from the 1950s and 1960s.”

Syrian-North Korean nuclear cooperation can be clearly seen. On September 6, 2007, when the IAF attacked a target in the Deir ez-Zor region of Syria, it was reported that at least 10 North Koreans, who “had been helping with the construction of a nuclear reactor’’ were killed during the airstrike. The Syrian nuclear facilit, was nearly identical to that of North Korea’s Yongbyon installation. According to reports, the facility was built by North Koreans and financed by Iran.

North Korea has forged a relationship with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) since 1983. North Korea sends weapons to Hezbollah via the IRGC trafficking network, or transfers them through Syria, or they are shipped directly from North Korea to Hezbollah in Lebanon, paid for by Iran.

Since 2003, North Korean engineers have built underground facilities for Hezbollah, directly into rock, some of which the IDF struggled to target, in the Second Lebanon War in 2006. Hezbollah has an entire underground “city” of command and control bunkers and tunnels in southern Lebanon, all built with the aid of the Iranians, who paid the Korean Mining Development Company to do it. North Korean technicians moved into Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley,pretending to be Chinese domestic workers.

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After the 2006 war, 100 Hezbollah fighters traveled to North Korea for a year of training in guerrilla warfare tactics, under a body known at the time as the Reconnaissance Bureau. North Korean advisers have also trained Hezbollah fighters in Iran.

North Korea has thousands of 107mm and 122mm rockets sitting around in warehouses, plus rocket-propelled grenades and SKS semiautomatic rifles.Looking for cash, the North Korean regime has sold many of these arms to Hezbollah.

Hamas, like Hezbollah, has close links with North Korea, which is happy to support groups that are opposed to Western interests in the Middle East. The relationship between Hamas and North Korea first became public in 2009 when 35 tons of arms, including surface-to-surface rockets and rocket-propelled grenades, were seized after a cargo plane carrying the equipment was forced to make an emergency landing at Bangkok airport. Investigators later confirmed that the arms had been destined for Iran, who planned to transfer them to Hezbollah in Lebanon, and Hamas in Gaza. In 2014, North Korea and Hamas struck a deal for the sale of 102mm and 107mm multiple rocket launchers. Hamas installed some of these systems on pickup trucks.

North Korea regularly condemns Israeli defensive actions against Hamas, such as during the 2008-2009 and 2014 Israel-Gaza conflicts, and the 2010 Gaza flotilla raid as “crimes against humanity,’’ as well as a threat to the Middle East Peace Process.
The North Koreans have one of the world’s most sophisticated network of tunnels running beneath the demilitarized zone with South Korea. The IDF believes Hamas has used this expertise to improve their own tunnel network in Gaza. For example, the type of cement reinforcement, enabling Hamas fighters to move weapons without detection by Israeli drones, is similar to North Korean tunnels.

And now for Iran; during the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s, North Korea began selling them Scud B missiles. They also sold Iran artillery, tanks and trucks, Soviet-made equipment from the 1950s and 1960s.

Since then, North Korea has sold Iran Scud B, C, D, extended-range scuds, and played a central role in Iran’s domestic missile development program.They’ve helped Iran build the Safir two-stage missile and the Sejil solid fuel missile. Iran’s Imad and Shihab-3 ballistic missile programs are based onNorth Korea’s Nodong missile prototype, with an extended range.

North Korea has sent at least two long-range missile parts shipments to Iran in the past two years. Iranian technicians also traveled to North Korea for help in developing an 80-ton rocket booster.

Since the mid-2000s, Iran came up with an ingenious way to avoid US missile nonproliferation enforcement. It built Shihab-3 “factories,” which were actually North Korean-supervised assembly stations, allowing North Korea to smuggle the missiles in pieces. The components are assembled under the supervision of North Korean advisers. The same thing happens with the Scud D missiles in Syria, and with chemical weapons in Syria according to Bechtol.

Iran is still relying on parts coming over from North Korea. The North Koreans split them up into components – they are harder to detect that way. Without North Korea, Iran’s entire liquid fuel ballistic missile industry would grind to a halt, he said. The Assad regime, too, would lose its Scud missile program.

Bechtol claims the North Koreans helped Iran develop a nuclear warhead for the Nodong missile, and assisted with the Iranian plutonium reactor at Arak. “We know that the head of Iran’s highly enriched uranium program was in North Korea in 2013, likely to observe a uranium nuclear test,” he said.

About the latest crisis between America and North Korea, watch closely. America fought a serious war on the Korean Peninsula in the early 1950’s with North Korea, and has been South Korea’s ally and protector since. The American also have had a strategic partnership with Japan since the 1950’s.

As the saying goes, “countries don’t have friends, just interests.” There are close parallels between the US, South Korea and Japan, vis-a-vis North Korea, and the US and Israel, vis-a-vis Iran. So Jews and Israel should be watching closely how the Trump administration “protects” its allies. One can get a picture of just how well America would cover Israel under its “security umbrella,” when pushing Israel to take a “chance for peace” as has been suggested, in any future Middle East peace deal, by watching the Korean crisis unfold. And, it will give a clue as to how much Israel can count on the US in dealing with Iran’s nuclear program.

If you thought the latest ballistic missile tests by North Korea proved they can finally hit Israel, you’re wrong. They’ve been able to hit Israel theoretically, since their 2012 test of theTaepodong-2, or in 2013 with their UnHa-3, which successfully launched a satellite and could have carried a 500-kilogram nuclear warhead. Satellite launching ability and ICBM nuclear warhead delivery are closely related.

Don’t worry, Israel has its own Jericho-3 ICBM that could hit North Korea, not to mention Iran. Israel’s Jericho-3, is a missile with a multiple independently targetable reentry vehicle (MIRV) warhead, allowing for more flexibility in targeting and better anti-ballistic missile (ABM) survivability. In fact with Israel’s submarines and aircraft loaded with nuclear tipped cruise missiles, Israel has a nuclear triad, of land, sea, and air delivered weapons, guaranteeing a credible second-strike capability.

And if that’s not enough deterrence, don’t forget Israel’s homegrown multi-tiered missile defense system, including Iron Dome, David’s Sling, Arrow-2 and 3, and the Barak-8. The Arrow-3 is not only an anti-ICBM missile, but can be used as an anti-satellite weapon as well. Iron Beam and Drone Dome are laser-interception systems.

Lt. Gen. Patrick J. O'Reilly, Director of the Missile Defense Agency in the American Dept. of Defense, said in 2009: The design of Arrow-3 promises to be an extremely capable system, more advanced than what we have ever attempted in the US with our programs…This has to do with the seekers that have greater flexibility and other aspects, such as propulsion systems – it will be an extremely capable system. Maybe America can get some Israeli Arrow-3 batteries, to protect themselves against incoming North Korean ICBMs.

The Arrow-3 system was just declared fully operational in January of 2017, but believe it or not, Israel is already developing a concept for a sort of Arrow-4 system, to keep one step ahead of its enemies.Israel’s MAFAT Defense Research and Development Authority of the Ministry of Defense, along with state-owned Israel Aerospace Industries and other defense firms, are working to evaluate technologies needed to improve the ability to track, target and ultimately destroy future threats, such as massive salvo strikes, sub-munition warheads and multiple reentry vehicles, or MRVs.

Since Yasser Arafat’s declaration of independence in 1988, North Korea has recognized the “State of Palestine’’. To prove the point, Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas recently congratulated North Korea, in honor of the country's Liberation Day. Abbas wished “the Korean people continued stability and prosperity; and that the historical friendly relations between Palestine and North Korea and their two peoples will continue to develop and grow.”


Kek they really understated that.
Kikes lost vs Hezbollah and hezb retained 80% of their CnC.
Kikes couldn't do shit vs their bunkers or comms networks.

Interesting. Here I thought they were lone citadels, but Rohan still comes at the call of Gondor it seems.

I'd take Kim over Trump in a bare knuckle brawl any day of the week.

Kim is fucking BASED.
Sage isn't a downvote.


Used a mobile vehicle launcher this time.

Reporting for shilling a communist and jewish ally.

Aww. Look at that. Nationalist states working together against the jew instead of fighting over gibsmedat like in the multicultural paradises of Europe and the U.S.

nice logic there ya fucktard

(((I was told))) they were fake in the day of the sun parade

north korea has done more to oppose israel than you'll ever do in your crappy retarded life.

oh look another leftypol thread

ITT: newfags

Wait, now you're taking North-Korea as your new poster child of socialism and communism? Was Venezuela not good enough?


You know, you could stop posting and move to North Korea and enjoy the socialist paradise you love.

North Korea doesn't allow immigrants in order to keep its' racial purity.
When is your country gonna start doing that?

Nice summary and yea, anyone who managed to get past whatever stage of ideology it was, and into pure jew dislike based on their DNA, would know that these guys are now an ethnostate. Most people dont realize that at some point, the jew ideology was hijacked, the jews removed, and in turn it was turned into a very strong proponent for traditionalism.

Even if the system looks like shit, even if it was tied to early propaganda made by the kikes. The whole world is shifting, is dynamic and in order to kill all the kikes one has to understand the most current flux, and influences.

If there is no rothschild bank in north korea, in russia, iran and Syria…well then they are probably the good guys.

Wtf i love Kim now.

now only if he's implement capitalism

Or they did something so bad that they were not allowed "back into" the "clique".
I wouldn't rely on classing any side as a "good guy". All state elites realize that their population, and the apparatuses that their population forms, are there to support them. Thus, at the top, we have networks of state and corporate elites playing ball with each other, using their nation's assets and people as trade goods - or war goods.
Ever wonder why some nations "hover" in a zone of rebelliousness when the existing structures are chaotic? They're waiting and buying time so that they can see who they should be re-alligning to. If they outright left, they'd be permanently cut out of the clique (if it again victored).

I think that if you were to do that…you would be subjected to increased complexity. I dont mean to berate those people. But in order to do that you would need higher IQ still. You would need to filter out great deals, filter out jews, filter out all kinds of crap, unreliability, its influences and effects on people (you would need labs to test stuff to see if its not toxic as the jews may poison it). You would need a LOT of stuff to deal with that complex world of garbage. And the koreans are right to not to want to trust the rest of the world too much, because the kikes are fucking everywhere.

Plus you would be also subject to media warfare, as many of the goods imported may be tied to hostile, mental attack vectors by the jews. But not only the jews, things like cellphones will contribute to the decline of the mental state of the youths. The electronics still could be used to put together things like satelite tv's, maybe access the internet, shit Idont know. But you know that once the doors are open, things like that are going to flood in.

And beyond that, what if you buy the latest tv of samsung…which has a huge gaping backdoor by the jews inside of it. You would be subjecting your digital infrastructure (if they even have it) to potential risks. And the expertise required to deal with that is another department of very rare people.

The headhunt to remain stable for capitalism, while remove the jew, but also the other hostile factors would be quite huge. I reckon that to get such a huge amount of people, the basic starting requirements would be about 2000 experts from varying fields. And their salaries would also be quite huge. You would also need to vet them properly for espionage, but also more rare things like mkultra spy programming which are also hard to detect.

china is doing just fine with its style of state-sponsored micromanagement of national capitalism, though

Take the control from the jews. Starting with local government, and working our way up the chain.

So what is their goal then? Just a collective unity, and desire of a nation for more wealth? For higher GDP? The thing shared by both the elites and the common folk? Because if you look at the ideology, anyone at the top easily becomes uninterested in ideology as one realizes how fragile it is…

Well is it a mix of sentiments for the race? For the people? Some other desire still?

What we want, the only thing that most of us want, at least what I want, is just the complete eradication of the jew. Thats about it. Why? Because I think they are dangerous, mentally insane, schizophrenic and hold too much power. There are lots of nukes around the world and having such a chaotic factor around (do you even know what schizophrenics are capable off lol?) is too dangerous. I think they should be eradicated. Without them there could be stability in the world, and we may be able to enter an era of less war, a life for all nations, and global trade, with prospects of being able to go inna space. But these kikes mang.

They are here and they fucking want to end the world,they fucking dream of it every day. They want to build their temple and worship their Red heifer. And they hold so much media, and broadcast so much toxic garbage into society. They also are responsible for so much death, and right now are still trying to kill us.

Its not good for anyone who values life.

Well going by their numbers and how china is organized, china has a lot of talent, because it is obvious that the more people you have, the more people on the right side of the bellcurve are born. Asiatic people have fewer people like that on the right side, so they need more people to make up for the difference in mental performance and with the new technologies that require it so.

That is why they are also relying on global, blocking firewalls to get rid of the toxic cancer that is the jew. But they are still kinda slow on this front and have to take on a different strategy still to remain sane. They have a lot of open ports and a lot of opportunity for infiltration and subversion. If the jews were twice in number, the whole of china would be fucked. But right now the jew is losing control and doesnt have enough manpower to subvert EVERYONE. The jew is dwindling in numbers and is increasingly trying to find digital means, like machine learning, to be used on their centralized control, to make up for the numbers. I hope their desperation does not destroy the world, they really should be ideally just fucking all murdered today.

"But you should hate them, Fellow White People, they are Bolcheviks! Think of the Human Rights and Democracy!"

Memes aside, it's not about loving him or not, it's about recognizing NK's usefulness in the present situation.

Whoever opposes globalism, ZOG and liberalism is an ally of circumstance.

Not entirely true. They see all ideology as valid as every ideology essentially represents a necessary "god" or "force" on the wheel of existence. What they do fight over is which "god" or "force" they represent - and therefore their role in the cosmic composition. Are they the TRUE children of Israel? Will they be triumphant with "God"? Wonder why Jews call Jesus a false prophet?
Like the Buddhist concept of reincarnation, they have this too. But, from a perspective of chaos/order, not atomic blocks. Death of an enemy sacrifice is simply tamed chaos, being refined and made orderly.
Not defending it, just pointing out how they operate.


That is why they are so fragile lol. They have such broad statements, they do not see the smaller details beyond. The individual pieces. They just say "ITS GOD, DONT THINK FURTHER". When I look at humans I think "which part of the human can one effect, how does the behavior change? Is their testosterone weak? What kind of effects does that have on their behavior?" Its much easier to deal with the world if you approach it from within scientific nihilism. And then one can reduce it to the smallest unit that is meaningful (well at least to me) to that of DNA. Maybe even to life itself, to that of other species. To bio diversity.

I do not see any wheels or any struggles of gods, I dont think that there are patterns from before (as there is little evidence for it). There is only evidence and superstition, and based on that I see that there are planets out there that are ripe for humanities desire to rape them. Potential aliens to be fucked in the butts. And that is a much more realistic and reasonable goal than squabbling over boring things that make no sense lol.

Korean is such a bizarre language, damn.

I think it's an "isolated language", sorta like Basque

are you new here? that's rhetorical

little hard to get past the ethnic component but were I born in North Korea I think it would be a modern experience like no other. I remember saying the pledge of allegiance, being in the boy scouts, being patriotic, falling in love with the girl I went to grammar school with. Now I think this jew spic nigger ridden country I've been born in is a fucking shit-hole. You can worship Beyonce for me. Any country that is against the rothschild banks and killing Jews worldwide is a good guy in my books. The enemy of my enemy is my friend and all.

Not really, once you understand it, the grammar structure is different of course, in a way, like radio communication in the military for clearer under standing.
interrogative: do you understand?

Agreed. ZOGs are the common enemy. Meme to win

You know, it makes sense, even with the social dynamics of this world, this delayed group behavior to organize…it would make sense that the group who does not want to cooperate with anyone, and wants to enslave EVERYONE, and maybe even murder many. Is the group that most people in return also would want to murder.

The aryans sure had their moment in which they grew arrogant, but their doctrine does not intentionally goes out of its fucking way to destroy, hate and enslave all others. Even the brits at their prime slowly just stopped giving a fuck. But the jews mang. I am not sure what kind of genetic malfunction that they have had in the modern age but they are on a war path of destruction now.

I think that everyone should be working together to some degree to destroy them all, while maintaining their own nations and defending themselves against the impulses of others, but also non jews.

Dying of starvation, forced enrollment, no free speech or freedom of thought. Oh I can imagine such joys.

You're right, we should invade to bring them liberty and McDonald's

you believe the shit you just typed? Surprised you didn't add Communism. That was a big catch phrase back in the Cali Columbia days on how to bring freedom and democracy to Central and South America. aka, muh drug war. Seriously, are you such a fucking dickhead to simply piss away trillions in US wealth for your causes and catch-phrases?

but it raises a question though, if we ever gain more control and more traction…repeating the past wouldnt be very wise or would it? More parties have to be brought into the fold so that they dont get confused as to what is happening and why. We have to become the NWO now. The other alternative is risking potential war. As the jew gets strangled he will lash out into other venues where we are not looking. If he isnt already doing so.

like a couple a million in the US
to keepsafe from the Golem
like your MSM is planning

whts next, "prison camps", "mandatory haircuts" and "postmodernist executions"?

Kill yourself, gook.

A lot of non-gooks feel that way. I'm no longer surprised by fools but you need to look in a mirror and understand that every movie, TV show, news broadcast is a staged production made to mold you into who you are today, and it's all been ZOG based. Look at childhood cartoons, their is no escape from it until you free your own mind. Leave North Korea alone and the problem would go away…… but no, the US has been poking that little poor pissant county for the past 100 years.

Yea, isnt the hostile view of north korea almost entirely jewish? I mean why would you want to bother an isolationist nation? Why would you want to bother new zealand if they suddenly got interested in nukes? The leader seems sane enough and at worst it just seems like a boring spinoff of communism, not death of the worldism tho.

Go away? As far as the american people is concerned, maybe, but they're a population of cattle in a jewish satrapy state.

They also push the BAAAW HUMANITARIAN CRISIS EVIL OPPRESSIVE STATE angle to get the goyim to care. Sadly there's enough retards out there that actually thinks human rights is something more than a cheap political tool.

The common and main enemy should always be the international jew and it's many arms (ZOGbot USA, Israel, among others)

Good luck Rocket Man

Oy vey, Shlomo! Shut it down!

You do realize, when we come into power, you will have even less freedoms than the norks?
Universal freedom is a jewish invention, there is only struggle. If you aren't ready do die for your freedom, you don't deserve any. If you are ready to kill for your ideas, you don't deserve to speak.

check'd and kek'd


its amazing how much pro north korea stuff is going on here.
But of course there are some men who just want to watch the world burn.

Ah yes freedom of speech*

*not to be used with the following wrong think: Christianity, traditional values, traditional marriage, segregation, closed borders, nationalized banks, racial differentiation, questioning the holocaust, naming the Jew, firearms, etc

And there's always some newfaggot who thinks anything of value will be lost.

I just saw this on halfcuckchan. Jesus fuck this banter

explain yourself

you're new, and a faggot, and have not learned how overvalued everything is. This isn't anything demeaning really, you're just moving past step one of on-line development.

why haven't you killed yourself, then.

You know how sometimes old, decrepit buildings have been rotting away for so long the only safe thing to do is bulldoze them and build a entirely new on in it's place? It's just like that.
The heebs have poisoned western culture ever since the 1700s. Untangling them and their disease from our civilization at this point is going to take such an effort you might as well just burn everything down and rebuild instead.

I found pleasure in shitposting, and without people like me, there would be no counter balance to run-of-the-mill bullshit thinking, like cold-war era propaganda.

Muh freedoms

>why can't NK be more like us and allow Jewish propaganda I mean (((freedom))) subvert their entire nation into pink haired tranny dog fuckers who want to destroy racial homogeneity like ours?

now thats what i call projecting

Is it really projecting when most western nations function this way? Same could be said about the UK, but in this case he's talking about US vs NK.

You must be new here. My country is the same, only to a much less degree. But that's not much of a consolation since that just means people are less likely to rise up against the jew, and only rage about the kike-engineered mudshit invasion instead.

how is that different from the agenda of the globalist jew world order?

oh so theres something to live for then.
Until there isn't, fuck any non-white country, or non-white people threatening whites.
We need to remove all the undesirables in our countries, not embrace the norklear apocalypse.

Obviously the North Koreans are to be commended for their willingness to not back down, but we are also stupid fucks as Americans for not winning the Korean war, for fighting WW2 in the first place, and for harboring the jews like the scorpion on our back.

Seems similar to the doctrines used by Kriegers in the WH40k universe.

Yea he is about at step 2. Though I wonder, I also started near his area a couple of years back. It is so easy to be ignorant and then to go off propaganda by the kikes. To not see the subtleties in between the lines. I cant imagine that I am anywhere near the top of the lore and of how you tolerant ones think (you guys have so much patience with newcomers sometimes lol)

Its just when you come here, you sometimes realize, very subtly in the back of your brain that you may be wrong. And then you post, and then you think "are these kinds of standpoints cringeworthy or are they true?"

I have been wrong so many times that this voice is now so extremely loud lol. Disrupting the ego in favor of investigation instead of loud mouthedness. I think that we may have is pic related lol. I have been a loudmouth at his stage, then silent for a long time to learn more, AND NOW I AM A LOUDMOUTH AGAIN HOORAY

oh yeah its totally egotistical to not want North Korea to have an ICBM with a nuke.
It's better to have a nuclear war than get our shit together and kick out all the pajeets, jews, muslims, and chinks? What a terrible strategy.

I googled uriminzokkiri and it appears to be a legit website: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uriminzokkiri

Anyone have the exact source of that text?

I wonder if mount stupid is ever tied to the IQ of the person on that end, perhaps one stays indefinitely in that place if one doesnt have the proper mind for it.

You don't seriously think the jews want to destroy everything do you? They and their globalist cronies are setting up a perpetual empire where they can lord over the brown masses of mongrel workers below them. They are in process of building this dystopia right now, and they are already sitting in the top positions with all the fucking cards in their hands. You don't really think we can just use our neutered "democracy" to elect them out do you? We will need to do this the old fashioned way.

Ok, I found out what the problem is, you've been watching the electric jew, haven't you?

Why don't you let me know what it's like since you seem to know all about it.
Make an argument as to why its good for me to have a split North and South Korea where the people are miserable.

What haven't they tried to destroy? Serious question. Every religion, every nation, every notion, every philosophy that goes against their agenda they try to destroy.
So pitchforks and rope, not a north korean nuke.
Why does North Korea exist in the first place?
What are you even trying to accomplish?

You have been fed disinfo. You may already know that there is a lot of conflicting information coming from the jew media, but you dont realize the vast scope of the narratives setup, even before you were born, and by whom. I am telling you right now that 100% of anti korea lore has been created by the kikes.

Communism, capitalism are just labels being thrown around, in the aftermath of old sentiments (which are now being abused by jews again). Some amount of people think that communism is bad and is our mortal enemy…well then the jews become capitalists.

Soviet russia was indeed created by kikes, but over the course of its existence the kikes were very slowly pushed out, and sometimes even exterminated. The final thing that broke their back was with putin


Here is a nice thing to see what has happened. Sure all of it is confusing, to me it still is, but the jews are operating on the level that we are at, they may pose on pictures with some of /ourguys/ to sow confusion, they may have ops with nations like the visegrad v4. The jews operate on the edge, along with the good players, because that is where the main action trickles down to the common folk (like you). Just follow the rothschilds and soros, who their opponent is. They can hide a lot of stuff and obfuscate even more, but not everything. These creatures exist in our plane of existence just alongside of us so they are bound to have signs of their existence somewhere. Its just that they create, blow out of proportion, create fake ones and do a lot of other effort to try to give you a false picture. And as such it also take a lot of effort on our part to get the real picture. That takes time. Even here I am not 100% sure what is legit sometimes. But if they are screeching and attacking you, it must mean that you are doing something right usually.

Communism convinces people to give up their property to the jews.
Then, the jews take the property they stole and use it to buy up all the private businesses in white nations that are "capitalist".

The result is the same. Feudalism.
Whats a good example of a feudalistic state? North Korea.
Who supports North Korea? The communist government of china. Yet, they have made their entire economy centered around capitalism.

this whole thing is fucking stupid, and the only solution is for whites to take back their land, and their government.

It doesn't matter if north korea hates jews. nearly everyone that isn't under jewish mind control hates jews. north korea is still shit, no matter what fashy spin you put on it. We could root for Afghanistanis and Palestinians too, but in reality they're also shit that should at the very least be contained in their sand box.

North Korea and South Korea are abominations, and there will be a reconciliation. The sooner the better, because yeah, why wouldn't North Korea try some shit?

I think around my time guys like you also got banned lol, to cool down your stupidity.

They've been trying to destroy the immune system of our civilization, and so far they've succeeded splendidly. But they absolutely don't want a massive physical destruction that would topple their puppet regimes and put themselves at risk.
Civilizations rise and fall, in cycles and sadly, ours is long past it's expiration date. Cleansing fire from which a new, stronger civilization can bloom from the ashes is obviously preferable than the slow decay and gradual white genocide that we're heading toward.

As for nork, they're there for the same reason the commies were, and ISIS and the muzzie invasion today is; to distract from the real threat rubbing it's hands in the background. Sure it's unlikely that the norks are directly puppeteered by the jew as ISIS and the commies were, as they were left alone also because of China's interests. But they are used as a basis to weave the MSM's fantasy threats to distract us from real problems.
I can almost guarantee if they do actually fire a live missile at anyone, it's all a false flag to excuse a long and expensive war where the shabbos goyim can earn cash peddling weapons and all kinds of draconic policies can be ushered in while the MSM keeps reporting about the war.

You mean the r/K cycle? America still has a lot of poor, rural area's away from the cities. That give rise to the K selected individual. It more or less followed the ww2 archetype of rising natsoc germany. Though in a different coat obviously as we are digital now. There is less chance for error as we had in the past. Still quite a nice selection of stock to choose from to put into heads of states places. And its also the largest military in the world. If one could wrestle the kikes away from control then the fall could be averted. Though I highly doubt that.

Cool story, bro. i believe you are an oldfag.

That still doesn't explain why people on this board support North Korea. It doesn't really fit into any scheme other than "let it all burn".
At the same time, people are espousing the idea that everything involving North Korea is a false flag.
So which is it? North Korea will help burn away all the detritus, or North Korea is a paper tiger that hates jews, and is therefore /ourguys/. It just doesn't add up.

My point is that it's not an either/or situation. Taking back white nations is non-negotiable, and the existence of north korea is an abomination. It exists at the behest of cold war proxy battles. As for the jew, South Korea is degenerate because of them. So like i said, at some point these conditions will become intolerable. The sooner the better, because the more time that passes, the larger the destruction, which to you may be good, but i think will lead to environmental destruction. that will render areas uninhabitable.

Perhaps you're okay with all of that, and you are banking on future generations to pick up the pieces. A sort of "scorched earth" campaign against the jews. That just sounds desperate to me.

where is this article on the site???

no idea, only pulled the image

ah, using google translate for web pages, works well, just want to find a meme-tastic article naming the jew to use for propaganda purposes. I dont wanna search through all these shitty articles…

You know, in all of my years of life I never imagined that I would end up at this point. Together with you, being something akin to independent propaganda propagators. I wanted to be a jet pilot when I was a kid! Christ. Should we learn korean next so that we can help to undo the jew next lol?

better to learn mandarin or hebrew frankly brother.

but kim jon un is gonna destroy america

I am at some point in my life on deciding whether or not I want to invest my energy into work, to get more money (also more resources), or doing fuck knows what. I still shitpost a lot on lots of places in the hopes of allowing more people like me to be made, trying to retrace my steps that made me perform better, but I dont know mang. Its so ambiguous. Family pressured me to get a wife and job, this place pressure me to get /fit/ and now you (though I certainly see the appeal and reason) pressure me to learn tools for memetic warfare and cooperation with these giant factors outside.

things like


tried to pressure us to get into programming lol. (the creators of it did)

Its like every organization that I come in contact with (been with two so far) gives me hints that I should be firmly planted behind a computer screen, and others still, companies where I worked at didnt care that much or told me to find a place where I could perform. But lately all I wanted recently was just to join an army and shoot sandnigs. I dont know mang.

"independent, warfare propaganda spreader" doesnt exactly fit well on a cv lol. Still tho I can see where the need falls within this. Also sage for personal post.

also to add:

both extremely hard languages with unique symbols and spoken vowels. Why couldnt it be the fucking swedish, or the italians who tried to kill us through this dumb as shit memetic warfare.

maybe learn the skills to push accelerationism, sabotaging transformers and internet cables to liberal hell holes. Water main attacks that sort of thing, the US ZOG structure needs to fall before any other nationalist factions in the west can have a real chance to make a real change.

We aren't voting our way out of this, not after Trumps cuck-fest since he got in.

Well the connectiveness with the chinks (and the interception of the jew language) may be both good vectors of attack on the kikes. We lack both of these skillsets most likely. But is /baph/ even around anymore to snoop in on them lol? I cant imagine the level of secrecy and danger one would get to if one were to do both of these things lol. Opsec and Ipsec would also be needed to a higher level. Stuff costs lots of money. How would one even approach the chinks.

Well whatever, its just brainstorming to near larping levels at this point. I am off to bed.


If you don't know why anyone on this board would support the Norks you should reread the OP

He's going to make jews work hard in the gulags. No more jobs in the media inspiring Christians to work hard and fight bravely for the chosen.

They actually are. There is a distinct difference between an American citizen and a national. And I'm sure the government is aware that people are starting to realize the truth, hence why they increased the fee to give up citizenship to over $2000. To prevent tax dodging supposedly, even though the people actually hurt by it are the poor who just want to leave the slave state. Can't have a slave state if the slaves are buying their freedom. Becoming a citizen of the US is a lot easier in comparison.

So once Pablo realizes the jewish dream is to have him work for nothing with no bathroom breaks so he could live with niggers, he can't go back to being illegal and thrown out unless he pays $2000. Hilarious.

Yup. This is also why they are trying to push for Mexicans to become legal as fast as possible. They want the US to become a true slave state full of shitskins and mongrels. All the wealthy whites are leaving for greener pastures and can take the $2000 hit no problem. Once Mexicans become true citizens they will be fucked if they ever try to go back to Mexico, as they will be double taxed and then subject to a heavy fee to give up their citizenship. It's the perfect Jewish scheme as a final "fuck you".

One step closer to freedom from niggers.



Good luck Rocket Man.

Sounds a lot like the DPRK, actually.

Uriminzokkiri is a legit DPRK source. The post, however, is fake.

There is some limited English on the site, but it's mostly in Best Korean: uriminzokkiri.com/index.php?ptype=english

Yeah, such a shame they don't have McDonalds, Starbucks, and Blacked.com. The freedoms we enjoy truly are incredible.

Keep the #Kimspirations coming, great stuff user.

Well looks like the JIDF have taken control of the narrative thanks to the kike mods.

Capitalism and Communism are two sides of the same Jewish coin.
Juche is the closest thing to National Socialism existing today besides the SSNP.



These images imply that North Korean females are not so horribly malnourished that they can actually develop boobs. Highly disingenuous, user.

Sage because this thread is nonsense. I don't give a fuck how anti-Israel the DPRK may or may not be. They've got guns pointed at Americans stationed in Seoul, and their lives are what I care about. My grandfather was strafed by machine guns and got frostbite while he bombed hundreds of communist gooks in that shitty part of the world so edgy Jewish kids in the US could post on the internet about how cool Kim Jong Il is . . . Fuck this gay earth.


This isn't even remotely true

North Korea did supply Syria with T-55s and upgrades, mainly laser rangefinders but this was done in the 80s and none are recent, also the particular rangefinder was based on a Chinese copy of a (then) modern French Thales system that was sold to them and were unrelated to Soviet equipment

Every time.
Also open borders for isreal

This is my favorite #Kimspiration atm.and I see that the kikes are very assblasted over your posts, keep up the good work kamrade!

Yes and once they[re (((liberated))) there will be a talmudvision in every Best Korean home where Best Korean women can watch 'The real housewives of Apelanta'.

If your not lying, your grandpappy was a zogbot ass clown and probably a known faggot aswell. Enjoy supporting zogbots whom facilitate the safety of those "jewish kids" you bitch about and all present day degeneracy in general.

Would you prefer the society of South Korea?
rampant celebrity culture, plastic surgery to conform to white beauty standards alongside feminism?

I live in the #4 target on the west coast and am happily surfing the Kali Yuga hoping for the nuclear Shoah. Underground bunkers won't protect the kikes from the Lord Kalki and his army. They tested over 2000 nukes during the Cold War and the environment is still going strong. Nearly all extant ways of life must be vanquished before the natural way, National Socialism, can be reborn; like the pine cone which doesn't open and seed until a forest fire.


Very informative OP, thanks!

Bumped for informative anti-zionism content

is there any proof of NK actually starving their own people etc like the kike media says? Or better yet does anyone have proof that it's actually not a bad place to live?

#kimspiration request:
"The most powerful ship is friendship"
With Kimmy, Assad, and Ali Khamenei of Iran. Preferably on a ship.

There was a famine in the 1990's and that dead horse has been beat ever since. They are poor, poor to the extent that living conditions are the same as rural South Korea pre 1980's.
There is a 2013 South Korean documentary film that follows elderly married couple Jo Byeong-man and Kang Kye-yeol until the last moments of their 76-year marriage called "My Love, Don't Cross That River". The lives of this South Korean rural farming couple mirror modern North Korea rural living. The woman married at 14, called her husband "Sir" had 12 children of which 9 died due to rural hardships and illness.
Attached is the movie, when I was in high school my social studies teachers was one of the first to travel to China and he used to show his photo albums in class, the Chinese were as poor, everyone rode bicycles, and far behind the modern world, but then, so was South Korea also.


If this was pictured about a North Korean couple collecting fire wood to heat their home it would be outrageous and validate the conditions talked about widely in western Kike media, since it occurs in South Korea it is a sweet romantic docu-blockbuster of a movie. They are pictured collection firewood on their farmland, old man carries it as traditionally done, on his back.

If there is starvation and disease anywhere it's due to (((UN))) sanctions of ebil isolationists , I mean terrorists.



/leftycucks/ meets jew?

The difference being they choose to do that. Norks don't.

Out of curiosity how do you explain away interviews with Nork refugees?

Watch your fingers when your'e using a hammer their carpenter.

Norks are the jews of Asia. I hope Trump kills Kim Jung (Mentally) Ill

they're may be but what does that mein to me?

wow BASED so fucking BASED
BASED communists
BASED gooks
BASED norks
don't you love nonwhites now goyim

Norks do not hinder pro-white efforts and combat the Jew. There is absolutely no reason for a white nationalist to desire war with Kim.

Ahaha, there is a reason South Korea has the 2nd highest suicide rate in the world..
You are forced to work 14 hours a day in 1 square foot small cubicle to pay off your credits and save up for retirement, and if you can't you will starve and die, because there is virtually no welfare and the state old age pension is $179 per month.

There are more people dying due to poverty, debts and overworking in South Korea, than live in North Korea. South Korea is one of the worst nightmarish cyberpunk shitholes of the world, even Nigeria has a higher standard of living.
Not even mentioning totally corrupt government involved in occult practices and child sacrifice and feminists running the country.

North Korea is truly the best Korea.

Stay mad, yid. Kim doesn't give a fuck about your kosher tears, he will just sell his nukes to Assad and Iran and erase you from the face of the earth.




Stay mad, yid.

The board dosent exist worthless endnigger.

Read my post again you idiot

Sorry, m8. Was actually meant for


Fuck I completely forgot about the all female shadow government in South Korea that recently got busted. Good points.



here u go


try this might work better, google links dont like being copied i guess

Trumptards really need to leave.


He'd probably still be alive if he had them and Ukraine would still be whole if they didn't give up their nukes. Anyone who isn't fucking retarded knows to never give up their nukes but I guess Ukrainians have African tier intellect KEK!


If they think they are going to pull off a war in North Korea and not totally end up destroying Israel in the process is beyond me.

Yeah but North Korea is gonna give their nukes to Iran, won't you help the poor 6,000,000 Holocaust survivors from being Holocausted again?


It's been suggested the stories are mostly made up or overly exaggerated for magazines and newspapers in trade for gibs.

Nork fires missiles: (((media))) shows missile footage to scare the shit out of normies.

Nork begins memetic campaign to show the US and europe what has been done to them by kikes: (((media))) can't even begin to explain what is going on without repeating what has been said.

It's like a lit match being held over a puddle of gasoline. North Korea can be the first to drop a major meme bomb on an entire first world power and fuck everything up.

If they're savvy, they'll realize that some US citizens would kill their own government, if enough are hyped to the point of action.

I highly doubt north korea gives a fuck about killing every last nobody in small town USA. I think what they do care about is the fact that americans are useful instruments for a ZOG entity that has respect for nothing good in this world.

Anti-NK zog shills BTFO

if you were seeking political asylum in Russia or any country for whatever reason, you'd say where you live now is a shit hole, and you'd exaggerate greatly for shekels.

The bridges which cross the Han river now have fencing, nets, and constant video camera monitoring so there has been a reduction in suicides, but yeah, they do love to kill themselves. It's mostly to to Buddhist beliefs. They are paying for the sins of a past life in this life, and they will be at peace in their next life, so they commit suicide with that understanding of the world they live in.

You'd also be coached on what to say and if your tale of accounts doesn't match the (((narrative))) then it would actively be suppressed.
I don't think NK is some paradise but I understand shit happens when you are economically blacklisted by the kikes and don't play their games it doesn't make life any easier.
I also think the whole communism aspect is over blown and I don't care how racially unified people run their own kike-free ethnostate.
Kikes invade under the guise of freedom and progress. Pedophilia, race mixing, drug use, gender mutilation and the destruction of the traditional family and life are destroyed through (((media))) 24/7 365 all while we are put into debt slavery through a monetary system that it designed to keep us poor and the kikes rich.
I say good for the Norks for standing up to the kikes and their mad dog US zogbot.
They've seen what their future would become by looking at South Korea who just recently had a Soros and Merkel connected shadow government taken down (though there's probably already a new one in place by now) and it also has the second highest suicide rate in the world. With that it could be said that both North and South Koreans agree albeit through different means that death is a favorable alternative to Kike rule.

==Anyone ever notice that all these (((modern))) wars are always in countries that don't utilize the (((international banking system)))?

Libya, Syria, Iran, and now the Norks… anyone notice a pattern here?


You can't even try to hide your cult speak.

Again its impossible for you to hide your cult speak and ideals isn't it?

How do you explain the interviews with Norks that don't have any books out and have only shown up on shitty youtube channels with less than a million subs? I highly doubt they are making shekels or lying for no reason.

Mark Twain Had It Right - Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see and you'll be right most of the time……of course now a days I'm not sure you can believe half of what you see either.

Both Korea are shitholes.
We just see SK as better because it's shinier and they play Holla Forumsidya well.
If you look it up, South Korea is about just as much a dictatorship as North Korea, the difference is it's a dictatorship of a few wealthy families that are backing occidental lifestyle and economy style (to the detriment of their own culture and people).
SK is the place where you have to register your social security number to log in in any website/video game etc…, to be sure they can catch you if you engage in wrong thought.
The recent revolt, were they ousted the president (daughter of the previous president for life of SK… a great democracy indeed) came as a big surprise to everyone because of how much society is controlled.
North Korea is the typical communist shithole, with mass graves, secret police, labour camps, etc… but I fucking wouldn't bet the average SK drone lives a better life than the average NK drone.

I already do that and I still believe North Korea is a shit hole. I guess that means i'm most likely right.

By your definition you may be right, but it's a place very far away from the concerns of the United States and it is their land, and they have lived there forever, so how they decide to live isn't really my place to say. I know there are many places on this planet where the US doesn't care if people live or die and North Korea should be one of those places.

There are a lot of things I do admire about North Korea because it reminds me of the United States in the 1950's.
flickr.com/search/?text=north korea
Frankly I think they should be left alone to live in the isolation they desire secure within their own borders, and that is all they have ever really asked for.

Blow your brains out, yid.

Screencap these



I don't care if they gave a few beta bucks to "based Muslims", they are literal commies.

Like Jews, they are not white, and therefore an enemy.

the little girl on the right is hot as fuck. I bet you in it's prime that was one sweet pussy too.

Do you think that muzzies and commies are worse than jews?

*gentile muzzies and commies


Would you prefer the degenerate South Koreans where the Talmud is a best seller


A yangban family wedding, bride left with center dot on forehead and cheeks, groom is young man right between mother and father. I bet the boy is 15-16 and the girl is 13-15. And the first thing the family wanted was a male heir.

Now the degenerate females in South Korea are outpacing the rest of the world in depravity by having chemical abortions.

So you admit that norks are not cultural marxists?

The same way as holohoax survivors interviews. They are blatantly made up and over the top to make the North Koreans look like monsters.

Too bad this board isn't capitalist, but National-Socialist, Shlomo.


Rather Choose the country which is anti Kike and Hands out Mien Kampf to its officials


Although I like the headline it's probably not true. Everything written about North Korea is well vetted before it's published by (((any news source))), you can bet on that with certainly

The only actualy enemy is the Jew. So any sane person would rather ally with the Norks, than with the United Shlomo States with an orange kike in the oval office.

>source: (((WaPo)))
Wow, it's fucking nothing.

And communism is a Jewish invention. Try harder, Holla Forums.

So is Christianity, capitalism, psychology, modern physics, banking and social networks.
I suggest you stop using all of the above.

Gladly, now get a plane ticket to best Korea and tell them to stop using communism.

As much as I hate communism I also see that the Norks are one of the few remaining nations that have not been Zogged which throws a wrench into the kike's plan of dominance

There's a documentary called "Under the Sun" that tried to make NK look bad by leaving the cameras on while a director tells citizens how to act. It's also filmed during the winter. Brrr. And there was one scene where they filmed a guy going up several flights of stairs. So boring there.

Despite the manipulative framing, NK looked like an orderly nation with low crime where everybody works during the day, and there's no need for jew scams like catastrophic college loans, mortgages for overpriced homes with interest, political elections every couple of years to scam people through donations, and retirement packages that look good while you're putting money into it because Amazon is ridiculously overpriced and then go through a "correction" after you retire. The U.S. looks like a nightmare by comparison.

they eat each other

Thanks, CIA. They are a very resourceful bunch, huh? I guess that explains why they don't need immigration to keep their population growing.

certain crab apple tree are excellent for bonsai use

I watch historical Korean dramas such as Yi San (77 episodes), Dong Yi (60 episodes), Warrior Baek Dong-soo (30 episodes), My Love from the Star (21 episodes), Dae Jang Geum (54 episodes), Good Manager, etc, hundreds actually, so it is too many to list. What I have done is while watching a TV show or drama I'll google a fact or person, or event. Many Koreans do this while watching a TV show and it's actually an excellent way to educate oneself. America lacks this, ask many young people who Benjamin Franklin was and they may look at you with a blank face. Ask a Korean and they will all be on the same page, and have a sense of nationalistic pride and know the difference between what is considered right and wrong.

The Korean TV actors and actresses work all winter commonly, it's surprising at first (compared to American talent) if one watches these episodes you'll see/not see a raised tarp (out of frame) while it's raining, snowing, and or freezing weather, they also work nearly double becase popular TV shows and dramas air new episodes twice weekly, after watching that, I thought to myself how pampered American actors are. I have a couple favorite American TV dramas I follow but it always disgusts me now that American TV productions will air 10-12 episodes in a season and the Koreans will bang out 35-40 episodes in the same time frame.

Very true that is why I often say North Korea reminds me of America in the 1950's before the explosion of manipulative materialistic TV culture began to tell us we all needed a TV, and then a TV in every room, and a new car every two years.

you mean the pregnant one smoking a cigarette?