We need to purge the Stirnirfags and nazbols from this board

We need to purge the Stirnirfags and nazbols from this board.

We cannot allow this fedora to become a symbol of leftypol. Also, the stirnirfags and their calling everything a spook is annoying.

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Nazbols at least understand the importance of nationalism, anti-semitism, and preserving your culture and race. Of course, they're still pretty damn deluded, but they're better than most of you lot.

And the award for edgiest thirteen-year-old tripfag goes to…

I take it you've not met me before.

I wont waste my time explaining myself to you, ask someone else. Reports of my tits are greatly exaggerated though.


people stopped telling you to fuck off when you posted your flag so you resorted to a trip. Holy shit you are pathetic.

literally dont get how stirner is so popular here. he was everything marx and leftists are against. if anything, he's a massive influence for most anarcho-capitalists and libertarians.

You got called spooked didn't ya

You're right, they're pretty mediocre. Satan would not be pleased.

If you are restrained by the morality created by the market capitalist society, how will you ever truly break free of it?

And if the state refuses to give the workers the means of production after the revolution, how will you find the strength to stand up for your rights as a worker without a feeling of fierce individualism and self-importance?

We are also essential in keeping Holla Forums from becoming a hive mind like Holla Forums. Hate us if you must, it is your right as an individual, but I must make my case for why we are so important.

but anacap position is spooked as fuck

Oh, and not to mention Stirners are our Pepes. Holla Forums can't accuse us of stealing this meme, and with it we can create our own magic.

You idiots believe in natural rights. /liberty/ told me so, when they were saying molykeks was their philosophical equivalent to marx.

that is true, but ancaps are still miles closer to stirner's philosophy than 99% of leftists


No, quite untrue. Your entire worldview is based on spooky nonsense and inherent rules the universe must follow because lol MUH TRAINS

I'm willing to purchase from the source of these goods

you took a shitpost seriously my m8, literally no libertarian or ancap communities online take molycuck seriously, especially not after his recent video bashing libertarians. our philosophical equivalent to marx is mises


are you implying that your worldviews are any less spooked? if anything the leftist concept of "equality" is more spooked than any spooky things ancaps believe in

Nah, I do remember you, Satannazi, but I didn't know you'd gotten a trip.

It was dozens of posts, including him in lists with rothbard, while denouncing rand. You guys are dunces.

i'll admit a majority of /liberty/ are newfags who are tired of Holla Forums and Holla Forums but dont know shit about right-libertarianism, but most of the original people are very well-read, they just dont post as much.

why are people so stupid?

Well, if you're well read, perhaps you can respond to this:

Those of you who are willing to let our stateless society coexist with yours, and give free movement and not roadblock collectivization are cool with me.
But god damn that's like ONE guy from the /liberty/ thread.

also rand is not an anarcho-capitalist, i dont get where this meme came from, ayn rand literally said it herself that anarchism and libertarianism are anti-intellectual, stemmed from her lack of understanding about literally anything. objectivists are not anarcho-capitalists.

leftists have NOTHING in common with stirner's philosophy. stirner wanted to abolish property, ancaps want to retain private property, while leftists want to establish collective property. youre the polar opposite of stirner

would you respond to a Holla Forums bait? i wouldnt reply to this shitty post ridden with a lack of understanding tbh

an anarcho-communist commune is perfectly possible within an anarcho-capitalist society. ignore what the newfags say, actual ancaps have no issue with anarcho-communism

you are fucking stupid boiiii

i should add that there are non-randian forms of objectivism too, though not popular, it's there. those guys are fine and compatible with ancapism


anarchists come in all varieties, it's just that only you special snowflakes have your own board–and besides, libertarianism has historically been called "leftist"

but you don't get exploited by society

how do you get exploited by society? taxes? why do you have to pay taxes? because you have property?, then your system has not let the ego claim ownership of the material world

kek, nice spook, you don't have rights

you are stoping the ego from claiming ownership of said object because you have a set of laws imposing property rights

I told you, your position has nothing to do with egoism and you are stupid

im not against anarcho-communism as specified above, i know well that libertarianism commonly refers to left wing libertarianism outside of the US, that does not make right wing libertarianism any less legitimate

spooky tbh

i can say the same about being "exploited by porkies". the whole concept of proletariat vs bourgeoisie is not only outdated, it was wrong from the start. i cant even see how anarchists can use that shitty marxist terminology to explain their philosophy.

never said i fully agreed with stirner, just trying to say ancapism is closer to stirner than any snowflake leftist ideology that requires some extreme mental gymnastics to ever work even on paper
that might be true, but your position is 100% against egoism, and you are an intelligent person with very good mental gymnastics to be able to think leftism is in any way compatible with egoism.

not saying so, but we're not all tankies here

Don't get rid of Stirner, he's one of our best sources of memes.

Look at this thread on halfchan, look how many replies it has: boards.4chan.org/tg/thread/50255891

wait what? i thought he was king lolbert these days. what happened

What have you got against Stirner, dude? You mad cuz Marx tried to BTFO Max and utterly failed?

top kek

keep getting exploited by porky then, your ego must be into cuckoldry I guess

you are an ancap, you are retarded, why do you think you could make an argument like this?

you just proved it isn't

your pirvate property is a spook, the NAP is a spook, the idea of free trade is a spook, if anything the "crony"capitalism meme is a lot closer than your retarded position

weird, since I am post-leftie

that's pretty spooky

having kids cost money, and alt-righters are more willing to donate money to their online gods than the libertarians who all grew up and made money and are wise on where their money is going

keep wanting to suck everybody's dick then, it's your right to do so, i feel pity rather than hatred for most leftists.
top kek the projection
not an argument
EVERYTHING you believe in is a spook. stirner was against leftism in every form, and marx hated him for it and never made an actual non-retarded response to stirner, which is pretty much what youre doing now.
then why the hell are you using leftist terminology and concepts to argue? shouldnt you be groaning about how working is hard and having a revolution is also hard and therefore we should all just be nice to each other and starve?

It's not bait, these are legitimate concerns I have about Ancapitalism. I've seen the horrors capitalism inflicts when it's regulated, the damage it would do without restriction is unthinkable.

Maybe it's hard for a rich person like you to understand, but when you're at the bottom looking up and all you see are a bunch of very powerful rich people that see you as less than fodder for their production lines, the idea of giving them free reign is terrifying.

For another example, just imagine what poisons would be put in food just because doing so would make more money, or how many water supplies would become toxic because it was cheaper to dump chemicals in a nearby river than to dispose of them safely. A deregulated market where the only incentive is profit is a catastrophic nightmare that I can't see anyone but the rich surviving, and even then only until they run out of food because all their workers died from the food poisoning because quality assurance is no longer required.

top kek, you really are retarded

its true, you have proved time and time again to be retarded

there it goes again

lmao, but somehow the idea of private property being good for soceity and having to follow the NAP isn't?

I already proved how the egoist position is compatible with certain leftists positions

its not in my self-interest to get exploited by porky, its not in my self interest to be exploited by propietors, its that simple


I am not, the idea of being againts hierarchy was apropiated by the left, a dictatorship of the porletariat very much has its own hierarchy

the idea of being againts hierarchy is an anarchist position, not a leftists one, you would understand this if you weren't a meme-fed retard

try reading the books you claim to be knowledgeable about

well, I can always instead exploit classcucks like you, as a matter of fact, its exactly what I do, remember, it's the cornyists, don't rebel againts the small buisness :>)

this is where we disagree fundamentally. the cause for all the destruction is because of regulation, and regulations create more problems that require even more regulations, which causes what you see. capitalism in itself is not broken, theres no need to replace it when it can be fixed.
top kek, im anything but rich. i do believe i can pull my bootstraps and succeed eventually, but i share the same background as a majority of Holla Forums.

your arguments resort to literally nothing but call me a retard at this point. its pointless trying to argue with absolutely delusional morons like you. you'll grow up eventually, you post-leftists are 9 times more immature and naive than most leftists.

so has moly gon full stormcuck?



falling rate of profit

wew hew, what an ideologue

you failed to prove how the idea of private property is a spook, how the NAP is a spook, how certain stirner's positions are a lot more related to the left and how a union of egoists is the complete opposite to an ancap utopia, and you can only reply with "thats a childish answer"

like proudhon said to one of your kind, you are intellectually a dead man

It's stolen from /lit/ dingus

Enjoy pulling yourself up by your bootstraps friendo.

Anarcho Capitalism really is just another word for fascism isn't it?

Pretty much, except it's not unified but segmented into micronations.

No you retards. It's authoritarian af, but not fascist. Stop using fascism to describe everything remotely authoritarian. Stop destroying the meaning of the word.

anyways, I would normally reject to people calling non-fascists fascists, but ancaps have a long proud history of flirting with fascists. Mostly cause they tend see fashies as the lesser evil in a fight between fascism and commies.

*object not reject I can't fucking type fuck me lol

In a three-way fight between commies, leftie anarchists, and fascists, where do they rank them?

who's gonna protect your private property then?

Any sympatiser with the Chicago school implicitly supports Chile under Pinochet, so it is safe to say ancaps have fascist tendencies.

tru tbh people need to stop milking this dead meme

2bh pics like this make me feel bad for Holla Forums

they are so balls deep in ideology that they literally cannot mentally comprehend politics without identity or other personal biases

That pic was made by Ginjeet though; one of Holla Forums's best and most contributing oldfags.

You have it backwards. It's fascism, without state authoritarianism.

You'll just have corporate authoritarianism in the end

Wrong. pepe was stole by the alt-right in the first place. We need to raise awareness that pepe is a comfy meme not to be used for political or sexual purposes.

I thought he went back in time

Sounds like someones spooked


If you think about it, they represent the most typical forms of false cinsciousness capitalism has to offer: atomized individualism, the cult of the self, and a false sense of collectivism (nationalism).

Many such instances.

I like your stance against Stirnerfaggotry, Freudposter, but how is this true? The Stirnerfags always push away from collective belonging and call nationalities spooks. Is there something I'm missing in your parallel here?

Freudfag is just an assblasted lelinist who is upset someone else fucked his mom before he could.


Your circlejerk philosophy wank sessions mean nothing outside of Holla Forums.

I think the Stirnerfags are mostly just memeing and Nazbol is so obviously full of shit it doesn't reflect badly on us


What did he mean by this?
no actually

kill me now


do you wear a lot of black? Maybe some spiked stuff?

You know Satanism is basically egoism by another name yes? You are a stirnerite you fucking plank


Lmao, we have a spooked faggot that thinks he's Jesus

t h i s


Stirner was wrong and none of you believe him or attempt to spread his ideas because you know he was wrong.

Explain you'reself pls.

Filtered ;)



Racism is in our culture

t. Jimmy Dore

Confirmed for wrong.

not one of those concepts known as arguments

Halfchan /lit/, give credit where its due it was an isolated meme there for YEARS

Fuck you spooks are cool 😎

This board was founded by /lit/ refugees.

Wrong and wronger.

I am enjoying your anger