About the alt-right and netouyo (Japanese alt-right)

From my experience and as someone who knows both American and Japanese internet, what's going on now in the US looks just like what's happened in Japan since Abe. It's strangely very alike. Abe is a literal alt-right emperor, who even likes Putin like those shills here.

The Japanese alt-rights consistently support him despite being poor as shit and on welfare, making shitty political memes with anime girls all day long, bitching shit about foreigners on 2ch and twitter, just like Holla Forumsacks. Abe doesnt directly encourage them, but his party and the conservative/alt-right media often intend to do and pander to them.

As for Trump, as he stated, he will go ahead with some big economic plan like what Abe has done, which is called Abenomics. Contrary on the hopes of your working class and oldies, I bet it will be a pretty half-assed one that only benefits big companies. Those alt-rights will still appreciate it though. They are such people, only want to feel to be part of "the winners" regardless of their real poor social status. Also, Trump is a total amateur politician. All he can do or pretend to work hard is about economy, so he definitely will do this before everything.

And your media will start to pander to Trump. This is what's still ongoing here. You might think it couldn't happen because most American media were actually anti-Trump, are liberal. But I'd say it will happen. The media will dramatically change at a certain point, and go full "We Americans are so great, we are the best country" mode as a whole.

Though I'm starting to doubt if Trump will actually build the wall and deport many immigrants, and willingly cope with complex international issues. Supposing that he learned how to manipulate the supporters and the media, he'd rather set a goal to stabilize his domestic popularity than take an international risk.

Though there's a difference between those, that is, your alt-right emperor is a total amateur politician, whereas ours is a pro politician even though his brain is full of alt-right wet dreams. And Japan has been homogeneous n shiit.

Trump has an extraordinary number of uncertainties. Given that, your country will most likely head for an unknown stagnation, politically and economically, ofc ideologically, that cant be compared with Abenomics and some of his hard-lines and nationalism.

I personally am looking forward to Amerishart horuhoru movement, which is a shameful trend of blatantly and outspokenly jerking off to your own culture, norm, common sense through media and the internet. People, especially those uneducated retards and decrepit boomers, will openly get into how great your country, culture, and people are. And the key point is, in your country, this might be replaced with White people.

Trust me, this will 100% happen.

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In the japanese case that's because a gag law, thanks to Abe japan went from being on the top ten of press freedom to like the 70-something

i have to wonder is there any leftist presence on the japanese internet ?

if so what does it mostly consist of and what's their best site/imageboard ?

Supposedly hitomi.2ch.net/poverty/ is pretty close to leftypol? I can't read Japanese tho.

Why the fuck did America have to coin "alt-right", it's just neto-uyo from 4chan instead of 2ch.


Kenmou aka hitomi.2ch.net/poverty/
They get like 80,000-90,000 posts a day.

Their symbol character (Kenmou-kun) is usually shown alongside the other two biggest boards (NanJ and VIP).

       /⌒ヽ                   (゚)(゚)ミ              ∫  /ニ ニヽ      (ω^ )_                    ノ   ミ                 u━ん`ヾ!l!l,!l!         >    l \            _     つ   (_               >   ヽト、!      (   /  `\        τ ニ`‐┬γ; | /   //`l           // ̄`彡|       )( ̄      く          \ |  : |¥   //  |          //   `l、`、    _ ノ─、   /    \         l/ ヽ: | i `ー//  ヽl          | |  ,  l | |  (E__ヽ \ |=,=={lili}         |  /  | _  //    )、          | |  /.   | | |  / |   ヽ|  |/ l三l  /            |/  ヽ         | :.|        |\ ;\            | | |    -‐´          ヽ_ヽ/  \          .ヽ |        |  \; ;\       | |ノ|_ ´|          / /_`丁`l─´         `、 、     |    \ ;\     .|      |        ノ   ノ___」            ヽ \    |     ヽ_j      /_____|       (_/                      \_\___ヽ

It'd tank the US economy and immediately turn it into a third world shithole.

I remember watching a documentary with Hayao Miyazaki, and he said the country was in danger of going fascist.
Was he exaggerating, or is it really getting that bad over there?

He is lying. For all intents and purposes they are already Fascist.

Actually, if our societies' trajectory matches Japan, then we should be excited by this. The Japanese Communist Party made major gains last election in reaction to Abe.


Which is basically the jap version of communism with chinese characteristics.

Nah, you're underestimating good ol capitalism, it will create a bigger market of human traffic, immigrants will be even more helpless to struggle against employers demands.
But it will be okay because "hey at least there is a big wall!"
You know, if he really followed a nationalistic logic, he would prosecute the employers with treason agaisnt the people or something like that.
But i'm pretty sure he will be the first one to financially benefit from the wall anyway. So much oportunities:


Come on, don't bully euromommunists.


It amuses me to no end that white liberals act as though only white people are capable of being racist conservatives
I don't think I can think of any culture more left wing than western liberalism

By leftism I meant on idpol, how embarassing

Didn't Trump say he was going to do something like that?

You didn't answer what they are like? Are they opposed to capitalism or do they just want free social services

Abenomics was a complete failure. It did nothing to increase investment

Strange that you would take press freedom as measured by capitalist institutions seriously

Not the guy you were asking, but they seem to be hardline social liberals who want to democratize the control of porky's property.

thank you for your insights



If they're like us and OP is able to read Japanese (seeing as OP knows their part of the internet well, I'd assume that is the case) maybe we could use this thread as a launch pad to reach out and start communicating with them.


It is kind of funny because black communities tend to be horrifically anti-semitic and violently homophobic.

Honestly, Republicans could easily pull black voters as their demographic if they got rid of their racist baggage and started playing up their homophobic shit.

Can't even access it.

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Getting cloudflare saying it's offline.

You need a Jap IP in order to post on the site.
(ironic since the site is hosted in america)

I wasn't even wanting to post. I can access other 2ch.net boards just fine.

I don't have a japanese ip and I can see it just fine

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Good read.

Kenmou and poverty sound a lot cooler than leftypol tbh

interesting, good post, doshi.