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How does this make sense?

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Well he doesn't have the mods covering for him.

I'm going to have to agree with this.
They're both kike loving faggots. Only one is allowed to be criticized for it because anything criticizing Trump is banned or deleted or bumplocked.
I'll see you on the next VPN.

kike enuch pretended to be pro-white like all the other subversive alt-kike idiots. trump never pretended to be pro-white, he just pretended to want to get the spics out and keep them out.

nice totally subtle "accept these kikes because they do SO MUCH for the movement" shilling there, TRShill. Peinowitz and Trumpowitz are both kikes, along with (((You)))

This thread is D&C by the way, OP is trying to force a consensus - if you support trump you must also support the alt-kike, see they are equally jewish! - it's not going to work.

Where is he saying to accept them? I think its a double standard worth pointing out

Kike Eunuch is a slightly worse traitor than Trump, I'll grant you that. But I do agree that they deserve almost equal criticism.
At least Kike Eunuch isn't the president who scammed millions in d'nations by promising false hope. Eunuch only stole thousands.
Also, if they were to trade places, I think Eunuch would actually do a better job with immigration and the wall.

Have you looked at his bitcoin aaddress? It's fucking millions.
He can't even keep niggers and kikes out of his own home. Good job outing yourself yet again, TRShill.

How? Trump is acceptable because he never pretended to be pro-white. we tried warning you faggots during the election, Trump has been an adamant supporter of Israel and faggotry the entire time
Peinowitz is subversive on multiple levels and continues to pretend to be pro-white after being outed as an anti-white infiltrator. Shouldn't surprise anyone that his kike masters accepted him after exposure because they themselves are kikes and have their own dirty laundry.

He pretended to be against immigration. They are both lairs
I was never a trumpcuck

Jokes on you. I said both of them are faggots, but you seem to prefer one kike loving faggot over the other. I wonder why you want to defend a guy who is bringing potentially millions of spics and niggers into the country to rape your daughter like (((Trump))).


Because the autistic can't distinguish reality from 40k shitposting so Trump became the seconding coming of Adolf Hilter that can't take a shit in the morning without forming some elaborate Machiavellianesque scheme that ends with him gassing his jew grandchildren?

kill yourself trsfag

At least Mike Peinowitz hasn't signed any anti-White Nationalist resolutions this week. And yes, he still deserves to get gassed. But I'll gas him after Trump.

His Ivanka's kids aren't jewish because she isn't jewish. You can't just convert to Judaism, that takes 7 generations of bullshit to accomplish.

Sure, hopefully you can see that's entirely different from saying "I am on your side, white man" like Peinowitz.
Trump was mostly memes and only absolute mouth breathers fell for them. People - intelligent, WHITE people - get suckered into the alt-kike movement and genuinely believe it helps whites. People don't think the same about Trump, and if they do it's excuses for their true civnat leanings.

Of course I will defend Trump over Enuch, I never fell for the "based trump he's totally sekrit Hitler" meme. Anyone and everyone who fell for that meme got LOOSHED


He also admitted to being jewish numerous times on his podcast and then tried very hard to bury this fact.

Ever wonder why Enoch doesn't have kids? It's because his kikess waifu had him get a vasectomy.

kike spawn is kike spawn regardless of whatever rules are laid out in their satanic doctrine.

Nuremberg laws, not talmud. Fucking kike.

Peinowitz created an anti-white movement that pretends to be pro-white and suckers white kids into giving their hard earned money to his phony jewish cause and going to all male pool parties where they are groomed by much older pedophiles.

You are being very obvious here, TRS-kun

This isn't true though. He has two kike children. Their pics came up in the dox threads.

meant for

What part of "they both get gassed" can't you understand? Trump is a bigger traitor because he lied to more people and took more money. Trump gets gassed, then Peinowitz.

So your argument is I should be pro Trump because Peinowitz told more lies? I'm not going to support either of them in that case and if you ask me Trump is even bigger lair since this immigration was his only real issue. But I can look at the positive in all this, its getting to the point where the Trump shills like yourself are actually having to lie about their support for him.

iirc they turned out to not be his kids

Stopped reading there. Reported for e-celeb cancer.

Sage and report.

Trump is an enemy, Peinowitz is a traitor. Traitors before enemies, jimbo.

Peinowitz lied about his entire life, who he is, and what he stands for. Trump was open about all of this, you sound like the kind of idiot who fell for Ron Paul memes in 2012 just to later learn how jewish lolbergtardiganism is later on when you should have realized we wanted him to win because he would have audited the fed.

Don't support either, this election killed this board and made it all about who you support rather than what you stand for. I stand for the white race and exposing all liars and anti-white agents of international jewry. I don't support Trump, I don't support the alt-kike - both are actively working against the reali'zation of Aryanism and neither have Aryan blood running through their veins.

The way I see it, it's Trump's capitalist kikery vs Enuch's bolshevist kikery - Neither one wants my people to thrive or even survive.
I'm not going to say "go support one kike because hes honest about his kikery", but I will make fun of you for falling for 40k memes and thinking that Trump was ever hitler or that it's surprising that he's showing his true colors. lrn2nuance faget.

How about shut the fuck up about Syria because you know shit about it.
Dier Ez Zior was just liberate after four year siege.
Syria - Iraq border opened up first time in four years.
Missile strike was a total lip service for kikes, pre warnings etc etc.
They even let SAF bomb ISIS/CIA/mossadniggers in 'deconfliction zones' at some points.
CIAnigger base encircled and bypassed (now useless).
Kurds getting fucked by Turkey.
All under Trumps' watch.
Yes they did bomb a few SAA tanks and vehicles and kill a few troops, I condem them for that, however in the big picture, since Trump came along, Syria has changed to now looking like Syria can win back it's country.
The former US ambassador to Syria even said USA will not help the Kurds now and they were stupid for not bargaining with Syria when they had the chance.

Assad still isn't out, contrary to king nigger.

So no, not all is bad in Syria, ISISrael is getting major butthurt and ignored now by USA and RU.

And you have to praise ISISrael to get in with politics there you fucking retard. What do you expect him to say? GTKRWN?

But yes, he has cucked ou tin many other areas or bent the knee.
That said, much better than shillary would've been, WW3 already in Syria with Russia? No thanks.

Fair enough. I don't care either way. Better that he didn't bring more kikes into the world. And if I have my way, Peinowitz, his kike wife, Trump, JarVanka, and all the little Trump kike children all get in the same gas chamber and then the same oven.

W H O ?

Kek. No… Trump is a traitor just like Peinowitz.


This is bullshit, the damage was only mitigated due to Russian ecm jamming systems, otherwise it would have been a much more serious attack and there were 7 personnel killed as well
This was always part of every safe zone agreement even under Obama, al-Nusra and any associated/Jihadist groups are not covered, same for ISIS
also its SyAAF
Which the Turks have been doing for 30+ years and the US had never had any effect on
That was happening before trump as well, after Aleppo fell it was clear the war as over

Next time research more before trying to shill and act like you know what you're talking about

if you believe every single person fighting the Deep State is a Israel shill, what do you propose we do? just shitpost until they come for us? help me understand.

lol wut?
I don't think you're replying to me, but in case you are, what I said was that Trump is a traitor. He promised no DACA period. And he promised they'd be sent back. He promised an actual wall and not a fence. He took millions in campaign contributions and then stabbed the American public right in the back. He is a traitor.
Peinowitz and the rest of the alt right figureheads also lied about who Peinowitz was when they knew he was married to a kike and he also took money from people who he lied to.
They are both traitors and they both deserve the gas.

More D&C, color me surprised.

is anybody actually fighting the Deep State then?

They called RU/SY forces beforehand. ECM doesn't cause missiles to hit the ground at the target either as per the craters and useless target selection. If ECM had knocked them out far before target, Russia would've been showing it all over RT to prove their weapons. ECM has never been proven and is just a theory. Also to note S300/S400s are nowhere near that base.
CNN wrestling BS was the next defusal of kike CW claims and there has been a decent shift in US role on the ground from King nigger.
Everyone calls them SAF. Hardly ever see SyAAF you're just being a nitpicking faggot now.
Sure Kurds have been getting assblasted, but not on the level of coordination that is now occuring.
Aleppo was a turning point indeed but the kikes and their CW weapon BS round #6 was also looking to be an issue. Now they are being ignored by RU and USA unlike king nigger who would've sucked dick more than king nigger sucks off michael.

Next time don't just be a contrarian faggot for the sake of it.

It doesn't. Both serve heebs.

Anyone in the government? No.
The only people fighting the deep state are whites who are serving white interest. So that means Donald Trump certainly isn't.


which whites are fighting the good fight? i hope you dont mean the aut-right..

As they have done every single time before

Or it could have been local GPS jamming (like how Iran downed a stealth drone) and the Tomahawks had to rely on inertial guidance which is much less accurate

They did, it was on RT headlines for several days

The people fighting the good fight are not in the alt-right. The people doing the real undermining of the deep state are quietly serving the interests of white people and are not asking for d'nations.

forgot to include pics of downed tomahawk missiles

this just might be the worst board on the entire web out of every single chan, because of the mods and it's users

Because if you against Trump for any reason - you're shill.


Really makes you think doesn't it?

I will know that no matter how many mistakes I make in life, I will never become so mentally broken that I actually seek this shit out and save it on my computer.

You're too far gone, the only way for you to cleanse your mind and seek salvation is with a bullet between the eyes.

You just outed yourself as a shit talker or a shill.
I've seen some of those photos before and they are old as fuck.


0 claims of ECM by Russia. They don't have to give details, just claim if they did. But that makes me a kike for wanting to learn about it, assuming you knew what you were talking about. Radars operating as limited jamming systems are nothing new either, many older radars have this capability to a limited extent.

SAF is commonly used here and Liveleak and other places on the net where Syria is commonly discussed.

Mattis lied about the strikes and claimed 20% of their air force was taken out, we both know that was total fucking bullshit.

And I'm talking about the 2nd time this year the kikes majorly pushed the CW narrative - this is when the CNN wrestling video was posted on twitter, it completely D&C'd from the kike narrative in media away from the CW kvetching.
I'm not saying Trump is /ourguy/ but he certainly isn't playing the game for ISISrael in Syria.

ECM system you linked is for air to air combat missiles, not cruise missile swarms. A ground based system would have to be in range and I have not seen any evidence of this.
GPS perhaps, but it will not make so many completely miss.
And pretty sure they'd been upgraded with optoelectronic guidance too but perhaps they were old fuckers.

If US isn't ignoring ISISrael demands then why has the CIAnigger base been encircled, SAA not stopped from opening the ground supply route for Iran via Iraq-Syria border and the rest of the shit that's changed a lot.

I'm not saying he's /ourguy/ but he certainly isn't operating in ISISraels' interests this year.

Faggotry is part of white genocide. Promoting faggotry is promoting genocide, and race treason. Youre evil, and when we stop you, the only way you know we are able to, it will be justified - and your own doing.

Yeah Gas yourself Jew boy.

The HUGE different between the 2 is that Trump doesn't claim to be a white nationalist that want to gas all jews. Enoch on the other hand, makes all these podcast talking about how jews are bad and how Hitler did nothing wrong but doesn't practice what he preaches.

Not random, twitter.com/rusmasdar/status/850304305223651329?lang=en
Doesn't matter, the gullible normalfags do believe it and when Trump supports mattis and continues to further the chemical attack narrative they believe it as well

Backpedaling, your claim was "ECM has never been proven and is just a theory.", not specifically ground based ECM alone which is even simpler
Also, its an all purpose ECM system, works on everything from individual missiles to entire ships (USS Donald Cook) and every single aircraft type it has been been used on is deployed to Syria, it wouldn't be infeasible for the Russians to have aircraft in the area, especially when they did in other cases like the SU-22 shootdown, nor is it the only Russian ECM system

If the US was ignoring Israeli demands then why are there ANY US bases in Syria AT ALL
Also the coalition simply had no other choice since there was no rebel presence capable of countering the SAA

Kill yourself, kike. Save us the effort.

Real gangsta ass niggaz don't talk much

I got a BJ from a jewess in the 90s, shook hands with a nigger once (their skin feels like scales), and a tranny messaged me on myspace back when people used that.

I'm 100% FBI/controlled op according to the geniuses on Holla Forums

ECM shooting down tomahawks. You know what I'm meaning.

A/C based ECM isn't going to be used for a ship/large area use/tomahawk fleets.

Bases are from King nigger.

Twitter link is looking more feasible. Thank you.


Did Trump marry a Zionist Jew?

You cannot tell us that whatever happens in his family is his fault. Furthermore, regarding the people surrounding him, it's not his fault EVERYONE in government is a cuck that quitted in him for virtue signalling.



He's still against illegal immigration, he just needs to work something out with everyone

Even the US says it was used against ships

Theres literally nothing that would prevent it from being used as such, also you keep intentionally missing points

There are other Russian ECM systems in Syria
Here is a longer ranged ground based system

So Trump following Obamas plan and unironically bombing Syria which he said he wouldn't do is acceptable?