What are YOU willing to sacrafice for her, leftypol?

explain yourselves you privilleged sinners

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she can have my lenin books

What were her contributions to the working lass?

I'll invade afghanistan again

blogging about feminism

She can become an atheist for starters.

Nothing tbh

I'll have sex with her.
post her pic plz


I'll stand with them and fight back, but I won't "sacrifice" anything for them.

I do find it funny that they're invoking a sort of variant of the White Man's Burden. They should, first and foremost, fight for themselves, they're not my burden.

entitled woman eh? lol absolutely nothing. I like being on my own.

my semen

only right answer tbh


When the Right Wing Death Squads come for her, I can hide her in my basement. :-DDD



this is her

holy shit they look fresh

it's not sacrifice if you are struggling for your cause
these people don't understand political activism and having a political position worth fighting for

What is Heineken doing in Afghanistan?


the Soviet-Afghan war is legitimately the most aesthetic of all time

Idpol is the New White Mans Burden


Snap, forgot this was from Chechnya.

this tbh. Zizek has a great talk about how in South Africa, during the time of apartheid, it was precisely this idea of "respecting" other cultures which justified the dominant ideology. Even nowadays we see this, black communities have a hard time integrating and moving up in society and the solution certainly isnt this idea of maintaing the "Black community", which only serves to further marginalize them.

True. In my quiet small town, there's no problem with blacks from the former colonies, nor with the other immigrants. We all live together in the same streets and buildings.
It's only when blacks in the capital built their own small countries that problems appear.

where do you live?

in a dam, obviously

I'm willing to sacrifice ten bourgeoisie.

Sacrifice what exactly?

yourself, for glory of allah of course :)


how do we solve the wahhabist problem?

stop saudi arabia funding, they export that ideology to western world

I am wiling to sacrifice the american "left" status quo.


I'm not willing to sacrifice anything on behalf of someone's spooks




What does she even want from us?

What could we give her that's going to fix her problems, besides money?

self-flagellation and cuckoldry

I'm tired of hearing appeals to conscience in politics. It doesn't work.

We need a politics that appeals to nothing more than the self-interest of the working class.

i'm starting yo think that those are Holla Forumsype are astroturfing.

btw ilam isn't a race.
only on Holla Forums have i heard it.

i'v never heard a muslim say "white people"
its mostly Americans (particularly) that are obsessed with race and define themselves by it.
no one else gives two fucks about it

the "self"-interest of today's "working class" is to get rich enough to buy fashionable consumer products, and to avoid any taxation of their income that might benefit persons or groups deemed "lazy" or "unproductive;" i.e. get rid of the welfare state

I don't have anything to sacrifice, I'm broke as fuck.

yeah, but people hear "muslim" and think brown person

Well, maybe you could post more than just the headline, so we know exactly what she means by that question.

Is it? Will that grant them political and economic sovereignty?

who cares? as long as they "get theirs," they're happy

You don't want those skiving, scrounging, shirking, thieving, lying, disabled, unemployed, single parent of 13 economic illegal migrants taking all your money, do you? After all, you work hard for your money. You pay your taxes.

Just because one is satisfied with something is not the same as it being within one's socio-economic interests. I completely understand how xenophobia is used by the powerful to undermine mutual aid so they can rule us all; that does not mean being ruled means more power for us

I'm sure the Brits will see it your way when it's finally their necks on the chopping block.

The whole point of the kind of social justice psy op found in the OP is so that the left never ever appeals to the working class again. There's a reason why every porky media conglomerate is promoting this kind of dialogue.

I don't sacrifice for anyone.

Exactly. They have to make it appear as if the left promotes self-sacrifice instead of the interests of the working class against the ruling class.

Who amongst the Muslim, if not the Caliphs and the Imams, are those who benefit from and preach hatred against an outgroup?
Do you not see that it is the same mechanism that is used to control the middle-east and has turned it into the cultist backwaters it is today?

Are you not the YPGflag from the UK? Have you left the house this decade?

no one anything about power or xenophobia. the goal of most people today is to make as much money from their work as possible. they see taxation as an outside force coming into their lives, stealing the money that they worked for, and giving it to people who don't/didn't. they consider welfare recipients "freeloaders," "parasites" and "drains" on their prosperity; minimising or eliminating the welfare state would get rid of those "parasites," and therefore in their self-interest.


wow, whowoodathought

meh a strong 5 at best
what do you guys think? did you love it? did you hate it? what would you rate it?

Ill give her some of my commie literature and some Dawkins books.

Not wearing a hijab. She is a dirty fucking apostate and should be killed inshallah.

It's like a fucking conspiracy to turn people to the right

interestingly, i know a muslim dude.
he's 6'1 blond both light green eyes, Holla Forumsype would get in line to suck his cock while calling him ubermunsh master.
he's the definition of the Aryan man.
the best part is, he's 100% pure blooded north African.
as far as you go in his family tree there are no European whatsoever.

Fuck muslims
t. ex muslim

Apply 7.62x54mmR directly to the source.

I hope no one on here is pretending they could get anyone better than this. I say this as a longtime comrade.

I didn't realize it was possible to be this spooked


Religions are too spooked to be compatible with communism.

one million zimbabwean dollars