Hi brothers,

Like many of you I'm trying to reboot my life and prepare for when SHTF, one thing i'm trying to do is get into a trade but i've had a hell of a time getting an apprenticeship but with no luck. I'm not afraid of hard work, anyone out there have advice? Help me escape the clutch of the jew.

Go to college.
You're never make 6 figures and be able to raise many white children otherwise.
If you're going to be a cuck and have only 2 kids then go for a trade but you'll never be able to support a surplus family unless your wife is a liberal bitch and works instead of taking care of the kids. If she works, then Your kids will be raised by the state and you've only caused more problems.

Get an A.A. degree - they pay slighty a bit more than trades and have more room to move up. Construction inspector pays $57,340 annually on average.


I'll try my best to help you out here.
You really want to give considerable thought to the types of jobs that will likely still be around in 20 years. My mom told me one time that when she was in high school, she wanted to be a punch-card operator. The best lesson for success in the 21st century is - be relevant.
Things like manufacturing, basic computer coding, management, driver, etc. are all going to be phased out slowly and are not worth the money or time investment. Auto repair can be good if you like cars, but you'll want to shoot for repairs of nice vehicles (like BMWs, etc.) to maximize shekels. Construction related jobs, particularly non-physical things like inspection, are really good for the money. A buddy of mine just got a good paying job doing electrical work, which is a good route if you're a detailed-oriented person.
Check the local community college for trade majors and see if something sparks your interest. Shekel for shekel, it's the best deal if you want to go the education route.

Forgive me making assumptions, but you seem like a fag, OP. Have you considered a career in jacking men off at highway rest stops? It would be less embarrassing than the threads you start here.

Don't listen to ANY of the above posters, they sound like NEETs with no life experience. Here's some real advice.
Work your shit job to pay the bills and buy tools, until you start making money. Get the tools of the trade, watch instruction videos, read the manuals, and do the fucking work on your own. You don't need a school, you don't need a trainer (doesn't hurt though) and you don't need to spend a dime on anything but tools and materials.
Learn to weld.
Get an older car and fix it up. You'll learn everything by the time you're done, even electrical.
Start widdling! Dead serious here, you'll gain a lot of confidence when you can make anything out of wood with a knife, and gain a lot of manual dexterity and hand strength.
Buy some air-dry clay like Skratch and learn to sculpt, this stuff is great for patching anything too as long as you seal it.
Buy some fiberglass and some polyester resin and build some riot armor for fun, or use it to modify a car.
Get a damned soldering iron and fix some broken electronics you got for free. Most of the time it's just a burnt out capacitor or resistor.
Go hunting! Skin the beast, tan the hides, clean the bones and try carving it with a dremel. You can easily turn the bones into the handles for your shifter, and guess what, that's worth $20 right there and people eat those up..

In short, just fucking start doing whatever you want to do, and eventually you will profit from it. For some fields you might need certification, but you can simply pay the testing fee and pass the test, to get that.

Most community colleges offer trades programs. It won't be an AA degree, but you'll get a certification and they'll hook you up with the local union hall to get you into an apprenticeship.

My advice? Either electric or plumbing.

Electric: People are constantly using more and more power. Unless and until we come up with a source of power that doesn't rely on magnetism pushing electrons through wires, every building needs wires pulled through it. You'll have more work than you know what to do with until the day you retire.

Plumbing: People turn money into shit and piss. That is their primary function on this Earth. Well, technically, it's the secondary function - the primary function is to create even more people who turn money into shit and piss. All that shit and piss have to go somewhere. You can be the guy who makes it happen! Stick with new construction, though. You don't want to be unclogging toilets and fixing garbage disposals. (Not that it can't be lucrative work, just that it's dirty and stinky and fuck that.)

Usually, two semesters is all it takes to get certified and to have the CC recommend you to the union hall. You'll start out doing shit work - gophering and cleaning up and such. Most people don't make it past that phase, but it only lasts six months or so (depending on how much initiative you show and how well you perform).

If you have time to invest, go for a full Associate's degree, but again, get it in something practical - electronics and automotive immediately come to mind. Look at your local CC and see what programs they offer.

Calm down Shia

What about welding? Seems fun.

CNC machining is relatively in demand and a good trade that will enable you to earn a respectable living while being very capable at creating things on your own, to the extent you have personal access to the machines.

Avoid accumulating the kind of debt that universities can put you in.

On perhaps a bit less practical and more existential level, I would say to read aggressively and become an expert on subjects such as propaganda, persuasion, influence (Cialdini), marketing, mass movements (Eric Hoffer), writing, speaking, debating, and communication.

On every level, saving our race and terminating the influence of the kike in our nations is the finest thing a person could do in Life.

We really need some good propaganda and PR goys.

Which is easier on my body?

I've done some of both. Welding can be hard on you depending on the amount of vapors that you have to breath, I wouldn't want to do it for a living.

I never felt like plumbing was hard on my body, but electrical work is likely easier on you, and you aren't going to catch hepatitis from doing electrical work.

If you stay indoors/cities then electrician work. If you do line work/rural areas then plumbing.
These aren't the kind of things you sit around and type at a screen for. Sure helps having a computer in some cases though.

Do you chew your fingernails?

What's the math look like on that?

That's bullshit. You can't become a mechanic on your own unless Hank Hill is standing over you. Especially not electric.
Old cars don't even have the advanced computers the new ones do.

They give you a test and call you back in 2 years if you scored the highest and they have a job.

You don't go to unions unless you have a job waiting for you. It's all a scam and it costs $1000. Also you'll have to compete with Mexicans because they run the unions now in a lot of states

Thanks anons

I don't want to have a fucked up back or knees at 40. I've started to appreciate my health, I prefer to be active, and it won't be easy to fight a civil war on crutches and opiates

White men did not invent every component of modern vehicles by having Hank Hill standing over them and informing them of what to do.

Between Youtube and the rest of the interwebs, an individual White man is more than capable of learning the fundamentals of auto mechanics by purchasing the tools and putting them to use on an older vehicle.

The user you replied to was not implying that doing this would result in the equivalent of a doctorates in advance automotive electrical systems. He was being practical and assuming he was communicating with a capable White man.

This concept seems foreign to you, mah nigga.

Don't give me your fucking platitudes douchebag.

You can't fix modern cars without training. Backyard mechanics fuck up everyone's old cars because they don't know what they're doing! I beat the shit out of one of them when I was young because they wouldn't give me my car keys. I drove off while his wife called the police. They didn't know where I lived and were too stupid to write down the license plate.


Sure there are alot of part swap guys too but much less so for whites.

The problem with welding is that there is a large glut of inexperienced but certified welders that companies don't want to hire. I know there are some specialty schools for it, but they are rare.

I'm currently learning this, will have a machinist and cnc operator cert by the end of the year.

when someone refuses to give you access to your property (violating the NAP) so you murder him and his family mounting their heads on spikes in front of their now burning home.

if by trade you mean 'shit i can trade when SHTF' then buy silver, bic and zippo lighters(and fluid, bics CAN be refilled), enough TP for everyone's bunghole, and bullets. Nothing else will be worth shit.

if by trade you mean skill, learn carpentry and welding/smithing. Anything that can be used to build.

low effort OP so I didn't read and will sage

Cabinet shops are always hiring and the work is honest and constructive and you get to fucking work inside all day (out of the elements) and lift heavy shit and work cool machines and make things when it's all done that the customer ooohs and ahhhs over. Woodwork and cabinetry is a fine way for a white man to make honest money in a trade.

OP here, this is what I ran into when i tried the iron workers and IBEW, take a test and fucking wait. Good luck…

only problem is steady work. Know a few people who did that, work was sporadic.

Your only as good as your last bead. You could go to college welding for two years. Mastering the techniques, knowledge, and really getting a feel for the puddle. It is a huge investment. I was doing it 8 hours a day 5 days a week. But if you go take a weld test for a job and you're a little nervous, or a little rusty because you have been out of weld school for two weeks and don't pass it they are going to walk you out the front door. Fuck up that tig root with a little bit of under cut? Not getting that job, or if it is your job then you're gonna get yelled at. Do it a couple of times too many then you're ass is fired.

Welding is 100% ability. You can either do it or you can't. Worst case if you're not really great at welding you'll work as a production welder for decent pay busting your ass doing repetitive work for a bunch of assholes. Whereas a trade like electrical or carpentry there it is probably 50% ability and 50% knowledge. You can do these trades with shaky hands and bodies that aren't prime. They aren't as brutal or intense as welding where you have to make on the dime decision while you're running a bead and any small little thing will make it fuck up. Other trades you can hem and haw about what to do while you're doing it.

I'm welder ama

I'm a walking disaster area, but my fuck ups aren't perceived by others for some reason.

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Eh, I tend to be a bit fervent on these topics. Everything I stated was from my own experience, though I did go to trade school for welding. I did get my money's worth rofl, actually went for free with that one though, given just how much fucking wire I went through when learning to weld stainless. That was rage welding… went through over half the spool in under a week on practice plates… The instructor was actually worried, and deeply relieved when I finally got it down.

Electrical. Way less bending over. Also, less mess. In general though, you better be a fast worker in that profession, while plumbing is more easy going. Speaking of plumbing though, pipe welders get massive pay for their work, and share the same unions usually.

The fuck are you on?
That's the fucking point. A good pre-90s car can actually be fucking worked on without proprietary software and a laptop plugged in. You can take something off, look at it, fix or replace it, and put it back on, and not need ZOG's approval to do it. I suggest a good older Chevy with a 350. Cheap parts, easy to work on, very forgiving.

You sound like a tig welder on exhaust pipes. Probably don't even use filler, but boy does it look pretty. Am i right?

You sound like a tig welder on exhaust pipes. Probably don't even use filler, but boy does it look pretty. Am i right user?

You ever try out sales or marketing?

Is there any specific area or type you recommend focusing on?

You wanna learn a trade? Learn HVAC. Don't listen to the rest of these fuckwads. The demand for people that aren't fucking retarded like turdchasers and faggot sparkys is undeniably fucking huge. If you're not a complete fuckup, you'll work all year round and cash in tons of OT. Fuck residential. Join the commie pipefitters union, learn to work on commercial shit. If you're lucky you can get into chillers, boilers, large tonnage packaged equipment. Stay in the trade your entire apprenticship. Once you turn out, go straight into controls. I pull down well over six figures doing automation. If you're competent with a computer, and know the basics of HVAC, you're a control guy. I litteraly went from welding pipe as an apprentice 20 fucking years ago, to driving around with a fucking laptop writing stupid automation sequences and making web pages. One of the benefits to the job is the majority of your customers are fucking retarded. I put tons of shit on peoples networks, mostly single board computers running tor nodes, personal VPN servers I can use to shitpost online with and stealing nudes from peoples phones and computers. I refrain from doing dumb shit that would cause me a loss of income, but you would not believe how easy it is to just walk into a random building and gain instant full access to their networks just because you have a fucking uniform on. Stupid easy.
The hardest thing about working in building controls is being a subcontractor to retarded motherfuckers. It's painful being the smartest person in the room, trying to dumb down your explanation of something and having to take orders from someone that isn't smart enough to hold your laptop for you while you're working. If you can do hvac, you can easily do any and all of the other building trades, electrical, sheet metal, plumbing, etc. If you want to be better than a fridgie, get into controls. I can't even hire enough guys to keep up with the demand I have and it's been that way for me for 10 years now. I work on average at least 70 hours a week and there still is no light at the end of the tunnel. Not shitting you either. A half assed control guy will make at least $75k per year, at least $50-$55k to start.

i know a man who runs an HVAC business in a big city and he's very well off. his best techs easily pull in 80-100k+ per year and the biz did about 1 million shekels during the summer. i've done HVAC work and some of it can be phyiscally intensive when working in attics and crawl spaces.

Do it Jew style AKA nepotism. Someone has a brother or uncle doing whatever work. Try /biz that's a better place for your question.