Gab sues Google for antitrust violations following ban from Play Store

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I would have laughed so hard to have the botnet itself trying to do memetic warfare against 8ch.
Sage because literally who cares since gabbai is a kike botnet too.

thats unfair

I fucking hate music that sounds like that.

big if true

is that britanny petibonne ?


How about sounding like this?

or golem?

That ass made me forget what I was going to post….


There's this video proving Heather Heyer wasn't even hit by the car on my clipboard. It's probably already here and definitely OT:

Jews like to play both sides, so that they always have the situation fully under their control. Jews recognized that many white people were getting fed up with twitter (which the jews control) so the jews created a "twitter opposition" to capture that market. That way, they control both sides. What purpose does suing google serve? It builds right-wing confidence in their brand. So does getting banned by google. They know google is unpopular right now so getting banned by google and suing google both give more (undeserved) credibility as a right-wing website. was named after a hebrew word that means one who corrects the record. Gabai is a word nearly all gentiles won't recognize, but which all jews recognize. To a white person, "gab" just means chat, and "ai" is a meaningless neat ccTLD. But to a jew, "" means "don't worry about this website, everything is under our control.". They call this steganographic use of language "shibboleth", and do it often.

What is shibboleth? As kikepedia explains:
>Recorded in the Book of Judges, chapter 12, after the inhabitants of Gilead inflicted a military defeat upon the invading tribe of Ephraim (around 1370–1070 BC), the surviving Ephraimites tried to cross the River Jordan back into their home territory and the Gileadites secured the river's fords to stop them. To identify and kill these Ephraimites, the Gileadites told each suspected survivor to say the word shibboleth. The Ephraimite dialect resulted in a pronunciation that, to Gileadites, sounded like "sibboleth."
In short, sibboleth is a way of using language to covertly classify people as in-group or out-group. Jews signal their jewishness in ways that go unnoticed to most normal people. They do this deliberately. It's taught to them from a young age.



its not practical but its pretty interesting as a novelty design.

Fuck off shill.

Her name is Holly Earl, she's an English actress

Good post.

Great info, thank you

Seen this explained a few times and this is the best one so far.
Capped for future newfags who push gab.
The owner is a kike too IIRC…

Don't forget that it's exclusively used by alt-fag, meaning that it's very easy to not only gather information about any given individual but also do it with near 100% success rate and almost no "friendly fire". It is probably used as ongoing study to effectively neuter the opposition by studying their communications techniques and channels. They don't even try to hide that has leaked user data before and most likely does so still but for money.


this is almost as retarded that the another thing kikes push - gematria or wahtever it was called.
put together domain and the tld and then start looking for shit it sounds like.
fact is that twitter is proven to be kiked, gab is an alternative and everything that helps kill twitter jews is good in my book.

get back into oven, schlomo

Nice. Too bad Google has literal nation-state level of resources and can destroy anyone. But hopefully they will just get a settlement and gab can use it to buy their own free speech registrar and bypass the problem.


It may bypass California's "bullet-button" ban bans push-button magazine release firearms, revolver is still legal.

they wont host their app, neither will apple

Why? Are you on some kind of nofap stint?

I got into it with some Jews on there a few months ago and they went back and downvoted literally every post I ever made.

Whaddya do?

Wow, she's only 1.52 m (5ft) tall. That could be fun.

Alphabet is a thing due to anti-trusts.

It would be funny if one of us brought down a giant.

If that were to happen what sort of reaction would we get from the powers that be?

Considering an alphabet is a power to be, it would be war.





Eat shit, kike.

A gabbai (Hebrew: גבאי‎‎), also known as shamash שמש (sometimes spelled shamas) or warden (UK, similar to churchwarden) is a beadle or sexton, a person who assists in the running of synagogue services in some way

This. Gab will win the lawsuit and people will flock to it bc of muh 1st amendment.

Why shouldn't we use a GNU Social instance instead if we're looking for a platform that won't ban us? Answer me that.

Most people don't need that shit anyway. Only if you're a content creator or someone else of interest can I see a use. Social media is cancer. The only reason I would use Twitter would be to spread redpills, troll, and other types of memetic warfare in the public normalfag space.