2 Nigs from Good Boi Documentary Murders White Teen


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There's always been a lot of black crime. Feels like more now. With people being conservative as they are, I wonder how much the overton window will shift in the next, say, 2 years? We really might make America white again

Where's white victims of black crime user when you need him?


These niggers grow into the world and learn they have to work, they have to take shit like everyone else, and they are not the next ROCKSTAR and then they can't cope because they are best suited to throwing spears and wiping their asses with leaves. Oh well.


"Have you ever raised a puppy?"

Never gets old.

When will we send the African to right and native clime?


Funny, if anything this would make the nigger fit right in pro football nowadays.

This unacceptable


Every single time, without fail

It's funny until you realize this is an act of desperation to make sure bix nood niggers can keep playing muh sports and getting the muh sports watching normalfags like niggers.


It's a work in progress.

I'll make one for this case once more details are known. It'll probably be a while. I find that when there's 2 or more accused of a crime, they bounce between selling each other out & "keeping it real". It takes a while before these cases sort each other out.

Honestly dude, how can you watch professional sports and not be a cuck in the modern year? Nothing wrong with playing sports, but all televised sports fans are fucking cucks. Even worse are the dudes that watch sports with their girlfriends. Jesus Christ. This whole notion of "blacks are the superior athletes" is jewish as fuck and it's being pushed on millions of people every fucking day. Pure fucking cancer. So sick of niggers getting paid millions to nig and the general public cheering it on.


it really is

The worst is College football cucks. The ones that knowingly push their daughters to college and throw them to the apes so they can watch them toss a ball around hello Baylor Uni.

checked for effort

in my state, college football is the favorite entertainment of nigger lovers because we have no professional feetsball nigger team. i have a race mixing cousin who's son is a mongrel and all they focus on his him playing football and being the next big star. he get's special treatment and funding from all the family for playing with a fucking ball. he's the family favorite and gets all the white girls at school no problem. i'm sick of nigger ball and haven't watched it in years.

P.S. fuck niggers


Sports have a purpose as a form of recreation, of exercise, and possibly as a way to teach children how to work as a team. Sports as a billion-dollar industry of drug-abusing "professionals", I frankly don't understand. With the theoretical possible exception of acting as guinea pigs for experimental drugs, they don't really accomplish anything. They don't produce anything. Even their arbitrary achievements are hollow; more achievements of steroids than humans. Or niggers.
Hobbies and exercises and school lessons and such don't need to produce anything, but it seems to me that billion-dollar industries run by "professionals" ought to have made something tangible at the end of the day.


For shame, user.

Post an archive link to the story OP

Thanks for that, could you give me a source?

Sheboons are literally calling their droplings "easy money".



Black women are retarded monsters. The worst kind of black, because they're what cause thugs to exist. Abuse and torment a child without ceasing, and he wondu nuffin.

Starship Troopers apaprently.

Soccer is the same,they are nigger tier games any retarded chimp can perform thus they use it to promote how we are all equal yet somehow niggers are great and how cool it is to have based niggers,you just need to see the french national team to want to kill yourself.

It's a way to lower the bar to the lowest common denominator that is somehow always niggers.

I dont dislike sports but the west has managed to get the most pussified of them.

Amen to that. These faggots are usually white knighting motherfuckers too.


then destroy the jewed "pro" sports that specifically pass up white players for black ones in the name of diversity (and the jew narrative)

but deeper than that, help develop a healthy PARTICIPATION in athletic activities instead of this sick consumerist lifestyle of FOLLOWERSHIP in sports

watching pro sports with your girlfriend is nearly cucking yourself
you know she would date any one of them over you if she got a chance, and you reinforce it in her by submitting yourself as inferior to them, because it matters to you but you clearly cant get gud at it - therefore they are alpha to you

sports fans = cucks

You're doing the Lord's work user. This is baby's first true redpill so its the best to break the conditioning.

Yup, we had an nfl player who was an open serial killer who got away with it for years before they caught him and barely a word in the media.

Are you crazy?
Niggers don't fucking wipe.
I read a post by a proctologist who said so.

Archive here: archive.is/r4don

So what he be saying, is hol up. These boys couldn't have possibly killed this cracka because that'd mess up they ball game. That's wack.

What kind of whores do you date?

Fucking hell the contrast between the White man and this feral beast. Another sacrificed at the altar of dieversity.


Wasn't there a Jewish woman who was an athletic director or some shit at a college who was pimping her own daughter out last year?

I vaguely recall this.

My search has come up empty but that doesn't surprise me.


Save that, its on jewtube not a webm, and its important because it exposes that niggers video where he effectively calls for the murder of white children.

..on top of demonstrating bias against whites, because that video is getting much less attention than Pewdiepie just saying the word nigger, accidentally. Nice job to whoever actually made that.

Dubs confirm. I used to enjoy feetsball and baseball, but now I honestly do not care at all. Everyone is all jizzing all over themselves over the feetsball season starting and here I am looking at them in disgust. Baseball season wrapping up and I have no idea who is going to the playoffs.

I think the specter of civilization collapsing and savagery unknown to the average American over rides pro sports faggotry. Only things of substance matter to me these days, not watching Jose hit home runs in a game, or Jamarcus doing a dance in the end zone.

Ironically, it's also what they said to the victim before he refused for the final time to hand over his money.

huh thanks for that. And from Starship Troopers noless.

Reminds me of when i was younger and read good science fiction and the authors tricked me into learning more then i was learning in school

It's a good lesson. :-)


good edit, bruh>>10627866

I remember this distinctly too user, don't let it be memory holed

Much, much easier to get away with saying nigger in public now than it was two years ago (barring your current company is white of course).

The niggers at my university took classes that, as they said, "taught them how to say please and not steal shit and stuff".

The college feetsball niggers literally have to be taught how not to steal.

There are always several arrested for rape at the end of the season. They keep everything covered up until then so they can play through the season.

wew lad

the only sports I can stand to watch are motor sports or things like ice skating.

this years Drag Week was super fun to watch, would recommend.

There are like two black guys in the entire NHL.


Whites dominate "soccer"(real football). U fucking yank.