Commies in USA, and the normalfags refusal to accept it

Problem with trying to convince normalfags that the commies/socialist/marxists are all over the USA is that they don't believe such a thing is possible.

"Commies teaching in USA schools? Impossible! USA won the cold war. Being called a commie is the worst thing in the US! You're speaking rubbish an0n, only someone who knows nothing could claim something like that. A best there's many 1% of marxists in the US".

Clealry, this a giant hurdle hat needs to be passed to reach normies

The Naked Communists explains it pretty much all user. They refused to believe it back then and refuse to believe now even when waving around the flags commies have always used. Only when the TV says something is true it is true to the normalfags.

No, it's that they don't think it's such a bad thing. You see, call someone a commie and it will run off of him like water off a raincoat. Nazi on the other hand…
Communism has totally lost its negative image. The evil they are supposed to associate with it has completely shifted towards "nazism".

Not surprising. The Communists went underground and worked for over a century into our journalism, education, media, politics. People don't realize that we have been sliding to the left more and more because of them.

Maybe use Bill Whittle's political correctness video. He may be a cuck for Israel, but that video was essentially the key that finally unlocked the redpill door for me.

Check, Satan.
You mean this one?

I appreciate the complexity now more than ever once I realize the USA did not, in fact, lose the Cold War.. because the war with commies never ends.

It only ends when every single jew is slaughtered.


Those who know what communism really is don't support communism

I thought communism sounded good when I first heard about it. Then after a lot of thought I decided there was no way it could work. This was before I even learned about the many failures of communism

That's the one. A short video that covers a lot of stuff and sets everything up for you to dig deeper. Essentially it sums up all we're dealing with and its origins.

Be glad you got a brain and got out without being a complete mess. I sometimes feel a bit bad for leftpol knowing they where messed up at a young age and shaped into complete weak failures that can only survive thanks to the systems they claim to hate.

This is great until about halfway through when he speeds up, loses his shit and starts spewing about rachel maddow.

Are there any with speakers who retain their composure and don't go off on cringey tirades?

Okay, here's something.

Body language is something that you've been slacking on learning, and everybody fucking knows it you awkward fuck. Learn body language, and you thus have the ability to learn the pressure points for unaware people's brains. That's not to say there aren't those who can lie THAT well, but if you're observant, you should be able to pick out who's who.

Remember to never ever lead somebody to a boring or (early on) uncomfortable conversation. They will immediately detach and grab the closest security blanket (phone mostly). Food can be good, though I've noticed that when somebody has shutdown by way of eating, they tend to try to change the conversation blindly much more often. Be dramatic sometimes, keep their attention with things that are obvious or that you know they know.

Another note on the phone, absolutely do not engage them if they are already stuck on it. If it's really true that they're 24/7 on the phone, they may as well be dead anyhow, but it's good to start conversation while they're in the room at least, even if it's just yourself mulling things over (in a safe manner).

I don't understand why it needs to be said, but it does: if the conversation is in full swing and going smoothly, avoid at all costs the supernatural and other sugary things like it. It will destroy the conversation completely. If it starts off with supernatural things, and yes Antarctica is part of this, it's fine to explore it in a fun manner. Fun being in this case whatever's fun to them.

If you get to a point where jews come up, never ever use the word jew, or hebrew for that matter. Israeli if they're Israeli is fine for the most part. If you know and understand the tribes, use the tribal names. Instead, always use the names of the jews. Do not under any circumstances point out their jewish nature unless you have already been speaking about jews (neutral to leaning negative light, never anything else).

Books still hold an air of intelligence. Talk about authors, get them to be secretly jealous that you might know more about something that they like knowing about. Get them interested in other things in this way. Do not steer them away from communist garbage unless they're basically just learning how to read print, or they've never bothered with political things in their entire life, including the last election. They have biases, they will want things that confirm these things, but they must be coupled with the truth as well.

Believe it or not, race is irrelevant. They will always hold the belief of one race the human race, and they can eat all the infographs and statistics you throw at them and still believe it, no matter the number of times their significant other fucked a nigger. In this the only thing is money, and so as when they are personally harmed by subhumans, whether physically or financially. In any case, while you should do this, it is not as important as leading them on the path to understanding exactly what the hell is wrong with the world since, at the bare minimum, WW2.

More things on the phone, if you've somehow angered them, they will look for information from the internet, jewgle and wikipedia for the most part. That's up to you to know exactly what they're going to find. I'm saying yes, you should know what they would search for, what links they would click, how deep into a website they would go. For the majority of things, as we know, off jewgle, you absolutely must know this because you have to be able to counter this. To these people those words on that phone will be undeniable fact, and more often than not you will fail at convincing them otherwise. If you pull out an actual physical book, it can go either way, swaying them away from the internet, or solidifying their belief.

Use confusion to your advantage. Not theirs, never theirs, use your own confusion and defer to them on things they believe they know. Never ask "what do you think", always ask "why is it that". If/when they give an answer, and is of absolute importance that you know your shit in this, give them instead an alternative answer, avoiding of course the use of the word alternative and any variations.

On that, always remember your introverts and extroverts. Ex's always know everything, but are uncomfortable with open discussion of things they don't know. Introverts often know a whole lot about many things, so of course you should know your fucking shit beforehand. If they do know a subject, they will not budge from their pedestal unless you have enough shit to vaporize it, and if you don't try to at least learn what they know.

Commies and jews will often argue as though there's an audience in the room to pull to their side, even when it is just you and them. In this, passive ridicule goes a long way, as it does in many situations where you actually do know better.

Sorry if a lot of this seems like rambling, I'm not particularly talented with words and most of it is out of memory.



Me too. Thought it was like National Socialism without the "national" part. Then I realized it was a jewish invention.

Checked, and sadly I have to agree. Decades of (((college))) and (((Hollywood))) indoctrination have made sure of it.


t. Jew

Checking a wonderful post for those digits

11 or so min in "is there even a black mayor in europa?"

Calling them "alt-left" is working, normies actually respond to that. Don't ask why, but it works.

I was literally told in school communism is a good thing "but it has never been tried properly". As an eleven year old I didn't think much of it.
Luckily I hit puberty and started to rebel against those fucktards, and later still I actually looked into everything they were telling me.
And now I can get mad at the entire world for downplaying the pure vile evil that is communism, and our garbage teachers that soft promote it.

The Venona papers exist. McCarthy was proven objectively right, there is no argument against it. Show them Noel Ignatiev, the quote in pic related seems to make the point. Hes a Harvard professor, flip white to Jew, and pretend hes a white guy. Ask them how long he would be allowed to be a Harvard professor if he said that.

I can specifically remember being (((taught))) in elementary school about McCarthy and how it was wrong that he was going crazy and calling everyone a communist. These fucking kikes man…

Communism is pure jewish so yes it is the problem.

Most western teachers are commies, because they feel wronged. They went to college, they think they're smart and then they see someone they perceive as dumb becoming a millionaire or billionaire. No wonder they think the system is wrong, maaaaan.

Because they've been under constant brainwashing about how there is this sinister "alt-right" bogeyman out eating poir nigger kids. But they also see constant news of rioting and street fighting. So when an equivalent "alt-left" pops up as the counterpart, it makes sense to the lemming brain and they just put them in the same mental shelf.

Just another case of the jew's machinations coming around to bite him in the arse.

This is the funniest and saddest thing about the great mass of above average IIQ normies (~110-130 range). They are good at following and executing instructions and memorizing mantras, and they clearly see they're on the smarter end of the spectrum. So they associate smartitude with a set of "smart people opinions" that all smart people exhibit, and everyone else is stupid. The average college educated individual is used to being part of the above average pack, following the lead of accepted smart figureheads. Disagreement is a sign of ignorance and/or bad character. They are simply unable to comperehend the possibility that they might be wrong, despite swearing up and down that they're open minded. How could they be wrong, if all these other smart people agree with them?

It's a sort of inherent social gaslighting effect. I remember being affected by it for years myself. When you care more about your status as a smart person than any of the specific topics being discussed, you just stick with the authority position. It's only when they start saying shit you personally know for a fact is dead wrong, that you wake up. For me the breaking point was when they started claiming that there are no inherent psychological differences between the sexes.

Why do commie bashing threads always being in retards posting pro capitalism shit? They're two sides of the same Sheckle

This video is a must watch. It shows that Joseph McCarthy was right and how the left covered up and continues to cover up that fact.

Hate to break it to you, but normies are fucking normies for a reason. If they're not pursuing truth through their own independent means, then I believe it will be difficult, if not impossible, to sway their beliefs. You can lead a horse to water…

It has to normalfags and there are plenty of closeted commies in the media and politics who try to shift the hate away. Thankfully people are waking up to their bullshit.

I am disappointed in you user. Just because someone loses a war, doesn't mean they disappear. Germany lost WW2 and there's still Germans. There's still Nazis. Next time think a little quicker.

Great video, user.

They teach people about McCarthy in other countries too. Its a major pro-communist indoctrination point.

Its like the Reichstag fire. Schools teach the official communist party line from Germany at the time, literally the political statement, by the communist party - as damage control after one of their men burned it down. They said he was helped by the NSDAP, but gave zero supporting evidence. They just made the claim, and now shcool kids are told either that it was a false flag and the National Socialists used him as a patsy, or that they just burned it down themselves and no mention of the communist link is made. It was a dutch communist and that is recognized by any reputable historian, and there is zero evidence of anything except that he did it himself, in a terroristic act of resistance against National Socialism and the German people.

Well, Dutch, thats probably propaganda himself. I wouldnt doubt he was racially Jewish, but I havent looked into it. Saging for double and triple post.

the communists are chads coming for staceys d!ck

Another thing I've noticed is that every kind of authoritarianism is Hitler to them. It bothers me especially when its something that Hitler would be against, like sending his own people to gulags. The "everything i dont like is literally hitler" meme is really working against us. To combat this, in conversations I make a point to take whenever a normie would say Hitler and replace it with Stalin.

Pretty sure he was.

Is this your brain on /pol?
I doubt anyone here, least of all the OP, can properly define any ideology or political economic theory with proper accuracy.

Who are you replying to?

Communism can be boiled down to a simple goal - to do away with all forms of inequality at the "results" end.

To ensure that no man can hold superiority over another, no matter how obvious that superiority is.

This needs to be top priority. We must return the Red Menace to the public spotlight. Our enemies are openly (((communists))) and much has been put in the books to defeat them. Speaking of books, Masters of Deceit by J Edgar Hoover should be required reading for all anons.

The normalfags are on board.

The Establishment government, however, is not.


this is why you retarded faggots need to stop calling them the alt left you fucking dumb pieces of shit

This right here. Also if you straight up call them communists in front of Boomers a lot of them get deeply uncomfortable, which is good. Call them what they are.

user, the term "alt-left" is for shitposting/trolling in leftyspace. Communism is the word for the public eye.
Here's an idea. We all write up stories about modern communism and send then in to all the tabloids. Odds are they will bite on a couple of them.

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the word alt left is a word invented by media kikes and politics kikes to conceal the crimes of (((communism))) yet again

Who the fuck do you think you are? The first person to use the term "alt-left" on air was Donald fucjing Trump after antifa violence. Go fuck yourself, this is not your safe space, the legion answers to no one.

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Ahh, a shill aren't you? A bit early in the day for you isn't it?

Heil'd, 2nd pic related.

Are you serious? No one on here cares about the success of Trump, or take what he says as gospel. He is a means to an end; that being the continued existence of our race and kind. I suppose we should start liking Israel too? Libertarians go home.

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i would argue that in its current form yes it is two sides of the same coin. However I beleive that given the proper medium of exchange, such as cryptocurrencies it is possible to have a poz-proof capitalist economy that does not enable such practices as the soul-rape systems of fiat currency and fractional reserve banking.


Well the first thing you should do is make sure they know McCarthy was right and the Venona Papers proved him right.


Many people dont fully understand what Communism is. They think of cold war propaganda and dont understand HOW commies operate. People are starting to see the effects of commie infiltration, but they still refuse to see it for what it is. Its liberals, or niggers, or gays, or feminists, and cant put the pieces together. All those aforementioned examples are just symptoms, or tools of commies, and kikes.

Post this in every lefty/pol/ kike tankie thread to trigger them


This is why I go out of my way to correct people when they label everything fascist. Most often it's just commie rats doing what commie rats have historically always done. Propagandist have hidden commies in plain sight by calling them fascists. "Antifa are fascists!"


normies will never accept anything that makes them uncomfortable

And? What's your fucking point, newfag? Why did a thread die for this?