Saturday Night Horror Thread

It's that time of the week again.

>Why is there still no Rule 34 for DreadOut Fran Brow?

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I can't play horror games.
I never played them as a kid, and still avoid them like the plague.
My worst memory is getting rattled by high level skellingtons in Might and Magic X. Even when I understand the underlying mechanics, the horror genre still gets me. I nope out almost instantly.
I used to be not able to play Mass Effect for christs sake, because of the Husks. They freaked me out.

What is the most soft horror game there is? I want to experience the thrill.

If anyone is bored and wants something to watch, supergreatfriend is doing a full LP of Forbidden Siren.

He's extremely through and will pick up and examine every single collectible, talk about the plot, even read the manual etc.

I feel this is important because Siren 1 and 2 have very, very old LPs (the best one being by Egomaniac on lparchive, they're pretty old by now) that don't really do the first two games justice and don't do a good enough job at presenting how good they are to your average joe that might become frustrated with the mechanics and drop them because he gets stuck.

Is that game any good, and does it work on win10

That's the scariest horror game

Not sure if it actually counts strictly as horror, but is this game on anyone else's radar?

Hey OP, you cool with posting spooky stories in here? I remember spooky threads used to be popular on Holla Forums and I need to rebuild my folder, I lost all mine

Also, what do you guys think of Subnautica? And when will we get a proper spooky game?

Never liked LPs for horror games. In 99% of all cases, you end up with mouthbreathing retards who destroy any and all immersion (and hence horror) by virtue of the fact that they are positively incapable of keeping their stupid trap shut.

If I'd get a dollar for every time I tried to look up a video for an old horror game only to be greated by a squeaky-voiced faggot sputtering the words "OH HEY GUYS, FARTFACE666 HERE, WELCOME BACK TO MY LET'S PLAY OF XXX", I could buy the entirety of Switzerland.

Never heard of that one. Doesn't very much look like a classical horror game, judging by the trailer.

Only got this one from pic related, sorry.

Dead Space (original not shit prequels) didn't really get my pulse up at all except a few better-than-usual jump scares. Faggots told me it was the spookest.

What can I play to get truly spooked?

If one were to make a cave diving game, there are three elements that need to be the main focus:

-Economy (diving into caverns for treasure, photographs, mapping, discovering species, etc.)
-Loneliness (not even just being by yourself, but beight in a suit with little visibility and surrounded by water at a crushing pressure)
-Risk/reward (I'd debate it being a roguelike, but I imagine it would be more like a crew that can monitor the diver through a camera, and if they die, another crew member takes over)

I think it'd be interesting, but it would be hard to not have it on rails to some degree.

Nah you'd just have to have it….procedurally generated :^)

Procedurally generated games tend to look blocky or bland because it's the easiest way to quickly randomize a level. Horror games and procedural generation don't mix well, even though I think that it makes sense for them too.


I realize it was a joke, user. I just didn't find it funny.

Which is why you responded as if you were sharing new information by parroting a popular Holla Forums complaint?


Evil Within. I'm so torn on it after just beating it, the sections where it feels like a traditional horror are great, but the parts where it wants to be RE4 are complete dogshit. At least it has new game+ and a model viewer which are criminally underused for now, and maybe the DLC will redeem it in some ways.

Of course. Ships in generals haven't been used a lot for settings, but a ghost ship, that'd work great.

I have a feeling that game may never come out, or was never intended to be more besides a proof of concept.

Even in the claustrophobic darkness I don't think you could really pull off a horror game without giving it a paranormal edge. Spelunk straight to hell

Of what, the cat? The Neverending Story creature? Nobody wants to fuck Fran

Pretty sure he was striking conversation and you're just an unfunny faggot. Sage for no thread relevance.

step up user

Back on topic

Am I the only one here who like Spooky's House of Jumpscares? I thought it was surprisingly freaky, and the fact that it's free is nice too.

Pretty sure you're samefagging and tripping over yourself backpedaling.

Can we all just stop shitposting and acknowledge that modern horror games are ineffective because advanced graphics kill any attempts of our own mind to contribute to the scenario?

Still trying to find a Decent VCR. Tracked down a nice looking gold on on eBay but the guy wants $600 for it even though they go for like half of that.

Playing Breath of Fire 3. I'm doing a run where I purposely kill Ryu over & over to keep him at LV1 so I can master him under Deis at LV1 to break the game.

Absolutely. Even better when they're LAND ghost ships. Any NPC/Location that lights up the darkness on the overworld at light gets me rock hard. UFOs also under-rated for that same reason. Hoping the new zelda plays well to that.

I don't know what that is.

Greed system. Caves are populated dark souls style with corpses of other online players who died there. Deeper you go, the higher chance you have of looting a corpse with better diving equipment so you can go deeper.

Guess I'm an oldfag. I don't know what that is.

I like the idea of a greedy diving game, would cooperative play be a thing, or should it be singleplayer only?

why the vcr

1st player with online components. You would be able to put signs in the caves like the dark souls messages, but instead they would be like op's picture. Maze type caves would live or die purely based on whether you trust another player's message.

Don't have a good one so I need one that has the following features

* Built in time base converter (for best video quality)
* S-Video out so I can output home movies to my PC for archiving
* need to get a good one before they get too expensive & all the hipsters drive up prices

Allison Road is the indie game clone of PT. It looks pretty alright.


300 is quite pricey for one.

What's the game in that webm?

hows that thing doing? its been a while

good game

I have high hopes for this

It was cancelled late last year for no reason, but was recently un-cancelled last month.

I want a 4th siren game so bad

Never ever.

actual survival horror games never ever

where does this maymay come from?

I know how you feel, user. I avoid horror movies but I like horror games.
Play Ib. It's kind of suspense and some horror, or you can play Yume Nikki that is straight out Suspense.




iirc gta5 console fags trying to drive up butthurt when it wasn't released for pc. its probably way older but that plus pissface.jpg really popularized it

Because Greys aren't scary anymore?

I mean, how would you do that - you're in your home, suddenly the lights come out and you are attacked by….a diminutive humanoid whose neck you could snap with one hand?

No, fuck that. Grey's can still be scary.

That's not scary though.

What's a good/funny horror vidya LP to watch?

Fuck that, choking vacuum beds, eye needles, and xenomorph corridors? That's just foolhardy autism talking.

Anyone else play Kuon? I finished it in a go just a couple weeks ago and liked it a lot. I feel like it could've been a lot better, especially since once you finish either of the phases, the other one is almost exactly the same, puzzles and all, just composed differently. The Kuon phase is fucking great though, I love the sudden change in tone because I'm a feelsy motherfucker that likes happy endings and things going right.

You're WRONG

Never heard of it. What's it like?


A survival horror that is very reminiscent of J-Horror movies in terms of mood and tone. It has Resident Evil/Silent Hill kind of combat, but is based more on using spells to fight instead of guns and melee weapons. You do get a melee weapon for each character, but they take mastering as they're less effective but also have variants, and it takes proper timing to have them combo. There is also a system of summoning, where you can summon creatures ranging from not only spiders and wolves, but also the enemies in the game itself. The game takes place in a Heian-era Japan village and mansion.

I fucked up, I should also note the inclusion of bosses in the Yang Phase.

Mandatory suitwalker webm.

also, why is the light-darkness contrast not used in so many horror games? True horror always stems from the unknown, so having you run around never knowing what's in the darkness (especially from an isometric perspective) would be a highly effective tool to scare the shit out of players.

I really wish there was a game where the horror's implied instead of shown. A good horror story lets your brain fill in the negative space the story creates, but most "horror" games are just blood, gore, jumpscares, and loud noises. Where's the tension? Where's the implied horror that isn't shown but you know is coming for you or someone else? I might even go so far as to say that FNAF was a better horror game than a lot of modern things.
I might but I'm not going to because that'd just create a mass of shitposting

Wouldn't sell because most people don't want to have making any effort imagining the evil that is eating them.

Is there any way to play D2 other than an actual Dreamcast? From what I can tell none of the DC Emulators switch discs in a way that works with D2 since the game doesn't allow you to save beforehand.

Post more spooky stories.

Neither can I. I'm 280lbs and over two meters tall and I can't even play shit like Slender.

There's something inherently unsettling about this webm, but I can't put my finger on what it is. Might be the speed.

Are these two good?


Either I buy one for $300 now or for $600 5 years from now. If I don't get one now I'm never going to own one. Have you SEEN what the best laserdisc machines go for these days?

Shit's crazy.

Fuck, wrong image. Though I do love me some Legend of the Galactic Heroes on Lasserdisc. Point being, this shit is getting fucking EXPENSIVE. I just dropped $1300 on a Sony BVM from a production house that was being demolished & I expect those to be $2000 by the end of the year.

Wouldn't it be theoretically possible to make new laserdisc machines?

In theory yes. I don't think it's possible in PRACTICE though. You would have to find people who worked on them & re-create the technology from bits & pieces of everyone info. The factories they were made in no longer exist either. I wouldn't be surprised if the knowledge to do so is lost forever.

Look at how hard it was to resurrect instant photos after they stopped making them in 2008.

Just so you know, those specific lasterdisc in that picture are that expensive because they were the best of the best & used a red laser to read the disc which produced a better picture.

Looks like a modded Arma server, but I'm not sure if it's 2 or 3.

When I was in highschool I saw a laserdisc player and a milk crate full of movies for $100 at salvation army. In my retarded youth, I didn't know what it was and didn't want it. I already had most of the movies in another newer format. It's one of my biggest regrets. The movies weren't just no-name bullshit, they were big classics. Star Wars original trilogy. Jurassic Park. Jaws. Back to the Future.

Thanks for reminding me of one of my many failures.

If it makes you feel any better I passed on the same thing like 5 years ago at a garage sale. On top of that, I'm not buying a laserdisc for cheap stuff like Jurassic park (even though it is cool to have on laserdisc)

I'm getting it for stuff like Area 88, slayers, all those cool OVAs you've never heard of.

I know. I just think it would be fun to collect. Thank god for Neet Money.

whats the first picture from?

An underwater cave…

This nigga sound like Xavier from Xavier Renegade angel

Real life.

It's still worth money because it's a popular title. And the Star Wars OT laserdiscs are the highest quality un-edited original video you can possibly get. There is no truly HD star wars, all the HD ones have been fucked with by lucas and he supposedly lost the original film strips so they can't scan them to MAKE HD versions.

The library of congress has an unaltered copy of the films.