Norway dodges bullet

Mini-Trump tears episode

Norway PM was challenged in election by Labor PM who wanted to genocide norwegians even worse than sweden. Lost.

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wall is also being built. good day.

wat is this, a finn penis

Praise Kek.

Is the labour party the communist party in every eurocuck country?

No, in every country there are even more left wing parties which are active.

Webm pls

For fucks sake i didn't read anything about there being an election on norway,we have germany soon and there is barely anything being done about it.
Anyways congrats to the norwayanons, free Anders breivik (he dindu nuffin)

No congrats. It was a huge fail. The globalist went up against the globalists, and the globalists won. I have little faith for Germany, but I sincerely hope Sweden does better.

How many landwhales are there in Norway? I always thought Norwegians were overwhelmingly slender due to all the cross country skiing and mountain running they do.

There's still a big thread about this and the Norwegian political climate in the catalog. Look for the flag.

Not many, but as a burger colony we're getting there. They seem to be overrepresented in politics and beureaucracy though. Who knew fat women with short hair, manjaws and pantssuits were drawn to such things.

Could have been worse,you got the cuckservative globalists,you just need to look near the border and get ready for whatever might come.
I'm starting to think about voting for the nuclear option,getting some sanders or some turbo cuck so we get more happenings that way maybe europe will awaken,i much rather have a war soon than simply wait for your migrants graph to come true AND then have the war,i feel ready now,in a few years they might have the voting mayority in countries such as france that have nukes that work.

Last picture you are referring to are the current leaders of Norway, who got re-elected to rule for another 4 years.

Accelerationism has almost never worked, just look at the old white civilizations, South Afrika, Brazil, Paris, London, Germany, Sweden, etc etc.

Better to keep Norway in as good a shape as possible for when things really start to kick off in Europe or Sweden. supporting anti-EU Alliansen is the best way of doing that, blue pilled people in Norway are pissed enough about immigrants that there is no need to worry about FRP losing their represenation in the government.

There is no political solution. Alliansen is a waste of time.

You did have whaling fleets…harpoons…man them.

Yup in Norway case it's not worth it since luckily you're far away from reaching the critical mass of Islam where muzzies start to spontaneously kill
(i think of them as radioactive,you out a big enough concentration and you get goat fucking and explosions)
But in more thoroughly pozzed places like france catalonia,sweden,England etc i think they are nearing the point were increasing the amount of muslims will increase the happenings and the awareness thus becoming a canary in the mine,I'm more than willing to sacrifice my very land if that saves any of you fuckers.

Sure, but while you twiddle your thumbs you might aswell vote for what that's most in line with your policies.

Political solution? Probably not.
Advantages to having just one tiny voice in the government who can create drama and call out the globalists on their lies? Definately.

Not communist but central left socialists who are the beating heart of the pro diversity multicultural nonsense you see everywhere.

You also have other retarded leftist parties most countries have a green party as well usually filled with people from the extreme left who commited terror attacks. Yet the media always goes very soft on them for this since they were doing it for a good purpose. I'm not making this up in my country campaign organizer for greens commited terror attacks yet media kept a complete silence about it, only alternative outlets spoke about it along with 1 or 2 mainstream news papers and came with definite proof it had happened they were recorded facts.

source if you would be so kind? gotta keep them below the 4% for next year also

Yeah but you're never going to get a voice in government for Alliansen. You seem to not realize that Norway is a soviet state and the politics are just for show. If Alliansen were deemed to be a threat they would just blackwash them in the press, like they did with those guys who left FRP to form their own party when FRP decided to become kosher.

They just printed that they were gay trap-lovers for weeks in every major paper. Norwegians don't demand proof from the media anyways, so they can just say whatever they want. And if by some miracle you'd survive the character assassination they'd just mossad up your coffee or whatever like they did with Bastesen so you have a heart attack.

Norway is not a democracy. Pretending it is just makes things worse.

I'm no expert but it seems to me that Norway isn't (currently) nearly as culturally enriched as their neighbour?
I'm firmly convinced that pissrael-loving bomb-making-superman brevik was a false flag for some globalist end or other that I can't unravel.
Was Norway some test case they they're planning to retire by suddenly importing niggers?
Asking this norgeanon

Norway is harder to enrich because we have a much more rebellious population than Sweden. Swedes just do whatever they are told, Norwegians say "yes" and then do whatever the fuck they want. We still have the nordic collectivistic curse, but it manifests very differently. You have to behave according to group norms, but you can say you don't like immigrants to most (non marxist university student) Norwegians.

This combined with that our… I guess county would be the word… our lowest level administrative deliminations have a lot of say in what the state puts on them, does that many areas just say no to immigrants and the state can't do shit about it, even though they want to import at mach speed like other europoor countries.

I'm pretty sure Breivik was a false flag of sorts yes. They probably thought they could make Norwegians fall in line and stop being horrible rayciss for not wanting immigrants. It didn't work. But it did spawn a lot of new laws and new censorship.

Never forget and always remind the Leftists what hypocrites they are for glossing over their own crimes.

That is ammunition for stealing people's thunder and knocking the wind out of their moral high horse.

That's informative thanks and nice dubs.

No problem. If there's one thing we Norwegians love it's talking about Norway. Most of us are rabid nationalists at heart, even most of the marxists strangely enough (although they are rabid nationalists that also rabidly wants to destroy it with immigration, which they don't understand the correlation between.)

Don't they teach the Fall of the Roman Empire in Norwegian schools?

Or do they portray the Barbarian migrants as potential doctors and engineers of the Empire, fleeing the horrors of the Hunnic State?

No, as I said, Norway is a soviet country at state level. You don't learn anything but "everyone is equal, big happy family, good goy works for massa," in Norwegian schools. Norwegian schools are a joke.

Outside of that we're a pretty well read population though and many read and teach their children on their own. I'd say we have a very divided population in that regard. The ones with more cultural influence from the old system (usually lives in the country or in non cucked city enclaves) who are pretty redpilled and self-educated. And the marxist dreg class, who only have state education and are barely able to read and write, much less think.

What world are you living in? If you know how to speak English you come from a pozzed society. End of. There are no real exceptions to this. The only thing that makes Norway more based than say Sweden is a culture that is slightly different due to historical events. Our government is still steering us towards destruction, like every other in the West.

Don't worry as long as the media is global and interconnected the cancer will spread and the symptoms will only get worse.

But in truth I was lucky enough to be one of the last cohorts to learn like the old ways (they were beginning to trial (((new standards))) by the time I was in senior year). Last I heard there was mass exodus of school teachers and that standards had collapsed.

Norway tends to be about 10 years behind Sweden in everything we do. So it's pretty bad, but since we have Sweden nearby we don't get as much aggro in the international community. An example is that already between 2006 and 2011, 100% of all assault rapes in the capitol were commited by non-Europeans, and pretty much all defendants in serious crime cases in the court system have an arabic or african name. There's also weekly knife/machete fights between the immigrant gangs in ghetto-Oslo, and clear tendencies of No-Go-Zones being right around the corner.

There are atleast 3 very odd/awkward coincidences concering that case. The most important one was how it timewise overlapped with how Norways government broke the constitution by bombing the shit out of Libya ( ) without an initial UN-mandate (and creating the refugee crisis in the process), which got no media coverage. But I still doubt it was a false flag if you want my personal opinion. Although, pretty much everything proves to be a false flag in the end, so who knows

To sum up
Norway is the same as other countries, large parts of the working population has been replaced by third-worlders, and the academia is bloated and consists of a majority of easily marxist influenced females, who push the whole country further to the left. We don't have ```as much``` self hate as Sweden, but with far more Bolshevik cultural influence from the 1920s and on, we're in pretty much the same condition.

And currently more non-ethnics are born+immigrated to the country than there are native norwegians born, so we'll turn into Egypt soon. Norways ```ethnic``` females stopped being above the replacement rate of 2,1 births per female in the mid 70s, and have dropped steadily ever since.

Can confirm. Father's side of the family is "educated" and is sucking up the Marxism a little more than my working class mother's side. When I told my uncle I wasn't voting because Quisling's natsoc party was banned during the war, he laughed and said he would vote for something like that as well.

The one real positive about Norway is that Jew jokes are accepted among all classes except the dedicated SJW's. Even some of them can't help themselves.


My aunt had this favourite joke she always pulled at family Christmas party when the Akevitt was flowing:

Do you know what the Jewish pedophile said to the little girl?

"Hey there sweetheart, do you want to buy some candy?"

Top kek

Don't know why this is so. Not many Jews in Norway, nor has there been many historically. Still we banned them for over 200 years, considered it of utmost importance to keep this law when writing the constitution, and then gleefully helped the Germans round up every Jew in the land to send to Auschwitz.

Must be in the blood.

This boils my piss.
Those who allow these savages into Europe need to be treated like the traitors they are.

I can't wait to relive the night Trump won and the left lost the house and senate over and over in every western country.

I think it's got something to do with the greed. Greediness is a cardinal sin in Norwegian folk spirit more than with most peoples, as I'm sure you know if you think about it. Possibly because Jews are so similar to trolls too, our primary fairy tale monster archetype. Notice how Sweden is much softer on their trolls in their fairy tales.

Out of curiosity, how would you describe the Norwegian folk spirit compared to other Scandinavians? I've met a few Swedes and Danes in my lifetime but never any Norwegians.

Makes you think

We value individualism and rebels more. Our folk hero is a lazy loser who sort of just idles his way to winning the princess and the kingdom with cunning and charm. We also are more in love with wild nature and homesteading. Pretty much every true Norwegian dreams of building his own farm out in the wilds and most of us go hiking, fishing etc. We're very nationalistic because we we switched between being a Swedish or Danish colony for like 800 years or so, but still managed to keep our particular culture somewhat alive during all that time.

Otherwise we're pretty similar to other Scandinavians. We have very rigid social codes you must adhere to and are very collectivist around them. When it comes to outside views we see Swedes as stuck up and boring and Danes as foppy cosmopolitans (although we love both of course.)

Jotner, jøder… Need I say more?

Here is better quality

Thank you, interesting explanation. The first paragraph reminds me a lot of us Swiss except for the folk hero (ours are more or less fictional soldiers). Must be the effect mountains and valleys have on a people I suppose.

And here is webm.

Swiss people have always seemed like the patrician continentals to me. Must be the mountain-people fellowship. Your society is something that's very positively thought of here in Norway. I very often hear people here say something like "yeah, those Swiss got it going with that direct democracy thing."

How are things in Switzerland? Are you getting enriched too?

Can you recommend any books by Norwegian authors who would help a foreigner understand the Norwegian soul? I've read a couple by Knut Hamsun and liked them, but don't know where to go for more.

By European standards, they're moderate. By objective standards, they're Communists.

The Norwegian hero wins by being clever. One of the tales is about a guy who gets captured by a troll. The troll is about to eat him when our hero proposes a porridge eating contest. The big troll of course takes the bait, and our hero proceeds to put his porridge in a bag he's hanged around his neck, this goes on until the troll literally bursts.

As to our rebellious spirit, the Danish King once sent a tax collector to Norway. Probably a Jew, because the Norwegians were so repulsed by this official that they killed him on the spot. Then they sent a letter notifying the King that they had relieved him of his no good official, and that he may now appoint a proper one.

Hamsun, yes. Read "Growth of the Soil" by him, it's one of the most archetypal Norwegian books I can think of. "Peer Gynt" by Ibsen is high up there too. The fairy tale collections by Asbjørnsen and Moe will give a lot of insight into our psyche, but I don't know if they are translated fully. The Eddas and Ynglinge sagas as well are packed with our cultural heritage.

We don't have that many great novelists, sad to say.

Accelerationism is a form of suicide.
It never wakes white people up faster than it kills them.

Clearly you never read about Nicias's role in the Athenian Sicilian Expedition.

Thanks, I'll put those on my reading list.

The Jews want the Russians to kill you. They only use the Russian bogeyman to prevent you from becoming strong enough to not only kill Russia but also the Jews that try to kill you.

The Jews want the Russians to kill you. They only use the Russian bogeyman to prevent you from becoming strong enough to not only kill Russia but also the Jews that try to kill you.

Funny that you say that, I always had the same idea about Norwegians with regards to Scandinavians. And yes, the mountain people fellowship must be the reason. It's a very real thing.

Really have to visit your country in the near future. Probably will, just need to find a little time.

Interesting, didn't know that.

We're doing OK, all things considered. I mean we're getting enriched as well but compared to the enrichment, economic and societal problems some other countries suffer from, we have it good.

Sounds like a good read. Can you tell me the name of that folk hero?

Haha, nice.

Probably Espen Askeladden, but I'm not sure. Just remember it from when I was a kid.

We are. It's the literal fatcats in politics. Fat slags who looks like lesbian for (((some))) reason always seem to end up in politics, especially in (((right wing))) movements. Funny how that works, eh?


Neanderthals are European. The monkey face comes from when Israel was created and took over the Amud caves where lots of fossils were found. Then pretended the Jews were some sort of superhuman (which the Neanderthal actually was)

Have a read, don't forget the comments:


They go full cone-head theory in the comments…


He's called Jeremy Corbyn.
Though he has snubbed the kikes on multiple occasions…

Guy on the right is like, "oh noes! muh black dicks! muh enrichment!"

Jesus Christ, that's terrifying. If you were to draw that and say it's a goblin people would accuse you of over exaggerating.

You mean I could get more than I wanted since I didn't want that in the first place? I'm willing to take a risk since otherwise it will be a slaughter and I much rather fight it than be like a boomer and let my children fight it being outnumbered,i don't want to let my children be heroes,I'd be embarrassed to do so while I can still fight.

I don't know we're it not for commies uncle Adolf wouldn't have gotten into power nor would mussolini,i think of them as the toxin in a vaccine you either take it and it might kill you or once you get into real contact with the disease (in 20 years europeans in military age will be grossly outnumbered)it will undoubtedly kill you,i much rather sacrifice my pozzed land so that my brothers in europe wake up than let us all die waiting for someone to finally cry fire and start running.
Social conformity is a he'll of a drug and if we wait till the fire is here we are fucked our best chances are for some of the elites to take a spoonful of their medicine so having a country fall down will make sure shooting goes on and people wake up.

That's not europe but yup I was thinking something akin to that till then the left will always claim that they have been blowing up due to lack of hugs and love and retards will fail to see the correlation in other countries between socialism and pain.
Had the commies won in spain we would be as poland or the eastern bloc instead we have nothing but cucks and leftards crying how muslims are just being oppressed and are the real victims.
Pic is the father of one of the victims at barcelona,see how it looks as if the victim was the muslim.



People will stay on the cattle-cars all the way to the camps user. They will simply accept their deaths, only inspiration can save them.

I'm painfully aware,a decade ago I was studying social psychology because I loved to learn all the dirty little tricks about social pressure and compliance,the jews know this shit as well since a lot of this experimentsite were done by them.

To me the most important realisation of those studies and the biggest white pill was a teacher telling us how to overcome that social paralysis,how knowing what was happening and acting would make others act,most of our dear NPCs know what's happening yet they need a social confirmation that it's ok to act till then you'll just see them nervously look around tring to read other faces to see if it's ok to act and don't under estimate the power of it.

You can read cases of britbongs waiting patiently in a que while a fire was coming because they saw nobody running around and didn't want to lose face.
Yet once you know the reason behind people getting frozen and how people like police ,firefighters,etc simply know they NEED to act,once you awaken your heroic self and know it's ok to take the lead if the situation so requires,if you know that,jewish social pressure shit got nothing on you.

Left is all like in their 20s what the fuck do they know…. I would't trust them running the country.

I completely agree with your analysis.
So how do we get normalfags to awaken and cast off the paralysis?
Is it just a matter of momentum?
When enough people are spouting /pol talking points and maintaining an uncucked attitude will there just be a tipping moment when they look around and see it is safe to say and do what they really feel?
Is our pushing of the overton window enough or do we need something more?

The experiment of the smoked filled room took an average of 20 seconds between the realisation of smoke in the room and fleeing for help when alone.

while you can see people struggling for 20 minutes looking around to others(actors instructed to simply ignore the subject and keep writing)and do nothing since nobody wants to be seen as the weird one that runs away,the kikes use this shit,and even if people are red pilled by reality social conformity is like a game of chicken were nobody wants to be the spark.

To me simply knowing how social conformity could kill you awoke the hero that lies in every european i guess and i decided I would never die like cattle awaiting for someone to tell me what to do,I always had loved to think by myself thus I found myself here but now I simply try not to sperg out but whenever I'm knee deep in shit i keep my cool

There will be a spark but i don't think we are ready,uncuck your family first,have some red pilled friends,try to have your own RWDS in my case I think of this as weimaraner Republic Germany's army over trained so that when shit hits the fan any of us are ready to become leaders and show the confused normies what to do,worse case scenario fuck normies and save your beloved ones.

But I'm sure amongst us in this board are some of the leaders of tomorrow,some of the heroes and some of the most romantic fuckers that love their country their people and their history so maybe we just need to wait for our moment.

My concern is if we will recognise the moment to act and will we be able to capitalise on it,thus if shit happened in another country and they un POZed themselves we should try to support them.

Leaders are like bonding agents,same as you can out distilled water below freezing point yet it doesn't become ice since it has no impurities around wich to form it's crystals and grow i think the same happens with political movements,for now we have an idea,a need an a circumstance,leaders will emerge,france needed a napoleon so a napoleon raised,history provides the leaders that are needed always,we must be ready to either become that leader or recognise that leader when he raises and become leaders ourselves since we are awake enough to be beyond normalfags.

My apologies for such a long badly written post but i worked double shift and I'm tired/hungry af