When will leftypol start raiding?

4/pol/ is doing it

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I don't care what Holla Forums does.
Not your personal army.

After my time on Holla Forums I was always against it because I saw how it brought in newfags, but we're actively trying to spread our politics so it may be a good idea. We need a new Project Chanology. (I'm cringing just suggesting this)

So we should raid to get new memeber?

Why are normalfags such incredible pussies?

It would have to be more like Project Mayhem.

Holla Forums likes to think they played a major part in Brexit and Trump. I think the majority of the voters in favour of both Brexit and Trump do not even know about Holla Forums.

In fact I think it is possible that Holla Forums could start alienating some voters from the right. Because I think that Holla Forums's flavour of the right might be bit too extreme for the common man.

Holla Forums will snatch up bored young men online who have a distaste for "Sjws" and "feminazis" but nobody in the rust belt or in the decaying industrial regions of Britain is voting right wing because of Pepe memes.

I disagree. The common man would love to be able to openly say "nigger" and blame every ill in his life on immaterial bullshit while some big daddy pretends to do all the actual work for him.

I agree, we do need to start doing raids. We won't get anywhere fast circlejerking in our armchairs.

We also need to create a lot of content for YouTube and Twitter. We have some so far but we gotta get out there harder, and we gotta promote that shit.

Ripple effects, user.

Well sure. But I do think there's a certain point in which it becomes to extreme even for them.

In my country people might be fine with racism against blacks and especially muslims, but I doubt they would be fine with anti-semitism and nazi imagery (my country has many elderly people who still remember WWII).

So if people started associating certain parties with the alt-right they might possibly choose for something else. But to be honest that is speculation on my part.

Too extreme, sorry for that.

I agree. Holla Forums has always vastly overestimated themselves. And you can even see the early reactions against them on imageboards when they are told to fuck off to their quarantine board (as much as containment theory has failed) and to stop derailing threads. So many anons are already fatigued from the constant tard-props and one can only imagine when they reach big media again that the normies will find them just as annoying, absurd, and repulsive. Holla Forums is the ultimate newfags.

Holla Forums is the new Holla Forums, in more ways that one.
Reminds me of moot wishing 4chan "went back to their roots and left all the politics" when he sold out.


Making a Holla Forums board was a mistake. I wonder how many sleepless nights it's given m00t?

completely cucked

Rolled 1, 1 = 2 (2d6)
Good for them

He should have pulled the plug cold on 2014 instead of pussyfooting.
Almost every Holla Forumsyp would have gone here and Holla Forums wouldn't have become the cancer maelstrom it is now.

Wanna raid something raid this

I think the power of the internet is exaggerated.

Yes, peaceful protest has lost its powers, and in comparison online organization tends to gain more attention.

But any kind of direct action - sabotage, vandalism, targeted "incidents" - becomes news for weeks, and the online hive mind makes it a talking point instantly.

The hierarchy is:

1. Direct Action
2. Online Presence
3. Peaceful Protest

I say you like to watch other men fuck your wife. Do something about it, bitch.