Wall is funded

It was a fucking ruise

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I'll believe it when I see it. We want a real wall. Not rebuilt fences that didn't keep anyone out even before they needed rebuilding.

Dubs of truth checked . That wall better be grand enough to make a space marine cry

All you t_d faggots keep ignoring the fact that the wall is useless if we let in these DACA spics and niggers.

Israel walls or bust.

We need something like a high speed rail on the wall,otherwise it would fall into disrepair.

you know what
admin delete this thread
its better if shills dont know

Make it strong and sturdy, Israel.

The DACA spics and niggers are already in, dumbshit.

if he's only letting in a few, it sucks but its not a big deal
Remember all the ones ICE is deporting now and since the election, and all the ones that self-deported. Against the 50 million we had to deal with since the start, another 800k or however many is nothing.

Also, how do we know if he's not just going to ICE them too?

Trump can use an EO to fund the wall.

Chain migration exists.

You idiot.
You fucking retard.

Reported. Commit suicide, race traitor.


I can't help but notice how it's funding to "begin building a wall". They will nickel and dime him over every mile, and the last 100 miles will never be built.

The wall design has already been shown, it's a 20 foot high steel wall that can be seen through. Border Patrol specifically asked for this design because the obstructed visibility negatively impacted their ability to detect climbers or digging behind the wall. This was covered in a press briefing. Also covered was the fact that they immediately started implementing test stretches using *OBAMA'S CASH* from different contractors, not merely using bailing wire on exiting stretches to patch holes. Actual wall has already gone up (over 100 miles) already, because the language of the law covering the DHS's use of the money was for repairs OR IMPROVEMENTS.

But it's see through, so kikes will continue to call it a fence for all eternity even though it's a massive improvement on what's currently there, and will be one of the tallest and most effective barriers out there.

That's a terrific idea user

Bullshit. If these 800K are granted full citizenship they can also get expedited citizenship for their immediate family, so you might be looking at 4 million. Also this will encourage more spics to cross the boarder, just like it did when Raygun did it because even with an 85IQ they can see that maybe if they break the law they can get amnesty down the road as well.

You're either a shill or you've not been paying attention. The wall has been going up since June. Over 100 miles of wall exist now, in three months.

gonna be pretty hard with a wall and ICE


Trump has already said there will be no amnesty deal. You do this in every thread. Stop spreading fake news.

filtered, your images are completely idiotic too you butt fucking shill

>safeguards america's (((sacred))) relationship with israel
Of fucking course this gets lumped in with actually good things in the bill.

As a victim of Operation Checkpoint I am so fucking glad that shit is over. It's insane how the government can just take all your money one day and make you homeless and broke because you had white supremacist leanings.

and they're right, this fence isn't good enough, and 20ft is nothing, the wall we paid for in israel is what should be built.


The Senate hasn't past it! That's why (((they're))) trying to wittle it down! That's why they're going to get DACA and we're going to get a 10 foot steel beam and 500 mexican security gaurds. This isn't what we voted for!

God damn the catalog was on fire there for a minute. Still pretty bad but there were like a dozen "drumph's a kike" threads.

I hopped fences like that as a kid. That isn't doing shit.

Fuck you faggot I could scale that wall with a trampoline.

He also said they will work on a path to citizenship. Just because you call amnesty something other than amnesty, doesn't mean it isn't amnesty you stupid fucking 4dchess T_D faggot.

How is this supposed to stop them?


Is it okay to hate Trump now without being called a shill?

There's already an underground tunnel network all throughout North America with high speed rails btw. You can read about people who explore it on various deepnet pages. We have the money to do these tunnels apparently but not to build walls and shit on the surface it seems. It's too bad the general public can't use these tunnels and it's just for military / deep state / service men / techs / and maybe ayy lmaos.

Ideally, we would have something that combined all of the following concepts.

Already a thread here with the exact same pics and a better OP. I find it funny how mods delete any duplicate thread that may make trump look bad, but they let the catalog get full of them as long as it's good news for trump.

My lads, regardless of what shills may say, the future looks bright. We will continue to fight the good fight.

You're not helping your argument.

Not with amnesty you won't.

If you talk like a shill you're probably a shill.

With such a long border it might not be possible to do this at least not in phases. Putting up the wall that DHS asked for, a very tall wall with visibility, seems to be the best first course because it's feasible.

Berlin wall was built using slave labor and seized materials, too. That just isn't proper in this scenario unless we use the illegal aliens. Wait a minute, I just had a great idea on how DACA beaners can get their path to citizenship - two years of wall building duty!

Hunh, it's actually quite attractive in a Fallout kind of way. Now it needs to be electrified and a moat added.

We could atleast add this as well.


The Rio Grande will look like the Argonath.

I would like to see it continually modified and improved to deal with new attempts to defeat it. The Israeli wall's design compresses the soil underneath it making sapping much more difficult. We could use electricity, those sound wave and microwave weapons, whatever. Shit put railgun forts every 100 miles along the border too, we have railguns that can shoot 125 miles now. A network of these with overlapping diameters of attack would be ideal. Since they have such a long range and will be falling essentially from straight overhead at their extreme ranges you could shoot into a DMZ behind the wall without actually being in danger of striking the wall itself.



Please someone tell me this isn't the wall.

Threadly reminder that Hitler's spirit helps those who help themselves. We are the only ones who can stop white genocide.

This is what we got, not even fucking barbed wire on top. I could maybe, just maybe, see the excuse of Border Patrol needing to see through, but there's nothing on top to stop people from climbing over or any shit on between the slits that could stop people from climbing up.

We need a wall made of high pressure viscous liquid projected in the air. No fucking around

There's fucking bullets. Why wasn't the asshole filming it taking fire? Where are the guards dealing with this shit? Huge issue with unemployment, and nobody hired to man the border, fucking Trump.

The person filming was either someone documenting it to proof how ineffective the wall of, or a border-hopping spic themselves. Border patrol doesn't seem as numerous with this shit going on.


thats not the finished version, its still in construction phase, you fucking idiots.

I've seen 2 teenage girls climb that wall in less than 30 seconds. Unless there's a patrol officer every 20 feet, barbed wire, or at least tripwires then this is a pointless wall

It isn't. That shit was already there before Trump even got elected.

Trump's already hired ten thousand new Border Patrol agents and there is funding for more in the budget. Nobody expects a retarded 400' tall super-wall, at least not at first. The important thing is to get a more effective barrier up and quickly. Individual weak points in the wall, either inherent to design flaws (as the video clearly depicts) or which develop due to beaner technology can be addressed.

There are already suites of sensors and UAVs and shit which patrol the wall, and they are already testing more of this kind of thing with the funding from June.

Right now we have hordes of people of all ages and physical abilities crossing open stretches of land, claiming that the wall is pointless because a couple parkour kids managed a stunt for the cameras is defeatism and smells like textbook shilling.

What we do is create a bounty system. Most of the dreamers are going to college, so you pay off a college student's debt if a dreamer is deported because of that student.

100k tax free payment per illegal migrant. It costs 60k a year to house a prisoner in CA where most of them are. We also snip the chain migration that way.

it also makes an excellent environment for colleges. Dreamers would fear to go to school as you would have people lining up to rat them out.

Perhaps we could pay border patrol bounties for stopping the illegal migrants. We could have AC cooled bunker/outposts. 1000 dollars per illegal migrant per border patroller.

There are a number of designs they're testing right now, all of which conform to the DHS requirement that they be see-through and made of solid steel.

How does this make the cut as one of only twelve bullet points outlining an entire 2018 US fiscal year budget?

Now that's a sound effect I can get behind.

That is the fence not the wall you pleb. The wall is 20billion dollars, the 'begin' part is a fucking ruse.

I imagine a full steel/iron wall be much more expensive then a concrete/cement wall reinforced with steel.

Do you think the all 800,000 were brought here as children, have degrees, a job, and are veterans? That's what he said. Maybe 75k. In six months. We'll see. Keep kvetching though, there's a airstrip in Syria in need of shilling.

i can think of a much cheaper and more effective solution than a giant wall.

i really like the Trump train wall, with solar panels
and towers with long range autocannons

How would you make a concrete wall that's strong enough and still conforms to the requirement that it be see-through?

Concrete and rebar is easy to defeat with hand tools even, especially if the structure is narrow enough to defeat people trying to squeeze through. You could just chip off the concrete and saw through the rebar with a hacksaw.

If you have a way though, you should make a proposal and see if you can get some sweet sweet wall dollars.

Presumably so they can just use a battery powered angle grinder to dismantle large sections of it.




so its a fence

'''When you see a post containing the phrase:
stop and think before you reply. It's usually a shill.


This, and their narrative is to call it a fence. Really shows how dishonest kikes are. I'm assuming most shills are kikes.

Sasuga america-kun

t_d is going nuts with every post confirming that everyone who matters has turned on him.
The t_d salt is actually almost as delicious as the leftist salt.

We need a (((seethrough wall))) though because Trump zogbots are fucking retarded and will believe anything

baka one post kike kun

Stay salty, t_d kike.



If you still allow spics into your country you havent fixd anything

You should go post there instead. The shill pay can't be all that good.

Start a thread nigger.

This forced meme needs to go.

I agree. You have to be dumb as literal dog shit to want a glorified fence. We already have a see through wall, it's a called nothing.

Fuck off back to The_Cuckold, bitch.

As you can see, there's plenty of salt right here in this thread. The salt comes to us, now.

This is definitely what needs to be done. Never, ever, forget that every last "hispanic" that has ever been born or ever will be born is deserving of nightmarish, tortuous death.

These fuckers even have the gall to call themselves "latino", as if they had some kind of connection to Latium. Hell, none of those fuckers even know that Latium is a place. They associate it with Rome, I guess. Because, as we all know, Spain is Rome and shitskin bean fucks are Spanish and not savages from a savage land.

Die spic die spic die spic die

It should be a capital crime just to be mestizo, indio, or castizo. It should be every citizen's sacred duty to kill the fucks on sight by any means necessary. Failure to do so should be punished with life imprisonment with no trial or chance of appeal.

Its all you niggers screech about.

This is the exact same narrative the left were pushing to nervously convince us that the wall is pointless so don't even bother building it.
Again that was an exact narrative the left was pushing.
Because surely going through tons of security requiring documentation flying through a country and walking across an unprotected, imaginary border is just as difficult.


800 miles bordered, 1200 miles to go.

Fuck off endkike.



>Fully funds President Trump's request to begin construction of the border wall


Funding for a wall which will have minimal effect on illegal immigration is not worth a couple million illegals getting to stay.

More Jewish semantics so beloved of this admin

the shills and the ‘left’ are all in on the same scheme, it is no coincidence they use the same (((tricks)))

Except Trump has drastically reduced the amount of 3rd worlders with a merit based immigration system and reducing greencards.

Things that have not happened

There was a massive amount of salt surrounding the merit based immigration.

lel. Tell me, kikes, what's wrong with the wall being see through? What advantage does that give beaners? None, because ICE being able to see them on the opposite side will be a tremendous disadvantage for them. Why do you want beaners to have an easier time?

That sounds expensive. Arid climate and evaporation.

Just think about how retarded that is. It's fucking Mattis tier 'muslim ban makes us less safe' nonsense.

Which has not been passed and never will

Why is the wall being see-thru advantageous when you have motion sensor cameras and alarms?

Reinforced glass?

So you're saying it's bad for the wall to be see-through but you can't explain how it's bad. wew

It's an extra layer of security that doesn't rely on anything electronic. ICE didn't ask for it for no reason. And again, what's bad about it being see-through?

Yeah, okay fam.

This. The wall idea itself was the real rise. I always honestly thought it sounded stupid from the beginning. When you're being drowned by the bog monsters in the undrained swamp a wall is little good anymore. We got our alotted 250 years as a nation. It's time to start preparing for what may come next. I'm dead serious too.

You're full of shit, practically all the illegal aliens in the USA crossed a land border illegally.

My flyers is a myth started by Obama, just like his deportation myth where he classified people turned away at the border as 'deported.'


For fucks sake..

Border effectiveness studies were done like 10 years ago when the wall was approved and the see-through barrier was the most effective one and the safest for border patrol agents. It also makes sapping and other attacks less likely to succeed because they can be detected visually.

When did the RAISE act get passed?

Now you see the power of pilpul. They don't actually have any reasons, but they think they can sound clever by calling a see-through wall a fence and then saying fences don't work.

Classic talmudism.



That doesn't come into effect till years later you dumb nigger. Besides if it does go through burgers will know what Canadian and Australian immigration looks like, like chinks and poos. It's far more likely that it won't actually happen because a dem will be in office by then and will cock block it.

There is a law on the books that makes it a felony to knowingly aid an illegal. Anyone who gives them a job, education, housing or helps them avoid capture is facing 5 years in prison per instance.

All we need to do is start enforcing that law and all the illegals will self-deport. It will also put thousands of jews, commies and libtards in prison, when they get out they'll be unable to vote.

I recommend filing a report to the appropriate agency if you know of anyone violating this law.

see through wall, yes. i think they're called fences you kike.


What is the specific law? Seeing as how from our president on down it is being broken, I think that law could deserve to have its own thread. Us pushing for its legal enforcement could do a lot to shift things in our favor.


Reported. You realize your predecessors have admitted you can’t break us, right? That was years ago. Read your training manual and pick a different site.

Hey dipshit, the wall hasn't been chosen yet. It's still in the prototype stage, and the final candidates will be complete at the end of the month.

If you're an average size female you can climb over it in less than 20 seconds.

Why the fuck are you praising Trump for things he has not done you grovelling little turd?

That was wall 1 of 2. That is finishing up the one from the Bush era before we get the actual wall. Both are funded, and you are attempting to make the claim we are only getting the first one.The fact you posted these images means you know all of this, and are just blatantly shilling at this point pretending to be a Trump supporter while being an obvious false flag. You post so your other shills can call you out in order to eliminate as much real discussion as possible
>>>Holla Forums

Let's see if it can pass the senate before we celebrate.

Mine's better, CIANigger ;^)

and it should be fucking afraid

Lets not forget the 4 companies making prototype walls:

Caddell Construction Co.
Fisher Sand & Gravel Co.
Texas Sterling Construction Co.
W. G. Yates & Sons Construction Co.

I don't like the sound of the ( ((companies))) involved
Also CAT confirmed Holla Forums heavy equipment of peace

It's entirely possible the wall will be see-through but will have a completely large flat portion, much larger than this at the top, so in order to make sure people cannot repel against it and then climb further. As

shows that area isn't large enough, 6' of flat metal isn't large enough to keep a male from reaching a handhold. It has to be at least 8-10'

Solar panels- Electrified. I love the smell of tacos burning in the morning.

I've saved that as the virg trump wall. Now someone post an Israel wall webm that I can save as The Chad Zionist Wall.

Regular fences around people's houses with pointy ends on top are harder to scale than this bullshit.

Barbwire is fucking CHEAP, so much so that farmers who don't have much money use it all the time to keep their cattle in place, as they can't afford more elaborate fences. Why is there no barbwire all over that thing? They should make it impossible to put your hands or feet on it without getting ripped up. If you can get over the wall just by climbing with bare hands it's a shit wall. You should require something to snip wires, ropes and maybe boards, and such to get over. Electrified wires would be great. If we had a proper wall it would take like 10 minutes for them to get over into 1 minute.

The first pic you have there would work great because the only way they can get over it would be with a rope and they'd be dangling in mid-air hanging onto a rope climbing up (something I am very capable of doing myself, but I've trained over 10 years for Racial Holy War). The hook they might try to use could slide off while they're climbing, it would take a lot of effort, and they could be gunned down before they get over.

Also put a minefield between that fence and the giant wall and the risk becomes even greater. Why haven't we created a minefield already?

This is how Best Korea builds walls.

That takes way too long. The whole point of a wall is to slow down invaders long enough for guards to catch them. Concrete is very adequate. Add a minefield in front of the wall and make sure there's barbwire in the mix and drones flying overhead and there's attack dogs and guards patrolling everywhere and it's even better.

If we want to be cheap, we can just build the entire wall out of dirt and barbwire, using adobe style construction method. That way we can rapidly build an extremely strong and tall wall and do it just by digging out a trench in front of the wall.

How about we just build a fucking wall once and not twice you retarded faggot.

You know what comes after.

If Trump wants the wall built he could just tell everyone on Holla Forums that we all get a free homestead (built alongside the wall) if we dedicate ourselves to building the wall for him without pay (just work constantly and we get food and water) and we build our own solar powered homes and all are armed with guns and we build the wall. Also after wall is built we pay no or minimal taxes and are all sworn as guards to protect America and given chance to kill anyone on sighting who tries to cross. We get a place to live, our lives are set, no debts, qt 3.14s will flock to us, and we get to do what we love to; defending White America.

Where did I suggest we'd build the wall twice? All we got to do is get dump trucks and tons of sandbags out there and lots of plaster and we can create an adobe style wall for fuck all. Hell if we had enough volunteers or used prisoners to do it, we could have it all built manually with just shovels and hardwork.

youtube.com/results?search_query=Adobe constructionhttps://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Super Adobe construction

There are structures built with the adobe style of construction that are 3 thousand years old. The wall will not need maintenance and will actually get stronger each year due to the way gravity acts on adobe.

What sort of fortifications are there between North and South Korea?

The 160 mile-long border between North and South Korea plays host to about every security device, barrier and fortification ever devised.

First, the 2.5 mile-wide DMZ is a no-mans land riddled with mines. It is bordered by heavily reinforced fences, anti-tank walls and bollards. In most places the fence is electrified, almost everywhere it is riddled with sensors. Guard posts and observation posts line both sides of the DMZ. Depending on the strategic importance they can range from a simple platform to almost indescribably dense fortresses.

Both sides are patrolled constantly by millitary units armed for war. Minefields, anti tank barriers, armored vehicles, artillery etc extend from either side of the border. In the north entire roads and villages are rigged with explosives.

Propaganda, signs and structures meant as shows of force are visible from each side. Communication towers, jamming towers, radar posts and radar jamming stations…

Blimps, dishes and antennas in proliferation… seismic sensors and infiltration tunnels… Listening posts and optical scanners… Automated turrets and robot patrols…. It's all there.

It is a standoff so uncertain and touchy it is referred to as "the most dangerous place on earth," and yet so static it is a worldwide tourist destination.


Hey dumbass, construction began months ago.

What the fuck are you on about you >1 post shill? In that video he clearly explains that they're taking money already earmarked for "repairs and improvements" and building test stretches of the wall with it. Did you even watch your own video?


Every time I see this shit I have been thinking you guys are talking about Ted Cruz and that T_d means Ted just like G_d means God. I only just now because of an info pic posted by an user in this thread realized for the first time you guys actually mean Donald Trump. What a stupid acronym.

No matter how our wall is made it will be possible to get through it, over it, and probably under it. The purpose of a wall is to slow down / impede those who'd try to cross long enough that a guard can stop them. If I was in charge of the wall I'd just place millions of miles of barb wire and landmines first and a simple chainlink style fence with more barbwire and intermittent watch towers then build a fucking huge wall behind that by digging out dirt in the area and just mounding it up as sandbags and then plastering over that. This way you get a really fucking thick and huge wall cheap and lots of shit to slow down the mexcrement in front and that will also discourage 99% of would-be crossers from even attempting. Add drones and border guards and we'll have 0 illegal crossing and all spics will just have to enter the US by going on vacation via planes. To handle that we just need to create a bounty where any regular citizens can have their debts forgiven or be rewarded a substantial sum of cash for turning in all illegal spics they can or to simply ban all non-whites from the country and force their deportation and make it legal to kill anyone who is not white just for being spotted in the country.


Gaslighting is not going to work user. It is clearly stated in the video that that fencing is not the actual wall. You are consistently shilling that the small fence is the only wall we are getting. Even when other anons point out that the wall is in prototype stage, which that video confirms happens around now, you still claim that the fencing is the only wall we will ever get

Yes, he states that the existing fence isn't the wall, but that money earmarked for improvements OR RENOVATIONS are going to be used to construct the NEW WALL, which has already begun.

They're already authorized and the money's there, so they're using it. They're building the wall already. People will watch your video and realize you, in fact, are the lying kike, this is the problem with you shills. You really are stupid.

You have to watch your own video.

It's a fine acronym, anybody using it can be automatically filtered because they're a shill.

I imagine that is why it refers to it as a "viscous liquid" rather than water.

For fucks sake finish the video. They are using that initial money for completing the fencing right now. The funding and prototypes were not supposed to be until the end of September. Your gaslighting in order to make it seem like the initial fencing is the end product is laughably bad shilling. Especially since you look so out of place getting upset enough to use caps on certain words in order to push a narrative that no one is buying

If we could just find a way to make sure every libtard spends at least one week in prison we could wipe out the ability of the left to vote in elections! Think about it! We should make some petty crimes that will nab ALL the libtards and make them all unable to vote.


You know every year in America soldiers, citizens, etc. have to train and shoot at targets and learn to use mortars and so on. Why not do all that training n' shit right on the border? Have the targets be random rocks n' shit over the wall. Keep launching rockets and mortars and stuff there. That kind of training stuff all taking place along the border will scare of mexcrement.

Your first pic there is a proper fucking wall. Nowhere to hold onto, barbwire and fence on top, very tall. They'd have to throw a rope up, climb the rope, then use a wire cutter to get through that fence, and if it's electrified then they have to be extra careful once on top not to touch the fence and be electrocuted and to use tools that don't conduct electricity into their bodies.

not even razor wire lol

Very nice

He's still giving amnesty which makes him Reagan 2.0, fuck this

Fuck barbed wire, use razor wire. An important distinction that makes it so much more effective.

all these niggers flooding in from reddit

get back to me when concrete is being poored on a wall

this is not a wall, it would not keep a 8 year old out

if there any type of amnesty then fuck this nigger for selling out to kikes and cianiggers
I will reserve judgement until an official announcement, but all this is just circlejerking right now.


He can amnesty all the wetbacks he wants as long as he deports them



Typical * ha

They stick to a script that obviously has no awareness of the differences of this board anyway. Still, could be entertaining.

Case in point: this Kekistan shit. Also this is supposed to be somehow more shameful than faggot cuckolds that mutilate their genitals and beat up trash cans.


OP is a cocksucking faggot that either doesn't know how to think research for himself or he's a shill trying to placate you.

The bill that was included in this omnibus was H.R.3219


< This is the kind of "bollard wall" that was funded

((( )))
> A wall that works, in other words, it cannot be climbed to the other side while keeping costs low, is very very very bad


He said earlier in a tweet that repairing fences counted as construction of the wall

You said just now you have reading comprehension problems.

It's literally in the fucking bill. Most of that was fencing.
We get 28 miles of "wall"! AWESOME!!! TWENTY EIGHT WHOLE MILES!

They must hire emotional fag boy ESL brown creatures to read copy for them, must be how they attempt to play that they're clean so it doesn't haunt them at night.

He calls repairing fencing "border wall construction". Go to his twitter.

Because those Bollard walls have worked so great in San Diego user! Look how smart you are defending something that isn't anything like an actual wall

1st pic: Bollard Fencing
2nd pic: Bollard Levee Wall
3rd pic: Secondary Fencing

Think about it

You do realize the Feds monitoring this board, the ACTUAL shills, will call everyone who runs for office a CIA plant and controlled opposition right? Don't you know their game plan by now? Voice any WN opinions in public and they spam Holla Forums saying you are controlled opposition.

it's nothing

Spot fucking on, why would you want more wetbacks in prison getting more connections and leeching off of everyone further.



what's the use of the wall if the spics get in anyway?

I like that design. It would take hours to make a single cut through a single beam. The slabs up top should probably be taller, though.

Wall vs. Home Depot, who wins?


Try it and find out, retard.

You'd need a serious cutter, too, as that's a very large mass to heat up. I don't know if the uprights are hollow or filled with concrete or something else. Filling them with something like lead could work too, once the wall is in place it would add a great amount of mass and make it even more difficult to cut, the lead would run out of any cut, and superheated steam-form lead would spray all over the cutter through any hole.

I'm in fucking tears, my sides, can't stop laughing at all of you stupid fucking idiots. We told you so, but instead you kept calling us muh nazi larpers. Well enjoy your fucking jew in the white house.

it's like you aren't even reading the thread


Do you how fucking stupid you sound?




There's no point in a fucking wall if he's giving amnesty and letting in legals anyway.


CIA disinfo kike GTFO

What kind of Holla Forumsack are you?

What kind of Holla Forumsack are you?

Not kikemonkey fucking up; intentional.

Trump has already built half the wall. Rest will be done by the end of this year. America has been Made Great Again. Job's done.

Except fucking amnesty.

Stop LARPing. Politics is all about compromises. A few million spics in exchange for no more new spics is worth it. Go back to endchan blackpill.

You are a pussy.

I'm on the winning side and you're on the losing side. 8 more years, buffalo queers, go back to freech on your trail of tears.

You're compromising your descendants into extinction then.

I don't give a fuck what cowards think. You are dog shit.

My descendants will be American, and America will exist even in 1 million years.

Shut the fuck up shitskin.

Your descendants will be troglodytes living in caves, but yes, they will be Americans.

I came here to laugh at you

I'm literally shitposting at the lowest level possible and nobody even notices. No user. I came here to laugh at you.

ebin master trole ^_^

No user, while you laugh, my sides are already in Pluto. you are the joke


I was really looking forward to war this weekend and having my own state with my own military dropping garbage and toxic waste over Israel and Africa. Maybe next month.

The past few days had me very worried. Nothing like a few gigantic pieces of mild steel to put my mind at ease. But I have to wonder, what the FUCK is Bannon doing getting everyone so worked up about amnesty? The rage in Kikebart's comments sections is a good show of force against congress, at least.

Why not turn mexico into one giant wall?

The top 4 bidders for a wall of concrete have been selected. They are scheduled to build 30 foot long prototypes in Otay Mesa. All prototypes are to be 30 feet tall. Construction may have already started but each team has 30 days to build their prototype. DHS then has 30-60 days to test them. After which a winner will be selected. Next the 4 top bidders using materials other than concrete are announced with prototypes to begin soon after.

Would have made one hell of a reality TV show! Ratings alone would fund everything.


Ok, I found it. This Kikebart article, featuring Rush Limbaugh of all fucking people, explains what happened.
The media outright lied about the amnesty to get us to freak out. Once it doesn't happen, is the media completely fucked? They get away with a lot, but this was a really incredible lie. I hope it fucks them up good.

One of my favorite Mangas ever. Great taste user.

Anything that allows those illegal shits to stay is amnesty.

How do you explain this then?

Cool it on the racism, fella.
They just want a better life. Have you ever talked to a Hispanic Trump supporter?
I bet they're more based than you.

44D HyperChess, nothing to worry about fellow white man.

Then later, he said no amnesty. He didn't even say "amnesty" in those tweets. But even if amnesty does happen, why do you take so much satisfaction in the idea? You know what will happen on the DOTR you want so badly? Assuming you don't die immediately, your group will decide you're not worth feeding anymore and leave you behind with nothing one night. Because you wouldn't shut the fuck up about how you were right that they are all stupid fucks.

It's amnesty dude, you're in denial. Making up fiction to insult others doesn't help your case at all.

You reddit faggot.


The media and Internet shills.

They are working for and with the same people.

So that's why he pumped all that money to the military.

if you're still defending trump after yesterday you're either mentally ill or just desperate for any sort of hope. he's done nothing but fuck you his entire presidency but you're still defending him and claiming every thing is some sort of chess move when it's clearly not. the """""wall""""" you're talking about, he said yesterday was renovations on fencing already there, not a big beautiful wall. sorry to burst that bubble.

It'll probably be steel "fence" on the Mexican side and a concrete wall on the US side with a cleared patch between them much like the Berlin Wall but with less cool wall mounted mines


It isn't funded. And the wall doesn't matter if he amnesties a bunch of spics anyway. Texas will flip blue and then they will tear the wall down even if it is built.

It's amnesty. He just isn't calling it amnesty.

Is Trump controlled opposition?


Iberian here, sickens me to see mongs call themselves Latin

If only. But looking back on the last few months, it's the crazy liberals actually shooting politicians.

No shit. Multiple threads got buried or slid on this same topic, or mods anchored/bumplocked them.

The whole shit with this is especially retarded. 'Oh Spencer took a picture with Laura Bush once and didn't publicly want Israel destroyed so he's clearly controlled opposition, but Trump can do the same things because good as we'll ever get'

Like, be realistic with the counter narratives, guys. And the conehead shit, can you signal any harder that you're cryptoboomers?


wft i hate drumpf now.

I'm glad I'm not the only fucking one that noticed.

About 1.5 billion dollars to get the fencing, or walling, or whatever you want to call it. A one and a half billion dollar fence extension. This isn't a wall, it's a failure waiting to happen to make the idea look like shit. Just wait till the masses wrap their ears over "1.5 billion dollar fence"

Nobody thinks Spencer is a kike because of a sole picture. Yet again you are highly under estimating your enemy. You genuinely believe we are a cult that blindly believes everything anonymous strangers say on the internet because its in picture format don't you?

what the fuck is going on anymore

may those digits remind you everything is right on course.

What digits? Get the hell out you goddamned idiot.

it's not might fault you cant see a pattern.



10610061 is not repeating digits now if you had 10611061 sure that'd be two sets of four (1061). Instead it's fucking nothing. You fucktard.

Good post.

do you even numbers beyond aesthetics?

says 10610222

Fucking kill yourself. You know nothing of numerology and are derailing the thread. Reported.


i see the square root of 100 separated by numbers that add to 7. Call me a faggot, it'll mean the world to me.

great bill

Israel should be made a state of USA and be done with.

Is it possible?

a blind squirrel finds a nut

Stop making me jelly! Fucking kikes get a big beautiful wall and you know we fucking paid for it while we can get some nigger tier chainlink that Pablo shits all over.

what theme is that? looks like fallout shit

They're not doing it for our benefit, it's more sleepy posting to dissuade the lurkers. It has another purpose too, they can't let us be to chit chat, these derailing attacks serve to show that there's not a 'consensus' on these issues.