Weaponized Words


Word of the week.

I'm sure some noticed the (((paid news actors))) work from a script. One news cycle they label Trump as "dark", then they go for "unhinged", or of course the mainstay, "racist". (((They))) are beating us over the head with words. FFS. We can fix this.

I have a word to respond with.


Label (((them))) weak, weakling, weak argument, weak tea drinkers, weak week with weaklings. Do not engage (((them))) label them "weak", label their argument "weak" and move along.

This is how we fight back.


Words of the week.

I am appalled and literally shaking from reading this.
I am sure everyone else is equally disturbed :^)

Just wait until next months word. :0

Truth hurts

The truth is how you defeat liars.

Liars already know the truth, but choose to lie.

sure does satan


Nice dubs. Weak it is. In the end, all the left is is a bunch of weak people, too weak to overcome the sabotage they've suffered, preferring to group together and try to make their weakness a strength through collective mental delusion.

Let's focus and target one (((paid news actor))) then when the rest come to their defense, we can label them all simultaneously.

Weaklings following the weak advice of weak "leaders" who are weak on pretty much everything.

Weakness is the cattle's most comfortable state. They're trained their whole lives to feel weak and "oppressed" by everything and anything, and they thrive in weakness because others encourage them to become even weaker than they were before. They know they're weak and they love it.

What's best is making them realize that there's a path out of weakness and that path is opened through iron will, discipline and facing the truth for what it is. There's nothing worse for the (((elite))) than people like this.

I like it

We don't want a weak wall
We want an Israeli style wall
We don't want weak border patrol
We want Israeli style border patrol
We don't want a weak asylum system
We want an Israeli style asylum system
We don't want a weak immigration system
We want an Israeli style immigration system

Nobody wants to be labeled "weak"


Satan confirms, libcuck normies are weak


Weak use of Hitler dubs.

Super weak. Weak tea drinker.


Nice D&C, faggot.

Weak people detected.


Pretty weak attempt here.

A single quote from a weakling, does not an argument make.

It just shows how weak you are.

It was also a visual comparison between a real strong role model (Herakles) and someone who lets others kill him (slaveboyfag on the streets of Jerusalem, Judea).

Your mind is weak for not seeing it.

He didn't "let" anyone kill him. He was pre-destined to be killed. And stated many times how he would "overcome" death, or be "stronger than death itself", which he did, by resurrecting and walking the earth for 40 days before his apotheosis.

How can anyone be "weak" that can overcome "death" through their strength?

look around. nobody cares about the truth. what won the election? the truth? no!

humor. humor put trump in the white house. you have to make people laugh.

No. You have to label people an innocuous word, then instill meaning to that word.

I agree, truth has very little to actually do with it, other than the truth cuts deeper than lies.

Weak try.

You mean National Socialist? They didn't come up with it, they merely stole the concepts.

Seems like Christ was using meme magic.

Pic related used to shill his 100th birthday party relentlessly when he was in his 70's. (He made it, barely.)


Seems you missed the memo, all of our policies are now prefixed with 'Israeli-style'