T_D Now Supports Amnesty. Admits to Raiding Holla Forums 'We don't even have to go to Pol to trigger them


This is the kind of faggots we've been dealing with for nearly 2 years now. Fuck this cancer off the face of the earth. These people are literal trash.

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Reddit is cancer. These are the same kind of people who say "LOL, Kekistan" and hang out with niggers.

This, OP would do well to cease this line of discussion and go back to posting about tentacle porn or whatever you people do when you aren't hearing voices.


the_dumpster have always been a bunch of civ-nat cucks. Regardless, I expect to see a few of em headed here, rev up them gore folders.



Hah, I saw that one earlier today.

The mods let this happen, the board died for these reddit civic imbeciles.

shut it down


Why do they think the point is about them being dangerous ? The pont is that they are not legitimate.Being pumped out by an illegal doesn't give you any legitimacy.

checked for wew

The mods didn't let it happen. They actively participated by banning anyone who had even legitimate criticism of Trump.


I know but you have to sugar coat everything for the low IQ dreggs that now make up the boards base users

Let me guess. Someone posing as Holla Forums went to Reddit to brigade them which led to other idiots wanting to brigade Holla Forums?

Sage for Reddit shit that will only be used for more slider threads down the line.




the absolute state of the board

Fuck me lads that place used to be a pretty useful weapon against the normienet and it's utterly wasted now

Not like anyone should have expected different from civ-nats. Especially with Jews and CIAlt-Kike (oxymoron?) with them. Sage for t_d thread

Probably this. These t_d retards need to learn that although they think they are the center of everything, we really don't give a fuck about them and their faggotry.




The mods were purged and replaced with shills when they got too close to the JQ.

/r/conspiracy is also compromised. Without asking they got 10 new mods one night.


Fuck off kike, chesscucking is for manlets

It's almost as if Reddit is run by people who actively push a specific political agenda.
Although if that was the case, there would probably be evidence of the administration silently editing "problematic" posts.
I can't be bothered to search for the screenshots of it.

Wow it's almost like every time Holla Forums gives normies the opportunity to unfuck themselves, they purposely cuck out and virtue signal.

Global report for admitting to being part of the consensus cracking raid.


Funny how that always ends up happening.

And the raid continues.

Yea I'm sure that'll definitely happen. I'm pretty sure Raygun said the same shit.

pls spoiler turkroach. thnx.


Trump is playing a dangerous game here. This isn't a few bombs over Syria. This is the future of the country he's fucking with. If he messes up and the illegals get amnesty, I'm done. Not just with Trump, but life. I'll follow bread and circuses until I run out of money and then paint the wall. I know I sound like a shill, but this shit is genuinely demoralizing. I suppose I should be satisfied he gave us a few extra months to be somewhat at peace. We are so fucked.

Why did we let it get this bad?

My adult life started around the same time as the 2008 crash. I have never known success. This amnesty shit is fucking with me so bad. I wish I could share the confidence some of you have that it's all a ruse. The fear of spending the rest of my short life living like an animal is too much.

What are you? A shill? Enjoy your permanent ban. :^)


Might as well.

Has Holla Forums finally regained it's sense and we can go back to hating kikes and their puppets

>oy vey what is Holla Forums mad about? The (((DOW))) is rising lol
Bunch of fucking kikes

I'm sorry to be a downer, btw. I wish you the best of luck. I envy your optimism.


This is basically what the democrats did before they got fucked last election, I hope these retards are prepared to live with the consequences and not blame le ebil internet nazis at Holla Forums.

Well i somehow have the feeling that the next time you and your niggers put some stones in our way our invade our privacy, which of course cannot be clearly indentified, you are in for a civil war.

Ooh, look shills posting shill posts to reverse up the D&C! Did nobody notice r/T_D went from ~10-15k active users to over 90k this morning? The shills and lefties are out for blood and this is just signal boosting.

And next time your "charismatic" data niggers and the memes they learned act has a form of priesthood you get killed, which makes it more unlikely as i say it but still raises your awareness.

No, because any user worth his salt would not use leddit.
This is TRS all over again.
fuck off.

Nigger you can't divide two groups who aren't together. This isn't /trump/ fuck off back to reddit, kike.


This. I stopped going there the night Trump won the election. The mission was over and the kekistanization was bound to happen. I don't know what people are still doing there other than turning normal people away from the cult of Trump.

why would these retards even attempt to raid us?
i answered my own question, theyre retards

This goy gets it. Kill yourself when bad things happen. Be a defeatist faggot, retreat to escapism and give up when the funds run out. Model good goy right here.

The cognitive dissonance over there is stunning. Oh, wait, nevermind. it's Trans-dimensional, hypersonic, Alderberan 47 layer Chex Mix or whatever, and I'm simply not pede enough to see it.

>To showcase a post from elsewhere on reddit, take a screenshot and black out usernames

I was wondering where the images with identities being obscured were coming from. Fucking retarded plebbitors.

psst hey buddy, he was playing russian roulette with ww3 in syria

I can't wait for the_donald fags to get Night of Long Knived.

To be fair this one's actually true. I was hoping it wouldn't happen, but Trump made it abundantly clear during the town hall that he'd be sending the illegals back, with the exception of the DACA recipients - he wouldn't be giving them citizenship, but they could potentially stay in the country.

So far he's still doing EXACTLY what he said he'd do. It's not great, but it's also not the end, IF he manages to properly get rid of the rest of the illegals AND build the wall AND not give the 'dreamers' citizenship (especially not with the chain rule in place).

The problem is the establishment will never be content with just 800k of the smelly fuckers. I am hoping Trump has the sense to nail this down as the time he cucked and where it still didn't work. His biggest problem is that the majority of his base is cucked and wants the DACA beaners to stay.

But then again there is no next time because it is ongoing. And there is no mercy because mercy only can occur after an act after something happened.

This is a faggy thread. Doubt doesn't even touch. No one is going to listen! Faglets come here to mouth off, not to get convinced what they say is wrong.

so i have come here to mouth off, try to convince me i am wrong


Except he promised the Angel Moms in person he would deport DACA receipants. And he promised the same thing on multiple occasions during rallies.

Something feels really off about those apparent Trump supporters.

I hate these fags more for stealing kek from us and ruining it. Kek doesn't even make sense without numbered posts.

So the kikes spamming the amnesty shit were from reddit.


Hi reddit


They took everything we made and ran it into the ground a thousand times over until it was so embarrassing we had to step away from it. Everything they do is cringe.

You cannot have a nation that is disharmonic in the sense that the individuals in itself are to shifted in ethnicity, wealth and education etc. and then pump more into it unless you wouldnt want the trade of it to decline in the matters i mentioned. And in that very sense the ethics a nation is build on are their own demise once there isnt enough room. But in some sense you have to hate the americans because they bring their shit to our nations.

found one

This thread brought to you by Shills.

Proof the muh reddit BOOOOOGEYMAN shills are anti-Trump globalist cucks. LOL.

sage negated.

That is simply the nature of The Eternal Redditor.

Smart is what works, a fucking blunt object. Hell yeah.

lol anti-trump shills are mad and want le filter safe spaces. get rekt snowflake

For fucks sakes, why is this not getting spread more. I was wondering where that terminology even came from, it's not how we normally referred to leddit to begin with.

Save it and spread it where appropriate.

Probably from it being a shortened way of saying the_donald like lol instead of "laugh out loud" but I'm sure it's 4897358903475082943750893745890234769508457689034756089347560893457063459086728904759208347589034D mahjong.

Yea is anyone surprised that reddit cucks are faggots who love muh amnesty and other degeneracy?

wtf I love amnesty now

What are you some plebbitor divide & conquer shill who wants to seperate the glorious alliance of Holla Forums + T_D?

you people have made this board unusable

The second image makes me want to vomit. Who gives a shit about the Jews' econonmy when we are being replaced by foreign aliens?


Take a screenshot Goy and black out the names so as to not affect the DOMReddit
Holy shit Plebbit is cancer there's a fucking reason I haven't been there and years

lolberg republicucks. That was obviously from day one what we were siding with when we decided to ride the le muh trump train. WHo cares keep pressing natsoc on these kekistan kikes.

fuck off back to Reddit

Other dead giveaways include:

It has all the markings of a bubble too. It's not like companies are making better products or anything. It's just driven by speculation because without obongo around the middle class felt safe throwing their money in stocks again.

Average intelligence, father a gang member, mother hmm, same milieu.

don't forget:

You're right.

Good goy.

So, you're on two, right now.

and you are r/the_donald

and you are r/the_donald

This is now a Red Pill thread
Hebrew Kikes are responsible for pedophilia and enjoy sucking tiny baby penis.
The Holocaust never happened but it should have and it will soon.

Everything is speculative. Until a NATSOC economy replaces this shit it will always be faith based as opposed to production and especially quality production based.

endkike pls

i don't even think you're from r/the_donald anymore, you're JIDF trying to steer people away from NatSoc towards kosher civic nationalist politicians

If anyone wants to start/build a tweetstorm/gabstorm about this, I have seen a pretty good hashtag used for it


Let's here it for our BASED taxi drivers and 7-11 franchisees, folks!


reddit doesn't even come here and if they did so what? anyone who likes the G-d Emperor is okay in my book.

The holocaust is a hoax. There were deaths in the prison/labor camps, but they were caused by an epidemic of Typhus exacerbated by starvation and allied destruction of supply routes. Typhus is spread by lice, and Zyklon B is a de-lousing agent. At the concentration required to kill a person, the gas chambers by design would not have even been able to contain the gas successfully. Ovens were used to destroy the clothing, sheets, etc of Typhus victims in an effort to halt the epidemic, and possibly to cremate those who died from the disease. The ovens could not possibly have been used in a mass extermination. Even modern ovens running 24/7 can't reach anywhere near the supposed rate of cremation that supposedly occurred at Auschwitz. No mass graves were ever discovered. Nazis at the Nuremberg Trials showed signs of torture, and the Jewish man who 'interrogated' the head of Auschwitz later admitted in his published book that he tortured a confession from him. Germans kept no details whatsoever of any plan to get rid of Jews, and much of their documentation of the prison camps contradicts the myth of the holocaust. The only evidence for the holocaust is testimonies from supposed survivors of supposed death camps. Several other hoaxes (like Jew soap and skin lampshades) were just recently proven to be false. Likewise, the showers and gas chambers are simply products of equal parts hysteria and propaganda. In the past century, elite Jews have profited enormously from the myth of the holocaust, and holohoax exposure is illegal in several European countries. Truth does not fear investigation. The holocaust is a lie.


That is why the freemarket is in for a race for the bottom of the barrel market, because certain mechanisms rather point to the short term development instead of the long term shit.
But for that we need amnesty und andere dumme schwuchteln. Because right now quality of life is only defined on ideals, the ideals you would destroy in an instant if you wouldnt be a fucking faggot, only upheld by sheer indentity and the monkey mirror. The crack for the masses.



wewlad, now I am starting to believe that there is something going on

Which won't be such a problem when the chain rule is done away with, which is the reason Trump is pushing a merit-based system instead.

This is why "converting" leftists was a horrible idea, and why I've never cared much for it. The overwhelming majority of them are just so fucking retarded. They were on the left because of how stupid they were, how easily duped and led along by their leaders they were, just because they "switched sides" doesnt make them any less "useful idiots" than before, or any less likely to be morons who will blindly follow social trends or worship/follow whatever authority figure or group think their side subscribes to.

They were idiots who followed obama and didnt think or analyze what he said, what he did, and made excuses for EVERYTHING he did that even their side didnt agree with. And they're going to do the same shit now even if they're on the right, ignore anything their side does wrong or their leaders selling them out, and just jerk off about how great their side is, even when its cucking itself to kikes.

If you were not intelligent enough to see through the leftist filth on your own, through most of your adult life (teenage years are meh, uninformed, indifferent, acting on emotional appeals to often) starting in your early 20s, then you are frankly beyond saving. And you guys are seeing this first hand now. These leftists-turned-rinos are just worshiping the new cult of personality and anti-pc attitude, the "counter culture" nonsense. Thats why when paul joseph fagstein talked about conservative being "the new counter culture" I groaned, because it confirmed what I already knew, that our "side" would simply see an influx of low IQ, low information, cult of personality, fuckwits who are just bandwagoning on because they want to be edgy and "different" and can't do that while being leftists anymore.

That is what was recruited to the "right" and they'll do anything to justify/approve of what trump does/says, because they didnt actually vote for him for policy changes and so on, they voted for him to be an edgelord basically. They're the same fucks talking about "based" niggers/spics, and posting half naked pictures of beaner women with maga hats and shirts and crap like that.

I've just checked out of politics at this point. We either get a revolution and purge the commies, marxists, and morons who act without understanding (be it towards the right or left), right along side the niggers, spics, chinks, fags, dykes, trannies, goat fuckers, etc… or this nation just slowly dies one way or another.


He said "paint the wall", he never said who he was talking about painting the wall with.

This is an excellent post and analysis of the issue, and puts into words an issue I was concerned about as well but could never coherently construct.

People who do things to be 'edgy' have no values, they're just moronic nihilists who disdain anyone who believes in anything (including leftists, they at least believe in something, even if it's retarded and probably evil).

This is an excellent post and analysis of the issue, and puts into words an issue I was concerned about as well but could never coherently construct.

People who do things to be 'edgy' have no values, they're just moronic nihilists who disdain anyone who believes in anything (including leftists, they at least believe in something, even if it's retarded and probably evil).

All that liberal and the respective response to it is all shit, more room for aquiring wealth, if we do not get it, i will all lighten it up speaking metaphorically, cunts and fags do not matter here neither do "formalistic" structures. And the commies you see today are just like a sex disease, you stick your dick into many (randomized risk) cunts and you end up with a problem.But being edgy i would call that the usain bolt principle, everyone thinks he is the fastest but only one is.

Do you happen to have the citation for that?
Sort of related to this, I've heard that the Bletchley Park decrypts show absolutely no evidence of genocide and have far smaller death totals at the camps than is claimed. Does anyone have a direct link to "The Death Books of Auschwitz" and/or raw Bletchley Park decrypts?

Great job, ✡jim✡. Way to let the site's code shit itself during a massive raid.

Edited the first one for legibility and focus. This sort of stuff could help us sway some the_donald cucks and civnats generally.

Great post, especially the Watson angle. The obnoxious "counter-culture" meme was a massive "tell" as far as his motivations go. A guy who never supported Trump to begin with, and only did once the coast was clear. Gavin is a useful example as well, initially pretending to support Cruz so he could be perceived as this knowledgeable,Totally-Not-Racist guy on politics or whatever.
Perhaps a necessary evil in the numbers game of an election, but utterly useless beyond that, and in many cases, outright harmful.


Why is this the only thread I can post on?

Why does mason chan suck now? WOnt let me post my video.

Have you ever interacted with a gook? They're about as sharp as a bowling ball on a paper plate in a snow storm.

sage supposed to go into the email field, my 友。


I wonder what Hitler would have done…

Bizarre… but whatever, let them engage in their cognitive dissonance. I don't think retards acting retarded on Reddit diserves a thread however.

Jesus christ, you jews do the same old song and dance tune it's predictable. God fucking damn, the attempt on over-reacting immediately and driving up more shit to make a "moment of (((chaos)))" amidst this shit is pretty fucking damn predictable. It's the same fucking shit with trying to capitalize a moment of confusion by trying IMMEDIATELY, and I mean FUCKING IMMEDIATELY creating as much (((chaos))) (because it's fucking controlled "chaos") as possible.
Sit back, take a deep breath, and analyze the situation before you immediately get suckered into the same song, dance, and tune that these god fearing kikes love to play so much.

this, reddit doesn't come here and even if they did who cares? anyone who supports trump is okay with me


what a fool, let traitors how their true colors
they all bleed red in the end

The shills are just more sophisticated. It's shilling by shareblue. Trying to fracture the base and astroturf DACA support.

this too, shariablue doesn't want us leaving 8ch and redpilling normies, this is all just posturing. Fucking endkike shills suck at chess.

You do not understand the definition of reddit: It is an arrogant version of sophistry with a healthy mix of contemporary "social green" and above intelligence. A convergance of fucking pale niggers with pudgy bodies that take a bone and elaborate on it instead of taking in the whole thing from derivation … to the point you click it to the point you cook it to the point you eat it.

In short a bunch of impotant cunts that watch a harem if you make them even on holidays.

Using a stale meme with a half assed shock picture.

Literally kill yourself shill kike.

Reminder to new fags who don't get it, the goons shilling this site for years at this point have always tried to pit reddit against Holla Forums. This is pretty much their go to plan in their very limited toolobox. Ignore this thread and report it.

But you will spread that not even on your shitty internet forums, just the lean version of it.

Fuck off redditnigger

But we ll translate this to the real realmsis, and they accept it like grace has many children.

call out their shilling with a phrase:
"shill whore thread"

Use one phrase which we choose so all Anons will immediately recognise it,
sage and report

this is how we get rid of them in the fastest, organized manner

This, intl used to call based hotwheels freddit breddit from reddit because he advertised this place on reddit, that's how a lot of us came here. The Donald is our outlet to the normies and the normies all don't care about amnesty. It's our job to make them like Trump, not any more. go to endkike if you want to be le ebin conspiritard anti-american.

You are the definition of r/the_donald, please fuck off to there and stay there, you cuck.

Reminder to all newfags, Holla Forums is a Nazi board, we are literally Nazis, Israel did 9-11 and Jews are behind all of the evils and wars in the world today, read the Protocols of Zion to learn the Jews plans, the Holocaust never happened but it should have, and DOTR is coming soon!

If you aren't NAtSOC you should gas yourself. Save ius the time.

Gay redtext posts like yours is why the real Holla Forums only exists in bunkers sites now and masonchan is filled with kikeloving niggerloving faggots.

And for you dumb fucking faggots raiding:

You are not from here and you
stick out like a sore thumb

Thank you. I support Trump now even stronger.

yes braise gek dog emberor. I've been here forever its just funny how we can't talk about how much of a cuck trump has become. He hasn't thrown hillary in jail yet now has he?

Trump is NatSoc you retard endkikes suck at chess

I would shoot should your protocls elders or not.
Did you know hitler was an absolute maniac in his speaches an and in his bodylanguage.


Ironic considering you're falling for Reagan 2.0

You are joking right faggot?

LOL look at this loser

And that's when this place when to shit and about the_donald 2. How about you and the rest of your cabal of retarded niggers fuck off back to leddit?

Really burns my almonds

No wall, amnesty, hasn't ended a war yet. He is literally a kosher nationalist. He is not going to do much but be Reagan 2.0. I get it he isn't clinton and he stopped CIAniggers in Syria other than that he is a typical politician. Also your spacing is that of a reddit kike.

Good, Reagan was the best president of all time right after Washington and Lincoln!

Bet they're all Christcucks too, probably the very ones that shill here.

If he gets reelected he'll just let more spics in, fuck you civic nationalist filth

You have to be LARPING. The only acceptable president is Jackson and he is a masonnigger as well. You are not NATIONAL SOCIALIST you are a faggot and need to go back to whatever reddit shit hole you crawled out of.

They have been here forever, what do you expect?

America was founded by FreeMasons, you are anti-American!

What about JF "Fuck the mob, Fuck the Israelis, Fuck the Soviets, Fuck the Fed, Fuck the CIA, and Fuck women" K? Maybe even Nixon too.

Someone listens to Mr. Adams drink coffee too much.

Only one of these six things seems pleasureable, well maybe 1 in 5.

I'll be the second to welcome everyone back.
Welcome Back to The Road to The Reich, Next Stop, Free Speech Junction!

Nixon was LITERALLY A BETA CUCK. He also cucked to the chinks. JFK was almost National Socialist. He was just like hitler though too soft and not ruthless enough. Learn from your predecessors.

As I predicted your a twat. Im pro-white people Murica is a ZOG nation. The masons who started this country were at least mostly pro-white. Now they are straight kikecucks.