Class vs Race

A made up social construct spook that doesn't exist and has no basis in biology. Used to unfairly divide people.

The only important dividing category between groups of people defined by how much money they make and how much property they own. Complete basis in reality and can be easily and arbitrarily identified. The root of all problems in the world.

Why do lefties do this? What makes class any less of a 'spook' or 'social construct' than race? And why use it as the main focus for your ideology.

Why is everyone who is in the upper-class automatically an evil oppressor? Isn't that just as silly as thinking every Jew is part of a vast conspiracy against the white man.

Couldn't you just you know, live your life and accept that there are some people who are better off. There really isn't that much stopping you or your family from moving up in the world except for the choices you personally make.

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Class isn't about how much money you make or how much property you own. It's your relation to the productive process.

The bourgeoisie aren't evil, capitalism as a system is evil and the bourgeoisie are its foremost lieutenants.

Ignore or uncritically accept the inherently unjust, dysfunctional capitalist system? So you're asking us to do pic related.

Not really. Social mobility in capitalism is highly exaggerated, and there have always been venues for social mobility even in feudalism or slave society, those didn't justify those systems.

classism is probably the worst meme of all time

social mobility is a pretty bad meme too

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Can't you accept that Jews are superior to you? :^)
Except for market crashes etc

Liberals actually belive this. Class is defined by your role in the mode of production. Also, everyone can't be upper class/capitalist, that's ridicolous.

Matter of fact is that there is a costant fight between labour and capital, and capital is winning. Denying the existence of this fight is favouring the capitalists even heavier.

That's not what class is you dork

That's exactly why.

This is a pretty retarded conspiracy theory, there is nothing to back it up. Given the amount of cash put into diversity and anti-racism campaigns, foundations etc. the opposite is obviously true.

you're wrong

race isn't real and class is a material relation between the individual and the means of production

because if someone owns everything you need to survive then they own you

they're not

it is

"can't you just accept that the landed gentry rule by divine right?"

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Race isn't something you choose. A black person doesn't get to op out of racism by not identifying with blacks.

You ever think people get mad at words and other immaterial spooks because it's bringing to the forefront of their mind material oppression they've experienced.

But no it more important for you not to be inconvenienced with a little sensitivity.

Yes some people have co opted to just elivate they're already muh privileged position, doesn't make it any less real.

This kinda immaturity is why you all don't have at gfs

but by buying into the concept of their "blackness" they reify and reinforce the bourgeois ideology that persecutes them in the first place

even if that's true believing it's because they are "black" and the distributor of material oppression is "white" obfuscates the fact that it is ideology and systemic racism oppressing them rather than the big white other

like you've chosen not to be inconvenienced with critical thinking

it can't be any less real because it was never real to begin with

gfs are a spook and another facet of bourgeois ideology that must be expunged

The concept of race is a spook. But its material consequencies (ie, policies based on it) are not.
Class is not a spook, beause it's the material consequence of another spook, property.
Justlike borders are not a spook, but the consequence of a spook.

combining capitalism with anarchism is definitely the worst meme of all time. I would really love to send you all to the gulag.

But I do have a girlfriend
And she is black
PROTIP: Africans think African Americans are a bunch of whiney fucks who cause their own problems
Granted that Africans are generally conservative.

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it's the "if i ignore it, maybe it will go away" kind of idiot

there is a black race, much more than there is any sort of class. i can instantly identify a black person, while with class this isn't true

The only idiot here is you for thinking that means "if I ignore it it'll go away" and that there are such things as distinct human "races"

Seeing varied phenotypes does not a separate race make. This is like saying gingers are not caucasoids because you can tell they're ginger and the majority of caucasoids still have souls.

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Right, but it takes two to tango friend. Racism only exists because people buy into these spooks. By black people "embracing their blackness" as something that actually exists they are reinforcing the concept that race is actually a thing instead of trying to do away with the concept altogether. They are actually reinforcing the thought process that leads to racial oppression in the first place.

It's understandable, but that doesn't change the fact that they're buying into spooks. As long as they buy into them they won't ever be free of them.

I do believe that race exists, I just don't think it's not that important.

Because in most of the societies, one's wealth and social status is more influential or powerful then their skin color. A billionaire black man would have way more political/economic power then a white homeless guy.

Geneticists would disagree about race is real at all, at least as a set of distinct categories. Class on the other hand is an objective reality defined by your relationship to the process of production. You can't identify it by looking at it, but it's more real than race.

No, but by being bourgeois he can avoid all of the real forms of oppression that are commonly associated with being black.

What the fuck do you think "passing for white" is?


i know the argument "race isn't real because there is no way to determine which person belongs to what race"

that would mean a statement like "black people were slaves" is meaningless for using arbitrary signifier

seeing simply defined concepts as more real because of their simplicity is a common mistake arising from the false importance of scientific objectivity being ascribed to concepts that more easily apply to the scientific method. a concept isn't anymore relevant to our being and understanding because a simple definition is more objective. for example, the word friend is undefinable, yet more relevant to the actual lives people than bourgoise, which only really applies to the explicit worldview as proclaimed by marxists, and even then they never would say something like "i saw this bourgeoise guy there" when they would say something like "i was with a black guy". it's simply not actual in the lived reality


The trip 7 of truth


bias against people because of their skin color. This does not and should not include stereotypes as those have some basis in reality.

bias against people because of their wealth.

Both are retarded and forget to remember that people are people. What they do is irrelevant. What they are is irrelevant.

Just learn to live with what you have and enjoy life. Life is about the journey, not the destination. And to make the wealthy your enemy just because you are not as wealthy goes to show how narrow minded you can be.

In the apocalypse there is no such thing as class or race. We were all born of our mother's wombs' and are all made of the same stuff. So why should we treat each other differently based on an arbitrary hierarchical system?


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it's not a "bias" you stupid fucker any more than being the king of england is a "bias"

you cannot proclaim the unreality of something and then claim an actual existence of said unreality

It's a totally lived reality, just not a perceived one by those that lack class consciousness. A prole goes in to work, they are under the direction of the bourgeoisie. They create surplus value that is extracted by the bourgeoisie. They are paid a wage that's the fraction of what they produce and then pay it back to bourgeois society when they spend that money. They live in a country where politics are dominated by corporate bourgeois interests. They participate in a society systematically designed to extract as much wealth from proles as possible while giving as little back as possible. They build their lives around a society that operates based on market forces. Even racism is itself a result of economic relations and class struggle. The realities of class relations directly influence people's lives daily, they just don't see it because they haven't put on the glasses.

you could have just said "yes"

bratism is an ideology based in the idea that being "mature" is acting in servitude to the bourgeois, and thus we should treat our parents like shit because they are members for the bourgeois. We exact revenge by having them give us their wealth so that we might elevate ourselves to sinner status. Obviously, you have not done your research, sinner.

Are you arguing for or against racism user? i cannot tell.

"oppression" is just used as an excuse and has lost its literary value due to people like you. Oppression is what happens to Christians for believing what they want in northern Korea. They get sent to camps, do you? Oppression is not "i don't like how i am treated, muh oppression!" Oppression is being prosecuted and silenced for a belief that you have. When has this ever happened to you?

Yes. When has sensitivity and selfishness ever led to maturity in any kind of situation. You must learn that the world is shitty and there is nothing you can do to effectively and/or permanently change it. So smell the roses, the shit, and get used to it or kys. In other words, maturity is attained through hardship and not ideology. Love your neighbor but by no means be sensitive because it is he embodiment of weakness.

You are a retard, aren't you? muh privilege is a retarded idea that helps jack-shit. IF you want to help improve the world, then stop acting like you are the voice of everyone and either adopt a new ideology, drop ideology all together, or truly consider being an hero.

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and the king of England is a person all the same.

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"We should take wealth from the rich!"
said Marx
"Christianity is for the weak!"
said Nietzsche
"stop being retarded, nothing on earth really matters"
said God
"God is dead"
said Nietzsche
"God is dumb"
said Marx
"Nietzsche is dead"
said God
"Marx is dead"
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"now who is wealthy when your earthy riches rot way?"
said God.

tl;rd - earth is temporary. once you die, what does class or race or wealth matter? Even from an atheistic standpoint nihilism suggests that nothing really matters, so why give a shit about having more?

what i mean with an actual lived reality, are not simple facts like that there are owners of businesses and people paid to the work there. societies and lives aren't mechanical in nature, they aren't "systematically designed", they have hierarchies that don't fit into economic dichtonomies. marxists seem to be unable grasp this, lumping their frustrations of what they can observe but are prevented from understanding under the label of "false consciousnesses", being very much like the liberal trope that the only problem is that people are ignorant, that the facts speak from themselves and the we only need to hear them

i thought you might be capable of an actual response. my bad

Holla Forums also beleives in class adn race.

is lib-user really such an ideologue that they don't even consider the upper class to consist of people like themself?
is lib-user so retarded that they have to resort to calling me an alt-right just to debunk my argument, rather than using logic??
Is Lib-user so full of the downs that they cannot use reason to argue against my standpoint that people are people???

find out next time on: retard and ideologue

Thank Marx you're here to tell us these things. We were all so misled this whole time.

Those ARE lived realities user. Your class and economic position, the structures of class society and capitalism, these have real concrete influence on the course and outcome of your life. They influence your prospects, your ambitions, what you do with your time, the environment you live in. These are very real things with direct effects on your life.

The profit making machine that forms the basis of capitalism is. It was deliberately designed to extract as much wealth and give as little back as possible. That's how profit works by its very nature, and it's accomplished by mechanisms specifically designed to produce profit.

Marxists essentially deny this, since the entire Marxist sociological model is that economics form the base from which social and political structures grow. Economic relationships are the most fundamental relations of society, and their structure will determine the structure of all social and political relations.

Is class really that difficult to understand? Class is a physical relationship. It is a description of matter in motion with clear definitive properties. That is what makes it real. Race is none of those things. That is why it is unreal.

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