Say no to blackpill

Look at it this way. Both chambers were loaded the entire time. The mass triggering after the election was a blast. We were fucked either way. May as well have a few keks while you get fucked from behind, right? Remember this. Don't take the blackpill. Incoming murdoch murdoch reference. The great meme war was never about orange leader guy. It was about you and me and everyone else that fought in this inter-dimensional culture war. Trump didn't prank call radio stations telling the host that ted cruz ate a booger. Trump didn't kill Gawker. Trump didn't BTFO the UN when Anita and Zoe pleaded for internet censorship.Trump didn't redpill the masses on (((Them))). Trump didn't stay up till 5am digging through podesta's emails. Trump didn't create some of the dankest memes of all time. Trump didn't raid online polls that were slanted in HRC's favor. Trump didn't summon an telepathic cartoon frog from an Egyptian tomb.

That was you. The internet hate machine, anongalouse, Goopergape, whatever you wanna call it. The Samizdat. A bunch of faceless faggots. Now go out and be the change you seek.

I hate anime.


I'm only giving you one warning:
Do not do it.

Pay heed to my warning, or you'll regret it.

You know what they say about the first post.


That it's the best post?
No need to congratulate me on a fantastic post, your praise and adoration is enough.

Delete this.

Remember to do your part and report the endkikes.

Your digits happen to be my personal lucky number so I'll choose to believe. This time.

Way to be so 2016 meguca is the new boogieman

meh.. I don't care about all those things

The old order must fall apart entirely for the next tree to get sunlight and grow, it's roots take nutrients from that which rots and it sprouts many booms where fruit comes for the next cycle. Now the tide rises and then it falls but these rivers must always flow.

How little has changed? The blood is the memory, my likeness could be seen in cave painting, manuscript or webm.

Kill yourself Jewish faggot. Nobody wants to hear you Hasbara

is this a bot?

Wow, autism really does speak.

blackpill means aware of masons fucking up everything to cater to their death cult

we dont ignore it if you ignore it you are blackpilled

I don't think you know what that word means.

Post anime, you said? You got it, Goon.

Now that image is a complete load of bullshit. Black-pilled fags are those self-defeatists who believe all is lost and there is nothing they can do to change anything.

D-d-don't say that, user!

You'll summon asses and elbows..

I found my God, and now I'm here to generate lulz at his behest.

Was using Thelemic art the best choice for starting a thread on Holla Forums? Was this a good idea in your mind, to start you asinine stream of consciousness with a tarot card from a pack of literal butthole worshipers?

You deny /int/ raids?

You don't get to re-define our memes, Cadrekike. That image is older than this fucking site.

Surfers, user. Butthole surfers.

I'm always here, I have nowhere else to go.
There is no point moving, there is no point in anything.
All is darkness.
Abloo bloo bloo blooo.
assholes and enemas

Look at it this way: Do not be a faggot and stop supporting TGEoM because shareblue tells you to.

Surely you mean jews user?