Trump: Chain Migration cannot be part of deal

I think just ignore the shills until the deal is actually reached (and then signed). The backlash has been pushing Trump and the GOP in the right direction. They know they can't pass anything resembling any kind of amnesty.

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The shills are raging hard. I'm just waiting until September ends.


They're going to try to. Stay on them. And yes, allowing any illegal to stay is amnesty.

I believe this is an act often portrayed on 4cuck


Hahahaha, how long have you been here, really? Blackpill is a constant, not an exception.

i never had an issue with DACA people staying. Fix for all future immigration is needed(reform). Illegals who are here but contribute nothing must go ie criminals thugs and drug dealers. Also People who think ANY President can get away with kicking out 800+k people are just dumbfucks



explain how you kick almost a million people spread across America out of america. you're an idiot. Bush-Obama created this mess. Trump has to stabilize and fix Immigration for the future

I voted for him because I wanted more Eastern Europe Immigration

Jeb? Is that you?

Have you? Tell us your stories.

No its a rational human being

Thats literally what ICE exists for nigger.


You round them up. You take them across the border, you drop them off. It's been happening for thousands of years. Also we used to kill people who tried to invade our nations. I'd say they are getting off lightly.

Fuck off reddit.

Even jewipedia shows it can be done.


Do you want ICE tied up kicking out an enrolled science student somewhere? or Kicking out Sex trafficker drug dealing gun runners?

There will definetly be chain migration if you give them amnesty, Don.

Both you fucking cuck

Both. Reported.

Both, they can all go fuck themselves.

Like always, better to wait for the result than to lose your shit because he wasn't Final Turbo Neo-Hitler from day 1. Constantly focusing on the things he hasn't accomplished at the moment undermines the things he has done. The fact that he killed the TPP alone is enough for me to breath a little easier knowing he's in office.



It's literally what they always do. And no retard, illegal aliens do not pay taxes.


Some pay taxes so they can virtue signal about it on twitter.

The (((pro-immigration))) members of Congress will never agree to that stipulation. But that's the point. Trump is killing amnesty by offering to make a bargain that (((they))) can't agree to, and when it falls through, (((they))) take the blame. He'll say "Oh well, I tried. Too bad congress couldn't pass it!"

Right on time

If they are day laborers or some other part of the non-accountable workforce… things will remain relatively the same
It's true they pay more taxes, but it's those that have businesses or enter the workforce in a place that is accountable (like a real job)

Its easy, we just need 5%-10% of white males to get it done, fuck we could genocide these motherfuckers with those numbers

kek and DEPORTED!

I don't give a fuck retard, they are spics and WILL outbreed us if they stay, not to mention always voting democrat because low IQ beaners always vote for gibs.

((( )))
Reported for not being white. You think you can get away with writing something like this and provide nothing? I hate faggots that talk shit but do nothing.

Hasbara posting got old in 2011. Same old tricks.

MOD this spic is spamming his copypasta all day, deport!

Obvious troll is obvious.

Most of them are in California

Now I have hope.

He needs to demand that if there's ever going to be dreamer Amnesty, ALL OF the following needs to happen.

1. nations would be forced to give citizenship of their illegal migrants to anchor babies. So Mexican anchor babies would get Mexican citizenship.

1.5 Birth Right citizenship would come to an end.

2. At the minimum, we would get Israel border wall level of the wall being built.

3. By law, the government would be forced to maintain it and not let it fall apart.

4. it would be illegal to demolish the border wall or campaign to demolish it.

4.5 It would be legal to citizen arrest any politician who votes to dismantle or campaign to dismantle the wall. A bounty would be given to those who arrest said politician.

5. The DOD would be forced to pay for the wall.

6. The border would be militarized it, and the military would be forced to sufficiently man it.
At least 5 men per mile to apprehend mobs of illegals

7. In order to prevent bribes, the border patrol would be paid bounties per illegal migrant per caught. Let's say 5-10,000 dollars per man per illegal caught.

8. Put tariffs/fees on the USD/Latino currency forex trades that would be used for the border.


Fucking eyes actually watering, man. That’s beautiful. I was worried for a minute. Decades of being beaten down at every turn makes me the ultimate pessimist.

you type like a spic!! limited vocabulary "dummy" KEEEEKK

fucking retard, read your comment again

Bitch, I own a house and property, which means I pay out the ass for school tax. To the point where it's fucking criminal. I'm willing to bet that not a single dreamer actually owns property, which means they don't pay school tax, when realistically those that rent tend to shit out far more kids that use up those taxes.


This thread stinks of shills, probably from reddit seeing the methods they use to defend amnesty for DACA spics.

Don't project that I ever claimed there are based illegals ever again little man. Keep your autism safely contained, faggot.

Reminder that paying the IRS does nothing for the European races. The IRS uses the money we give them, and works with the Federal Reserve to fund NGO's, politicians and lobbies, which work tirelessly to have us drugged, distracted, detained and dead.


It really is, pissed mexicunts all over the place, have fun!

China's wall failed because the border patrol were bribed by the mongols. So we need bribes that would be worth way more than what the illegals can pay to smuggle.

Bot's broken.

No. They aren't.

Eisenhower kicked out over a million beaners in the 1950s. It's already been done and it can be done again, but better.

YES! Those 800,000 are just a drop in the bucket, with the new tax breaks the republicans will be implementing whites will be able to start new businesses, and be outbreeding the Latino community in no time!
there are people on this board who will unironically argue this

Wait, so all I have to do is pay a spic 1000 to cross the border and I keep the rest?

Complete misinformation. Get fucked shill.

It was probably a bad idea for mods to suppress the threads about Trump signing the anti-White Nationalist resolution. I don't think the shitposting will stop any time soon.

800,000 asshole retarded beanlets

user, I

your defensive attitude towards spics is retarded, though right on time
by 2027 i hope usa invades all the americas south of it untill it joins up with the fucking antartic national-socialists
i dont really care about the wall
though a high speed train would be nice, america has very little infrastructure development relatively
hey, put some machine guns on the high speed train and just gun down any invaders, the passengers can be entertained by the gore outside their windows

might have been a good idea, why suppress truth? we always knew he wasn't ourguy, just a stepping stone

We need guards who can’t be bribed. Meaning robotic automated motion-sensing turrets that shoot everything that moves. We have sensors now that can distinguish humans from animals, so there won’t be any false-positives and wildlife destruction.

The mods are paid shills, so what does it matter?

It costs around $10,000 to deport a single illegal. To make them legal costs up to $40,000 as they can receive tax benefits going back 10 years. Also, the cost of having a single illegal here is $6000 to $8000 a year. We save lots of money rounding them up and deporting them. Cost isn't an issue, and the logistics is not a problem when many of them are easy to locate.

i hate this meme
even hitler wouldn't be enough today, we have to purge all non-whites, the world is too integrated to trust our relatively more cucked offspring to not get invaded again or jewed again

Yeah, a stepping stone for kikes and shitskins to outlaw and outbreed us.

That's fucking retarded. All yo would do is create a refugee crisis. Trump's men want the US to invade Venezuela to create a refugee crisis.

yeah,put them on the high speed train, and gold plate the train
man i like trains

Eisenhower rounded up and deported hundreds of thousands of beaners with Operation Wetback, and hundreds of thousands more self-deported in the process.

Your shill narrative says that Hitler was capable of rounding up 11 million people and gassing and cremating them despite being on the losing side of the bloodiest war of human history, all in the goddamn 1940s.

You goddamn idiot.

That's wonderful, but I'm not going to put my trust in him until the DACA recipients are deported.

Maybe, I will accept vets staying. Maybe.
Anything other than that can go fuck off.

So is the backlash considered shilling though?

They should be working on sensors that distinguish the browns from the whites.

This is not a bad idea.

Better yet, what if Trump offers a bounty for catching illegal immigrants and bringing them to ICE? A small bounty for "information leading to the arrest", but a larger one for bringing them in yourself.
This could solve the immigration problem overnight, as the gangs would all be looking at each other with dollar signs in their eyes. Better yet, the "youths" of the inner cities might stop attacking cops and mugging people for their shoes and instead start hunting illegals for fun and profit. They could call it beanbagging.

The downside to this is that, up until the wall is built and border security tightened, you'd have daily shipments of human traffickers bringing busloads of illegals across the border and directly to ICE in order to make an easy buck, potentially costing hundreds of thousands of dollars per day.

The crazy part is, that would still be a net savings over what illegals are costing the US in the current situation.

Didn't you know? Disagreeing with reddit is shilling now.

He deported over a million in a YEAR.

n May 17, command teams of 12 Border Patrol agents, buses, planes, and temporary processing stations began locating, processing, and deporting Mexicans who had illegally entered the United States. A total of 750 immigration and border patrol officers and investigators; 300 jeeps, cars and buses; and seven airplanes were allocated for the operation.[28] Teams were focused on quick processing, as planes were able to coordinate with ground efforts and quickly deport people into Mexico.[29] Those deported were handed off to Mexican officials, who in turnOverall, there were 1,078,168 apprehensions made in the first year of Operation Wetback, with 170,000 being rounded up from May to July 1954. In addition, many illegal immigrants fled to Mexico fearing arrest; over half a million from Texas alone

Sweet! Got any other totally unrealistic ideas that will never become a reality?

A Holla Forums free of shills and shitposters would be nice.

In no way does making Holla Forums unusable help us.

I feel you but then it wouldn't be fun. I kinda like your idea, its similar to privatizing the police.

The post.

Explain how you round up six million jews spread across Germany. :^)

The spammers have a point. The mods actively suppressed all posts or threads discussing Trump signing the anti-WN resolution. If we can't discuss that here, we can't discuss it anywhere.







You mean like the Cadre sagebombers were doing with their anime and redtext spam?

You the shill on Holla Forums, the_Donald.
You have to go back.

Only one group so far has spammed the catalog with thread after thread like the bunch of cunt faggots they are.

I'm pretty sure the "backlash" he's referring to isn't on Holla Forums, which we already know is absolutely against amnesty. Rather, it's what's happening on Twitter, where the normalfags have awoken and are screaming at Trump not to do this retarded thing.

That's true, if all useless shitposters were banned I'd certainly be kicked out too.
It's sad that the bounty probably IS unrealistic, in that the government would never be able to get it passed - they'd argue that it would cause violence among minorities, and tons of legal hispanics getting falsely accused/beaten up/shot/deported. (And they'd claim these were bad things.)

Not familiar with US law on the topic, but I'm sure it would be illegal for a private company or city/county/state level law enforcement to offer a bounty like that, right?


Do you know that "they"are us too, right? We have hundreds, thousands of Twitter accounts, we're not confined to Holla Forums.
And just like we criticize him there, we do the same here.

It is a good start, but amnesty should not be on the table to begin with. We need the wall and A L L illegals deported. Even a single "good boy worker" spic existing in the US is too much.

He tweeted this yesterday. Whatever, he's been flip-flopping since last August. Trying to read anything into his tweets is pointless.

The easy solution to deporting large numbers of illegals is to empower local law enforcement to handle deportations directly (aka not just leaving them in a holding facility for ICE to handle). Despite their huge warchest DEA only produce 10% of the arrest for drug related crimes… let ICE handle big sting operations, nationwide networks or the deportation of very dangerous illegals. A local cop doesn't need a fucking master's degree or federal LEO powers to just drive a paddy wagon to the local Home Depot and fill up the van with the obvious illegals there. Another solution is a two-step deportation system, instead of apprehending the illegals and then releasing them (too drain tax payer money and steal jobs) while they wait for up to two years to see a judge, have them "deported" to a half-way point (Puerto Rico) while they wait to see a judge.

Nobody's saying Holla Forums isn't being raided. I'm saying that's not the "useful backlash" being referred to. Holla Forums being shilled more than usual isn't helpful in any way other than wasting time and shekels. Everyone publicly telling Trump that he's doing the wrong thing and America doesn't want him to IS helpful.

(And no, I'm not accusing everyone posting anti-Trump messages of being shills either, even though some of them clearly are. He's not infallible, and of course we should be asking what the hell is he thinking when he does something this dumb.)

Yes, agreed. What I'm saying is that criticizing him on Twitter is a productive action. If everyone is yelling at Trump on normalfag-friendly social media, hopefully he will get the message that what he's doing is wrong. And it's not JUST Holla Forums doing the yelling.

We only supported Trump because he advanced some of our ideals.

If he's giving up on that, then he can just go die.

Honestly, I think he's trying to use DACA as a carrot to get congress to pass RAISE and funding of the wall.

It's the anti-violence shills that bug me.
I can't even day Dehumanize yourself and face to bloodshed without being attacked anymore.
That 10% number bugs them too.

Keep pushing on normalfag outlets that any amnesty means fire and pitchforks and nooses for the traitorous government, it's working. They're scared of a civil war blowing up.

Why doesn't Trump opens up the flood gates and takes in European refugees?

Offer each white family some farm land and possible citizenship in 5 years (to vote) and Make America White Again

This seems likely. We elected chaos though, we'll see what happens. Just remember he's not our Hitler merely a stepping stone.

How about no DACA and put up the wall and RAISE anyway. No compromises, conservatives have every single branch, do their fucking job, the fucking kosher cucks need to go.


The only mass immigration that I'm fine with is Afrikaners and Ukrainian refugees to the US. America can be a European mutt nation but Europe should be uniquely separated based on their identities.

You mean take the production of food away from a handful of companies who have an obligation to their jew investors to produce the cheapest, least nutritious shit possible? I think you're underestimating how far gone the U.S. is.

It was very encouraging, however, to see the sheer number of responses saying variations on "YES, that's why we voted for you!"

If he's genuinely flip-flopped, hopefully he gets the message from all the outraged Americans complaining about him betraying the Angel Moms.

If he hasn't, and it's all a master ruse as says, having hundreds of thousands of angry Americans vocally voicing their opposition to this will strongly help his negotiation.
I'm still holding out a faint hope that he's going for a Reverse Reagan: get the cuckservatives to sign wall funding and strong immigration enforcement into law in exchange for promising amnesty, and then suddenly backstab them. "Sorry guys, but look at all those angry letters we got! It turns out the American people don't WANT amnesty for illegal invaders! Who knew?"

Numbers speak.

The GOP has way too many neocons and shabbos in their ranks, the primaries are more important than the general elections from now on out… who cares if it says R next to their name if they're GOPe.

Why doth the homosexualists in these parts still praiseth Mr. Trump who admits the barboreth ones?

RAISE Act and Wall in exchange for amnesty is closing the barn door after the horse has bolted.

If it's spam, why are the threads being deleted?

You can't be serious. Must be a civnat queer.

Just keep getting as many illegals deported as possible. Some of you are doing really great work with that.

You don't belong here.

Because it's fucking spam? Are you retarded or just a liberal?

Throw them all out, you have to go back. Spic.

It doesn't matter how watered down the bill gets. A path to citizenship is a path to welfare. Once DACA workers don't have to work anymore and realize their degrees in bitching in English aren't worth anything, they'll apply for welfare and the cycle begins again. Soros will bus in more immigrants and politicians will be ordered to help the economy by legalizing them.

Ike was truly an underappreciated President. Hes definitely in my personal top 5.

The "shills" are the backlash. People who call everyone shill for getting upset about things that are obviously upsetting, and then say "Oh look, he changed his mind, see stupid shills!" are fucking retarded, beyond daft, thats Reddit tier cognitive dissonance.
When you dont give a fuck about people fucking you in the ass when they are supposed to be on your side, generally they keep fucking you in the ass.

We should be trying to get into these positions.

This DACA applies only to Mexicans? Or if some European comes illegally to USA and gives birth there, the baby is a DACA dreamer too?

Yes it does.

I know this personally.

OPSEC and all that, but yeah European dreamers do exist.

I think it applies to that European guy who came here illegally too.

So what are the statistics? Maybe there are more european dreamers than beaners and that's why Trump wants them in?

Where the fuck do you think you are? Forget you found this place, collect your shekels, kindly go fuck yourself, and never come back.

Then why was it bumplocked, which lead to people making threads to spread the news?

They won't be tied up for long, since it's just you and a couple others.


Beneficiaries of the DREAM Act must meet the following requirements:[3]

They were younger than 18 years old on the date of their initial entry to the United States (Dream Act of 2017, S.1615, Sec.3(b)(1)(B), and HR3440, Sec.3(b)(1)(B)).[4] [5]
Have proof of having arrived in the United States before age 16[6]
Have proof of residence in the United States for at least five consecutive years since their date of arrival
If male, have registered with the Selective Service
Be between the ages of 12 and 35 at the time of bill enactment
Have graduated from an American high school, obtained a GED, or been admitted to an institution of higher education
Be of good moral character[7]

During the first six years, qualifying people would be granted "conditional" status and would be required to (a) graduate from a two-year community college or (b) complete at least two years towards a four-year degree or (c) serve two years in the US military. After this six-year period, those who meet at least one of these three conditions would be eligible to apply for permanent resident status. During this six-year conditional period, they would not be eligible for federal higher education grants such as Pell grants but they would be able to apply for student loans and work study.[8]

If they have met all of the conditions at the end of the 6-year conditional period, they would be granted permanent residency, which would eventually allow them to become U.S. citizens.[9] It is not known how many of those eligible would go on to complete the further requirements. One organization estimated that only 7,000–13,000 college students nationally can fulfill the further obligations.[10] A different analysis found that over 2 million individuals could benefit under the Act.[11]
For conditional resident status

The individual must:

have proof that they entered United States before the age of 16 and must have continuously lived in the country for at least 5 years
have graduated from a United States high school or obtained a GED in the US.
demonstrate good moral character
pass a criminal background checks and reviews

After having obtained and held conditional resident status, permanent residency may be granted if the following requirements have been met in a period of six years.
For permanent residency

The individual must:

Have attended an institution of higher learning or served in the United States military for at least two years and if discharged, have received an honorable discharge
Pass another series of background checks
Continue to demonstrate good moral character

If these requirements are not fulfilled the conditional resident will lose their legal status and be subject to deportation.[12]

For all I know I know the only one.
Funny because I'm close to this person, but I didn't waver for a second when they said they were getting rid of DACA.
That's how we need to be in real life anons, when the rubber meets the road we put the future of our people first.

Nearly half of potential beneficiaries live in California and Texas, but there are significant numbers in other states across the country.

The states with the most potential beneficiaries are California (539,774), Texas (298,133), Florida (106,481), New York (88,889), and Illinois (83,088) {Figure 1}.

Just under half of potential beneficiaries are female.

Females comprise 46 percent (808,123) of all potential beneficiaries in the United States {Chart 2}.
Females account for only 39 percent (155,650) of those potential beneficiaries who need a GED in order to qualify for deferred action {Chart 2}.

Among the top-ten states, the female share of potential beneficiaries ranges from a high of 49 percent in Arizona to a low of 44 percent in New York (Figure 2).

More than seven-tenths of potential beneficiaries are Mexican, but immigrants who might be eligible come from all corners of the globe.

Roughly 71 percent of potential beneficiaries are Mexican, while 14 percent are from other countries in North and Central America (including the Caribbean) {Figure 3}.
Approximately 6 percent of potential beneficiaries are from Asia, 6 percent from South America, 2 percent from Europe, and 1 percent from other parts of the world {Figure 3}.

In the biggest immigrant-receiving states, Mexicans predominate among potential beneficiaries.

In California, the largest numbers of potential beneficiaries are from Mexico (437,662), followed by other countries in North and Central America (including the Caribbean) (51,454), and Asia (37,033) {Figure 7 & Chart 3}.

In Texas, the largest numbers of potential beneficiaries are from Mexico (259,880), followed by other countries in North and Central America (including the Caribbean) (24,203) and Asia (6,184) {Figure 8 & Chart 3}.

In other states, Mexicans do not predominate among potential beneficiaries.

In Florida, the largest numbers of potential beneficiaries are from North and Central American countries other than Mexico (including the Caribbean) (38,240), followed by Mexico (31,879) and South America (30,527) {Figure 9 & Chart 3}.

The largest groups of potential beneficiaries in Virginia are from North and Central American countries other than Mexico (including the Caribbean) (9,910), followed by Mexico (5,821), South America (3,940), and Asia (3,846) {Figure 9 & Chart 3}.

We'll get through this storm user!

only 2% from europe

I imagine most are spics, there isn't really many reasons for Europeans to come to the US illegally, even the poor countries in Europe will find an easier path to just going legally with the EU to the UK, Germany or France. Other than people from Belarus, Russia or Ukraine…

If Trump reaches out to Russian immigration via a DACA like program, it could be very good since they have a population of 145 million people. Even a small percentage of immigrants from there would help our demographics tremendously. Plus they're not all liberal cunts like Western Europe… plus you know… Russian girls.

So you admit the holocaust didn’t happen?

No exceptions or we'll just end up sliding right back down the way we came. If one is allowed to stay legally, they'll apply to have the rest of their family brought in using the old shit (work visa, student visa, temporary visitation visa) and just skip out and hide. Then breed like roaches yet again to infest us with their spawn.

While the idea of more Whites coming here sounds great, they need to stay in their homelands and protect it from the incoming shitstorm. White clay, wherever it may be, needs to remain exactly that. We have fought for centuries to have dominance over the lesser species, giving up now would negate generations of blood shed from our ancestors. Now is not the time to flee for comfort, now is the time to preserve what we have left.

DACA recipients are almost entirely spics and niggers.

fuck, the left will increase. What we need business owner or self-employed (the latter leads to business). As long as they don't take givdats

I tried to find statistics yesterday on what types of jobs they were getting to see if they were doctors, nurses, but couldn't find any. The best I found is a cnet article saying It's difficult to find statistics on how many DACA workers are tech workers. I doubt finding race statistics will be easier. Here is how jewconomist Krugman ended his article on the joy of DACA though:

The few DACA Europeans will likely regret coming here after President Hernandez completes the transition of the U.S into a third world country.

((( )))

lol, forget about europe, it will become muslim, and besides that.. there are no guns and free speech.. it's over.

There's nothing wrong with a strategic retreat. If we get one White nation to free itself from (((their))) shackles it would be easier for everyone else. Look, if me going to the fucking Isle of Mann brings the next fascist revolution in the world, I'm all for it.

Roughly 71 percent of potential beneficiaries are Mexican, while 14 percent are from other countries in North and Central America (including the Caribbean) {Figure 3}.

Approximately 6 percent of potential beneficiaries are from Asia, 6 percent from South America, 2 percent from Europe, and 1 percent from other parts of the world {Figure 3}.

The Europeans aren't listening to you. Groups like nordfront are growing. It seems Europe is once more the sole domino in this paradigm shift.

Here are the statistics. Not only are most dreamers spics, but there are also more Asian, Indian, and nigger dreamers than whites dreamers.

No one knew politics was so complicated, you need to see that for every push we make, it has to take consideration when the other side wins. If the other side is "not happy", they will undo everything.

Politics is very simple. With jews, you lose.

I guess the user who said his DACA gf from Poland was telling the truth.


Nearly all the applications approved.
It's clear they have (((free lawyers))) making the applications for them. Presumably, mostly ACLU.

what's going on in Vermont ?


Most illegals don't come here illegally.

Tiny population, 98% White, very rural, very snowy and cold. All jobs are acquired by "knowing a guy", very insular communitie, no big cities… even Burlington's downtown looks like a side street in a medium sized city.

It would be awesome to see a bunch of Holla Forums autists in office.
Need to start at the community level though. School boards, City Councils, Mayors, that type of thing.

Reported for suggesting that Whites should stand their ground and protect their homeland? Get fucked.

Europe is not lost. Being a defeatist and just handing over one's homeland to an invading hoard is inexcusable. If someone is fed up enough with a situation to run away, then they should be brave enough to stand up and face it. Like I said, I love the idea of more Whites here, but this is a global war against our people, not just in the US.

the north east is fucking repressively liberal, worse than California. The people on the north east are nutz




Trips confirm: I'm the next county commissioner. 20 years on, I'll be the president. 10 years after that. . . Fuhrer?

Attention Holla Forums! This is what a bot looks like. Do not respond to it.

Add in the fact that these aren't kids, but 18-30 year old adults who've had anchor babies of their own and it's plain to see that we've been colonized by the turd world.

Just wait another 10-15 years when those anchor babies are voting. It's over. There is absolutely no way in hell we'd get a pro-white president ever again. It's impossible in this system.

We needed to not only kick out the dreamers, but their sprogs also. The hookers in Congress won't do that.

I have a friend whose mom literally became clerk of courts on a whim. Her whole campaign was shitty jokes on social media. I don't think the average person has any idea how easy it is to win low positions in government.

What does a clerk of the court do, apart from go to jail over fag marriage?

for real, its way easy. more anons need to run

fuck off, i need my anime

anything short of deportation is amnesty. granted, I'm going to wait until there's actual legislation on the table before I start losing my head; talk is cheap, doubly so when it comes to politics.

If Trump isn't going to send the "dreamers" who weren't even born here back then he definitely won't be sending anchor babies back.

God fucking damn it I new it, Trump doesn't have a clue just how pissed everyone is. Everyone who is going to be at the rallies be sure to let everyone who attends know, no DACA no Amnesty whatsoever during those rallies.

How the fuck did the kikes boot all of our guys out?
Is it really just that faggot son in law and dumbass kike burning daughter?

That's because you're stupid, deluded, and spineless. There's a few hundred "DACA great americans" out on the lawn at my university right now blaring this shitty trumpet music, protesting Trump's supposed action, and wearing shirts with the mexican flag imposed over california. These people have to go. They are rotting this nation from the inside.

Eisenhower did years before. You should actually research your opinions sometime, you dumbfuck. People like you are the reason Reagan was allowed to """make a deal for immigration reform""" with the Dems that surrended California to mexico for buttfuck nothing in return. Please don't vote or have children, mongoloid.


So you acknowledge that the backlash is critical to getting him to do this, but also call anyone participating in the backlash a shill?

at least he's exposing his cucked argument, not calling everyone a shill in red text.

They weren't ever in it for the ideas, little one. They were always here for the feel good reddit cult of personality. They like Trump as a person, not his ideas.

Well really I want ICE killing them both, but yes, I'll settle for kicking them out for now.

Someday you'll realize that he didn't write his campaign speeches and is just a 70 year old moron, just like it happened to us with Marine Le Cuck. It's gonna hurt a bit, but you'll cope out by remembering that you knew it all along.

Doesn't that statement just broadly apply to legal immigrants or any demographic he's been accused of wanting to throw out? Not too unlike the broad strokes the media has been painting on him.

If by that you mean a reduction in legal nonwhite immigration to net negative levels and eliminating 99.9%+ of illegal immigration, yes.
The only situation in which I'd consider any kind of legal status for the DACA recipients tolerable is as part of a deal that ends jus soli (and doesn't give them citizenship or a path to citizenship). Nothing less than that is acceptable.
Eisenhower did it.

Major cities don't even want to detain the spics for ICE. They fight that shit on the claim of "we don't want to be a police state" like the fucking traitorous cocksuckers they are. That's the problem in some fo the larger cities in Texas anyway, including the capitol.
Austin needs a nuke so goddamn bad. There are more californians showing up daily across the state and I'm losing my fucking mind.

Not impossible. More likely scenario is you'll join the orgies with supermodels or get killed:

Staging a fake protest outside Congress and then taking the seats by force is the only way to get freedom back.

We could build a wall.

Trump knows full well how pissed people are. He spent however long campaigning. He knows how people feel about amnesty. For the past few days the phones for congress and at the white house have been ringing off the hook. Its not that he doesn't know. He just doesn't seem to care.

The best thing to be done is to aim our memetic arsenals at keeping trump on track. Simple.

In the oven.

This is the same mistake white people made in the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and 00s. All it did was let the jews grow more powerful. We're going to get attacked like whites in South Africa if we continue trying to reason with these people.

Rockwell fought with words too long too.

Hey man, I never felt the feels of hope for change before I'm still getting used to this. The Democrats don't sound to happy about this deal though.

Look if he's trying to game us, it's not funny. Cut the shit Donald, either cuck or win, no 4d chess nonsense. It's not entertaining unless you're up against the wall. Either we're justifiably mad, or he's working everyone up for nothing, and both options are pointlessly frustrating.

this is just the talented tenth jewtech making its way out of the kike armory. can't get rid of all the niggers and spics, man! you might kill off the one guy that's worth anything! the only thing this does is rob that one guy's nation of his potential greatness and put it in the service of the god damned soulless jews.

putting anything into law gives it to the jews moron. who runs the law schools and the courts? think about it and then read your own post.

killed by a kike traitor. he will be avenged.

This isn't chess. He campaigned mostly on immigration, mainly curbing it and stopping illegal immigration. Flip flopping and playing games with this central issue isn't going to win him favours, it will only alienate his base and piss them off.

What ever happened to "their all going back"?

Kek thanks shillkun.

Maybe the mods can finally stop riding Trump's dick, admit he's just another puppet of the kikes and democracy is just bread & circus to keep the goyim pacified.

go home schlomo

Or perhaps you mean "They're" instead of "their".
"They're all going back". like you

whats chain migration?


I'm good for deporting or eliminating 15,000-20,000 of the vile creatures myself.
What have you done user?

That's a man.

The republic is lost. The only people that can save us are ourselves. Take arms brothers and cleanse our lands of these foreign parasites that are gnawing at the corpse of our once sacred country.

Rolling for first target.

[0] Goldman Sachs
[1] Congress
[2] Supreme Court
[3] Random Walmart, McDonald's, Amazon
[4] Military Base
[5] Random Infrastructure
[6] Google
[7] Facebook
[8] Stock Exchange
[9] Military Industrial Complex - Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin

Awesome! Exactly what I wanted for its attacks on Christianity. See you there when the war starts.

ill take a roll
if everyone rolls we can get them all

Kill yourself.

Shit list.


Nigger, have you read a fucking history book at least once in your life?


Literally a leftist argument. If all the local law enforcement were allowed to do their jobs all 1 million of them would be back home in 30 days.


I knew that's what he was intending, been fucking calling it for days. He has made the calculation that deporting the 'dreamers' is going to be basically impossible, he doesn't have that capital to burn and congress will legalize them over his head no matter what he does, so he decided it'd be better to come out in front and do it himself to buy himself the capital to keep the rest of the illegals out, and prevent the 800k from bringing in more beaners. It's unfortunate but it's the best that it's possible to do with so many cucks in congress. His intention is that if the DACA fucks are going to stay, then he'll at least bring down the chain rule with it. These 800k will be the last beaners into the US, he's giving an inch but taking a mile. Alternatively if the deep state balks then he gets to deport them anyway, though it'd probably be a worse solution in the long run if he can't rescind the chain rule.

DACA aside, this is actually pretty funny. Trump has successfully made everyone think that surrounding him with establishment goon and cutting off his info sources makes him their puppet. Trump is insulating himself against the deep state feeling like assassination is the only out, by making them feel they have another way forwards. At the same time, he's pushing this same line to the public; in the event things go to shit with killing the chain rule and he decides to reverse course, he can justify it by saying 'oh shit I didn't realize how upset my base was, better reverse course!' and everyone will buy it. I'm stunned how well his 'fug I'm contained now :-DDDD' line is actually working. The reality is that Trump has a high enough IQ to have models of all factions involved running in his head, he can accurately predict how any group is feeling at any time whether he is actively receiving external info about it or not. The greatest con Trump ever pulled was making everyone think he was an idiot, it's his greatest protection.

Only an idiot would think Trump is an idiot, and only a fool would put have complete faith in Trump and justify each and every misstep and unsavory move as some convoluted 4d chess.

Maybe after data mining every phone call, email and text message from Mexican women and white American women, he realized Mexican women have better genes.

They tried to force his hand by revealing everything to the media and then expect Trump not to fuck them in the ass. Hilarious.
The lefts excuse for illegal immigration was "the system is fucked so they had to break the law…"..and hes calling their bluff.

It's not chain migration, it's hitch migration.

Somehow I get the feeling he'll get boo'd at of he mentions either in his next rally. In fact I really hope he does because not only will that hit him right in the ego but the media will jump on it and replay it every day forever and ever saying "not even drumph supporters like trump, he's done for!" which will inevitably work in our favour.

Higher crime rates is a small price to pay for more of this.

So you're saying because of the shills (the backlash), trump is maintaining course on his promised platform, thus the "shills" are effective citizens and excuse makers are neocuck enablers? Agreed.
Getting tired of this "anyone who doesn't agree with amnesty is a shill" horse shit. The backlash is the only thing ensuring shit gets done.

Trying to string and drum up hysteria amidst a moment of confusion, meanwhile the MSM and left are having a fucking goddamn field day with "trump caves x" "trump falters to y". It's way too obvious of a pattern to see.
Patiently and calmly see what happens. It'll be shown either crashing down and more kikes and leftists kvetching in panic, or Trump is about to sign the thing paper and parcel on agreeing to the amnesty shit.

I'd rather have 1 million chineses than 10k muslims, mexicans or niggers

So far 95% of his "missteps", "unsavory moves" and "controversial statements" ended up in him winning. Sometimes it a was day later, sometimes a month, but so far the already concluded battles ended up in a win. The other 5% are things are uncertain that have not yet resulted in a concrete win or loss. This is why many who have seen it call it 88d chess, because somehow he gets out on top in the end to the point that it's ridiculous how accurate he can read his enemies. Faith or not, looking at it with basic math, just based on his previous actions the probability of him winning is simply much higher than him losing. My opinion will only change if this probability starts changing for the worse, but until then i will take the risk and support him, no matter how many shills spam this place.

What, you mean a drunk spic bitch? I'm not paying for her chemotherapy, fuck that shit. I already have to pay $8,000 bucks to the IRS because of Obamacare.
And you get nothing for it.

Thank you, hombre. I will pop out one spicy kid with the money.

It's this really. None of us really know where things are going to end up, we can make educated guesses but they're still just guesses. The part most of us rebel against is the hyper-emotional shilling which sticks out like a sore thumb. This sort of badgering works on most normalfags, and I'd say that much of the 'Amnesty Don' stuff is being pushed by the same shills we're dealing with here in order to demoralize the right. The shills' problem is that they're trying to lift the same tactic they'd use on the general public and use it verbatim on us as well.

The problem is that I can't guarantee that stupid Holla Forumsacks aren't going to fall for it and allow their emotions to be twisted by the kikes.

This is some weird ass coverage, negotiations must be hard. I have no idea what's going on anymore so I'm just going to wait for 6 months and see what happens.

So which one is it? What you call shills are actually "pushing in the right direction".

Trump, our patience is running out, get your shit together and fulfill your promises!!

Your kind only lives by the good graces of Whites, there will come a time when there are not enough cucky whites to hold be back from exercising my manifest destiny again. Either that or you can live enslaved by the Jew until the Jew doesn't need you, as you already are doing.

He's calling out DACA to see who supports it in the WH. Those who do are the enemy. Straight out of the Godfather 2 playbook.

1.4e88D chess

You guys are so fucking transparent in what you're doing.

Don't think I'm not aware of your "Japanese purses" going around, kike. You're not lowering me into the water.

Not really following murican news, what does Trump want to do with border jumpers already inside? What exactly is an amnesty in this scenario? They're getting citizenship, are granted permanent stay or what?

The second one, man on repeating-integers.

Backlash is powerful. Never forget that even before we entered the scene, it prevented Bush, and later Obama, from passing similar legislation.

Both sides of the uniparty are set on keeping the DACA illegals, if Trump does everything in his power to get rid of them then congress just passes citizenship for them with a supermajority and it's over. I'm not seeing any path forward for getting rid of them, other than outright killing all the cucks in congress. Trump appears to be trying to contain the damage more than anything else.

So, I assume you think it was possible for the 'Nazi's to round up and exterminate and dispose of 6 million people while fighting a multifront war and only having the resources that Texas does today (less when you look at oil) and somehow…. you think rounding up a few paltry millions of brownskinn beaners whom cannot even into american language is impossible?

You're wrong. If congress passes amnesty it'll be because Trump pressured Republicans to do so. The last tally there wasn't enough Republicans that would vote for it for it to pass. But Trump decided to revive it by campaigning to make a "deal" in other words put pressure on Republicans to pass it.

This is all Trump's doing. Amnesty was previously dead legislation.

Their phones were fucking clogged, and Trump supporters are burning their hats. That's not exactly the kind of pressure that would encourage a vote for Amnesty.

Anons were already talking about the cost effective and most obvious options to take. Mass-reporting, and mass-deporting. It's not that hard, dammit. This was all talked like it was possible, but all I'm seeing is backpedaling, now.