Prof. Antifa currently teaching future cops he hopes will die

Antifa bigwig is a CRIMINAL JUSTICE (((PROFESSOR))) who writes "it's a privilege to teach future dead cops."

In a Thursday, September 14th article from The Hill titled “Antifa activists say violence is necessary“, author Katie Bo Williams discussed Antifa’s proclivity towards violence with activists in the movement as well as academics who support it. One of the people she spoke with was Mike Isaacson, who is one of the founders of Smash Racism D.C. and a professor at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice:

“The justification [of the use of violence] is that Nazi ideology at its very core is founded on violence and on wielding power by any means,” said Mike Isaacson, who is one of the founders of Smash Racism D.C., an antifa organization in Washington.

Isaacson is unequivocal in his defense of violence as a legitimate tool to combat the creeping threat of what he deems authoritarianism.

“There is the question of whether these people should feel safe organizing as Nazis in public, and I don’t think they should,” said Isaacson.

“I don’t think anyone should think that someone who is intent on politically organizing for the sake of creating a state-sponsored genocide — I don’t think is something that we should protect.”

Like many antifa activists, Isaacson believes that the Trump administration represents a large step towards a fascist authoritarian state. This fear of “fascism” is what allows many antifa activists and academics to justify violence and domestic terrorism. In their minds, they are resisting an oppressive government and society.

Here's his proudly displayed faculty page:

Well would you look at that - The page has a link to his public CV, and his personal email address is on his public CV…

Also, feel free to contact the college and express your opinion of the professor and his ideas:

524 West 59th. Street
New York, NY, 10019

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From what I remember antifa and zogbots made a good team at Charlottesville. Real friendly and supportive of each other.

Hipster oozing Judaism

Who cares, cops are traitors anyway.

Those poor zogbots. I hope their feelings aren't hurt.


While Zogbot is accurate, the official term is Judenknecht, servant of the Jews.


ZOGbots will be shot.

Judenknecht, not bad.

Can the AF groups not see that their efforts are producing an opposite reaction.

Maybe Antifa secretly are the real Nazis. Probably when they realize that niggers want to kill them too, all the white men in Antifa will join us and we can actually fix things. I look forward to when our skin color really does become our uniform.

I like that. Being a German word it really delivers a punch in a way that English just can't, especially considering the context.

Good. The zog police have been siding with these commies for the last 5 years. They deserve to be lead to thier own death by weak beta-males.

What is with all these fucking shills lately?
Gas yourselves you filthy fucking yids.

Where have you been? you rubicon of a total police state was 9/11 it's simply that the general public didn't know it at the time. Looking back it was a total manipulation of the general public.

You're fucking retarded and clearly new here. Antifa are altruistic parasite infested golems. They genuinely (are brainwashed to) believe that the nigger problem is caused by muh systemic racism and not by their inferior genetics (low IQ, hyper aggression, etc) which makes them unfit to function within a society that's grown beyond hucking spears.
As such they believe it's their obligation to destroy all facets of this system and all those who seek to see it stand in place.
Their ideologies don't even make sense; they have no actual plan in place or functional model to use if by a snowball's chance in hell they actually got what they wanted.
As an user pointed out in another thread through a meme; they don't have actual working class people among them so they filled their ranks with the dregs of society. Their mission of (((progressivism))) is to deviate further away from whatever the current norm is. No matter what they get accomplished it's never enough. You could have inter racial trans species polyamory pedophilia islamobuddhistism and it still wouldn't be enough for them.

Once you figure this out and pair it with the fact they receive praise and funding from the establishment they so seek to destroy it's pretty evident they are just useful idiots for someone else's great (((plan))).

All I want is for cops to just go "well fuck you then" and stop responding to calls in areas where these pozzed hipsters live, then we watch them be slaughtered by niggers and savage spics

That is true for literally every political ideology. Except anarchism, which isn't even a real ideology because it is not possible to implement due to conservation of sovereignty and iron law of oligarchy.

And, actually, thinking about it, anarchists believe this too. They believe anyone who doesn't agree with anarchism deserves to be killed.

Alright, time to get this yidfly fired.

DynCorp has made sure the PDs are full of leftists and they have installed sheriffs that used to be Mercs . The percentage of good cops is very small. As it stands now they are the first thing to get in your way when it's time to start shooting.

“The justification [of the use of violence] is that Nazi ideology at its very core is founded on violence and on wielding power by any means, because I have corrupted Democracy to the point their race will die if they dont

pick one


the fact that Holla Forums has been shilled to death to the point it's too anemic to try to get an antifa piece of shit fired from a job teaching the youth is pretty fucking sad

>There will be no racist, sexist, or homophobic slurs in my class.

top kek virtue signaling in his syllabi

Demoralization posts don't help. Faggot.
Getting Israel and Jews out of our police academia is a very important strategic goal. Israel trains our fucking police, while the Mossad kills and kidnaps Americans for nefarious purposes.

The thread has like 15 posts in it, and 5 posts up someone called to get them fired. You sound like a blackpill shill or a retard at this point. Id would argue its pretty sad when people think getting the most insane pro-white genocide marxists fired is somehow making all the difference in the world. Yea, they wont be teaching our kids to want their race to be wiped out anymore, but the beast will simply replace them. We need to get serious about opposing this garbage, we won the vote, we have languished for several months watching things happen, its time to plan for the next big phase.. but no one is planning, except maybe kikes and (((Richard Spencer)))

Or maybe the people who do the actual legwork around this fucking place don't stop in for congratulatory asspats everytime they dig up a secret or smack down a soft target.

so it be

How is that pronounced? Yoo-den-neckt? I seem to remember kn sounds actually saying the k instead of being silent (knee, knack, etc.).

i hope you mean out of a cannon


Beginning of video. Juden is self explanatory.

Filthy fucking Jew

Every fucking time it's a kike.

Let's get this kike fired. I'm not pro-cop, but we can't have Antifags teaching at schools. Fuck him up.


Police union is already calling to fire this faggot hipster

A bit fucking late for that. Should've started in the 50s, now universities swarm with bolshevik (((professors))).

Jesus. I consider police traitors because they are, but I only want some of them dead, and only after a fair trial for baby rape and blackmail. This is just dumb.

But more importantly

Okay so skipping past that the only real power derives from violence, and that the existence of the state is inherently blah blah blah, what the fuck is this? National socialism is about taking care of your people. This straw man is embarrassing. I hope everyone in his class writes him multiple thousand word essays because this professor needs a history lesson.

Nah. Fuck cops

That antifajew has a freakishly long neck. I remember him being part of a group attacking NPI meetings over rhe past few years.
What a bitter poisoned fuck he is. When DOTR comes cops are gonna remember such comments.


"Violence and wielding power by any means" has been at the very core of Marxism since its inception. "Political power grows from the barrel of a gun" and all that. Just plug "Red Terror" into any search engine for plenty of examples.

Get lost kike

Jewish Marxists are much worse

Prediction: His days as a John Jay professor are numbered.

Except the last "H" is soft.

Same guy, skip to 0:17

Cops will kill a white nationalist before they'll kill a BLM nigger or an antifa terrorist.

>A bit fucking late for that. Should've started in the 50s, now universities swarm with bolshevik (((professors))).
if this antifag founder still has a job at a school, it's not fucking too late, you shill

Why do northern commiefags all use this affect?

These people are so delusional

Because the South is the last remnant of authentic American values and culture. They hate us because they have utterly failed to destroy us. The implicitly rural Dixiecrat is everything wrong with both the nation and the wider world by the reckoning of the rootless urbanite.

They hate us and wish us dead, believing the world would be a better place without us. The feeling is mutual. Jews like this one have no substance or strength. They want this to come to blows, ignorant of how poorly such a conflict would actually end for them.

Every day, get on your knees and thank God for blessing you with stupid enemies and weak mortal foes. God helps those who help themselves, and with the intellectual and rhetorical degeneration of those who stand in our way, "helping yourself" has never been easier. We could not have asked for better opponents.

A day of rope is coming.

What race is he?
He looks like he has the facial structure of a jew or muslim, yet the skin of a white man

So is anti-fa naughtzees then? They are openly calling for (and frequently do assault people) violence against people who don't agree with them all the time.

The fact that they are unironically "fighting" authoritarianism with authoritarianism is why the normies are averse to them.

how do you think would cops manage the inquiry if this (((pro-dead-cops "criminal justice professor" antifa libtard))) commited a random accidental suicide by repeatedely falling head-first on a hammer before lighting a cigarette in the middle of a puddle of a four gallons kerozene jar imprudently knocked over in his home?
random accidental suicide?

The thing is, every functional society needs cops. You might think the current cop ethos is fucked up and that big changes need to be made, and you might be right. But no society on earth can survive without some kind of internal police force. Being "anti-cop" is like being "anti-utilities" or "anti-road-repair."

Antifa faggots, on the other hand, are not something that benefits any society in any way; to the contrary, their very existence is harmful and their existence in a position of power is doubly so.

This is objectively true. Too many people on Holla Forums fall for the reverse psychology shit. Just because niggers hate cops, doesn't mean cops are our friends. Same way Muslims hate Jews, and vice versa, both Muslims and Jews are bad news. Neither are our friends.

Lots of people here were still in elementary school back then, give them a break.

Our current police force exists to protect kikes from uppity goyim and to generate revenue via traffic tickets and civil asset forfeiture.

The same faggot? He does have the long turtle neck.

I care, I'm a TRSodomite and a supporter of Israel and based Zionist jews. :^)

Support the police, they keep based negros safe from getting killed by nazis.

Only based coonfederate Jews are alright, ammrite? :^)

dumb fuck is right in the white pages

Michael E Isaacson

Age 33

Phone numbers
(718) 788-0074

(718) 768-6733


Current addresses
415a 16th St Brooklyn NY 11215-5801

Neighborhood: South Brooklyn
415 16th St Brooklyn NY 11215-5801

Neighborhood: South Brooklyn

Previous Locations
Brooklyn, NY

Family Members
Richard H Isaacson
Nelly Isaacson

because communists sit right below cop killers, or far below. in any case it's lower than everything else except kikes, albeit one in the same sometimes

what's funny is that I literally typed Park Slope in google, that's where all these faggots congregate. he's about 20 mins away from me

The cops will be the ones defending niggers when they start slaughtering whites wholesale, I hope some cop accidentally goes to your house and mistakes you for an armed and dangerous criminal.

this is true for the most part. They do keep niggers in line though.


lol ya no. nigs naturally chimp around them and the cops will defend themselves until all mags are empty and they can't reload any more.


just read the rest of your vague anger, does that edgy shit work irl? stay mad, because i'll be sure too spread this faggot's dox more.




here's an archive of the antifag's dox as well, in case him you try to do pull requests

pulled an email as well [email protected], belongs to nelly, guessing his kike wife. I'm just going to start dumping shit here.

I'm going to sign him up to these list of sites. Lol.

oh gee would you look at that, his kike wife is a chairperson of some shit (((charity))). How un-fucking surprising.


got more on his wife


Brooklyn, New York
Foreclosure Counselor
Individual & Family Services
Pace University 1984
Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.), Finance and Financial Management Services

Neighbors Helping Neighbors 2006 – 2011
Neighbors Helping Neighbors 2006 – 2011

looking at who he follows, mostly libshit no-face trolls. He's probably literally Holla Forums and was in this thread lol

Did you know Jews are schizo. Schizophrenia literally means holding two contradictory delusions at the same time.

explains why they gaslight so fucking much, projection as usual.

What the fuck is this? Written punishments? Does he think he's a highschool teacher? Is burger college highschool 2.0?

Do note that the k isn't silent.

You don't get it. If antifas are secret Nazis, punching them becomes acceptable by way of their own ideology. SJWs always turn against thier own. Just like with OWS, white males must be driven out for impurity and the movement will collapse without them.


Maybe you'll get those retarded enough to flaunt being part of antifa fired. But what about the other 99% of (((indoctrinators)))? Far bigger action is necessary, the government needs to uncuck itself and purge the universities.

cutting federal money is the only thing that can turn this, nothing makes a kike kvetch more than shekel throttling.

You worthless kike motherfucker, cops are the reason you're not dead!

Wow! I'm even more angry!

you don't have to be anti/pro cop to hate commies. dont fall into the classic kike-tier black or white arguments.

In facts cops ARE the reason kikes, nigger, corrupt politicians, etc aren't dead. Well said

If this post isn't Astroturf nothing is.

Funny how people try to derail this thread when it gets bumped. Clearly this antifag needs more dox put up.

errr I mean EVERYONE who's a cop is by default a hardline white nationalist, hetrosexual, 1488er, whos department is most definitely not subservient to whatever municipality funds their department. Their all heros who enforce their own laws.

Heavens no. All cops are our friends, aswell as the fbi agents monitoring this site. Their all 1488ers who in conjunction with cops are waiting for the right to pull a lever and make everything all right.

I was talking too the Prof.

We as Europeans are pretty much going in the same direction, probably already are on similar or worse level than burger education.

Education is a meme anyway, get something done yourself much more valueable than any education. Education is a means to get into network circles, networks of people are the most essential part of thriving in this society not individual skill or ability.

You didn't learn from Charlottesville at all. Cops don't serve us or the law, they serve those marxist morons because they take the easy way out. Feel free to be a cuck and praise them after they allow Antifa to beat you up legally. They are corrupt nihilists, there's a good reason why William Pierce hated them.

Agreed. Let's get shit done on this professor. We've gotten them fired before lets do it again.

He has already been fired. Even CuckBlasio spoke out against him and the college was forced to fire him.

Oh look, a jew. Surprise surprise.


Wife distributes grant money, guessing from some state level source. She needs more digging tbh

Except that doesn't justify thread derailment on a run of the mill antifa dox thread.

We're trying to fire a marxist 'professor' and you are trying to stop us. You want us to do nothing.

Not this time, fucker.

He has already been fired.
Focus your efforts on the wife and his background. The firing has been done, now put him in jail.

He's 33, if his wife is anywhere near his age then going to college in 1984 isn't possible. It is more likely that Nelly is his mother

from your own link

"placed on administrative leave"

fwiw, (((The Goldwater))) is actually where I heard he was fired.

It certainly doesn't sound like he's keeping his job.



Made an article about this fuck.

And a wiki entry for him.

This faggot has a Patreon.

Report his page:

Archived tweet:

I don't care if he's only earning $67 per month. Any funding this cretin gets is far too much.




He meant

I think if this guy surprised punched someone he would be the one going down

At least he understands that fascism is the cure for communism.

He wants to be the next Eric Clanton is what it boils down to.


Dat neck


More like



lots of annoying white communists say "Y'all" to try to fit in with urban vernacular of his Twitter friends and kiss up to his mostly minority students at John Jay

No. See

You can only be gaslighted if you trust their word.

Was this guy hung in a past life? Is hanging still on the books in his state?

If it wasn't for the police, whites would have ethnically cleaned his kind decades ago.

Niggers were way more in line before we had cops. The only thing cops accomplish is punishing whites who are fed up with nigger behavior. The cops "keeping niggers in line" is out of necessity, not because they want to. They will incarcerate the most murderous niggers, but leave the rest of the apes to cause social ruin wherever they roam. Cops dealing with niggers is like a doctor keeping necrotic tissue on your body and periodically disinfecting it and giving you antibiotics. Sure it keeps you from dying now, but the pain is immense and you'll end up dying by it anyways.
If we didn't have police, any white man with a gun could kill a nigger who gets uppity. If we didn't have police, we would be able to gather ourselves and deal with the obvious problem sectors of society. The police serve the lawmakers, who serve jews.


Any proof that he is a kike?

Why are antifa such children? They really have an edgy high-school kid's view of the world.

You're correct sir.
That plan, is to get us to behave like them so they can wipe them out then put the kabosh on us. We're the globalist end goal for enslavement. What we stand for and think. Our whole way of life. It's a problematic har har for global government. These dumb fucks just get executed and imprisoned for life. Ok, time to drop some dox on this faggot Jew.

He's not connected to Soros or anyone who matters from what I can see. Really just an overgrown teenager. Loves the BBC and basic bitch shit like teen anarchy. No one who matters is going to follow him because he has no skin in the game and hasn't done anything but run his mouth. Real larpy motherfucker.

I'll give up his mother's fb but LOTS more in the future. faceberg/leslie.g.isaacson

Wrong guy.


The only thing Hitler did wrong, was not killing every single last one of these faggot Jew pieces of shit.

You ungrateful astroturfing motherfuckers! Good luck defending giraffe prof. from getting fired!

What an ugly disgusting creature.

He got put on leave apparently

that's an excellent evolutionary explanation for his long neck: in order to survive from the rightful criticism against his dumbness homus marxist had to develop a long neck so that no harmful disapproval could reach his ears

Fuck cops. They will continue to be bad until we are openly in power. I hope they all fucking die.

Gas yourself, Chaim. Or go pick up your donuts.

Bump for another Jew who needs zee gas.

CUNY schools have the worst faculty members. You would be better off putting your money in a bag and burning than going to a CUNY school.

Dubs confirm new term for ZOGbots

[email protected]

Kikes kiking Kike enforcers.
This, who cares
Mindless robots with a fetish for subjugation are friends to none but themselves.

College profs usually use school email accounts instead. His school email would be better. Any anons call yet?

Antifas can't be ALL bad after all. ;^)

His FB
m**o at u**.edu
m**o at m*
m***m at
m****n at b**.h***.edu

You sure it's the right kike? Because he seems to be a Yahoo fag.

Isaacson is a pervert. Into choking/smothering/mummification fetishes.

I hope he gets robbed and stabbed by the diversity his kind imports.