The Space Elevator is the single most important political issue of our time

Consider the following benefits:

-End carbon emissions from electricity generation
-Pay off national debt within 10 years
-Completely eliminate taxes after that
-20% GDP growth for decades

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Bumping just because I like these threads even though it goes way over my head. That being said, you could have worked on your OP a bit more.

No, science fiction isn't the most important political issue of our time.

ending white genocide is the single most important political and non political issue of ALL TIME
fuck off back to r/science you fucking piece of shit

You must have meant science journal.

-what even is this

That a thing is theoretically possible doesn't mean it's probable.

There is no technical hurdle to this. The only thing holding it back is lack of political will, which we are remedying with this thread.

It really won't do any of those things.
Why would it end carbon emissions? It's an elevator. Into space. It won't affect our fuel consumption, at all. And if they do figure out some way to generate power off of it, we still need oil to produce things like plastic and lubricants. That's not counting the whole "expecting everyone to sell their gas/diesel car and buy an electric vehicle" issue.
Why would it pay off the national debt? That money will go straight into either A.) the pockets of the private company that owns it (Musk seems most likely) or B.) military spending, social security to keep that bubble from popping, etc if the government owns it.
Why the fuck would it eliminate taxes? So, the government has this thing that gives them lots of free money… why oh why the fuck would they just go "hey, you know what, we're making enough cash off of this that nobody has to pay taxes any more!"
TL;DR: You're retarded and mentally masturbating to something that isn't even in the realm of possibility.


I'm sure they said the same thing about Hitler's rise to power..

Fuck off.

I'll bump in the hopes people start posting space news, but I won't expect much.

Going to space will end white genocide.
In space, nobody can hear you gas kikes.

You say that, but that's sort of hard to know seeing how such an undertaking has never been attempted. But yeah, there's a lack of political will and that won't change. Meanwhile more important things are going on, like if things proceed as they do your space elevator would have to be run by pajeets in 50 years. Good luck with that.

I'd say Hitler's rise to power was astronomically more probable than a space elevator.

You're full of shit.
Space elevators are impossible until we get clarktech, launch loops on the other hand are completely within our grasp. They require no exotic materials and no physics fuckery.
Don't be a retard banking on shit we can't do when we have options on the table that will work.

You're full of shit.
Space elevators are impossible until we get clarktech, launch loops on the other hand are completely within our grasp. They require no exotic materials and no physics fuckery.
Don't be a retard banking on shit we can't do when we have options on the table that will work.

Reduces launch costs to $1-2, enabling space-based solar power at 1/10 the cost of fossil fuels. Government can be funded entirely with asteroid mining and space-based solar power generation, which it self-funds with the credit facility available to the US government. All explained in the links.

Your arguments are entirely circular (cannot be done because hasn't) and don't merit further waste of my time.

It’s a Space Elevator thread. You would understand this if you had lurked for a sufficient period. Space Elevator threads are a part of our culture.


Try $1000-2000
What are you going to hardwire all the power through the impossibly lite, impossibly strong cable? We can already laser energy from satellites at %80 efficiency, we just don't.

This isn't even close to a shadow of a space elevator thread, this is a thread about space elevators. Two completely different things.

No, that wasn't my argument at all, but that's fine. Keep on dreamin'

checking best dubs

It probably didn't look that way in 1923 but you're right. That being said, as with all large-scale endeavors a little public support goes a long way. It's also a pity that the "top-tier" tech wizards are all wasting their abilities in the consumer electronics industry as opposed to more ambitious projects.

The ((government)) doesn't care about tax revenue, it's just a measure to keep the plebs under their thumb. Space can be ours one we find a final solution to the problem of manipulation of government.

You're literally making things up to keep this out of the public consciousness. How in the world would a non-rocket space launch cost as much as building disposable rockets?

Once again, you are caught in a lie. The orbital ring requires no advances in materials science. Once again, your inept shilling signals to the astute reader that something is definitely being hidden.

Correct. You had no argument, as was already demonstrated by your use of circular logic.

The first nation, or bloc, to get a space elevator functioning will be the super power of the next era. It's kind of a moot point if the Semites aren't exterminated, but it is important.

>Paying the (((national debt)))

you need to lurk for another year and a half before posting

Nigger, disposable rockets cost millions. You're the cunt that is pulling shit out of your ass.
What the fuck does an orbital ring have to do with getting the power down to earth and thus negating fossil fuels?

An undertaking like that couldn't be done the corporative route. It'd have to have state backing and there really is just one state that theoretically could attenot it; the US. But the US is occupied spending all it's money on destroying the west, thus my probability analysis on the elevator stuff.

The sci-fi crowd seem to have a hard time realizing what that undertaking would cost and how uncertain the profitability of it is. Bottom line, it's something no one is going to risk in our lifetimes.

You should read up on what circular logic is.

no thanks

Dindu Delivery System. I said this on halfchan and you ignored the contents of my post and said I supported it you fucking shill. This will just be a transportation vehicle for sending niggers into space to force diversity on white space colonies.

A thread died for this.

Unfortunately we can't jump straight to building space elevators. Too much of an investment to do without international backing which won't come until the value of space is well demonstrated. To this end, an orbital habitat and moon base would be capable of supporting the mining of nearby asteroids. As a joint Russo-US project, it could be used to exert leverage bringing places like India into line with the promise to access to the new frontier. Eventually the Chinks will get so butt hurt about being left out of the reindeer games that they can be conned into paying the bill for a full space elevator to be constructed in Africa following the pacification of the native fauna.

You could use it to send mining equipment to the moon/asteroids, but I doubt you could retrieve a significant amount of materials via elevator. A mass driver on the moon would be more cost effective and badass.

in all honesty space elevator threads are cool but theyll never happe in our lifetime and there are far more preasing issues to dicuss like the kike president continung to be the zionist puppet he is

Irrelevant. Global warming doesn’t exist.
1. Assuming actual asteroid mining, which has nothing to do with it
2. The national debt cannot be paid off, ever, by definition
That’s three strikes, commie. Kill yourself. Reported.

This user gets it.

How is some guy sperging out board culture? He's just a nuisance.

Protip: a rotating orbital habitat is the best place to raise a white family with sustainable, military-minded culture.

It’s literally NOT a space elevator thread. You have no idea what space elevator threads were about, and are also too new to know that imkikey bans them if they’re posted. He left over a year ago.

This post will self destruct in 3….2…..1

It provides cheap access to space, and a structure to send the electricity to the surface.

You provide no support for this Alice-In-Wonderland version of logic. The structure would cost tens or hundreds of billions of dollars depending on how it is built, and return hundreds of trillions of dollars in value. Thousandfold return on investment.

That literally is not an argument, and you have no grounds to continue adressing matters of engineering, economics, or logic.

space elevator threads used to be just some turboautist giving us weekly or so updates on all things science and space related. That was part of our culture before he got whack a moled into the shadows.

You're the one trying to claim certainty to what a theoretical megastructure (largest and most complex in history) would cost to build and what it's profitability would be. You just assume stuff like mining asteroids and creating space based solar arrays will be practical and profitable. The answers to these questions is of course, you don't fucking know. But I'm the one with the wonderland logic, whatever the fuck that means.

You're obviously a completely pleb-tier university drone with very little scientific or real-world understanding and you should stop posting and go read some real books instead of glossy magazine sci-fi pieces.

You can always tell which anons are actually white based on their attitude towards space exploration alone.

Agreed, with a caveat. There will always be some retarded shitskins that share the attitude but have the same level of understanding of it as a dog does of a car.

Space Elevator, is that you? Welcome back, bro.

SE left because shills shilled his threads to death. He did not get banned.

Ok space newfag here but hear me out

What about this could not work?

Maybe this should be a HFY thread instead

Just use regular explosives with their own oxidizers.

I genuinely have no idea what you're asking about, or where you got this green text, which in no way reflects the proposal being discussed.


That rotational fuckery still doesn't replicate actual gravity, you'll still get bone loss and other shit, until we figure out how to make true artificial gravity, I don't think permanent space structures are realistic. Terraforming, imo.

Nigga asteroids are huge and you need to make a huge space inside. Nothing short of nuclear fits the bill.

Sorry buzzkil. Just trying to post science in a science thread faggot.

pls user, science/space is politics in the sense that jews pulled all the nasa funding to spend it on african nigger babies and israeli foreign aid.


How does it not replace actual gravity? If you are in contact with 1g of force applied downwards over your whole body, how is that not the same as standing on 1g of gravity toward a surface?



The fuck are you talking about? every thread gets shilled to death, space elevator left after about a solid month of his threads getting nuked within 50 replies.

He is talking about making rotating habitats.

I'm pretty sure you are incorrect on the centrifugal force not being enough unless gravity is doing some other spooky shit we don't know about.

Bone growth is caused by piezoelectric currents (like the sparks that fly when you bang two pieces of quartz together) in your bones which is caused by the stress of movement under gravity. You would lose bone mass in microgravity due to not having as many of those piezoelectric charges going through them.

I wonder if it is somehow possible to artificially induce those currents in your bones.

mirrors to concentrate sunlight and melt the asteroid would work.

Found the shitskin

Are you thinking of comets? Arguably a better place to put a habitat, actually.

Mirrors could work. But I'm sure it would be a lot cheaper to buy a bunch of nukes from Uncle Sam.

Again though, how is 1g gravity vs 1g centrifugal applying less stress on your bones to generate less piezo current?

It may apply that current in the wrong places on bones. Centripetal forces are more angular than natural gravity.

That means we're a threat.

in response to the asteroid size stuff,
Biggest NEA that I could find, 16km diam.

As far as why the centripetal force can't replace actual gravity, last I heard it had something to do with the body getting all fucked up by coriolis forces, not just inner ear problems but other stuff.

Unless you have proof, you're just shitposting. I saw myself when he had some thread hit 300+ posts and he just gave up because he got too annoyed with the shills. I never saw any of his threads get nuked. I remember when he came here as Space Escalator before admitting he was the same guy. Never saw his threads get fucked with by the mods.

That makes sense. Don't know why it didn't come to mind.

It's been something like 10 years since I've even had a discussion about artificial gravity, but I distinctly remember going over it and finding out that the centripetal shit was absolutely not enough (not to mention you'd feel like you were inside a tumble dryer)

Microgravity shit too, yeah, that rings a distant bell.

Also, "centrifugal" force doesn't real. It's "centripetal."

First you need to find a material with a large enough tensile strength to prevent the space elevator from ripping itself apart.

The orbital ring doesn't have a long tether requiring advanced materials.

I distinctly remember being in a few of his threads that 404d before I had a chance to chime in.

Centripetal is tendency to move inward towards the center, centrifugal is the tendency to move outwards from the center.

God, imagine combining this with some of Gottfried Feder's banking and economic reforms. We'd have the greatest economic boom in history if we did it right.


What I mean is the rotating habitat would be experiencing centripetal force while any objects or bodies within it would be stuck to the inner walls by centrifugal force.

Key word: Fictitious.

When will the first orbital factory be built?

Will it be a dyson sphere?

Should have just said inertia I guess.

We could start construction on one today but the finished product a swarm is more practical than a sphere anyway ain't even going to be in the same century as the first.

That means no space exploration for the next century, would you clone yourself just to wake up in the next century?

Are you fucking with me? Do you even know what a dyson sphere is?

Well, a swarm of self aware replicant autonomous spacecrafts that absorb the energy of a star is something really fucked up, but its possible to jump from star to star that way, you know?

I can't tell if you just mashed together a bunch of random concepts or if there was a critical misunderstanding.
By swarm I mean independently orbiting stations instead of a solid sphere.
are you drunk right now?

Nigger we've got more pressing issues, perhaps if you want to put some kinetic weapons in orbit that's great but just giving the Jew easy access to space is like Facebook satellites, they're going to be used against you somehow.

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maybe when he heard swarm he thought of a bunch of space robots attacking the sun like honey bees attack those giant jap wasps

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We have to gain control of msm, make up a story about a fake space elevator, make up fake black protesters bitching about how the moon should be theirs because of slavery, pretend to give them the moon as reparations, start shipping niggers to a mass underground cave on the space elevator, and finally make up stories about how much fun they're having down there so cucks follow.


Not going to happen, niggers hate space.

Did someone say space elevator?
Also we still need to invent the materials that are strong enough to support their own weight up that high, and I don't think carbon nanotube/fibers will cut it.

I really don't see you doing it.

Would it fucking kill you to fellate a shotgun already and quit being a melodramatic cunt?

This isn't black pill. This is lumberjacking. Too many east coast faggots, none of their families even tries to get past the Cascades,.

I have no respect for a family that didn't make it out west.

Could you maybe, possibly not be a weak kneed bloodline that you want me to pay attention to.
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What about Dyson Spheres/Swarms? Fucking pleb.

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Did you lose your way from twitter or something?

Okay here is the issue, it is not in anyway a feasible option.

The ring will have either a gravitational effect on the oceans, or the earth will have a gravitational effect on it causing it to plummet to earth in a rain of fire and fury.

Singlular space stations have the advantage of having a small gravitational footprint that is concentrated on the outline of the full size of the craft, a full ring would need to be separated enough to space out the overall pull, making it useless as intended.

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I'll take that as a no. How about this then: are things alright down in Langley?

Just filter it, it doesn't even seem smart enough to attempt replies.

What was the last thing I witnessed?
>banned for (((botspam)))
What a time to be alive.

I think I broke it when I asked about Langley. CIA obviously uses pajeets like everyone else.

As if this is the problem.

I still remember 1996. sitting at a unmade area with my best friend

Watching a whole lanscape becoming another example of urban sprawl.

Australia gdp is one trillions dollar and they are literally sitting on the rich big land that are worth more than 3 trillions so Australia should give $500 billion to the Aussie space agency. Can you imagine what they will do with that money?

fuck off

It wouldn't affect the oceans as nearly as much as what you think, you think we're pulling a moons worth of material into space lmao?

7.347 x 10^22 kg, that's 1% of the earth, that's a LOT.

Who is not asking for salvation? Some of you are a little lot.

If you have not made a moment in Hollywood and a big bunch of broken dregs can't shake off.

Want to hear how I know you're from r/science?

MANY forget

Learn to space fountain, nigger.

Yes, yes, very good OP but that's putting the elevator before the WALL. Get that thing built first and then we can launch libshits into space. Oh wait, you think what? That Jew bankers and demon fuck oil barons will allow ANYTHING to change? hahaha you're so cute. I bet you have a reddit AND tumblr account. Also 3500 faceburger friends. No, it's a conveyor belt/catapult for shooting zogbots into space. We fund it like a sports ball stadium with municipal bonds that we pay off with the ppv revenue from broadcasting the launches every Friday night.

You just destroyed what little hope OP had left for getting laid.

I like space elevators. It's a handy filter for people who have no idea that they're talking about.

A space elevator is practically impossible. What people forget about the orbital rig that would be required is that to construct the ring it needs to be going at orbital velocity, Last time I checked you can't connect a space elevator to something going 14,000+ mph faster than the ground

>>>Holla Forums

Every time. Every fucking time.

Why did this thread get shills and bots?


European Parliament officially calls for Space Elevator! Shills BTFO!

Because it's talking about the Final Solution to kikery.

You just explained all of the reasons the Jew will never allow a space elevator to be created.>>10600830

The funny thing is that to get the power she imagines this sci-fi contraption would generate, back down to the surface of the earth, the "elevator" would need to carry copper cables several inches in diameter, running at ultra-high (one million) voltage.
This is beyond retarded.
We don't even have TERRESTRIAL superconducting grid, yeah, let's go straight to space first.
This is like a toddler thinking he will win the Olympic dead lift heat against 350lb athletes when he has only just stopped crawling.

Kikes. If they won't let it happen, they will be gassed.

Oy vey! Shut it down!

I like it. TBH we would have had it by now if not for the 65' immigration act. Even Musk has said we have limited time to get into space before humanity destroys itself. Being from SA I would like to believe he is red pilled on race and thats why he makes those comments. That being said he is a rent-seeking crony capitalist.

A facility on the moon with a large mass driver, a factory, and a processing plant would be better. Cheaper to make, easier to manufacture, perfectly feasable with modern tech and engineering, sitting right on top of a massive ball of helium for fusion in the near future, and no chance of it collapsing to earth and destroying the country.
Catch asteroids, crash them into the moon, process them into parts for space ships and stations, launch them out of the gravity well with a mass driver (much much easier than it would be on earth due to low gravity and no atmosphere), assemble in orbit. Its self sustaining from materials harvested from asteroids as soon as the factory and processing plant is done.
A lunar based asteroid processing facility and drydock is the first step to extra-planetary expansion.

Securing the existence of our people and a future for white children is the most important political issue of our time, you sniveling rat-faced lolberg.

I don't think a stronger material is possible at all. You do not understand how on the of material science that is; it's not "twice as good as steel". Carbon nanotubes is the lvl99 material that has 9999HP.

That said, the problem is how to manufacture that much of it.

This is a ploy to build the tower of Babel.

The problem is our bone mass and density will decrease, which will cause the people in space or on moon to suffer from the spaceflight osteopenia. There is some solutions for this but there is another problem. The problem is it requires a insanely big amount of power to keep it running effectively, which is quite expensive at the moment.

yeah imagine giant grounding rod sticking out of earth - it will never be finished

Mate, there's asteroids in the solor system with amounts of iron worth more then the hole wolrds debt 10x over. Multiple ones.

You necessarily get in touch with elves sprites and blue jets that power conventional lightnings below. The sequence of events prove the abobe. Same as with solar flairs - first there is "magnetic reconnection" then reaction on sun's photosphere.

who cares
debt is a scam, it's fiat money created out of thin air, it's a worldwide slavery jewish system and it can never be payed back as the very currency used to pay it is necessarily new debt
end the fed, space elevator is a meme
see above

The problem I have with all the space talk is that its essentially the peak of white flight. We shouldn't have to flee to the stars to survive. Earth has a rich history for us, not to mention is our true home. I don't like the idea of abandoning my nation, my continent and certainly not my planet just because of shitskins.


hitler's rise to power was not just predictable but made to happen
what, did you think spontaneous emergences happened at such a world shattering level out of the realm of the jews' control?
one thing the (((rulers))) particularly dont like is _impredictability_

good goy, dream about escaping earth, leave it to us, we'll take good care of your children

Is that really wise? I've heard the moon is a harsh mistress, user.

Also guys
What about Mars
Say tomorrow we unlock the technology to even get there and back
How long from now do you think a sustainable Martian base, or hell even a full sized Martian Colony of Whites only, could be a reality?

What would become of White Nationalism?
Would the Martian Colony be a part of the United States, or whatever country sent them up there, or would those on the Colony, implying they're like us, would be better with a "Martians First" ideology?

Basically "White Nationalism" but rather than a single nation it's an entire planet.
nice VR larping, jew

Both goals are related. If we fail to get the muds out of our countries, we can always take a new planet.

It'd be white only almost by necessity. Firstly, the problem solving needed to survive requires a threshold of intelligence which precludes just about all non whites. Secondly, the distance from the sun and insular lifestyle means there's less vitamin D, which the darker races actually require just to survive.

At worst, it'll be whites and Asians, at least until the following conditions are met:
By which time, space travel and colonisation would be easy enough that groups of whites hell, anybody with the courage really could just mark a celestial body as "theirs" and call it a homeland. Personally I believe this is Elon Musks motivation after growing up in South Africa. Cars that run on electricity (a power source abstracted from a single fuel source can be generated in many ways), reusable rockets to facilitate cheaper travel (stepping stone to colonies)… Say what you want about his suckling at the gibs, but his goals seem to align in some ways with ours, or long term can be net benefits.

The thought of white people dominating the stars itself just for shitskins to continue to be useless parasites, but on new planets, fills me with a deep, burning rage.

Well as it should, that's what they've been doing on Earth for thousands of years. Don't forget, Aryan civilization used to stretch from northwestern Europe to northern Africa and all the way into India and China - some even say that our ancestors were Atlanteans that brought civilization to every continent. Whatever you think of that, they've been chasing us for millennia, and have almost caught us for good in the last 50 years.

But there's hope: as I mentioned, space travel is a hard limit, as surviving requires creativity, skill, intellect, and drive - most of them are lazy. This next technological barrier hardens us for a long time. Plus, that's excluding the psychological state of our people at that time. Who knows, maybe they'll all be superhuman hyperhitlers from conquering the final frontier.

True. I don't think it will happen unless we deal with White genocide first though.

Waste of trips. It would make a lot more sense for Whites to leave the Earth and then nuke it until it's uninhabitable. Keep an internet of rotating habitats with all the nature you want and get rid of shitskins and kikes in one fell swoop.

I wish SpaceLelevator would return. I can't believe how many newfags have no idea who he is.

Anyone who posts this should be banned. You are no different from a Faceberg plebe if you hold any serious political beliefs without even
understanding economics.

Way to ignore the point, dipshit.

Asteroids are very porous and fragile. A moon would be far more sustainable.

Looks more like a spacecock


Putting the facility underground solves the problems of meteors and radiation and makes it easier to make a workable environment for humans. Ideally the only things on the surface would be an airlock for bringing in asteroids and supplies, a landing platform for incoming ships, and the opening for the mass driver for obvious reasons. Everything pressurized can be underground, as can most of the unpressurized track for the mass driver.
The other main problems are gravity, power, and initial supply/construction. Gravity is something that can't really be helped, but the base would probably have a rotating staff like the ISS or possibly a dedicated staff who is used to living in low g environments. Power would be easy with nuclear power, fision for now(asteroids can provide a lot of uranium) and fusion in the near future using the moon's abundant supply of helium. The initial construction would probably be the most difficult thing, but the cost, difficulty, and danger is only a fraction of what building a space elevator or similar structure would be. Even a launch loop on earth is super difficult due to atmospheric drag when the altitude is too low and engineering problems when you try to make a structure 3 times the height of Mt. Everest and hundreds of miles long support its own weight (not to mention the possibility that it could fail and wreak untold destruction on anything under it in the case of a terrorist attack or war). Another positive about this solution is only the resources needed to make a facility to process asteroids and ships (likely drones) to retrieve them need to be launched from earth as the rest of the material for the mass driver can be obtained from said asteroids. Another big reason for the facility to be on the moon is heat. Things in space have trouble diffusing heat, making stuff like big forges impractical, but a grounded facility doesn't have that problem.

Paul Birch's paper addresses this directly, it would cost many times more than boot-strapping an orbital ring a PORS (launch loop) first.

When the space elevator is built, there will be 10x as much money to take care of the white children.

You can build an orbital ring out of steel. Kevlar is better, but you can literally do it with steel.

Liberals. Slag from coal is real, though.

That's why we need a national credit system.

How do you plan to end the Fed without destroying most of the nation's wealth? You cannot do it. "End the Fed" is a meme.

Get me a white paper already. Important people are interested, but I have no deliverables.

Good first attempt at one of these but it's a lot more involved. You have to also explain the news regarding space exploration technology developments with a few hope inducing lines.

We all know what comes next.

dropping said colonies on our own people?

Just imagine how easy it would be to have all the non-whites killed in tragic accidents during the early days of their stay at the space colonies. Because there would be so few of them initially, it would be so easy to just have a few accidents and then they're all gone from the mars et al gene pool and can only be reintroduced by long and costly voyages from earth. Then even if they did arrive they would be still so few to make a difference too. Hell, a whole ship of them might just crash into the planet from their own ineptitude or not even survive the journey. How many kike dollars would have to be sacrificed just to get a nigger on mars and stay there for long enough to pollute a gene pool composed of scientists and astronauts that undoubtedly take the matter of mate selection incredibly seriously and have read all the books on race mixing.


How do you solve shit just hitting it? Also the rotation of the Earth if it doesn't share the same speed. It would have to have its lowest point be somewhere in the sky or ocean so it doesn't drag.

If it went the same speed as the Earth I'd imagine it would just fall to the Earth. Then dealing with all that atmospheric shit.


Upside down arches

Its stupid.
How will you prevent debris from destroying it.
Why do you even need it since 1 elevator can only carry you to a one place.
And the earth spins.
The destination would have to be either open orbit or moving along the elevator.
And how will you bulid it?
How will you get the pieces to it?
Add the fact that there are no materials suitable for such a project.

Speaking of space elevators, I miss 'Space Elevator' dumping science and shit.

Kill yourself. You’re too stupid to be allowed to live.
Learn what the purpose of the elevator is, fucktard.
With our hands.
Implying pieces

Would this work?
Have 2 engine/structures keeping orbit connected by a loop of wire that hangs down into the atmosphere where special planes can hook loads onto without going into orbit?
Like a big space swing reaching down into the upper atmosphere.
The engines in space can adjust for the weight of the payload and maintain level.
The wire would be circular and can be looped around with the payload like a conveyor belt.

So you will constantly clean up a moving object.
The project is technically possible but it is stupid.

I wish you could understand how stupid you are

How can electromagnetism be used to make such an elevator?

Sort of like this

Earth has too much gravity to really build one here, but Mars is a good target. You could power an entire civilization on the Red Planet with a series of space elevators.

Just another one of those things I really miss from here. It's such a shame the shills bullycided him out of here. They did the same thing to A Wyatt Man, yeah A WYATT THE MAN HIMSELF, progenitor of our beloved Schlomo, used to post here regularly. Then the shills pushed him away too.

Saging for off topic

To build it on Mars would require tens of trillions of dollars in rockets to get payloads there. Building an orbital ring here first makes an orbital ring on Mars cost 1/1000 as much.

We need to increase carbon emissions not end it your fagot.

Space nerdism is a fossilized, stale leftover of the 19th century colonialist romanticism, dressed in technophilia.
It's just as worthless and induldgent as everything in the nerd subculture.

Kill self

Every user hating on this thread is a shitskin and needs to be gassed.

The space elevator is the most important thing to meme next to /htg/. Problem is, how do we get people on board? We need a physicist to create an easy meme for us to memorize and repeat to everyone regarding cost. materials, profits, abilities. I've tried talking to people about it and the most common response is "we don't have the technology yet." Especially regarding the materials that can withstand the forces in the atmosphere keeping it upright. I tried explaining kevlar and carbon nanotubes but they don't believe it.

The space elevator is the most important thing to meme next to /htg/. Problem is, how do we get people on board? We need a physicist to create an easy meme for us to memorize and repeat to everyone regarding cost. materials, profits, abilities. I've tried talking to people about it and the most common response is "we don't have the technology yet." Especially regarding the materials that can withstand the forces in the atmosphere keeping it upright. I tried explaining kevlar and carbon nanotubes but they don't believe it.

The space elevator is the most important thing to meme next to /htg/. Problem is, how do we get people on board? We need a physicist to create an easy meme for us to memorize and repeat to everyone regarding cost. materials, profits, abilities. I've tried talking to people about it and the most common response is "we don't have the technology yet." Especially regarding the materials that can withstand the forces in the atmosphere keeping it upright. I tried explaining kevlar and carbon nanotubes but they don't believe it.

space elevator can't be built if whites have no country to build it in.

No, it doesn't exist. It's science fiction. Stop going to university, it's not good for your brain.

Your astute reaction gives it all away.
You are a demotivational shillposter.
There are people that pushed themselves to the max there, why ? because it is a challenge to meet yourself.
Guess you have a very weird way of saying something along the lines of : "I DONT LIKE THAT YOURE HAVING BY DOING SOMETHING I DONT WANT TO DO WITHOUT ME"

When did that happen, do I remember him posting a lot more recent than I think?

The reason the jew doesn't want to see the white man in space is because it's a powerful metaphor for their ultimate fate. In revelations god speaks of those who say they are jews, but are liars. These liars go to hell, and god's people go to heaven. This is a mirror of us going to space in a way. We ascend, and they are left behind. It infuriates them on a personal, spiritual, and psychological level to see us climbing higher, and higher while they are left on earth.


The break-even is high.

You can build skyhooks with Kevlar but you need a supersonic plane to deliver goods to it.

Space devlopment will become easier with better material science.

It needs to be at zero percent interest to work, and it'll have to be backed by jail time and forced labour. Ideally the labour would be infrastructure projects.

The Lofstrom Loop is where it's at. It can be built with modern materials and is significantly cheaper then a Space Elevator.

Go ahead and explain why, and you will be able to publish in a scientific journal and also avoid being told to kill yourself for perpetuating kikery.

Until then, kill yourself, kike.

God's people will go to the stars, the Synagogue of Satan will go to the depths.

Can we please stop with the Alice-in-Wonderland logic? Either explain a serious reason the project can't be done as described, or lurk more.

Did the 1st or 2nd Banks of the United States require the currency to be backed by "jail time and forced labour"? No. Stop making things up.

Lofstrom Loop would be 100 times better than what we have. Paul Birch even talks about using a PORS (Partial Orbital Ring System, which is basically a Launch Loop) to set up the Orbital Ring.'Neill_cylinder

In the late 70's, O'Neill and a team of NASA engineers sat down and calculated the maximum cost of building an Island 3 space colony. They assumed the most expensive materials would be used, rather than cheaper but still good materials, they assumed everything would be launched into space from Earth via rocket instead of launched from the moon or asteroids via mass driver, and they assumed the high-end estimates of what it would cost to train all the astronauts and construction workers. Then they doubled the cost, just to cover any unforeseen issues.

The maximum possible cost for building a space colony capable of housing millions, after adjusting for inflation, was less than what the US spent on welfare in 2011. And welfare spending has increased every year since.

A space colony that could house millions, act as a giant farm/greenhouse to feed the world, or bring in trillions of dollars in revenue from asteroid mining, that was feasible with 1970's technology, let alone modern tech, would have cost less than we spend on welfare in one year. Think about that.


A massive presence in space would make us untouchable. Satellites and spacecraft armed with lasers and particle beams could destroy enemy spacecraft and satellites, as well as ICBM's at the height of their trajectory. Brilliant Pebbles would enable us to destroy ICBM's and launching spacecraft before they get far off the launch pad. Project Thor would enable us to bomb anywhere on the planet from orbit, within 15 minutes of deciding to carry out the attack, and let us carry out attacks as small as a drone strike or as big as a tactical nuke with zero radioactive fallout; kinetic orbital strikes would be nearly impossible to detect before it was too late, and would be impossible to intercept or shoot down. Fractional orbital bombardment would allow our ICBM's to have effectively unlimited range, striking anywhere on the planet from any direction, allowing us to nuke a country whose defenses are aimed in one direction because that's where conventional ICBM's would come from.

In short, the country that gets into space first and invests in a heavy militarization of space becomes untouchable, able to annihilate any other nation with impunity while being nearly impossible to attack itself.

Any country that invests in mining asteroids and the moon is going to be wealthy beyond the wildest dreams of the greediest capitalist.

We don't need to pay off the (((national debt))) it isn't actually possible to do so. We need to gas the kikes and traitors that got us and our decendenrs in an unpayable jewish debt scam.

We technically have the ability to build a Dyson Sphere (or Dyson Swarm if you want to avoid confusing the ignorant with images of a solid shell around the sun) using modern technology. It would consist of thousands or millions of O'Neill Island 3 space colonies and millions of satellites all gathering solar energy. This energy would be used to power our civilization, making hydrocarbon fuels (methane, gasoline, natural gas, coal, etc.) utterly pointless and making nuclear reactors, thorium reactors, nuclear fusion, etc. unnecessary except for spacecraft traveling to other star systems or when used as a means of propulsion. Harnessing solar energy would also provide a means of propelling spacecraft via solar sails (we could even push a spaceship to relativistic speeds, able to reach other nearby star systems, without the ship expending any fuel at all; it would only need a propulsion system for slowing down once it arrived in the target star system, vastly reducing the expense of building a starship and reducing the amount of fuel, etc. it would need to carry), as well as being used to heat planets like Mars for terraforming.

We could even focus all of that solar energy as a collimated laser, producing a beam powerful enough to blow up planets, Death Star-style, with a range of thousands of lightyears. Yeah, if we discover aliens or space communists, all we have to do is shine a giant flashlight at them and when the beam of light reaches them, their planet blows up. Problem solved. Or we could just use solar sails to accelerate a Relativistic Kill Vehicle and hit their planet with a solid projectile traveling at 99% of lightspeed, striking with enough force that their entire world explodes like an apple being shot with a rifle.

And this is feasible with CURRENT TECHNOLOGY.




Already addressed. Public credit system. Already been done.

Thanks for bumping.


You have to come back.

That's a lie. We have no materials strong enough to construct it.
We can't even make shoelaces out of it, to say there are no technical hurdles to creating many thousands of miles of the stuff is flat out dishonest.

We're never going back to space until white genocide ended.

It doesn't. You're confusing transistor miniaturization for "technology".

Doesn't require unobtanium. Can be built with kevlar.

SSTO shuttles haven't been made to work.

Have you replicated sun's fusion process yet? No, and it's never going to happen, because sun derives it's power from the plain of galaxy - Ibex mission proved it.


not exactly an orbital factory, but it would still be used as a mean to build large spacecraft while on orbit . However It's doubtful this project is anywhere near to be ready for launch.

Two lls?



Just take a look at the desperate shilling, it's pretty obvious ((they)) don't want a space elevator.

Remember when half-chan /sci/ blew this idea the fuck out?

Back in 200never

Know how I can tell you're relatively new at this? You're still using logical fallacies and tactics from an outdated playbook everyone here has been familiar with for years. The experienced shills have moved on from Shilling 101.

Go shill elsewhere, you'll find no shekels here, golem.

I never left.

Unless you're mistaking me for Space Elevator; I'm not him.

….. what?

Every single space/technology thread instantly gets swarmed by obvious shills who keep repeating the exact same things, over and over, with no variation in theme. It's blatantly obvious that (((they))) are afraid of the power and freedom the exploitation of space would give us.

Fun fact: the only people to walk on the moon were all white men. That's why the Jew is afraid.

Hey guys, billionaire here to say this thread has reached me- I want to fund the construction of the space elevator!

All I need to know is which material is strong enough so we can build a facto-

Why do the Joos not want us to build this?



Even discussing the space elevator exposes the utter depravity of this regime: "We've been able to do this for decades, could have had GDP of $1,000,000 per person by now, who is running the show?" It also promises to displace the Federal Reserve system of looting and usury with growth and prosperity for all.

How did it feel to get face-fucked here:

I don't think this guy's really a billionaire.


Where did everyone go? Are you guys worried about info getting leaked by people asking questions if you show your faces again? At least give us a website to look at. (Oh wait, I just realized they could steal that. Fuck)

Man I miss Space Elevator threads. I wish he would come back.

Shills killed it.

If it'll do the job as a space elevator, promote it in space elevator threads.

Face it. We have never left this planet.
Everything is a lie. Everything.
Its all fucking theater.

The most important issue of our time is overcoming the cognitive dissonance.

What should we do with all the communications satellites in orbit?

Oh shit nigga, you got me there.
Clearly all the fake ISS footage and NASA repeatedly saying we can't get past low earth orbit is meaningless with all those fucking satellites up there.

Should we crash them, blow them up, what do you want, boss? We got thousands of these things.

Of course, everything that's stopped us from exploring frontiers always has something tangentially to do with the Jew

Goddam reject halfchan thread…
Fuck off with your idiot unicorns.


That's not the point. The point is that those aren't orbitals, they're HABs, HAPs etc. The user is correct, quite a few nasa guys are on record affirming that no man-made object ever got past LEO.

Just a reminder that Issac Arthur is Space Elevator from the 4chan Holla Forums days.

What makes you say that?

Really not. You still need to build the vehicle, the payload, etc. So, while you MAY eliminate much of the costs of an SRB, you still don't touch the total cost of the mission.

No, really. Fucking how? How is the power being transmitted to Earth?
Along the giant fucking cable? First time a storm hits it, it goes POP and that goes down. Okay, so you ground and insulate it reeeeally well… Well, you've still got the issue of, oh I don't know, the fucking plant needing to be laid to tie it into a local power supply. And supposing you do that, guess what–no state has a single, unified power network, let alone the country, let alone the world.
So, let's say you're not a complete retard and you argue for solar mirror magic to reflect a constant stream of light onto a specific solar farm in the desert somewhere. You still have the issues of
1.) cloud cover interference
2.) airspace clearance (pilots would be in danger of going blind passing through this zone)
3.) increased UV for miles around the target area
4.) the danger of the mirror array breaking
5.) the cost of upkeep on the mirror array.

And we're right back to my original point of:
The government isn't going to just turn down money out of the kindness of their hearts and you're naive and an imbecile if you believe so. In fact, you're probably a socialist/communist.

This will cost whoever tries it not millions, not billions, but TRILLIONS of dollars. National GDP level worth of spending to get it working. The investment cost is too high, and while the potential payoff is great, there's also the potential it'll crash the fucking economy.
Supply and demand 101:
IF supply is scarce,
AND demand is high,
THEN prices (and thus profits) are high.
IF supply is plentiful,
OR demand is low,
THEN prices (and thus profits) are low.
Translation: if you went into space and found an asteroid made entirely of pure gold a cubic mile in volume, you would immediately crash the gold market. Gold would lose all value. Likewise with any other precious metals, minerals, etc. The only good thing would be in MAYBE reducing the cost of iron/steel, except instead of digging in the Earth for it, you're mining it in space, with its own set of dangers. That shit can't be automated or done by drone and it will most likely cause a severe hike in the price of iron.

In other words, we're back to the fact that this entire idea is nothing but mental masturbation to communist ideology.

In one of the threads Space Elevator talked about maybe making a Youtube series. A month later the first episode came out, and SE never posted again. Doesn't take a genius, they were also both in the American Army after doing a degree in Physics.

Launch costs are 98-99% of any mission.

Solar panels now generate about 5 times as much energy as on earth, with no intermittency problem. Asteroid mining of rare earths drastically reduces their costs further.

Come on. We have these on earth.

Even if it were $20 trillion, it would pay itself off in 4-5 years.

You have to go back.


The (((federal reserve))) isn't getting shit. We can sooner and easily declare it void for it simply being a scam and moreso because it is unconstitutional. The shabbos goy of 1918 knew it was unconstitutional and passed it anyway. We can, should, and will keep all of the gains we make and leave the jews kvetching into an oven.

Has anybody seen that High Level Insider chap?

Get out.

How's Florida?

Get out.

Oh shit, they send motherfucking SpecOps whenever we talk about High Level Insider. Here's all the posts, make sure you bump this again with your salty tears:


Holy shit, you're even above SpecOps. I read you, Sergeant Shillington. Hey, why don't you explain which parts of High Level Insider you disagree with?

Given that he was always wrong, all of it. Reported now, for spamming LARP shit.

Why don't you explain some specific instances that were incorrect?

Reported for shilling.

We need to invest in asteroid companies.

How every space thread on Holla Forums goes:

The question is, WHY are the shills immediately sent to spam space threads into oblivion? What is it about space that terrifies them so badly? Seriously, they're more afraid of space exploration than reviving National Socialism.

Is it because once we're in space, we're free of the Jew? Infinite lebensraum, infinite resources, infinite wealth, advanced technology, and only the best of the best can explore space (hence, all actual accomplishments in space were achieved by white men; literally the only thing the affirmative action astronauts have ever achieved is "first cunt in space, first nigger in space, first mudslime in space", etc.), which means kikes get left out and have no means of dominating us anymore. If whites can prevent other races from going into space through overwhelming military advantage, the Jews can't chase us down with enemies or Trojan horses anymore. If we have infinite lebensraum and infinite resources, and we can simply go somewhere else in the event of ideological conflict with our neighbors, the Jew can't foment any more brother wars. If we have infinite living space, infinite wealth, advanced tech, etc., the Jew can't control us through banking schemes, fraud, or debt. And if space is a harsh environment where only the most competent, superior specimens can thrive, then the Jew gets left behind and can no longer parasitize us.

That's why the Jew fears space: space is the ultimate freedom from the Jew.

Shills BTFO airlock.

Lots of asteroids are rubble piles any way and it seems increasingly obvious that most small solar system bodies, beginning at the outer third of the asteroid belt, have a lot of ice or "ice" in them.

Daily reminder that blue marble shills are NASA freemasons who have stolen more than a trillion dollars from you and have used those funds to create a matrix of lies all around you. Knowledge is power and they don't want you to have any.



How do you explain the hat?

Or all the other videos of fluids floating and things being weightless?


How do you sleep at night knowing everything you do is a lie, and you are an order-following cuckold and a traitor? Did your father, or uncles, or anyone else in your family serve your country? Do you know any one of them would tear you to pieces with their bare hands if they ever found out what a disgrace you are to their uniform? You are an abomination and you will never escape your shame.

Anyways, whether the earth is flat or not, I don't give a shit. The fact that everyone knows that the government is not to be trusted but gobble up everything NASA says is fucking stupid. The government is a bigger body than NASA will ever be and the government is able to cover up things pretty well, how the fuck do you not think NASA can cover up and lie about things more sneakier than a government could in fact they are pretty much connected in all ways.
And lets not forget about the insane amount of tax money they get for projects that never get out of testing or just are never heard again ever.

I used to love space shit and keep an eye on everything related but seeing old footage back, hearing old statements and the endless amount of theories but no facts or conflicting "facts" made me stop caring.

We all know you want to get tor banned again so you datamine easier. Fuck you, Israel is gonna be glassed with you in it.

These people you're defending, I've been in the room when they talk about the enlisted military as their "dogs." They have removed your testicles, put a leash around your neck, and trained you to follow commands, because you are an unthinking animal. That's a good doggie, here's your shekels.

You think I give a single fuck what a kike like you has to say about me?

Sounds like one your holohoax stories, typical only a kike can think of such gruesome filth.

You could transmit the power without cables using either mirrors or lasers, which will be used to heat ground-based targets, which will generate power in the same way mirror-based solar power does today. Power can be generated easily anywhere on earth.

Side effect of this, however, is that you just created a fucking death ray.

I don't have time to read this thread right now, just gonna commend this guy's channel. Very good for creating perspective. This re4ally is the Space Age were living, decadence and malevolent leadership is the only thing that keeps us back. Claim your destiny, brothers.

That's a good doggie. Remember, employee of the month gets Neuticals.

You have already tried this line. In this thread. You do not need a death ray to send power to the surface.

Honestly didn't post the Death Ray thing before, probably should have read the thread a bit better.

According to Wikipedia, there is non-radiative and radiative methods. Non-radiative methods are called near-field, meaning they are only short range. Can't be used to transmit power from space.

The other method is radiative, which by definition is a giant beam for light.

bumping epic space elevatu thread

Try this: "Wireless Power Transmission Options for Space Solar Power." You can get power down to the surface wirelessly for maybe a 20-30% loss now. Part of the reason the space elevator is better than a launch loop is that you can transmit the power down a wire, losing almost nothing in the process.


The most important issue of our time is the 14 words without it all of what you hope for is a pipe dream.



While you do have more solid asteroids (our asteroid belt has many in theory)
Finding an appropriate one would be a huge timesink.

The moon is a bitch for two reasons.

Asteroid impacts since it lacks enough atmosphere to burn them up and acts as an asteroid shield for the Earth. So they're pretty fucking frequent.

The worse one is lunar dust.
Lunar dust is evil.
You know how sand gets everywhere? Lunar dust gets into places you didn't even know you had, then it proceeds to destroy them one way or another.
It will with a bit of time wind up destroying anything with moving parts that aren't sufficiently protected. And if you wind up breathing some in or just getting it in you anywhere? You're fucked.
Airlocks and lunar dust control will be serious business on a lunar colony.

Wireless power transmission is the better option overall and more attainable.
We could easily build an orbital solar network to power pretty much the entire earth.

The beauty of solar power is its near unlimited once you get off the planet. Your only limit is the quantity of solar panels you can put in an area and the traffic in said area.

Both the USA and Russia could easily power themselves entirely by orbital solar inside a few decades. After which the project would pay for itself in years.

Truly I am a stunning example of who that comic is about.

Haha, moon dust will destroy everything with moving parts and immediately kill you. I'm literally scream-laughing at how fucking desperate you niggers are.

This kills the Jew.

Yeah, lunar dust is shit. Because erosion isn't much of a thing on the moon, the dust is basically glassy jagged silica and iron. It destroyed the seals of soil sample containers, and would it would quickly cause silicosis on repeated exposure.

Apparently it does make for a good source for strong concrete though, and you get can some water from it by microwaving it.


You are absolutely right about that.

The orbital rig would have to be in a GeoStationary orbit, so it stays in the same position relative to the earth. (see the gif attached)

And this idea is utter rubbish. Its far more cost effective and practical to develop a reusable spacecraft system like what SpaceX is doing.

This thread is gay. OP is a fag


I don't want to colonize space or achieve any sort of artificial longevity before we wipe out the kikes and niggers

Probably California.

Reuseable rocket systems are absolute hell to engineer because of the forces involved during take off and landing acting on the precision components of the rocket.

A techno-masturbatory power fantasy from adolescent nerds deserves every bit of trolling it gets. Because, if we honestly look at the underlying logic, that's all space nerdism is about.

That's weird, because this says astronauts have inhaled it and not died, just that it's a concern that needs to be studied, and exposure limits set. It's almost like you're making things up again…

You forgot to answer the question:

I think space is racist because there is no niggers in space

Give it a rest already.

When the lunar lander got contaminated with moon dust, it gave both astronauts hayfever-like symptoms that cleared up by the time they reached Earth. At no point did it interfere with equipment in or out of the lander on any of the Apollo missions.

And they never will. The shills cannot articulate the motivations or fears of their puppet masters because they do not share them; they simply do what they've been told to do.

morons don't understand the difference between the classic geostationary space elevator and the concept of an orbital ring.

Can you explain how a rocket that we hope will send payloads up for $1000/kg is better than a space elevator that will send payloads up for $1/kg?

Reusable rockets are a stop-gap solution.

The path to developing functional space infrastructure (fuel depots, manufacturing, mining platinum group metals for export to earth, human habitation etc) goes something like this:

1. Reusable rockets, to cheapen your ability to get stuff into space.
2. Get skyhooks into space, use ultrastrong available polymers like para-aramids.
3. Use super-sonic airplanes to deliver bulk goods to your skyhooks, vastly cheaper than rockets.
4. Use skyhooks for every satellite launch, scientific mission etc, possible.
5. Mine gold, platinum etc. Refine in space via Dust roaster. Export pure metals to earth, use residual material to start building larger facilities in space directly, via 3D printing or foam metals. Raw material is the left-overs from the precious metal refining process.
6. Build orbital rings in low earth orbit, collect nigh infinite power from unfilitered sunlight, run power down solid stationary cables to earth surface.
7. Sell real estate on orbital rings, build more orbital rings, use orbital ring-bound transport to replace terrestial flight etc.

Getting into space is a hassle, but it becomes easier as material science advances. It is however doable, in a profitable way, with current technology and materials.

Space contains 3 things that are valuable: precious metals (and only those metals, others are not worth exporting to earth), energy in the form of constant, unfiltered sunlight, and real estate. Real estate is the only one currently being used, via satellites, which are just communication-computers put in a valuable and useful spot.

If Hitler had won, we'd actually be able to do stuff like this. This isn't going to be the reality. Reality is niggers rioting,trans-gender and "the New Europeans" on cover of Nat Geographic, jews pillaging and eventually picking over our bones. Maybe the chinks/nips will have something like this one day. 2,000 years to do it, constant wars between Christian sects, but they never fully took out the Jews. And here we are.

Niggas don't know they are cringe central.

Or just go straight to a launch loop or orbital ring and go straight to large-scale colonization of the whole solar system within 20 years.


Le bump. I want space tendies.

Undersea vehicles like that were built, they just lacked the 30's Flash Gordon aesthetic.

Underwater tour vehicles exist.

Mono-wheel vehicles actually existed and were briefly popular in the 30's because they got better gas mileage than a conventional motorcycle.

Amphibious vehicles were built less than a decade after that cover was made, and are still in use today. Complete with hydrodynamic boat hull, tracks for ground travel, and gun turrets.

Here we see another anti-space shill tactic in use: attempting to conflate speculative pop-sci from 80 years ago with legitimate proposals by actual scientists. The shill hopes you don't realize that there's a difference between a normie magazine speculating about flying cars and robot maids (both of which exist, one is prohibitively expensive and the other is a Roomba) and actual engineers and scientists saying that we have the technology to achieve something. This attempt at shilling/demoralization is especially galling in light of the fact that many of these things we're proposing ACTUALLY EXIST AS WORKING PROTOTYPES, such as NERVA, proving that they're not mere 'masturbatory fantasy' as the shill guidebook says to describe them.

You can tell that this particular shill is both an amateur and especially desperate not only because all of his posts are straight out of the Hasbara handbook, but also because he keeps bumping the thread in hopes of getting his .02 shekels instead of just letting it die.

So the question once again must be asked: why are shills so afraid of space exploration?

Maybe we would be completely free to do whatever beyond our imagination.


What space agency should we invest in?

That's actually a really relevant question. Despite USA on route again to establish moon bases (claiming to be on the route at least), I don't trust 'em.

The only way space travel is possible is with NatSoc, which is why I had gotten into NS in the first place. No other society or form of governance works to improve its people, and its technology unlike NS. Space travel is expensive and not profitable(at least in its infancy), hence no profit to be made by corporations.


STFU stupid faggot. Until we gas all the kikes and destroy the other races, thereby ensuring the survival of the white race — all benefits of the any space elevator or other sci-fi stupidity will go directly to helping the kikes breed more shitskins and eradicate the white people.

Genociding the Jews (for real this time) is the singular most important issue of our day.

First off, shitskins are a result of the Jews, as long as they stay in their land, they are of no bother to the European people. You can't just gas the kikes, you need to give them somewhere to go first, so they don't hide out in our countries, and by that time whats the bother. Death by Trial to the jews worthy of such actions, as gassing Jews would not be well for the morality of our people - Why become the very monster the jews have conceived us of being, were no better than the kikes if we play the roles they want us to play.


Yeah it's called the ovens, right after you ya fucking yid. There are no good Jews. Defending your people and your race is not "becoming a monster". God you're such a pussy ass faggot.

You can't get a space elevator because it would ground the ionosphere creating a corridor to outer space radiation and solar wind fucking up nearby weather etc. Whole idea of a space elevator was concived by C. Clarke as a sci-fi novelty half a century ago when Sun-Earth connection and space weather wasn't known very well.
Instead of this one scientist should focus on building non-inertial, EMG drives. Oh wait, it's blackops territory you'll get killed for doing one, move along goy, play with rockets

That's correct. Because with our space elevator fully operational we can just drop the illegal beaners off in LEO and watch as their elemental constituents are distributed directly back into our atmosphere.

Fuck the potential revolving-door "wall". We could literally make it rain illegals.

Send them to Madagascar or a similar place as the National Socialists had sought(Transfer Agreement). So you seek to disprove the holohoax, then just do it years later because you can't control your anger, what virtue is there in that? Regardless gassing is a poor way of imposing mass death as seen in the following reports done on the holohoax: Leuchter report, Rudolf report, and the Luftl report.

nice try by the way. Tyrone,

These fuckers in the sky will wobble like spaghetti even with the steel reinforced "muh kevlar its bullet proof so it must work". A fucking breeze can take it down. A surface that large takes constant sideways strain and torque (most damaging) in insane magnitudes. Even a kilometer long tungsten beam will bend like a flaccid cock and its not even like some shitty niggercotton you want to believe it can be made out of. The elevator cannot be driven with the classical counterweight and pulley mechanism because we get into the same problem of structural strength. If you make the cable wider it gets even more weight and it snaps without any load. The cables need to be MOVED, twisted and acceleration will create more strain STRETCH the material. They will WEAR OUT and will need to be REPLACED after like a couple uses. (((Robert Heinlein))) (the creator if the idea) says if we make a 160km elevator we are half way there (overstatement of the century) because height and shit. No. You still have to give huge amount of momentum to the rocket, you cant just release it like a kite. The restrains are still there in amounts of useful load. The gravity is not weaker there its just the free fall that makes the astronauts look like its the case. No atmosphere doesn't mean space and no gravity. Yes it would need way less fuel but I would drop the whole idea of chemical rockets and try to go into exploring electric forces. You wont believe how mishandled and abandoned the research of magnetism is nowadays.

Fuck mainstream academia. It's an incestuous kikefest echochamber theoritical autists who've never seen a measuring device in their lifetime and simulate the fucking word in their ivory tower until it fits their agenda. It's flawed, its old, and there have been many alternatives, the last true science got fucked by (((Albert Einstein))) zionist scum.

Go take a course on physics, and never post about these things again until you have a solid understanding of surface tension. Reading up on some of the cutting edge materials science would do you well too.

Here I'll even give you a fucking search term: 'graphene'.

Get fucked, kike. We're going to kill every last one of you fucking hook-nosed yids. All your little bullshit "oy vey goyim, why can't you control your rage??" isn't going to stop it.

Just getting into orbit would give us a ridiculous advantage over the rest of the world. Space is the ultimate high-ground, it trumps Air, Land and Sea superiority any day. Imagine if we created a giant mirror that could burn any target on the ground we chose to, who could stop us? There is literally nothing anybody could do to defeat us, as the mirror could burn any space vehicle before it breaches the atmosphere. We could incinerate millions of people every day. Israel could be reduced to glass within a weak.

This is what they fear. Something like this makes us untouchable. Who cares how many migrants they throw at us, we could glass everything in their homeland larger than a village and there would be nobody with the strength to hold us accountable. Who cares how populous Africa, India and China get, when we could melt everything on their coastlines. Even our failing demographics stops being a problem, as it doesn't matter how much we are outnumbered by when we are when we can exterminate entire races in the millions at the push off a button and with no consequences.

With enough surface area surely the struts will be able to support such forces. Just build a giant support system somewhere in Africa, perhaps in all of Africa, and it'll work fine.

We could do just as well if we didn't have the jews instead. Even better, even.


You can have space towers, they do not get you up to orbital velocities though.

Active support, vacuum displacement, gravity dropoff etc make it possible with modern materials.

Ever read a book called 'the moon is a harsh mistress'?

its about moon colonists using a big catapult/ramp/launch loop to bomb earth becuase gavity.

Haven't read it, but I know the general concept. This would be an even greater base of operations. How many things have we actually put on the moon in our entire existence? And how easy would it have been to shoot them with a laser?

"The Moon is a harsh mistress" shows us the tactical advantage of controlling Space.



Is it possible in 50-100 years later to bring asteroid close to Earth and turn the asteroid into a terraformed planetoid? There is many mining companies that are interested in mining the asteroids.

Technically, but it wouldn't be the most practical use for a Earth-orbiting asteroid. A much more practical use would be meting it for minerals and using them to construct a space ring or an orbital habitat. You couldn't get an atmosphere on an asteroid, as they don't have nearly enough gravity (if you so much as breath on an asteroid you reach escape velocity)

This is the 3rd thread I've seen you in, your obvious turbokike. Gas yourself.

yeah, right

Fuck you and all your shitskin golems, Rabbi. It must suck knowing you're going to burn in Hell forever, and after you're gone we get to prosper forever.

stay mad, kek

Space elevators are nigger tier thinking, the white race requires a GRAVLIFT.


Wow, you sure are emotionally attached to your freemason one world government propaganda.

What other important political issues are there? Sending billions to support Israel? You do know we could build a launch loop using just one year off that money?

ever hear of non-conducting materials user?


retard alert
IDK, maybe saving the white race from extinction and degeneracy?

…says the guy who gets his belief from communist jews like carl sagan

Everyone look at this faggot denying that a material on Earth exists.



Asteroids are more like a floating pile of gravel than a solid rock. Even if they were solid, they're not necessarily the best material to build with in their raw state.
Better version:

The same general tactic would be used to turn moon dust into building materials. You don't need nukes, just a thin sheet of aluminum foil in a parabolic curve.

I think the best design now is actually to just grind up the asteroid and use normal ore processing equipment to extract the useful resources. Mirrors might be a bit unwieldy to aim at different asteroids, would add a bigger risk of failure and probably be more expensive.

But if you have anything to prove me wrong that I would be glad to see it.

My idea is from O'Neill, so I wouldn't be too surprised if there's better methods invented since the mid '70s.

But, you don't aim the mirrors, you aim the materials. You would likely send buckets of dust or rocks to the collection point, where thrusters or a robot arm would then move it to the center of the mirror assembly.

Mirrors are likely to be the basis of space-based energy, because they're simple, cheap, light, have no moving parts, and can be made with many different materials. The same heat source can run a smelter or a generator, and can be manufactured in place unlike PV panels.

We can't even get one real image of earth yet, and you think we should invest in space elevators?

Damn son, that space propaganda went straight to your head.

Orbital ring dreamers haven't thought this one through have they?

I mean,

They gotta use harnesses to float on the ISS, and photoshop "auroras" onto images of Jupiter from 2 years before just because they won't admit Hubble is gone. SOFIA (stratospheric telescope on a plane) has better instruments, is cheaper to service, and is now responsible for most imagery labelled "Hubble satellite" images (like pic related of Jupiter's Aurora)… but we still pay taxes for a "Hubble" program.

You don't trust your gov to tell you anything that's true, but you want to trust them to build a "space elevator"? You ain't got both your oars in the water.

Priorities. Unfuck your lying ass government, then unfuck the space programs which show us images where the continents shrink and grow every year. THEN actually get up there (hint you can just take a balloon most of the way). Did you know you can just float a balloon high up in the air and it stays stationary?

Its not even a sphere, the gravitational forces on the oceans obscure this.

Next you're going to blow your mind once you realize a spacecraft can be motionless relative to an asteroid, yet still traveling at 26,000 mph through the solar system.

If you can't handle basic high school physics, maybe you shouldn't comment on space exploration. It's better to be silent and thought a fool than to open your mouth and confirm it.

What is it about space exploration that scares you so much that you have to lie constantly and tell the goyim not to look behind the curtain?


I can't believe you idiots believe space elevator is possible or even desirable.There is no way to support that much weight (of any material). What is being proposed is building a building 500 TIMES THE HEIGHT (and rigidity) of the Burj Khalifa, a modern engineering marvel, whose height is 0.9 km, just to get out of the Earth's atmosphere! Nevermind the optimal height for a space elevator.

Also why in tarnation would you put solar panels on there? Do you realize how inefficient and impossible to repair that would be? Better off building Solar fucking Roadways.

It's sad to think that so many of you are supposedly engineers.

No, it can't.

NASA NASA NASA NASA NASA NASA NASA NASA NASA NASA NASA NASA NASA NASA NASA NASA NASA NASA. Look at this photo, now look at this map! Hey check the UN flag out! NORTH TO SOUTH NORTH TO SOUTH!!! ISS is a lie! FUCKING NASA!!! You Freemason shill! NASA NAAAASSSSAAA!!! The ice wall, remember the ice wall! YOU FUCKING IDIOTS SPACE IS PROPAGANDA!!! Gov'ment hacks GPS. All photos are CGI. Fuckin Holla Forums oppressing us. SPACE IS A LIIEEE!!!!

Your equating watching shit on TV to reality.
Remember how we went to the moon but now we can't get out of low earth orbit?
All that fucking propaganda bullshit about space, and yet we still can't get just a straight up polaroid of our planet from space.
Not a single fucking photo.


Do you know how hard it is to take a photo of Earth in any quality? You have to be far enough from Earth to actually get a decent amount of land in the shot, then you have to rapidly take a bunch of smaller photos because a large camera will get destroyed by solar radiation or look horrible. You have to do this before some cloud comes or the lighting changes.

And how could anyone attack you back? You would have days notice of any incoming spaceship, making any surprise attack impossible. With some advanced surveillance programs, you could drop moon rocks on anything that even resembles a launch site.

If you can build an elevator to geostationary orbit there's no need for a ring in the first place you fucking simpleton.

>Or not be a retard, launch a high-mass vehicle to slingshot around the moon before slamming into a planet-side target.
If you don't want to spend trillions of dollarydoos on a ridiculous doomsday weapon, put a satellite with dozens of warheads into orbit. High velocity ablative heat-shielded nukes raining down with impunity for mere hundreds of millions.

Do not engage with flat earth shills. Report every single one of them every time.

Why can't I post?

This thread is very old and has been stripped of hundreds of posts, all detailing using NASA's own claims, images and footage that NASA is a fraud.
Instead we have team of spastics all saying the same thing, posting sci-fi cartoons or computer generated fantasy pictures all insisting only jews don't want you to believe in jewish NASA lies.

It's the exact same pattern as the Kushner inspired Trumpstein promotion here, that still is going on, with anyone proving the jewish lies behind it all getting banned.

Space Elevator?
How about landing a man on the Moon with evidence first before trying to run up and down an imaginary escalator in space…

Notice how anyone proving that the Moon landings were faked are replied to by Kushnerbots to posts they had magically had deleted before they posted their replies… insisting you claimed "flat Earth" or "big foot", when nothing of the sort was ever mentioned.

NASA is a judeo-freemasonic hoax, nobody red-pilled would have fallen for the Trumpstein scam, the jewish media's narrative on every jewish false flag, or the NASA hoax.
Since when did pol become gullible blue-pilled normies believing every jewish lie propagated in the media?

Yet suddenly Holla Forums is now filled with kikes insisting neocon jews are based allies, every Mossad false flag happened exactly as the jewish media says it did and NASA science-fiction will fly us all to Mars…

hasbarafag please go

Is your pay included in the NASA budget?

I wish. If I could get paid by NASA to shitpost, I would be so happy

To spread disinformation* I bet you are, "Lyer".

I don't know who this "Lyer" you speak of is, but I will say that you have yet to prove your claim that the moon landing is a hoax. All your pictures have proven so far is that there is a Masonic influence in NASA

Any point to make aside from the fact you don't like non-jew "goys" posting on pol?

Cute sockpuppet bb :^)

Who retrieved the tape? Where is the thruster? Why is it going so slow, appearing to be suspended in the air at the end when it should disappear into a dot? Something so badly faked doesn't need to be debated.

Now that's some peak redditposting.


It's being debated right now, so what's your magical answer now, kushnerbot? Look at this:

Excerpt from:
NASA incorrectly that the spillage occoured inside the astronauts "pressure tight" helmet, although from that point on the spillage can be seen on all future photographs: see pic related, bottom right corner.

How can the spillage occur if the suit is meant to be "pressure locked"? How did the astronaut survive this? How didn't he die, if the suit was evidently NOT pressure locked, allowing for a spillage?

Wrong reply, oops.

??? you never hear of radio? not smart enough to understand that a camera and transmitter were left behind to transmit video of the launch to the orbiting apollo craft which then relayed the signal back to earth where it was recorded.

on the bottom of the lunar lander, the reason you can't see it is twofold,
1. no atmosphere to scatter the light to make rocket exhaust visible from side view
2. many other bright objects in picture so contrast is poor

looks like any other launch of a rocket I've seen they start slow and accelerate.

you are correct, I don't know why I'm trying to educate an idiot who clearly doesn't understand the physics behind space travel if the previous questions were user's reasons for doubting the moon landing.

That's not how orbital rings work you idiots. Orbital rings have a spinning central component built out of steel, which passes lifting force to the surrounding magnetic components without them ever touching.

The inner part is going at orbital speed, but the actual part you can use and visit seems to be stationary relative to the Earth, EVEN AT LOW EARTH ORBIT!

You can therefore have stationary tethers to a LEO orbital ring, just take the elevator up and down, have stationary power cables to channel down the electricity you can generate from constant un-filtered sunlight.

Once you have an orbital ring up, you can build more of them as well. They are not limited to being constructed around any specific part of the Earth, unlike some proposed megastructures. You can ferry people and cargo at speeds far exceeding the fastest in-atmosphere vehicle thanks to zero drag, you can sell the aforementioned electricity to the surface, you can use it as low gravity real estate for hotels, farms, manufacturing, population centers etc.

Getting the first orbital ring up and running is the challenge, but once you got one, the door to real space development is open.


Seems legit. Why's there colour banding when the module takes off? Cheap sparks under artificial light, or magic?
With gravity and hundreds pounds of metal pulling you down. This is meant to generate enough force to send them back to Earth. Straight up bullshit. So, why does it appear suspended in space, still?
Now explain to me the magic physics that didn't bloat the astronauts body when the spillage occoured. Also hold on I'm trying to find a picture of the "transmitter" with very crude black squares slapped ontop of its reflective surface, looks very convincing.


dumb cuck

That's retarded. At any given time the magnetically suspended components of the ring and the elevators are one split second away from catastrophic failure.

True. I don't know much about this concept, but it seems like the obvious solution would be to have multiple interconnected rings that could generate enough magnetic repulsion to make up for the other rings should one of them fail, or need to be taken offline for maintenance. Elevators would be similar. Worst case, just equip them with parachutes and heat shields. and if there is a catastrophic failure, let them fall back to Earth. Otherwise, have other nearby elevator strands that can send rescue pods or what have you.

It's an analog picture taken in an environment without an atmosphere, and with massive radiation and thermal variance. This is not a home studio photograph. This is the same shit as the "why aren't there stars in the background" arguments you autists keep dragging out from behind the wood shed. The lighting and capture conditions are different from anything on Earth. Reanalyze all of your conclusions with that in mind.

It's not supposed to take them back to Earth, retard, it's supposed to get them in to lunar orbit to meet up with the command module. Then take into consideration that lunar gravity is 1/6 that of Earth. They require 1/6 (actually less because no atmosphere) the speed to get into orbit, so of fucking course it's slower than a standard takeoff on Earth.

No that's also retarded considering the practical impossibility of constructing even one ring. The most obvious, most practical (still practically impossible) solution is to make a LEO ring not from heavy steel but from aluminum and then lowering tethered air brakes into the exosphere. But that would never happen because nobody would be willing to pull the trigger on the atmospheric heating generated by braking an object weighing several million tons from 14,000mph to 0

Sage in all fields

Like any active support structure, failure is a concern, but one you can engineer away.

Parachutes and such to dampen the fall of components are a given, but more essentially you would construct your magnetic couples than necessary. Since you are in space you can also make use of superconducting materials.

This doesn't work. The only way to build an orbital ring is to boost to orbital speed and then just construct it slowly, with many launches or spacehook-boosts. Once your building material is going at orbital speed, you can just calmly start in one end and keep building until the entire ring is complete. Regular orbital mechanics keeps it in place. You can not have a rigid structure at this scale which is not going at orbital speed, it will collapse.

Of course you can. It's the same principle as a stone archway but a stone archway going all the way around the earth.

What fucking tape? This was a transmission

I can see it fine. If you're expecting a comical lance of fire from something designed for lunar takeoff, sorry to disappoint.

The camera is tracking it you mongoloid. It's not actually hovering in place.

You're talking to someone actually educated in Aerospace Engineering, and who also builds and launches rockets in their spare time. There is nothing out of place here. You don't have any idea what you're talking about. You've armed yourself with a series of "gotchas" and suspicions which are actually quite insignificant, but with your lack of awareness allow you to feel special because you think you're prying at the edges of some conspiracy.

Let me ask you something; When not even the darkest secrets of the most oppressive security states like the Soviet Union have stayed hidden, do you honestly believe that the space effort, which involved directly or indirectly thousands of American corporations, multiple public agencies, and millions of citizens, could have been faked with none of the millions involved developing a sour conscious, even decades later?

If you believe that, you're unsalvageable.

I've always enjoyed Science Fiction & Fantasy as a young lad growing up, only I always knew it was just fantasy.

Cool then you'll have dozens of examples of this to post here or your own projects or is it super secret science fiction that only ever plays out in your mind?

But once the first ring is done, subsequent rings are orders of magnitude easier to construct.

And I didn't say anything about building it out of steel.

Not really. Your theory relies on the magnetically suspended elevators attached to the first ring. These elevators would be geostationary so anything being sent up to construct the second ring would need to be accelerated to over 14,000mph before it could be added to the second ring.

You didn't need to say it, the material in your plan needs to be magnetic and there aren't any other realistic options are there

No they wouldn't. The first ring is built on the ground. When you turn it on, it lifts itself.
No, you only need a bit of magnetic material. A thin cladding will to just fine. You can make the rest out of kevlar or some fancy space age material.

Megastructures do not work this way, you dumb faggot.

This is true, the materials need to be accelerated. However, given that one of the main uses you can get out of your first orbital ring is super-sonic travel around the globe powered by constant-noon sunlight, you can use the same infrastructure for accelerating the ring material for your second ring. This can also be used to accelerate and decelerate spaceships, for example if you want really fast travel to Mars without having to have expensive engines.

Don't listen to this faggot, he hasn't got the concept straight and is spouting nonsense like a redditor.

How do they work then, considering it's literally made up science fiction fantasy/gibberish.
As all your other comments demonstrate.

Still doesn't answer why its suspended, or how its able to zizgag like that away from the module; or why would it in the first place. Also, you wanna adress the orange juice spill, physics genius?

Tracking = zizgzaging away while its still suspended in space very visibly. Frustrated, retard?
Don't care.
Address my other post then, genius.
What does Armstrong mean by "truth protective layers" then? Here's one, I could give less of a fuck about your emotional baits, who funded the Boshleviks that overthrew the Tsarist Russian regime? Sides of the same coin.

Enlighten me.

Actually they do. Upping the scale doesn't fundamentally change the laws of physics.

Whenever you use the first ring to boost shit up to the second ring you're slowing it down. To use the ring in this manner to construct a second ring would bring the first one to a halt.

I'm as skeptical as anyone about the official apollo record but you're dumb as shit and are going about this in the worst possible way. Stick to concrete facts you can undeniably prove. Your flailing is so cringeworthy it's almost strawman tier

That's what the solar power collectors are for, dummy.

Maybe we should invite Captain James T Kirk to help settle this dispute over imaginary intangible invented theories or perhaps that queer Chinky bloke from he Star Trek TV series, or better yet get a holographic Mork to ask his mate Orsen to explain it all more clearly for all the science fiction fans here.

How the fuck are they going to help? Solar power collectors are shit. The task of generating enough solar energy and turning that into enough propulsion to make a second ring is ridiculous to put it mildly.

You are stupid, tbh.

Physics is physics, whether the engineering is real or theoretical.

No that is the exact opposite of physics.
Theoretical physics is theory only that leads to Black holes,String Theory and all the rest of the fantasy science fiction being spouted here.

Physics is an exact science that is provable, testable and repeatable.
Once has demonstrable evidence for every claim made, the other is literally fat Comic-Con virgins arguing over science fiction fantasies.

This is why you are stupid.

I guess that's how you retain your "muh aerospace genius delusion" eh? So if the rest was fake, the other clearly wasn't, ok, get lost you parroting retard, this was ALL staged.
For an "aerospace engineer" you sure are an emotional baiting little bitch, I couldn't care less what a kushnerbot intelligentsia thinks of me on an anonymous imageboard where accounts and upvotes aren't present.

Your inability to grasp the limitations of using electricity for propulsion and your lack of an argument just made this conversation not worth my time. Have fun being a faggot. later.

Are you fucking retarded, learn to read IDs you dumb nigger

It would be easy for you to demonstrate a single piece of real world engineering to support your fantastical imagined theories of this fiction you've been pretend arguing over ITT.

Show me the evidence for a single argument you've made, without including science fiction artist interpretations or computer graphics.
Otherwise your just another kike allowed tio post here and make pol look like retarded blue-pilled normie faggots who go to ComicCon and argue about plot-holes in Star Trek.

An orbital ring built out of steel could not support itself if it remained still, since the length and weight of the structure exceeds the carrying capacity of steel, it's just too long and heavy for the arch-support principle to work. However if it is spinning at orbital speed, there is no force tugging it towards the Earth, since every single particle of the structure is falling-but-missing the way any orbiting object continuously moves around it's parent body. The orbiting object does not need to resist gravity, it simply moves at such speeds that gravity ceases to be an issue.

You don't bring it to a halt. You can accelerate and decelerate the moving part of the structure using the same magnetic components that keep it in place. In fact, you have to do small adjustments all the time, as the mass of the non-moving parts increases or decreases. The spinning ring needs to go fast enough to not only carry itself, but all the non-orbiting mass as well. Example: The spinning ring is 50% of the mass, the non-spinning stuff the other 50%. The spinning ring needs to go twice the orbital velocity of it's given altitude to support all the mass. For the lowest of low earth orbit, that's 8,4 km/s, so the spinning ring has to move at 16,8 km/s. There is no air resistance or anything slowing it down, so it will keep going forever unless something brakes against it.

In space, you can have constant 100% sunlight, and better yet it is not filtered through an atmosphere. In orbit you get 144% of the maximum possible intensity on surface, all the time.

That's an interesting theory, can you tell me which comic book you got that theory from?

Why is this shit being posted on Holla Forums?

Come on faggot you cannot truly believe this…
They are still building a fucking church 100 years later in Spain and you are trying to build one around the world. Fuck off

You are the one who failed to grasp that the ring would be recharged, claiming that the first ring would collapse while raising the second one.

If you said less stupid shit, you wouldn't get called stupid all the time.

The fuck are you babbling about? the non spinning part of the ring would be closer to 0.000001% not 50% There's no reason to go above the absolute bare minimum needed to keep the elevators elevated.

Every time you use the first ring to accelerate something else you're applying a brakng force to the first ring.

I've always loved science fiction, but at no point in my life did I ever confuse it for actual reality.

It's purely escapism for entertainment only, especially enjoyable when your a child, but rather retarded to make believe a single thing as imagined in these fantasy books is real.

We understand that you are stupid, you don't have to keep demonstrating it.

Again why is this thread allowed to exist?


Hold still while I gas you.

Tack on solar-cells, redundant magnets, the magnetic train, the tethers (with both elevators and power-cables) the launch loop, the space-hotels etc.

Not saying you need to go all the way to 50%, but a substantial fraction of the total mass can be going at non-orbital speed.

You can accelerate the spinning ring using the previously mentioned solar power. It's true that you do decelerate it somewhat by running the trains etc, I was making a point out of the fact that the energy imparted to the spinning ring is only lost when you utilize it.

Filtered :^)

It would still be closer to a fraction of one percent. 50% is ludicrous. Most of the solar power would be used just keeping the stationary parts of the ring afloat.

The biggest problem with a ring IMO is debris, Anything associated with the ring is locked at one altitude. If anything goes wrong at that altitude anywhere you're completely fucked.

How do you imagine that the power is being used to keep it afloat? Once the spinning ring is going fast enough, it negates the extra weight. Assuming some kind of super-conductor is being used for the magnetics, which is reasonable given the cold temperature of space, energy costs to maintain the non-orbital structures become low.

You are a jew, as admitted here
Yet for some strange reason you seem to believe you have more right to post on here than any non-jew user

Is there any mod that can explain this strange phenomena?

Superconductors that work at near absolute zero temperatures probably won't work very well in exposure to direct sunlight.


Took you 20 minutes to get a new IP?

You kikes are slipping.

Yes they will require radiators, but unlike on Earth the background temperature is very low, so they are a very desirable option. All surface of the structure would likely be either solar panels or radiators.


This. You only see here what they want you to see.