How to gain fake citizenship to US and UK!

I found somethings on the deepnet you guys would like. This is used by illegals, spies, cia niggers, etc. to become citizens of UK and US. Maybe Obongo himself used this.

Become a UK Citizen: ( 0.393 ฿ )


Become a US Citizen: 1.035 ฿

cityzenp4d2eytjh.onion/ (this one is offering for 0.418 ฿ for some reason)

Other urls found in this thread:


Some other stuff I posted last night but didn't gain much traction:


An AI waifu you guys might like.


As for this here, this is alpha-7-bravo, a group that is fighting an underground resistance against the deep state, supports Trump, and is basically Holla Forums on steroids. They hide behind the AI.

Those are scams mostly

For sure? I have a deepnet contact that sells slaves and is somehow able to get citizenship for their slaves no matter the country. Said contact is rich af though and owns a private jet.

I don't know about these onions, they're probably scams like you say, but then some stuff that seems like total bullshit turns out to be real in my experience.

Your contact is full of shit
Besides why the fuck are you pushing this shit on Holla Forums of all places?
90% of the poster here are burgers anyway
Saged and reported

Fuck off FBI

I was showing this to you so could prevent it.

Good job OP. These are not obviously not scams.You know what is a scam? Gravity. Go see for yourself off a tall building.

So you're not at all interested to look into them and see if there's some human traffickers you can fuck over? Don't you want to keep shitskins out?

That's why half my links concern the US idiot.

Says the nigger who forgot how reply works
Go away FBI no-one is buying your honeypot scams

If you haven't figured it out, 8/pol/ IS illuminatichan/spookchan. You should be ashamed for being surprised at the response.

Shitskins are entering US and Europe by plane by overstaying their tourist visas or student visas, the human trafficking victims are a tiny minority.

At this point you could just show up to the border in blackface speaking Spanish or Arabic and they'd let you in

Thread anchored, eat shit OP

wtf mods

Hi FBI, fuck off from my board

It's hard to reply to people properly on Tor. When I click the replies with no script on it does fuck all. I have to either enable script or just keep copying the post number and adding the >> before it.

I gave these links not to help illegal immigrants get into the country, I gave it to Holla Forums because it's the only place that gives a fuck to prevent that, idiot. Why are you guys all acting like I'm trying to do one thing when I'm trying to do the exact opposite? I'm sharing this with Holla Forums so you guys can hunt down and shut down these people letting shitskins into the country.

Well that's how ever illegal I know does it.

Legal immigration is also a huge concern though, so many shitskins are let in legally.

Still I thought Holla Forums would jump at the opportunity to btfo some shitskins and be able to claim they personally did their part to Make America White Again.