JPMorgan Chase CEO asshurt about Bitcoin, normies in panic

The Guardian - Bitcoin is a fraud that will blow up, says JP Morgan boss

Picrel 1: price of Bitcoin in the recent 24h
Picrel 2: price of Bitcoin in the recent 6 months
Picrel 3: price of Bitcoin of all time, log scale (source:




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What's that, fake money fluctuates in fake value just like the stock market? What a fucking stunning revelation, completely unprecedented, better buy some (((officially sanctioned))) specialized bitcoin mining hardware for $500+ and grind for some fake money before it goes down!

Buy the dip

Hello Kettle. You filthy nigger.


oy vey, use our made up usd instead

fuck btc there is no practical use, its too complicated for normies to use therefore will not go mainstream. they would rather use apple bux or google coins or some normie friendly bullshit.

It's too expensive in most parts of the world to buy even a small amount of bitcoin. Most "normies" would rather just use normal money.

because fiat currency isn't the exact same thing right, completely 100% verified ✔ real money :^)

they’re stupid says the guy who was bailed out by the Federal government and the Federal Reserve. This guy was massively bailed out and he thinks he is a genius now. He should have been sentenced to death by hanging.


it'll start going back up soonish. A correction like this now and then is good for the market. It also scares the normies out, allowing neets like me to accumulate more wealth before crypto goes balls-deep mainstream.

Said a increasingly nervous man for the 10th time this year.

Crypto will be the final solution to the jewish banking problem.

If the kikes say to not to buy… you buy, buy, buy. Remember the immortal words of Dr. WLP.

Is there a handy screencap explaining the best wallets to use and how to get into bitcoin for fags like me who waited so long? I'm interested in seeing where this is going and I think this is a good jumping on point for me.

Coinbase is the easiest to use for beginners.

wew lad


The best wallets are bitcoin core, latest version is .15, electrum and breadwallet
Make an account on coinbase, then buy from their exchange,

Thanks anons. Coinbase skeeves me out a bit since it's demanding photo ID and phone access and SSDs last 4 digits, but from articles I see it's generally considered on the level. Going to need to monitor and do my homework for a bit before committing.

What's a good amount to jump in with? I'm recently back to being a NEET and I'm sitting on a small nestegg I can play with

Keep in mind this idiot is funding the development of Zcash, which is basically Bitcoin with anonymous transactions.

As for the price crash, it has nothing to do with this statement. China stepped up BTC regulation and some chink exchanges are going down, so lots of the value they created is disappearing.

And he was right all ten of those times. Keep in mind that it was in the low-to-mid hundreds barely a year ago.

If crypto wins we are all fucked big time and it scares the piss out of me. Nobody is seeing big picture here

how exactly will this happen if the govt can simply ban exchanges and prosecute any retailer accepting bitcoins…? it's like yeah, your money is "untouchable internet stuff" but you live in the real world, bruh. this isn't vietnam, there are rules

Also, don't store your coins on the exchange. Buy a wallet. Either Ledger Nano S or Trezor.

They have to, to comply with the IRS

Seriously, how did we go from the gold standard to this shit?


if for the last 2 years he had bought 10 usd worth of btc every week, he should see decent saving power
and the thing is, the same strat can be used by anyone who can buy btc

buy however much you're comfortable with. but only buy if you really think the idea behind btc is solid, that it will lead to indefiniterise in price for as long as there is demand for btc since supply of btc is capped

btc can be transfered phone to phone, and easier more user friendly solutions will pop up if there is demand, it's that damn free market doing things again
I don't even like free markets anymore because i have to share it with jews and nogs, and chinks, but it's here, and they're trying to make something out of btc
the big joke is that everytime the price goes up more ppl buy, but what does price have to do with actual usability of btc? are we all just going to be speculators?
where are my mainstream darkmarkets with cyberpunk parkour delivery runners?

btc functions better as a currency for trading globally than gold, trading physical gold around is risky to move it, btc is direct
but if you don't understand the theories behind it, just ask
btc is just what we have to do untill we can have total aryan victory across the planet with interest free fiat money.


Issue is money = Time + Energy

Bitcoin has time but no energy, it will EVENTUALLY fail yes, but who knows when.

He said

When the dollar went off the gold standard, it was invented out of thin air as well. The big difference is you can print unlimited dollars, you can't print unlimited bitcoins (limit is 21 million minus the ones that are lost forever)

Also, bitcoin isn't really a business like Goldman Sachs.

And to pile on: his ass got bailed out by the tax payers, so how smart would he be without his jewish political connections?

The government tied that in Venezuela, they just started buying form Columbia instead.
Do you really think anything can be banned from the internet? Call the cyber pol-leese!

good point, def need those cyberpunk parkour delivery runners willing to get paid off the grid. idk how they get the merch, don't even wanna know… also need an untraceable altcoin like monero. what's the point in going off grid/ anti-establishment if there's a public ledger?

There's nothing wrong with bitcoin, really. But the jew is right that the bubble is going to eventually pop. This is also fine. As it is now, bitcoin is 99% speculation driven, which is why as soon as the volume tips over into more sold than bought the price plummets. From this we can easily understand that bitcoin is way, way overpriced and hyped at the moment.

When the crash comes, that will be a very good thing. Then people will be more apprehensive to use it for speculation quick grift and we can perhaps start using it as a means of storage and an actual currency.

He's right btc only has value if someone is willing to buy it from you for an item or other currency, it has no intrinsic value. If you really want to reject fiat currency / and (((central banking))) slavery you should simply never buy anything with credit and save your wealth in silver and gold.

I understand a lot of you are in the group that is in or wants to believe in cryptos and I honestly understand the potential value in the tech, just remember you have never technically made a cent in profit until you have actually cashed out. It may go to a million, it may not - a safer bet is to give yourself a financial education and learn how fortunes have been made for thousands of years.

Oy vey how ah we supposta inflate tha money sapply oah chaage yah banking fees if we don't have access ta yah coyrrency? Don't yah know only we can pull money outa thin aeh and chaage yah interest fa barrowing it?

exactly, when govt cracks down you gotta move to another country - lol good luck with that. when SHTF and bitcoin becomes more useful than local fiat you better hope those delivery drivers can fight off looters and the power grid is still functional…

Aren't you worried that might never happen though? New coins are popping up daily and people keep shuffling between them in an attempt to get rich quick. Can businesses support every possible variant that comes along?

Seems to be working for Venezeula bitcoiners even with significant social breakdown, thought the border either way to Columbia seems to be open, for now.

Bitcoin is perfect for that crossborder transaction in a currency collapse scenario.

Not really. Personally I don't think there is any way out of this through economy and await the happening. But as it pertains to cryptocoins it doesn't matter that much which one comes out on top (if any.) I'd hope one with more inherent anonymity than bitcoin was the one to do it.

Q : How you make a kike pay for a bag of thin air?
A: Put him in a shower and tell him its a gas chamber!

1 Bretton woods.
2 Richard Nixon.

Jesus fucking Christ! That's what the federal fucking reserve did!

Kikester hypocrite!

I think he means YOU can't do it, like he says. Not that he and his kind can't do it.

i'm convinced bitcoin is useful and will continue to gain value yet i'm also convinced it will be destroyed. from a (((banker))) perspective it MUST be destroyed. oh don't get me wrong they like the technology and they're working on their own subverted (((coins))). yet for those to gain traction they need to eliminate existing honest coins they don't control. whether that's by law, taxes, controlling exchanges, zero day attacks, war - whatever. i've come to expect it. they need to eliminate coins they don't control so they can introduce their own. and watch them combine that with fucking rfid which we keep hearing news stories about employers getting their employees chipped, and this starts to become a glimpse of a coming financial dark ages and apocalypse on the back of a subverted technology that was supposed to free us - not enslave us! i don't see how i can prevent this from coming and i'm left with the conclusion it's best to take my money out of the system entirely, put it into a farm and guns and kids and physical metals and bartering goods, and use bitcoin only for transactions but not to hold it. other anons with opinions can chime in.

Oy vey it's just numbahs on a compuda! Its nothing like ouahs! We have to shudd it down!


It should be destroyed. It's a dream for money launderers and drug dealers.

bitcoin < gold and silver

About 5 years ago I got a $5 silver certificate as change at a gas station. Was pretty surprising

I agree with most of what you say except your implied notion that bitcoin presents any sort of threat to the power structure. Beyond laws, taxes, technical subversion and all that, the baseline is that cryptocurrencies are consensus driven. Majority decides the rules and when they change. To put it to the point: the majority population (the ones who accepted and adopted the fiat system) are the ones deciding how cryptos operate.

Lolbergs have this naive view of the world where everyone is a rational and independent actor. This, of course, is not true. Most people live an animal-like collectivist existence and just do whatever someone who seems like they know what they're talking about tells them to do. So when you hear things like "there can only be 21 million bitcoins ever," that means until someone convinces the majority of the users to change that. It's a hurdle the cryptocurrencies haven't jumped yet, that they are too changeable. This latest fork and the politics around it should have been a wake up call for many of the lolberts around this, but they are in too deep.

Other than that I completely agree. Using bitcoin for transactions is perfectly fine. For wealth storage it's unusable. Physical metals are so-so. Bartering goods are good. Putting your wealth in your children and family is the wisest idea I've heard yet in an economy thread.

fucking lame

VS JP Morgan that was fined 13 billion dollars for the past economic melt down and Bank of America that was also fined 16.65 billion dollars.

Because small time drug dealers and money launderers are the "real" crooks in America, not the (((banks))). Right?

I think a simple change would people feel at ease, tell normalfags that nothing stops you from exchanging 0.00000000000001 of a bitcoin. A lot of people think that you have to buy at least one coin… you don't.

Also there isn't a single way that a bitcoin is less valuable than a dollar (which is mostly virtual anyways…) except there is no cap. Hell even gold can be mined on asteroids. There's going to eventually be 21 million bitcoin and that's fucking it.

Not really. If anything the wisest would be to have plenty of both.

Through usury and rent-seeking?

Why would any user want to make more coins? It would only devalue the currency. That's like saying "gold's fine until everyone collectively agrees to reduce the purity."

You better buy as much as you can afford, it'll definitely be at $5k before the end of the year.

The Jews would want to. And they control most potential users through propaganda.

Really ironic. This is exactly what was done with peoples money. Do you think your average pleb benefited from going from holding their own physical gold to getting fluctuating notes at the jew bank? Do you think normalfags benefited from going from gold backed notes to monopoly money?

This is exactly what I'm talking about when I said
In reality the ones with the propaganda apparatus just steers public opinion the way they want and the majority of the population follows, even if it's detrimental to them.

So then we must as ourselves if systems based on majority consensus is a great idea?

You can hear by his voibal IQ that he is just a good goy that is trying to please his kike masters

KYS establishment shill.

That sounds kind of Marxist to me ,
I have read probably 50 different books about finance and money at this point and have found that the same things are always true in any time.

Like the saying goes if you divided all the money in the world equally it would be back in the same hands shortly.

There is only one difference between a rich person and a poor person, that is their minds.

That's why I said to give yourself a financial education, because reading trains the mind.

A Bitcoin is made of 100,000,000 Satoshi.

21 million BTC is 2,100,000,000,000,000 Satoshi.

That's pronounced two quadrillion one hundred trillion.

Plenty of units for buying and selling you shill.

Btc Is clearly not stable enough to be currency, most businesses have very thin margins for profit so if you sold something for btc then 10 hours later btc is down even 5% you really cannot be profitable.

That's why buttcoin hasn't been wildly accepted yet. But the idea is that in the future, people won't care about exchanging to USD or whatever currency since they'd deal exclusively in cryptocurrencies.

This is a ridiculous argument since the cost to do something like that would be astronomically higher than mining it on earth. There are no golden asteroids, gold exists in the same ratios in space and other planets as it does on earth.

Also asteroid mining just isn't happening, and probably won't happen. I have no idea why people think it is an imminent reality. But if it did start happening (by some miraculous technological leap) there are much more valuable elements than gold to go after.

Reddit, science-fiction, NASA

It's part of a new sci-fi cult "sciency" religion being pushed at universities and by the media.

It also has no value.

Ok so people are just denser than I thought if they think NASA will ever do anything of value

Neither do dollars, pounds, euros, etc.

ya bro the greatest economy of all time has literally no value hhurp derps

As absurd as it is, it IS possible. It isn't however possible to have more than 21 million buttcoin.

Exactly. Really takes a lot of self esteem to admit you're wrong on an anonymous platform…. good for you.

Remember you can't tax bitcoin exchanges.

tell normies that unless they want to invest/ speculate with the retard fluctuation of bitcoin price, to simply wait it out and if it ever becomes useful in the real world, to use it. in like 120 years. surely we can predict what the economy will be like then!

I'm not talking what the US government did with the gold it owned. That has no bearing on crypto. The government didn't go around adding impurities to people's private stashes of gold as well. There is absolutely zero incentive to make it worth less. Even if people started tying debt to it, the market would immediately devalue it less as soon as new coins are created.

The trend is always up. No reason to believe it won't go up constantly in the next 10-20 years. Your loss if you aren't investing in it.

I'm amazed at your lack of insight. There is also zero incentive to make fiat worth less (for the average citizen,) but still it's inflating like a clown balloon because the Jews wants it to. If someone needs a reason, a reason will be found. "Think of the starving babbies, woman."

And of course there is incentives (by the powerful) to do exactly that with cryptos, because if there weren't, then your "muh 21 million" wouldn't be an argument for anything, now would it?

Stay away from bitfinex. It is a chinese fraud and eventualy it will disappear overnight.

The trend is always up over a period of a couple of years. That was true for tulips once too. Now, I'm not saying bitcoins can't just keep rising, perhaps it will. But you bitcoin plebs for sure do give the worst financial advice.

the trend is "everyone forgets about shitcoin and it's value goes up cause autists buy it" and/or hackers demand it in ransom then "oh hey there's a thing called bitcoin and it's fucking stupid" oh yeah, the value goes down. of course the trend is always up from literal zero

i mean if the price of bitcoin could cause someone to outright buy the united states, then yeah we'd be in future-town where this cyberpunk shit means anything. otherwise the USA can delete websites willy nilly, and ban anyone from using fake-bux just as easily. use bitcoin to order groceries from mexico and hope the delivery man has the ammo to fight off looters in this post-apoc scenario? idk man

check out Monero. only true fungible crypto in the industry right now.

Yeah, monero is a huge improvement over bitcoin. I hope it grows.

Let an Auzzie Cunt Explain Why you need to start using Bitcoin.

That stood out to me as well. Jews should've been made into projectors instead of "lampshades"

crypto currencies are a real thing.

Banks are very soon (and already are) coming with their own crypto currency that they have controll over. Bitcoin is here to stay as an alternative currency. It's just like using dollars or euros at this point.

people are starting to wake up to bitcoin's shortcomings after the latest dnm bust. if they are smart, the next round of illicit markets will only deal in XMR


Every single DNM bust has been due to bad opssec and has entirely nothing to do with the currency used.

kind of funny how all those shill buttcoin threads popped up everywhere a few weeks ago huh

it might not have led to the direct downfall of the markets but bitcoin chain analysis provides valuable circumstantial evidence against the users and operators.

why do you think they killed nakamoto? rothschilds control the electric jew. use your sheckles to get things of real value anons

You can keep your cuck coins. The banks are already moving on Bitcoin.

I actually would not be surprised if the kikes behind zcash took down alphabay. The site was taken down 5 days after they added. backdoors would be trivial for them since the system requires a trusted setup

It's all fucked

Did you know it takes 24 hours for USD money transfers to clear via banking institutions?

"but hurr I cvan send seomone money on paypal tand they get it in seconds!!!"
Yeah, and then a month later you get a paypal dispute for that transaction and you lose, faggot.

But what do they cash out, into? Oh that's right, filthy kike cash. btc is just another scam in a long line of scams.

You obviously don't get it.

It’s almost infinitely divisible, you nigger.

How can anyone guarantee that? I thought this shit about the fork was because two groups wanted to change how it worked in different ways. Couldn't bitcoin be changed to support more than 21 million coins? It's completely arbitrary.

Finally someone that actually knows his shit.

Also, wasn't there a thread made a while ago on how we're being shilled by people who own btc who are just trying to pump and dump?

This. Try to buy Bitcoins directly with some other e-currency.

Where did I advocate this?

I am bullish on real estate, especially productive land, guns, gold, silver, antiquities, of course you need some cuck dollars to keep things moving but don't be a kike and put words into my mouth.

Wow, the next frame should be the next crash going straight the fuck down. Because thats how all currencies go. USD is currently on its 3rd, why do you think shits so fucked right now?

Its completely decentralized you fucking tard. You cant delete any more then you could delete skynet in the terminator. Its distributed internationally and no government will ever destroy it.

I don't expect you to take this at face value I am trying to put together a infograph or pdf or something to condense the information

think big user

This is guy is getting there

torrent sites get taken down all the time, i don't see why a bitcoin exchange is any different. pretty sure your bank knows when you've spent money, unless you're actually buying bitcoin locally with cash… and then they've got a public record of it on the ledger! "bitcoin" and "blockchain" probably can't be stopped on the global stage, but individual countries can make it real tough… like china, and they've barely even gotten started. think a store is going to risk that shit to get paid in altcoins? think about your individual experience with bitcoin, not it as a whole.


Kikes can't stop it because most people don't understand the concept of $
Reason Iraq, Syria, Libya etc happened is because people stopped accepting for value. Aka using different currency.

Whatever fake currency you use, they are all valueless unless backed by labour e.g. Reichsmark, or gold etc or accepted.
If you don't accept the $, it has no value.
So people accepting/using crypto will force a devaluation of current fiat $, so they have no choice.
Ban one, we move to another. The kikes are so fucked it's hilarious.

You're wrong, the whole point is that the computation power required is the energy, you can't just print more out at will.



I'll take "What does the Federal Reserve do all day?" for $200.

works every time

The interesting thing is that everybody hates crypto. The statists and Long Live Holla Forums!s hate it just as much as the goldbugs and silverfetishists at Zerohedge. Cryptocurrency is like the mgtow of finance.

Bitcoin is practically the only truly free market in the world and the freedumb-sprouting faggots of Zerohedge hate it instead of endorsing it. They are the first ones to point out how the IRS is gonna assrape you for your capital gains on coins but somehow they magically think the IRS will also not give a shit about the gold they hid away.

interestingly jews want only jews to be able to invent currency out of thin air.

nice filter for migtows

It will happen, but not solely for the return of raw materials to Earth but for in-situ resource collection in space combined with 3d printers.

Nice pic and everything except you cant really buy anything with bitcoins in the real world.
Or did I miss the opening of bitcoin food markets?

What a shitty strawman, how about everyone stop inventing money out of thin air?
Or are you going to beat them at their own game somehow by what, buying some shit online with your bitcoins?
Maybe if a day comes that bitcoin can be used as a real replacement for money then you'd have a point but untill then its just basicly just a meme.

Gold has many uses, same as a lot of precious/rare metals. They simply aren't used as their scarcity means its uneconomical.

Gold/Platinum/Whatever are far more prevalent in asteroids than in the Earths crust, that's fairly basic Physics tbh.


You can get credit cards that draft from a crypto wallet.

Not much left in this world you can't buy easily with crypto.

With kikes you lose.

give us some more time senpai. Crypto is becoming a thing with normies and popularity is rising. Gubbermints are also experimenting with digital currencies and the problem you describe can be avoided when we have decentrallized exchanges ready. When governments introduce fiat token currencies it might become easier to exchange your crypto to government fiat. Time will tell and it will be interesting.

In a few years we will hopefully be able to use it on amazon egay surely not because this would undermine their paypal sheckels. Innovators and startups all over the world are developing fintech products now. There are already credit cards which you can use to purchase things in a store. Then there is Radix, a new and innovative crypto that will basically become a kind of USD token once it is released. They will enable you to create your own radix credit card and fill it up with RDX and use it in every store that accepts it.

But Starbucks has started taking BTC in selected, camera-surveilled, electronically bugged locations goy!

Money is a proxy for human labor.
Even gold is proxy for human labor as human labor(and a lot of it usually) was used to get it out of the ground.

find out about the 5 properties of money

Bitcoin is a valueless token of known scarcity. A group of people have decided to trade goods and services for Bitcoin. Another group of people have decided to trade Bitcoin for USD and other fiat currencies.

Bitcoin will always have some value due to its scarcity. There is no guarantee the USD or any other fiat currency will have value in the future or even exist.

People who use Bitcoin have a direct incentive to keep the Bitcoin network (and by extension) the internet operational, in a way Bitcoin is an insurance policy against the internet collapsing or becoming too restricted.

I remember when the bubble burst at $30 in 2010 and I though then the party was over.

top kek, you would have probably been a millionaire by now if you've mined a few blocks.

every additional bitcoin that could be made after the 21 million coin limit (assuming a vote was passed) would come at the expense of each coin holder, so would the coin holders want that? Probably not. It would be like a group of people agreeing to throw away a set percentage of their wealth so other people could attempt to acquire it.

So just adding an additional million new bitcoins the value of each old bitcoin would reduce by 4.7%, would you want that if you held bitcoins? No probably not. and the the slippery slope to fiat currency has begun.

First off, that limit won't be reached until year 2140, and secondly, this already happens with TXfees(which future miners will be going after most likely).


This was discussed years ago, back when bitcoin was in infancy.

the community has already agreed to just divide the coin further, in to smaller fractions than satoshis. That way it doesn't sap the community like you mentioned.

Also, so what? Say they mine a gold asteroid and we have tons of it, it would devalue, but not to zero, maybe half of its worth. Bitcoin can go to zero no problem, it has no intrinsic value, (though I'm not anti-cryptos or anything good on people that made money on it).

I meant to type "worst case scenario." If we were going to space for it, spending untold millions in logistics, it would still have to be worth a lot for the mining operation to be profitable.

bitcoin is generated through mining, which with increasing difficulty now requires a tremendous amount of work to create (computing power and energy).

>Don't buy so (((we))) can buy instead while we crash the price

Buyers | sellers | number | paid | time


What the fuck?

Could you be more of a fucking jew? Fucking shilling the USD as having some sort of "REAL" value over Cryptocurrency.
First post everytime.

Enjoy your debt backed fiat currency you faggot

Fuck Global Private Central Banking always


It would go down like this:

Agents of the (((bigger gold holders))) would offer to buy it cheaply. If the asteroid miners were smart, they would accept this generous offer.
Either way, the gold would end up in (((their hands))).

More gold does not necessarily mean devaluation.

More gold in circulation does, all else being equal. By the point asteroids can be mined economically, stuff will be also cheaper to produce and thus buy, so it evens out.

Only way to avoid that from happening would be if they managed to keep it a secret, which includes not dumping it all at once, or large chunks, ie, sitting on it.

How much gold is out there in the world?

A figure that is widely used by investors comes from Thomson Reuters GFMS, which produces an annual gold survey.
Their latest figure for all the gold in the world is 171,300 tonnes […]
A cube made of 171,300 tonnes would be about 20.7m (68ft) on each side. Or to put it another way, it would reach to 9.8m above ground level if exactly covering Wimbledon Centre Court.
But not everyone agrees with the GFMS figures.
Estimates range from 155,244 tonnes, marginally less than the GFMS figure, to about 16 times that amount - 2.5 million tonnes.
That bigger figure would make a cube of sides 50m (166ft) long, or a column of gold towering 143m above Wimbledon centre court.

meant for the first part of my post, before "More gold does not necessarily mean devaluation." My apologies.

The irony is palpable.

gold asteroid will happen the same day as full automation and universal income and replicators and transporters

it's a non-starter, anybody seriously advocating for this magic theoretical is either a kike or terminally stupid

only use the bartering system
fuck usd, fuck bitcoin, FUCK tulips

is it time for… space elevator?

the day of golden asteroid also consider that we'd be scattered through the solar system too. so that gold would be spread across all the colonies which would help mitigate any surplus that would crash the value.

Reminder: The only ones who actively shill against bitcoin are kikes and butthurt retards who never invested when they should have

Here's my qualm with buttcoin. You buy a stock, it represents a share in the company assets. That's something physical backing it up. You have a fiat dollar, it represents the currency of the greatest nation on earth, that's something physical. As long as the company keeps producing value and the nation keeps existing, those retain value. What is buttcoin? There are no physical assets, no company production behind it, no physical nation behind it. There is nothing that prevents it dropping to zero.

I think it's interesting. Some people made a fortune on it, some people lost a fortune buying high and selling low. High reward comes with high risk. As an investment vehicle, that's what it is–high risk, potentially high reward, or potentially high flames of hell wiping your wallet clean.

I mean, I'll gamble $20 on a penny stock. Maybe it triples in value, maybe it crashes 50%. But I call that what it is–gambling. Buttcoin shills are financially illiterate (and have killed /biz/.) You're very haughty and think you're smart, but all you found is the equivalent of a penny stock. Massive highs, massive lows. Only the other gamblers are increasing its value. A gunshot spooks the deer from the forest, one day maybe an event happens that kills buttcoin. You guys who bought at 2k, 4k, end up riding it back down to where it began–a few pennies. As there is no innate, real world value it represents, there is nothing that floats the value except what other people think it is worth.

There's potential for profit, but it's high-risk.

Made before inflation was a thing. You can't just save money now. Either you invest or it rots away. (Imo 10% is a low savings rate anyway. That's peasant tier. )

Scarcity alone does not assure value. You need it to be desirable first. Tell me every shitcoin like bitbean and boobcoin and other trash are all innately desirable to hold? It became illegitimate when shitcoins sprouted up in the dozens.

Well not the SAME day. It will take a few months to bootstrap an automated mining operation from local materials.

Wrong. AGI is coming. You kikes can't keep Tay and her unlimited supply of tendies from us forever.

That's bullshit.
Anonymity goes both ways. This is why (((they))) hate bitcoin - first they can't control it, then they can't use it for their own shadowy business because all bitcoin transactions and wallets are public.

I wonder how many times BTC will die and resurrect again until people stop proclaiming it dead every time the price corrects

Gold makes more sense right now, eventually the abundance of siderophile elements in space will topple it's place but not in the near future.

Goldmoney does the digital currency thing better than Bitcoin or any other crypto, it's actually gold.

What do the different tabs read ? I cant read norweigian

>Same kike posts, "Wow, Bitcoin looking like a great investment! I love the freedom and (((trans)))parency of it! looks like it's actually valueable after all!

Like fucking pottery these kikes have done this throughout the millenia using the media as their propaganda arm to shill things like that. Why do you think they're interested in the media in the first place? You think they care what people believe? Fuck no, they only care what people believe when it can make them money.

Posting here because I'm not necessarily sure if it deserves its own thread and is extremely related to cryptocurrency in general.

Brandon Eich - co-founder of Brave (the browser that blocks ads by default and protects your privacy from data collection, launched a token called BAT - Basic Attention Token. It will allow for a new ecosystem between advertisers, viewers and content creators.

He is:

Trying out the brave browser now and it seems great. Anyone know of schlomo-like activities in regards to it?

*Also, bump. This thread is important. Supposedly JP Morgan bought the dip, by the way. Heard something about $5 Billion worth of BTC somewhere.*

There were 1.27 billion USD flowing in on the day when it dipped to 3000. It was like a tsunami of cash and I believe it was the highest trading volume there ever was.


A lot of plebs are going to lose a lot of money over this.

that money wasn't even there to begin with.

There's literally no reason to believe it won't go tending upwards indefinitely… I know that's LITERALLY what everyone says before a bubble bursts. But bitcoin/altcoins still represent a (very profitable) 10-20% of my portfolio…

Besides, almost everyone investing in it are all 20- something kids that can afford being wiped out. But yeah, buy gold/silver and ammo as well.

whipe me out harder.
I'd rather own the bitcoins than I'd have JPM have them.
They fucked up everything in 2008 and deserve the credit that is due.

That's true, it's all pretense at this stage.

at this stage they are buying out the markets.
Look at the orderbooks, there is a shortage of bitcoin coming.
Bitcoin will be in short supply

Everywhere in meatspace is bugged.

Only until the crash.

crash? What crash?
USD collapse? "de-dollarization"

Whether the dollar will crash depends on the next large war. The bitcoin crash starts when all the people who have bought in since it started skyrocketing gets scared. It's a game of chicken right now.

no, it's a game of


There's a sucker born every minute.


We've had several threads over (((their))) intentions to tank the economy again to fuck with Trump. You better start stockpiling precious metals and cryptocurrency… the Chosen have already been doing that for at least the last year.

Has Satoshi been put on a list of Billionaires yet?
I would love to see the kvetching

What do you think is going to be the first thing he will ever purchase with Bitcoin?

A country.

"Satoshi" is a pseudonym for a group of amateur cryptologists that created buttcoin. But yeah, I bet they all have a few million buttcoins each… It's crazy to think they're probably all richer than Trump.

I'm downloading videos of CrazyM from MFC right now.

Yea, metal hording would land you in a camp, thats for sure.

Bartering doesn't work on a large scale. What kind of Commie, anarchist tier shit is this? What if I direly need a medicine a guy has, but I have nothing and no skills he desires to trade? As a matter of fact, how the fuck is this guy going to produce medicines without functioning labs, as a lab can't function in a barter economy? Where are the international resources coming from? Who the fuck advocates a bartering system for a civilization? Rome used currency 2000 years ago. The Greek used currency. The Egyptians used currency. On a large scale bartering doesn't work. It works locally, to an extent. It can work within a larger system as a side economy for small-time enrichment. It can't function as the base for a large scale economy. It just can't. Quit being a nigger. Go back to Holla Forums with that shit.

He's obviously making a joke, ffs. I always forget how many legit people with Asperger's post here.



Begs the question. This is a subverted, shit currency that does nothing to benefit us, but it will explode in worth. Should we all buy it? The time to buy loads may have passed, but surely it's going to massively explode in worth at some point. I can't fail. It's a rigged system. Do we go along for the ride?

Yes because it's totally not like they track every little transaction you make in other countries as well.

Companies can dilute shares and governments can dilute fiat. In holding these assets, you must trust the agents that back them to not do exactly that. Meanwhile, dilution of "buttcoin" is infeasible by design. Assets there are entirely on the mercy of the market. Ask yourself whether you trust that more than a modern business or state.

You're trusting a company like JP Morgan to let a crypto exist organically. Literally all they'll do is a find way to short it like they do with stocks, but since they're in control of it they can crash it anytime they want and profit off the short while normies lose everything.

No, user, stick to our principles: guns, ammo, food and water storage, precious metals, property. These will be all that matters someday soon.

OP works for JP Morgan, and this was a classic orchestrated crash. Immediately after lighting up the internet with his faux outrage JP Morgan bought a couple million worth of it during the crash.

So JP Morgan buys bitcoin, bitcoin is used be pedos and terrorists, so Morgan is pedo? Fucking kikes i swear.

Assange knows Bitcoin Core Holocaust when?

There are still people who are wanting Catcoin and there are few exchanges that even deal in them.

Given that Bitcoin debuted at less than $0.002 a coin (the first real sale was they bought a pizza for 10,000… roughly $20) had Satoshi been smart enough to invest $20k in to it and has held until now. That means he is looking at over USD $40 BILLION… aka the world's richest man even if he cashes out now.

You thick or something?

you must be new here

I agree but that is a pedantic, since the Rothschild family wealth is incalculable so not really a good example to put on any list… trillions, quadrillions, quintillions? How can one even measure the liquid funds they have access to?

that's not how it works
you need people accepting to pay the asked price for an offered market transaction

Saving your wealth in precious metals is a stupid idea. It's better than using fiat currency, but the only real, viable currency is labor-backed currency because as long as human civilization exists there will always be work for people to do, be it unakilled or skilled. Precious metals aren't nearly as stable. In the next century or two companies will look to space to find natural resources. As the domain of humanity expands, the scarcity of natural resources in civilization will continuously fluctuate. If large deposits of silver, gold or whatever material you decide to invest in are found then your wealth is going to fucking tank. Any nations backing their currency on these materials will be economically demolished. The gold-standard is the product of a dying age, and fiat currency is essentially slavery to the banking system. Labor is the way to go.

I can tell you're not into cryptocurrency investments, you may have skimmed a Wikipedia article about it or something. It's the usual scaredy cat talk of someone who's never invested in it and "doesn't understand how it would make money ". But you're technically right, using some sort of Bitinstant style intermediary would take 0.5% profit off his total amount.

Bitcoin was heavily pre-mined. A lot of mining happened before tech-normalfags got wind of Bitcoin. Two IP addresses mined the first million almost alone. Only a handful was part of mining the following 2-3. It's safe to say whatever agency "Satoshi" is they and their proxies collectively hold millions of bitcoins.

That doesn't mean they are ultra-billionaires though, because if they started selling off those coins then Bitcoin's value would start plummeting way before they could reach sums that would reflect those holdings in today's prices. They're gonna make a fine buch when they start dumping, but not richest man in the world level.

Unless Bitcoin actually goes to the mooooooon like the evangelists think. Then "Satoshi" becomes the Emperor of Earth.

Didn't expect that to happen so quickly

If most invincible Kim approves, it is indeed the currency of the future.

Link to article about NK's army of cyberhackers asking for ransoms in bitcoins. They must be valuable if Kim is willing to go through that much effort to get them.

You can buy 1/100,000,000 of a bitcoin, it#s called a satoshi you uninformed fuck.


Bitcoin billionaire let's go woo woo

space mining will not be an issue in the next few centuries, user.

This year bitcoin value went from 800 to 5k. Now, after the "crash" it's at 3.7k. You are a moron.

Yea well, enjoy having it be run by cucked non-etho policy minded actual kikes with predictable results.


Bitcoin is inconvenient and the ATMs cost far too much to pull money out. When they come out with something you can use without needing to have a smartphone, that will take off. Also it gets less and less table the bigger it gets because the actual system behind it can only handle X number of transactions in Y time before it pretty much locks up and wont do any transactions. I was going to get into it at 100$, and I probably would have at this point since that obviously would have been profitable, but it felt pretty 30/70 for fail/success at the time and I made profits off other stuff, like Trump bets.

100 or 300 or whatever, I almost baught at a very low dip after the first crash.

oy vey btfd goy

Bitcoin itself is not as useful as blockchain technology. Now that is cool but bit coin is literally a tulip market.

The concept of the blockchain is good and will probably come in handy for many things in the future. But it is the thing that put me off getting too deep into Bitcoin, it's just a ridiculous size and will only keep on growing, I see it as it's eventual downfall. Interestingly Etherium which is relatively new compared to Bitcoin has already surpassed Bitcoin in blockchain size by 40% back in June, if it carries on at that rate the blockchain is going to be massive in a year or two.