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Hasan is a fucking idiot

Seriously, fuck liberals are dumb as fuck, they are all doubling down on what lost them the election.

True revolutionary potential there amiright?

Please kill this man, jesus christโ€ฆ

To be fair as far as I know Trump will gut Obamacare and keep just a few points of it.

This guy is such a fucking faggot dear god.


Amazing how he argues Zizek is safe from all the chaos because he's a white maleโ€ฆ Ignoring that Zizek lived through the fucking Yugoslav Wars.

Poor Zizek couldn't get a word in edgewise. If nothing else it's a blow against identpol by proving that it doesn't matter what skin color you are to be a serial interrupting imbecile.


Was there any major battles in Slovenia?

Not a complete bloodbath or anything, but helicopters and tanks fighting in the streets

I can't imagine an ironic/provocative intellectual like zizek fighting in a war.

Let's dispense once and for all with this fiction that Hasan doesn't know what he's doing. He knows exactly what he's doing.

Remember this guy? youtube.com/watch?v=oSjOhdb0WHg
He was killed in action liberating Manbij

Disingenuous rhetoric, skewed moderation and changing the subject (or rather: not allowing the opponent to formulate their argument).

I don't know how Zizek didn't lose his cool.
I would have strangled him.

Hoping that the Z would have elaborated on his argument but just seems to have reiterated what I already heard.

He wasn't given a chance. The other guy's mic was clearly turned up way over Zizek's so he could interrupt him with impunity and gish gallop the conversation away from anything substantive.
Of course, I disagree with and think it could've gone a little better for Zizek if he stayed more collected/composed. But academics and theorists are generally not great at debating vapid rhetoricians whose primary goal in any conversation is "winning."

Yeah, I do not blame the Z, I was just thinking that in elaborating he might've had less interruptions, because the guy clearly didn't understand what he was saying at all and just chose to attack the identity of a position or whatever.

Wall Street - OWS
LGBT support - Saudi support


All he's doing is reading a fucking paper while interrupting Zizek.

Actually Zizek was in the Yugoslav army in the 70's, if you listen to enough lectures you come across anecdotes from his Army days

He's a fucking Paki interviewer what did you expect?


It's not an interview. It's a rant by a narcissistic faggot who's watching his libtard circlejerk coming apart.

Oh no, god forbid they have to suffer through that nightmare.

Okay, so I watched it all and it seems Zizek's argument is accelerationism? The interviewer is kind of an ass but I can't help but agree, the price we pay for dems not cleaning up their act is pretty fucking big. We don't know that Hillary was going to start a world war, but regressing social issues 50 years sucks ass. Zizek never seemed to want to answer the interviewer's questions regarding why he was so confident trump wouldn't get anything done with a complete republican government. Even though trump has said he doesn't care about overturning gay marriage, his surpeme court appointee sure as hell does.

gay marriage is literally a non-issue, half of republican party supports it lol

What a piece of shit.

the word "slave" literally originates from "slav"

And the word "robot" comes from the slavic root meaning "slave".

Now that's slav muh privilege!

How come Obama didn't get any "social democracy" done with a fully democratic government his first two years?

The answer is the same: the fundamental nature of the bourgeois state is relatively constant. It's an emergent property of class rule no matter who nominally "runs" it. Note who he has on his transition team - does anyone really think that his rationally self-interested business buddies are going to let a "literally holocaust nuclear hitler doomsday" scenario come about?
Ultimately governments and presidents have no more power than they are given. This is the anatomy of revolution and capitalist rule alike.

Zizek didn't get a chance to fully formulate his argument. Look up his recent articles at inthesetimes.

Zizek's argument, and also Dore's and Chapo Trap House's is that Trump is such a disgusting creature that everything he does will be met with a backlash, and as other anons pointed out his policies are going to be the same as ๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€O'Bama๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€. This means that people will see porky's bullshit with the most disgusting face possible and therefore start acting against it.

this really overestimates the ethics and attitudes of most americans. it's very possible that the trump government's actions will be met with approval and celebration rather than "backlash"

wtf I hate Zizek now

he said working class party or communist party

he's not a larper

I think that's quite open to interpretation

No it doesn't, it comes from the word for worker or doer.

Co ty robisz? That's Polish for "what are you doing?"

yeah, but then if we can't get rid of Trump within four years, we basically deserve him.

Then what you're saying the American people will never accept socialism under any circumstances.

pretty much, yeah.

Friend snapped this from the video.

If nothing else, there is at least this.



Half face anger, half face resignation.

he can't keep the requirements on preexisting conditions and families without heavy subsidies

It is clear the political acumen of liberals does not extend beyond deference to the propaganda machines of both candidates, and leaving all economic thinking to the authorized personnel of the establishment.

By the time Trump will have recanted the least feasible parts of his program, they will already have forgotten them. I know many liberals will join him because all they know is to believe and obey.

It reminds me of Obama promising to close Guantanamo and not doing it and receiving the Nobel for peace to wage war all over the Mediterranean on one hand, and the Republican propaganda crying about the death of freedom and rise of fascism.

I guess my memory is too long-lasting to be a liberal.