Joining rojava

Comrades after I leave the navy I want to Join the fight in Rojava. Will it still be going on in 3 years or is that not likely.

Also please don't say that I'm trying to glorify war or somehow share in the experience of war. I just want to know if I'll be able to fight for something I can believe in and be able to die knowing that it was for a good cause

You say you want to fight for something you believe in, but is Rojava really something worth fighting for?

It's not anarchist, that's for sure. There is still capitalism, still much inequality. You can call it progress, but the federalised democracy really is a shambles, and it won't exist in the near future.

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Bail after training and help other fight against piggy or literally kill yourself for being part of the corpratist death squad.

I want to see my parents though

ISIS is dying out, in 3 years it'll likely be gone for good and Kurdistan will be a recognised state

You'll probably be killing Turks and that's NOT a bad thing


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he wasn't praising rojava, wtf are you talking about?

That's a good question. Putin/Assad will defeat the rebels sooner or later, probably sooner now that Trump has won and decided to abandon the rebels. I believe Assad has indicated he is not interested in Rojava, but Turkey will not want to let the Kurds have their own state on its borders. So I guess that Rojava will not survive unless Putin wants to prevent Turkey from conquering it.

If you actually care about the situation, that's great, but don't treat the struggle in Rojava as some sort of leftist escapist fantasy.

Yeah but Putin and Assad both have an interest in screwing over Turkey and NATO generally.

Turkey will not conquer Rojava unless they launch a full scale military invasion into Northern Syria. Normally I would say that's madness and wont happen but the Turkish people are so thristy for Kurd blood and Erdogan's become such a madman that I don't see it as so crazy anymore. Still it's extremely, extremely unlikely. The Turks are currently using their rebel proxies with some Turkish special forces embedded within. They're largely a very poor fighting force who had extreme difficulty fighting against an under equipped Afrin YPG, and eventually gave up.

Of course if the full might of the Turkish military was forced on Rojava it would be destroyed. But the geo political and economic effects of that would break the back of the Turkish nation.

Erdogan left the Euphrates Shield operation way too late. Turkey was content to let ISIS stay in places like Manbij and Kobani. If they stepped in and ousted them before the YPG, Rojava would have no ground to stand on. But they didn't, and thus the Rojava project grew exponentially. The goal of this Euphrates Shield operation is to stop Rojava connecting its cantons. For a while it was looking like they'd succeed but Manbij YPG has awakened from its slumber and has put even that in sever jeopardy.

We'll see who takes Al Bab. Huge race for it atm. Don't discount the SAA and YPG coming together to remove roach.


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Nor has it ever really claimed to be. It takes a lot of its cues from anarchist thought however given it's roots in Bookchin's ideology.

As is to be expected in a revolutionary society still in bloom. Full seizure of the means of production does not happen instantly, especially when one considers the disastrous effects it can have in regions where the production infrastructure has considerably lagged behind much of the rest of the world. And on top of that, the rate at which collectivization has occurred thus far has been no less rapid. Last I checked a few months ago, something around 70% of the economy falls under some category of collective ownership. Most of that collectivization occurred AFTER the beginning of the social revolution.

Again, utopian it is not, nor has it ever claimed to be. The policies employed by the federation are tuned to directly address this problem of inequality though, thus it can be assumed that the problem will be alleviated given time and relief from the perpetual wartime conditions they are struggling with.

Everything I've read on the matter thus far, even among the critics, seems to suggest that their governmental organization is the one thing that HAS been working with more-or-less the expected stability.

Yes, that's what happens when you try and ensure that there is no international support for the movement by insisting that they are doomed: it becomes self-fulfilling prophesy.

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if it was anarchist the Rojava political projecct would be over already XDD

There is no reason anarchists have to be as rigidly adherent to their ideology as, say, leftcoms. MLs have basically created a praxis out of using the current state of the world to its purposes, anarchists should reasonably do the same as long as they do not compromise too much.

Where that line is… obviously difficult to say. I would argue avoiding complete centralization and keeping eyes on the ball of economic equality are both vital.


Rojava strikes a good balance between practicality and ensuring its future and ideology.

So when I see tankies whinging about them not saying no to US airstrikes I laugh.


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how are people not immediately skeptical of economics? does anyone really the believe the market behaves in such a beautiful and neat way? It's like sacred numerology

that's just neoclassical garbage, anyone who's interested in learning how the economy actually works should look into post-keynesian economics

Honestly, if you're through with A-School and C-School, and you really want to go there and fight, and really don't care about coming back ever, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't go smoke a joint in front of your direct supervisor, get a bad-conduct discharge, and go to Rojava now. If it really didn't matter to you, that's what you'd do. If, like most people, you still have some concept of self-preservation, and don't see yourself spending the rest of time in Central Asia, keep doing what you're doing.

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