Really makes you think

really makes you think

the car at the top is a GM ev-1

GM went bankrupt in 2008 and needed goverment bailouts to continue existing



will /liberty/ ever recover from this?

it gets even better

california demanded the seven major manufacturers to create electric cars, and they wer leased with huge goverment insentives, so the car you see there was paid with taxes



that's a really good redpill. I'm very convinced :^) clearly you spend a lot of time thinking


I disagree with tricycles were invented by a white man this needs more work

Terrible analogy, but lets just pretend for the moment that you aren't completely retarded. If roads were private then who everlaid the first road would have a massive advantage purely due to geometry. In order to build a competing road you would have to build overpasses over your competitors roads just to reach the same destination. This represents a huge investment barrier that prevents any resonable competition. Even if another company somehow had the capital necessary to build a competing road they would also have to take into account the capital of the established company as that company could temporarily drop their price below a sustainable rate in order to bleed the newcomers dry. This means not only do you need enough capital to build 100's or even thousands of overpasses you would also need to still have more capital than the established company will have after it has been free to price gouge for years. And then even if you decide that it is worth the billions you will have to invest you do so only because you mean to get a very high rate of return on your investment meaning more price gouging so that in the end the consumers have payed you back for the new road you built as well as the reduced prices. And of course all of this assumes that the consumers even have the money to somehow pay you back. Basically the high investment barrier would make competition unprofitable so instead of getting your cheaper better roads you imagined you will get price gouged shitty roads an regional monopolies. Think cable company but instead they make roads.

at least people would blame the government for the outrages tolls and not the oligopolies, just like ISPs now


not an argument

ha I win!

quality thread

pol is already openly cucked by asians because muh animu. you don't need to convince them

yeah see but the thing is OP
the thing about that is
you gotta buy the car
but you don't buy the road
most roads are not toll roads
which means that the roads must be paid for by some other means
gee i wonder how that would work
how could construction companies be paid to build roads
oh i know
this fresh new idea called "taxes"
you see, OP, the populace pays taxes
which get distributed by
what's that?
what distributes the taxes to pay for infrastructure?
what could possibly do that?
oh wait
i know
i know the answer, OP
it's called a government
a government takes the tax money
that people paid
so that they could be GUARANTEED to have roads (not at the whim of companies) that they can drive on with their cars so they can go places
and they take that tax money and pay construction crews to build roads
so that the people who paid the taxes for those roads to be built can have roads

amazing isn't it?



Stop it, he is already dead!

Ancap getting owned by geometry facts.

I am not surprised that the person who got owned the most on Holla Forums is on this board, but I am surprised he is not a tripfag.

has this guy ever owned a car made after 1990?


This reasoning is so bad it actually violates the NAP

actually i'm pretty sure that bike is stolen

No the auto-mobile is far from the most complex machine in human history, nuclear fission reactors are far more complex and research fusion reactions are even more complex. Are you from the 19th century? Does the idea of a horseless carriage blow your mind?

Also the problem is not the technical hurdles of roads, it is the business model, railways can easily control access to their right-way while every attempt to do this with roads case bottlenecks.

unique kind of faggotry, the thread

Ancapistan as its finest.

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Can't wait!

at least a quality leftist society would make petty sick cars if they were legal, sporty econoboxes as far as the eye can see and maybe less focus on crash safety maybe pls i want light cars back
also the end of copyright protection would help tons
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wtf i love libertarianism now?

allegedly, the government of honduras has gone full ancap, slashing funding for government projects such as roads

poor hondurans now wait on the side of the road and fill in potholes to beg for handouts from passing drivers

What a stupid economic system. The Hondurans will have to dig those pot holes back out again just to make ends meat.