Does the Left have a PR problem?

Does the Left have a PR problem?

anyone wearing a guy fawkes mask should be shot imo


Yes. I can't stand the majority of people on the left.

Bring back early 20th century socialist aesthetics

We have a PR problem because leftists say things like this tbh

How many times will this fucking happen before lefties smarten the fuck up and become more self-aware regarding how they sound and how they come off?

The hippie movement was the death rattle of leftism in the western world.

yes, we should "sell our ideas" in the most "productive way" possible to ""convince"" people that they need our "services" and not our "competitor's"


Yeah maaaaan, trying to win people over is just like, being a salesman, because it both involves like, convincing people, man.

now read again, genius

Most definitely.

Like you'd "read" a "contract"? Get out of here with your hegemony bro


kill yourself, degenerate subhuman classcuck

And yet all the lies of rightists remain unchecked simply because there's too many of them, and as soon as you kill one two more rear their head in to distribute one's political attention into all sorts of distraction.

I'm writing on it, give me a moment

take all the time you need

This ought to be good.

yo where'd u go? I was looking forward to this

this tbh

it doesn't take that long to type brietbart m8

anyone who uses a nazbol flag should leave

The left is a mess because the U.S. government, and the governments of other states, press down against leftist movements with great fervor. COINTELPRO, the destruction of the leftist Black Panthers vs. the continued existence of the KKK.

Because the left is so stigmatized and so quick to be infiltrated, we lack the unity to get anything done. The right is lucky in that they can easily fall in line behind the biggest and strongest, it's inherent to their ideology to flock to power.

The left, on the other hand, is obsessed with admittedly relevant nuance and is constantly infighting.

Every fucking time

― George Orwell

Still sadly true.

mainly because of liberal faggots like the bunch of you guys LARPing class conciousness while shitposting anticommunist propaganda

The point is to reach a point where that doesn't even matter anymore. There all always going to be people that can't formulate things clearly in front of a camera, and you will apparently say to them "unintelligent and unphotogenic people are banned from our movement". This is pretty out of touch with your own people.

Who's the leftmost fella?

uhhh you don't get to bring friends

Humanity has a propaganda problem.

the wolf

You're a big Prole


well when the entirety of the media is biased against you, you gotta expect some bad fucking press.