Pol Island

For the first time in 300 years there is not a single person in Barbuda.

Maybe we can buy the island on the cheap? Populate with only white people.


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just buy some american land and invite us over



>>>Holla Forums


The link is not working.

during the golden years of Holla Forums, I thought we were much more diverse…

It does here: freeportgov.com

As per International Law, we have secured territory and at the moment we're working on promoting ourselves, legally.

Hail victory.

spics like the cold you fucking retard

looks interesting, and promising

I've been working on a society model for a mini-state that is dedicated to advancing the human race where almost every working adult is in a STEM related field. You have the same idea I had as far as land acquisition but I look forward to seeing your progress. My friends group is really into tall ships btw.

.com TLD is owned by a US company so advise you to use the different TLD.

Can you make the public documents clickable? It is too blurry to read onvthe mobile. I want to open a new image tab so I can zoom in



This isn't going to go anywhere.

If he made it 1488% then he will get in trouble. We need to think like a tactician.

And here is the thread payload, the site the thread was created to promote.
for new guys (to WN), the "let's make our own country" scam has been going on for years and will continue for years to come. It's completely impractical for a number of obvious reasons, but that doesn't stop controlled opposition from taking your money and reporting your details to the authorities


"hereby ==argee== to the ==fallowing=="

"free and ==indpendent=="

"mutual ==acceptence== of this treaty, the two Nation State=='==s ==argee=="

Methinks the next citizen of Freeport ought to be a spell-checker.

75% white = quadroons welcome.

Quadroons are still very phenotypically negro.

I've another idea, a better idea.
white power consolidation.
in short, find a state and or region that would
1. make a good home for ethnostate
2.low population
3.(ideally) high white population to begin with
to start, I suggest the states of Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont
lets examine:

this, Namibia was one hell of a ride, it'll be interesting to see how new Rhodesia pans out


I think he's Italian but I would be wrong.


lol where the fuck is this country?

They'd be bred out in 1-2 generations, (if they even found mates in our hyper-conscious environment) don't be retarded. This is an example of actual purity spiraling, i'd rather not alienate the mostly-White people who would otherwise fight for us and then willingly get BLEACHED.

Hmmmm… So what if you said:
"Suck my dick or you're kick out"?

What is your opinion on the homeschool or online education?

They're waiting for someone to buy them a container ship so they can be waterworld
May have secured some ocean in international waters at best. Sounds shifty as fuck.

They must have got the inspiration from the waterworld movie.

They can drink their own pee