Any Holla Forumsack musicians here? I mean, like serious musicians and not just Moon Man trolls...

Any Holla Forumsack musicians here? I mean, like serious musicians and not just Moon Man trolls? Would you like to use music to help our cause?

Do you think there's a place for rap music in the far right as a means of influence over younger people? I have experience writing rap songs. I still like the genre and think that it could be purified. It's also a great way to express aggression, which is why something like gangster rap got so popular over the more political rap from earlier. People, particularly younger people, like aggressive music

I did some recordings over a shit USB mic when I was younger but now I have my own income and thats has allowed me to buy some semi-pro equipment. I can also make my own instrumentals on my computer.

I'm putting together a few songs that I'll let you hear probably in about a week or so depending on how long the mixing and mastering ends up taking me…

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Fuck you
Nigger babble is the opposite of music

yeah i wrote a song that has a combined total of over a million views if you count up the views from all the videos people illegally uploaded of my song (i have a royalty contract on it but i still retain all the rights). i licensed it off for some cash, but i just let people download it for free. i do make other music though. pretty much everything i make is electronic.

that said, you're gonna need to have some *incredibly good* lyrics and not sound like a beta faggot if you want anyone here to take you seriously in what you're proposing. what exactly do you expect to accomplish?

*over a million views on jewtube

There's some good right wing Polish rap but I doubt you speak pierogi.

Our people needs art that inspire and push them to better themselves. Spitting ready-made lyrics over electronic beat isn't inspiring. It's a waste of energy and anger. So no, rap is not music and rap artists aren't good models for children.

I really loved these

Yes, there's a big nationalist polish rapper that shits on immigrants all the time. He has millions of views, with 99% thumps up and all polish people in the comments praising him on his stuff but I have no idea how to search it again because everything is in polish.

Is dying user.
Try something provocative and more rock or electronic.
Big room house and some trap. Make it sound like hell.

That drives across the message of chaos.

Also it would be great if someone flew low and moved into the industry, then subverted their message.

That's essentially what grunge did.. but reverse i guess.

He can always change his music up, there's nothing stopping him from experimenting with what catches views and pushes the messages we collectively want to tell our people.

Bujak is my favorite. There's also a few others I think are nationalist, Beron and Basti. I could never figure out who did vid related though but I like it a lot. The most annoying thing about Polish nationalists is that they are anti-Nazi but at least some are jew-wise.


Here's some high energy Serbian rap.

Sage for multiposting

Bujak - First to Fight

Bujak's music videos make me want to join a hooligan firm and psyche me up to lift.

Sweet, I'll check these out later.

I really liked these too, found them before I found Holla Forums actually. I discovered cultural marxism, the bell curve and other entry level redpills on wikipedia but these were my first exposure to the edgy humor and light-hearted culture of the new right. Before that I listened to Rock Against Communism, Oi, and other skinhead punk to get entertainment sympathetic to my newfound beliefs. I think the channel is related to TRS though, some of the memes aren't from here like standard fuck parties and dildos

Vid related is the first one I've come across in that new sandbox mode btw, scary shit. Can't comment, no recommended videos, no likes/dislikes, and gives a warning when you try to click on it.

No problem man, I don't know how I ever discovered Polish nationalist rap but it's good. I've never even liked rap before.

think of someone like hopsin - he has some alright 'anti-degenerate' (or at least as anti-degenerate as a nigger doing nigger beats can be) themes/lyrics but he doesn't have as much of an impact because his beats and aesthetic are too corny. in other words, if you do this, you'd have to have a top-tier sense of aesthetics, beats, vocal style, and lyrical abilities for it to not be seen as obviously, purposefully 'subversive'. you wanna make the narrative you're trying to push through the music appear as inconsequential.
vid related, even though it's a completely different musical style, is an example of what *not* to do lyrically - you don't want it to just sound like someone directly pounding their message in, and you don't want it to sound like a facebook rant with a few rhyming words.

Can't even view it embedded and no viewcount either. Fuck kiketube and their censorship bullshit.

music is vanity and vanity is sin. if your music has lyrics it is vane. if it is anything other than neurally active frequencies to aid in meditation and concentration, it is vain. your retarded 4/4 electronic dance diarrhea cancer and rap is a sin against God. No one wants to hear it. throw your shitty soundcloud in the dumpster where it belongs and spend your time on something meaningful. making shit music is a crime against humanity and should be punishable by sterilization and lobotomy.


I agree music is degenerate but not everyone is meditating on a mountaintop waiting for Kalki. Aggressive/high energy music gives me the energy and adrenalin to go lift/run/spar/etc, otherwise I'd be like Goebbels sitting in bed all day too despondent to get up.

I'll take this opportunity to turn this into a Holla Forums music thread an shill my other favorite genre, folk metal. Bands like Heidevolk are more folk while some like Ensiferum are more metal, but they're all full of good traditional European values and instruments.

Moonman isn't enjoyed because it's based on rap. Rap is subhuman niggershit. It's not even music. It's reading off an unintelligently written "poem" over some shitty 15 second midi loop or a short "sample" stolen from an actual song.

Kill yourself.




Apply yourself newfags

report yourself to the nearest proctologist nerd

No offense to whoever makes these but they never caught on because they have no flow and are painful to listen to. A computer voice saying "nigger nigger nigger spic kike nigger" isn't really that funny after the first time.

addembt failed

There is no good "real" rap.

do absolutely whatever you want, except rap. there is no possible instance where that can be anything else than garbage.


Or they never catch on cause no kike music label or mainstream platforms would give it the time of day and it just gets out right deleted where ever it's posted, have you that about that?

I disagree, check the slavic raps I posted above. However OP and other aspiring musicians shouldn't do rap since it's on its way out. Synthwave is neat aesthetically but has little room for propagandizing. I think parodies of popular songs like (((TRS))) did is the way to go if you have any actual musical ability.

There were a few good moonman songs like Chimps in Suits, Id like to link it but all vids of it got shoa'd on jewtube

OP (((rap))) belongs to us. I assume you're familiar with flyting, which may have inspired you to make this thread. Be aware that Google is a filthy sneaky liar, and flyting never died. Throw out most of what you write though. You're not allowed to have low standards.

Aesop Rock has a few good songs. "Daylight" for the obvious example. Eminem is pozzed and mk'd, but good at what he does and has a few surprisingly complex freestyles on YouTube. The latino Immortal Technique and the black Blackalicious are communist fools and possible CIA assets, but they are also undeniably talented lyrically to the point I recommend them here to my fellow nationalist socialists as worth a listen now and then. Tech even comes real close to naming the jew, but then pussies out and goes kumbaya one people fuck bankers. He's either a CIA gatekeeper asset or one step away from becoming a nationalist socialist leader for his own people.

Music is music. Most music is bad music. Genre doesn't have much to do with that, although you can expect worse music in certain genres, like rap.

OP get multiple oratory styles under your belt. Increase your words per minute, but also know how to roll, boom, and slow things down. Alliterate, but don't pontificate on a letter. Always strive to create better, and keep preaching truth til they break your crown.

Why would you subject yourself to negro music?

The moonman stuff is stuttery because of the computer voice. I think this mooman rickroll is the best on >>>/kkkmoon/ or whatever it's called. Sage because probably a slide thread.

Meh, it's shit but however Zyklon Boom already did that 15-17 years ago. It's in swedish though so most have probably never heard of him.

slav thread?
If you think niggerbabble is the worst then he will convert you.

Music was perfected 200 years ago.
Expose that to whites. Find the strength in a good movement or piece and let the emotions from the music do the talking for you.
No need for lefty style political whiny lyrics. That's what commies did with folk music and (((they))) kept manufacturing it. I'ts pathetic and makes you appear weak.



Probably there is. Consider this track.

However, whites have music that blacks don't have. We have history and culture that goes above and beyond what niggers can produce. Why do you think Generation Zyklon won't appreciate classical music, good rock, and other artforms? They will want something real, not more of the same.

Plus, not every music needs racist lyrics to be fash. You can just talk about the positive aspects of traditionalism and valor.

Posting fag OP's pic in next post.

Op I am working on something similar and I'm great at making niggerbeatz.

Any way to contact you?

fag OP's pic

use negative like this

How is Moon Man a troll?
No. Which is why Moon Man exists. It’s something you don’t seem to have comprehended. Moon Man is a joke because rap isn’t music. At the most lenient of definitions, it’s percussive poetry. There is no musicality to it, and as such can’t be judged from a musical perspective. Moon Man parodies are the appropriate response to the existence of rap.
The best quality you’ll probably ever get out of the genre is Eminem’s work, and that’s because he’s fucking WHITE.
Do feel free to propagandize for the cause, of course. Don’t let what I’ve said stop you from that.

To my Polacy.

I like Aesop but he is a communist Jew.

I actually am a rapper, doing quite well in *European country*. Rap in itself is not that bad, it is the rap that gets pushed that is sickening.

Capital Steez, Tupac, DMX, B.o.B. etc. etc.

There are guys out there who are on a decent level of pillness.

Don't be the 'revolutionary rapper', try to hide your knowledge in lyrics - fine training as well.

nice but i prefer this moonman masterpiece

Tbh I wish I had regular music that I knew was made by people on board with us. It doesn't all have to be about Hitler and immigration and the 14 words.

Have a listen m8

Oh finally, I can put these 7 years of experience with guitar to use on Holla Forums, I'm so-

I hate you. Anyone here play any instruments? Play genres like Rock, Jazz, Blues, Metal, anything? I recorded a pretty cool jam with another Holla Forumsack a while ago, so I'd love to do something like that again


Hi, guitarist here, I play metal, fusion, prog rock, I'm into all sorts of music

Music producer here, pro-white rap music can never work because rap is inherently anti-white. If you want to do something, take elements of punk and EBM/industrial and blend them together over subversively pro-white lyrics, has the same 'catchy but aggro' vibe that rap does. Sort of like what Ghostemane and Bones are doing.

I write music, but Im having to teach myself production and programming drums because all the people I used to play with are drug addicts now.
Working on something now but it's going slowly.

Got any recordings, user?

get pic related, it's the white man's 808

feels so bad man

Well you obviously haven't heard my moonman track that keeps on getting shoah'd on kiketube.

you messed up, user

Thanks bro. Checking it out now. Using piano roll is completely unwieldy and using pic related is too simple(doesn't let you do anything but 4/4 and only 4 bars). I do like the way analog drums sound though.

Just get a cheaper guitar. Go to a pawn shop and get a squire or Epiphone. They both have very playable equivalents to Fender and Gibson.
Writers block is for people with a lot of pressure on themselves. Give yourself new experiences, teach yourself songs you like and write a lot(ignore the shit, it's part of the process) and something good will come out.

We definitely need to retake the musical front of the culture war. Like anything we must ease into this. Believe it or not, I'm seeing more and more hardcore punk bands going to the right, not that we should focus exclusively on punk, we need to branch out entirely, but if punk can start going to the right then there is hope for just about every other genre.

I have one. Uses samples but it sounds just like the old 909 and it functions almost exactly the same. Cheap and good.

Double posting, but if you do get a volca beats make sure you do the snare mod on it, or the snare will sound like your hitting a back of saltine crackers with a drumstick.

Analog drums sound like shit on their own. You have to layer your drums if you want it to pack a punch.

I have one and putting it through a compressor pedal helps a bit…

I was a part of the local punk scene where I live and it's become full antifa. They dress up in black block at shows and go on long tirades between songs about punching nazis. All the redpilled people are in the metal scene. Even that is eroding though.

Nice, I played it on repeat about 10 times. Make a new moonman album.

Cmon son

I really want to put my stuff on here, but heres a quick improv I recorded

Moonman tracks are atrocious, it pains me to say this since I really like the meme, but computer voice music is just horrible

*I don't really

English isn't my native language. So If I'm not inspired I have a hard time writing. My severe laziness doesn't help either.
I'm also trying to learn musical theory so I can write proper Baroque and Romantic era classical music. Although I did take a stab at "Fashwave" a couple of days ago.

All a bunch of excuses, I know. I should really write another one.

You've got to admit that there is a certain charm to it, though. And if you cut up the sentences properly and process the audio a little bit, it could sound half decent.

What if someone could replicate moonmans voice irl user?

Nah. I think Moonman is fine as it is. The beauty of it is the anonymity. Anyone can make a track and it would still be Moonman.

Whew, good shit mate. What kind of chords were you throwing in towards the end? They sound like 7ths but I swear I could hear some lower tritones in there

This is me (attempting) to nail a solo for some Nip city pop

Embed is source song

they are called shell chords, seventh chords with the fifth removed, the tritones are from some dom 7th chords and a min6 chord
nice work, I like city pop

I agree. There are some extremely talented meme-bards on the chans and it's time the right steps up its cultural influence. There's a growing number of punk/hardcore Anarcho/Communist/Antifa bands which the punk scene has no problem embracing. I've been thinking of doing a right-wing punk album. I play guitar, bass, piano, and compose music. Punk was the type of music that got me into music and I'm sad to see how shitty and PC the scene became. The only thing I can't do is live drums and I don't have good enough drum samples to sequence drum tracks.

My other option is to go all electronic and have very minimal, esoteric words and spacey/angelic vocals over the tracks. (I'm a grill, so please don't imagine some gay guy singing high) I'm better at writing music and singing than I am writing lyrics. Maybe a lyric writer can lend a hand. Eh? I'd release whatever I make for free to spread the message and infectious tunes.

download MT-PowerDrumKit and Erkan's Organized Samples

If you're already struggling with getting decent samples then I'd say going all electronic is not a good idea. Because then you'd want get vsts for stuff like synths and effects plugins.

You can very easily find some samples online or a decently priced accoustic drum vst and tack that shit onto your tracks.
Or alternatively, you can find someone else to collaborate with who does what you can't. It wouldn't be too hard if you're any good at the instruments you play. Specially being a grill.

I'd say I'd be willing to lend a hand but I know next to nothing about punk rock.

Not a musician, but an artist. I'd love to get into classical painting and sculpting, using icons and imagery of our people and our cause.

Don't use icons and imagery that already exists. You should be inspired by ideas (and maybe people) and instead create icons and imagery that inspires our people.

Checking in
What does moonman have to do with serious musicians?
Yes, and I already do
Lost me user; I thought we were talking about actual music. You asked for serious musicians after all
Any production experience you have could be useful. If you mean that you actually write rap music, then please drown yourself in the nearest puddle
A polished turd is still a turd
pic related 32:47
It's never too late to pick it back up. Art is important and has been part of our people's culture since we were living in caves.
Good skill to have
Do it faggot.

You may never convince me that rap has any cultural value whatsoever, but I'd bite on some kind of "it appeals to the masses so we should use it" angle. That said, you should obviously be diversifying your skill set beyond making jungle beats. Learn guitar, it's so easy every dudebro and his frat brother can make a 4 chord song. Piano/keyboard is even easier. Also learn music theory, at least elements of harmony. Every dudebro and his frat brother can make a 4 chord song, but very, very few people can make anything more complex than that. Pic related is Beethoven. Remember the 3 B's of art music: Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms. Start there for further education into actual European art music. Music theory courses can be found on kahn academy or youtube or any number of places online. Alternatively take a college level music theory course. Good job user, at least you're doing something, even if I think its gay.

Well of course I would try to add my own interpretations of European mythology and symbols.

Someone mentioned it above your post.

Viking/Folk metal is like what said:
Good traditional European values of fighting for honor and folk and never giving up.

Hilarious video, very catchy.

Not bad, pretty good flow.

This is the best moonman I've heard. Don't like the high pitched noises in the background too much though but other than that great.

Decent, some pretty cucked lyrics though.

The problem with purely instrumental music is there is no message so while it might be good music there's not much we can do with it for a message.

We already have RAC and Oi as well established genres so maybe look into that?

Here are tons of videos,

Want to try to collaborate?
t. another artist.

Yeah the content is good, but so many metal guys turn out to be gigacucks that I can't just assume they're not. That doesn't change the music, but I want to be inspired by the people too, and for there to be that cultural front.

Sure. I'm not really sure how, though. I started out drawing weaboo trash so all I'm good at is lining/coloring that way. My painting skills are abysmal.

"Cheat" all you can. Trace images, use rulers, or round objects for a circle. The result is the important part, not some pristine process, after enough "cheating", you get good at it. Start with pastels and acrylics, oils after you get a feel for them.

t.fellow bad painter

>underage b& turning 18 in a few months, no worries goys

underground techno user here
I produce stuff that you would hear DJs like Marcel Dettmann and Ben Klock and the rest of the german crowd playing.
I have already added into my music, at the subliminal level, speeches by the like of our dear uncle Adolf with the intention of affecting the subconscious of drugged up degenerate ravers and perhaps helping them see the light.
Have yet to see a proper sieg heil on the dance floor though.
I live in hope.

No it doesn't user, have you opened yours up? There's a full TR909 in there. That's why it's so goddamn expensive and nearly impossible to get serviced.

"Charlottesville drift" is alright, there's a few other good ones out there too.

Hey everybody, MoonMan here. Why is this kike such a hater?

Working on some sick new tracks with Hilldawg samples from her audio book.

Woah, I didn't even know that. Now I like it even more. Mine cost only 400 dollars.

jesus lad what do you consider expensive gear? also you might not be getting the best sound out of it because of shitty outputs, shoot some canned air down there and get a better cable. I thought mine was shit until I hooked it up to proper headphones.

I dub that, the FBI's theme song. Since only (((they))) control the KKK now.
Top kek.

There's even (((amazon))) advertisement in it. ROFL.

Thanks, I'll try that. But compared to what an original 909 goes for, it's pretty cheap.

A long time ago I watched and enjoyed these "Uncuck the Right"/"Walt Bismarck" videos. But the dude's solidly alt-kike and possibly a faggot. I can't recommend it.

Guaranteed that your music sucks

Stop bumping these slide /mu/ threads
nobody cares about your ooga booga edgemetal or fucking rap.

good post. Art, music, food, architecture, literature too. No one should be allowed to make anything new. I am also extremely butthurt about white people producing anything or doing anything in general.
t. waiting-for-hitler

How about only digesting art that will stand the test of time.
Great literature, pieces of music and paintings that are archetypal and parallel with the pleroma.
Nothing will age worse than skinhead, faggot tier neo-folk and NSBM """""""music"""""""""

Personally I think contemporary music isn't the entirely poisonous influence that many people here view it as - this track is a great example of blending very modern styles with nationalism

Even rap is salvageable - not all rap (particularly that by white artists) is not all about gangster shit and slinging dope, despite its origins with street negroes. One group I particularly like is Windmills - no political leaning present in the music that I can see, but it's just well-made music that doesn't have disgusting lack of morality behind it.

Serbian music is a prime example of adapting degenerate shit into actual art. 'Turbofolk' encountered a share of criticism from some more traditional Serbian nationalists due to drawing from some Turkish styles. However, much Serbian turbofolk is aggressively nationalist and anti-Bosniak/Turk/Albanian.

There's even nationalist Serbian rap

I think the adaptation of music styles associated with our enemies into positive art actually fits quite well with what can be called the white/European ethos - the conquest and improvement of that which is barren and worthless. You can see this in the constant striving to colonize and turn virgin lands into productive farmland, and even in the medieval Europe alchemical preoccupation with turning lead to gold.

ok then I'll just wait 200 years to see what stands the test of time, and then only listen to that

Moon man is a legitimate, major rap artist from the 80's. I think you're trying to diss him so he'll call you out and get your crap more attention but I doubt anything like that will happen, he's way above your level.

OK you Navy SEAL you.

And that is how my third eye was awakened

The amount of anons defending rap in this thread is abominable.
However, the following is something I have wanted to post here for quite a while. Our music should be something impressive, complex, and more than anything, beautiful. Something that kikes and niggers would immediately dismiss or hate. From what I have gathered, Progressive rock is the most likely candidate that fits these criteria.
When the albums first dropped back in the 70s, many progressive albums were disregarded by nigger-loving jewish critics as "superfluous white people music", and the albums were often panned because they had far too much intricacy and nuance than most other music at the time. Prog rock STILL has a negative connotation to it among most people today simply because of the opinions that were left over throughout the late 70s, 80s, and 90s. In fact, the main thing that killed it was Punk.
Where prog is all about adding art and talent to rock, raising it to a higher level than just 3 minute songs for the radio, punk was all about equality and anarchy. The average 12 year old with a guitar couldn't play anything by Steve Howe, but they sure as hell could play the simple chords that punk artists were shitting out constantly. And of course, critics praised this regressive course that music had started to take. As the late 70s came and went and punk because more prevalent, the 80s took hold- and a new age of repetitive, valueless pop had begun. Progressive rock IS white people music, and we should be proud of that.

Now, for the sticky- This album is Brain Salad Surgery by Emerson, Lake, and Palmer. The significance of it is the lyrics of the 30 minute epic "Karn Evil 9", which is the central track of the album. The album start with the lyrics speaking of an "age of power, where no one had an hour to spare" (Nazi germany, or maybe back when whites were the dominant force of the world) that had come and went, only for the "seeds to wither", and "silent children shiver" (The good times have gone, and now those who would wish to oppose the new age are silenced). Next, the lyrics mention that the childrens "faces had been captured in the lenses of the Jackals for gold" (This is pretty obvious, jackals are of course jews, exploiting children for money).The song then goes on to talk about how they all have been betrayed, whilst they all suffer in silence. After the first part of the song is over, the time jumps ahead to a dystopian future where there is a "carnival" full of exibits showcasing degeneracy. Bishops heads in jars, strippers in tills, and "seven virgins with a mule". I highly suggest listening to the song and PAYING ATTENTION to the lyrics, its incredibly eerie how the song is reminiscent to how we believe the jews intend to reduce us to the lowest common denominator, while silencing those that speak out against it. The music itself is A+ as well.

Checked for proggy goodness

Speaking of using music for "the cause", I produced this prog/psychedelic rock concept album, and it had a couple of Holla Forums jokes in it. The whole album is pretty tongue in cheek, but it's sort of about regime change and immigration. Sort of.

Go to and stream it off of the SoundCloud embed on the website. Scroll down for the lyrics/liner notes that tell the story.

It's sort of an interesting presentation for a meme of an album lol

No offense user, this is terrible.
I love psych, but this is just 3goofy5me.