Judge, Jury, and Executioner

You cannot biologically prove that someone is mentally ill. It's just a label so you can get pumped full of expensive prescriptions and stay on them.

It would be like diagnosing someone according to how much their chest hurt or how high their fever was.

You're not mentally ill, you're just a bitch.


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I'm mentally fantastic!

I'm gonna diagnose you based on your body hair and ketchup nipples, Grom.


I am so tired

maybe you should sleep

Tuck me in, doll


Iunno if I can carry you but I'll pull the blankets

ah, the ol' tuck n' pull



now get to bed, its prolly super late there

think i'm gonna buy some papaver somniferum seeds and start making my own opium

I'll fly over with some cool arabish mats so we can den it up when it's done

lol awesome, sounds good

Just don't get caught

Erins Den Inn
Now with opium!

actually, having an authentic opium den would be amazing

it would have such decorum

opium poppies are also known as "common garden poppies", they're totally legal to grow

harvesting the morphine latex by capsule scarification or infusion is illegal, but nobody needs to see you do that bit

it's crazy simple though

you wound the seed capsule, just a small cut, and it instantly bleeds a milky latex that is 10% morphine

you dry that, and you have opium

I'll sleep later, though :^)

I had this opium den installed last year, it sort of replaced the living room


i love it :D

Oh lol have all the fun then.

I'll make you sleep

selling the house would be fun


same poppy that poppy seeds on bread come from

I don't think you can,

this is perfectly controlled

it's premeditated

You can get it from bread?
holy fugg

I can do anything!

the seeds have a really low alkaloid content, not enough to get high on, but if you eat enough, it can throw a false positive on a drug test, yeah

also you could start an opium grow by planting a bagel i guess

Wow, Grim, I'm so triggered right now.

But won't the bread mold?
I had so many mold breads that I just dug in the garden in secret.

i don't think mold matters to the poppy, heh

-yawns and curls up on the couch-


You sure know your plants.

Kinda wanna see if I can grow something out of bread



bad loco

I'll rape you too if you don't shut up and let me do my thing

Murder so desperate to be acknowledged be erin

-doesn't- -_-

you're not getting past my taser

I'll never understand how this show got popular. It's like a subWatamote without character development.

cause kawaii animu grill that can be relatable to watchers meme

No wonder you like her so much then.

In Watamote the protagonist was relatable AND remained interesting, because she had a goal, hardships to overcome, everything essential to make a story.
There, you just have some...slime glob thing stuck in a shit narrative inertia.


no, I don't like her at all
I dropped the series after 2 eps

I didn't watch that either

-stretches on the couch and squeaks...so lazy- -v-

As wild as a housecat.

I have to get my car inspection renewed, ill bbl

hope you been well




Towel turbans are great


Hi guys.


hi scootsss


Hi welma
How is your day?

too much SOAD to webm up. I like all of it.

Hello εvαηgεℓιση υηιт-02 scσσтαℓσσσ☭ ∂εғεη∂εя σғ тнε ғαιтн, мσяηүαη sтαя αη∂ vαηqυιsнεя σғ εvιℓ тε∂ cяυz ιs тнε zσ∂ιαк кιℓℓεя


Second quads

Well, I got some quality sleep for once. It's sunny, but not too hot out, I showered and got smooth, I had a mini bagel and have a bowlpack ready to go.

10/10 Saturday off so far^^

How are you today~?

It is raining so I can't golf ;___;

THAT's what I call a first world problem.

How old were you?

wew Hi adachi
how is your weekend?

Not bad at all, that sounds wonderful for the weekend
Smooth hue
I have been working all day. Well. I say "work", I got paid to go to the cinema and watch a movie for free. Woo. Go job!
But free is free... and getting wage for it.
I have tomorrow off and now have to make the decision. To booze or not to booze. The eternal struggle.


When SOAD comes on in a Berlin nightclub you know things are gonna get good ^^

That's like... negative free~! ;p

Indeed. I'm trying to use some foresight and decide if I should wear a fun outfit or just be in my shit day off clothes *le shruggu*

Take it easy this weekend and just get a pizza with me or something, baka. Your liver will appreciate it I'm sure.


Probably. I could do some constructive shit too. Its a good option. I am trying my best not to go full Khaled right now jej.
Hey, why not glam up a lil, or mix glam and comfy?
Piza with Welms woo woo! ^^

Allahu ackbar.

Sandmann, sandmann.


What's Khaled?

I could see what I can do for glamfy. I still have to get like a whole new wardrobe tbh.

Yeah! I'm probably ordering in like 15 min.


DJ Khaled. The mememan. He is a meme. A living meme.
Know this feel. I need to get my life together and become a semi-glam adult. Jesus.
Dreaming them dreams of louboutins and champagne xD
And noice! I need to see what is for tea tonight. I havent eaten much today and suddenly ravenous.

Hope y'all had a god night last night ♥
Bebop wouldn't leave me alone


good morning to you too

Cooki is alive.
woo woo
Bebop is bebop.

What's cooking Cooki?

But golf is so fun... I bet those Africans would be better off if they started golfing

You first!

Just got done with school and now have summer break. just need to find a job.


Bebop's nice. You two should marry.

Hiya boo. Sorry for last night. I tend to pass out after a long shift and smoking lol

an Holla Forums wedding?

aaaand she left again already.


dont even worry about it qt
Im just happy I got to talk to you


♥♥♥ XD

Good to know everyone likes me better than BB

you mean what's cooking good lookin ;)
I'm drinking a smoothie while my parents build a deck out back. I moved all the cement and lumber out back so they said i didn't have to work

lel you're funny. I told him he has to wait a year from the 19th for me to be legal.


Aw, cut the shit mang. We didn't even talk lol

damn i didnt expect that one

well played mate

I'll make a mental note of that.

Also happy early birthday.

fresh one here


Now that you mention it..
Sounds good, and thanks for reminding me about shakes.

Going to bed?

How is life in the dangerzone quirkest?

Im actually not joking at all
I love talking to you welms
Even if its just for a few replies
youre at least someone i can stay entertained talking to without having to bully them for a laugh

going to poro king


A what again?

I got 8 cans of lager, no food in my stomach, I'm ready for animus.


♥! thank you! I can't wait for everyone to give me tea ♥v♥ that's al I want, and new makeup because mines gotten old from not using it enough.


hah, well like smoothies not shakes. banana peanut butter and spinach ♥

it's great~ ♥
I've been moving up the popularity ladder at school and I'll be a senior in TWO weeks can you believe that summer is almost here!


I have a bunch of OC pig webm's.

Almost forgot the protein shake.
That sounds like a pretty weird combo if you ask me.

i woke up with my earbuds stabbing my back btw

There is so many hearts in that post. It is fantastic.
And y'all a socially mobile dame. Plans for summer?
And, I am still confused at the whole education ranking oif HS in america. Sophomore's and seniors.
Nobody puts Cooki in the corner

Cooki is mine though, she can't belong to Bebop.

Day time booze recipe spliced with trailer park boys.

Basically, this is what happens every time Scoots, Tokai, me and TP host a tinychat.


I have the same problem with my makeup. End up borrowing my sisters.

I am a fucking mess


You're in good company.
You're with rekt shit right here.

Drunk yesterday?

♥♥♥ These are so cute I want a pig really badly.. he'd look just like me ♥u♥

all I taste is PB, the greens are to makeit healthy.

my favorite shake though is a chocolate malt one ♥

lolll I heard that then I turned of SC bc my phone was on fire.

nothing is planed so far, just a few river trips. so nothing /big/ is planed.
Freshman, sophomore, junior (me), Senior (soon to be me)


that's high-fucking-learous.

My sister lives in Cali, and my sister in law doesn't wear it. SO. I'm stuck with done makeup and still tryin to look good.

I want a new contour pallet, but I want the creams like I already have. and I need a finishing powder so I don't look like a greasy monkey with fine af face features.

W-well I don't know what to say to that .//.

Smoething something cooki is mine

say thank you


maybe a little.


Thanks, Boo-boo~

I've been in line for nearly an hour now

Fucking retards go into a service center for a car wash


Tell me some tales of the ponedays

Oh, it may seem so at first, wait till we party strange.

Tbh, never really post lest I'm drunk, hungover or need to do an all nighter.

Parts of yesterday, sobered up, had feels, then friewnd popped round for like 15 minutes, did a line of meowmeow and he left. Nothing particularly worth noting to be fair. Not like the other night when I went full HAM.

W e W lass

Hearts are pretty much awesome! River trips? Do you do freshwater XXXTREME sports? or just like, hiking and nature watching and stuff. You are Oregon right?
And Oooooh, final stint of "Adolescant Hell" heh, American media seems to have a big negative spin on HS.
Cooki is becoming a big girl.


wowww hearing me die irl and just leaves


nah dont even worry about that
hows your day been so far?

Mfw got an exam on monday in a course that I haven't read up on

One time I met up with some ponies and went to knotts berry farm.


I can't really imagine what PB shake is like.
Just got a whole lot of chocolate&mint flavoured protein whey.

RIP Lewds

...I don't actually know what any of those are because I'm actually a boy who doesn't wear makeup and I was only joking.

Teach me?

my co worker has two pot bellied pigs as pets along with a million other animals


Pretty solid. Woke up rested and not in pain like usual so I'm feeling good.

hbu? It's still early there what are you doing up?

Loco would look so pretty with eye shade. Like a real whore.

Oh god, you took mkat?
Well, every once in a blue moon one needs to go HAM

Well there is always next year.


Why do you wake up in pain bae?

also because i only got 4 hours. i slept like a truck the past two days since i've had them off so now my body doesnt wanna sleep anymore

plus 10 am is the GOAT time of the day to get high at

Yeah I've been meaning to borrow my imouto's pencil thing and mascara for a while now.

What was that like

Dude, mkat is like me and my friends go to drug. Mainly because its cheap as shit. And gets you crazy. He's probably chewing his forehead right now.


a lot like me, we would have so much in common. we could lay in bed all day, sleep forever, and oink at eachother.

I'm sorry.. ♥

that kinda sounds like me

oregon yes, I do freshwater floats.
that's hot


You were being too loud, I went back to sleep then got a smoothie.

yeah pretty much

oh, yeah sure! do you have my steam? I'll give you lessons on how to be beautiful♥♥♥♥♥
more than you already are~

It was fun but one of them wanted to date me after that and was autistic in the thread about it.

Oh god, who was I talking to in here about my workmate with da booty.
she's just split with her partner
She got that hella booty.
damn son.

Because usually all of my bones kinda ache. And the muscles around them hurt. Especially in the neck and spine area lol

Woop woop, Boo's gettin dem Zzzs.

And good shit cheers to that. That's what I just did haha

Put "property of archives" at the end of your name now.


omg pls
i passed out for another 20mins then my friend called me wondering why i wouldn't talk to him last night.

>thats hot

no u

Oh floats? is that like... the rapids stuff? I dunno. I am not really an outdoorsy type... Like I think you can gather xD

my dream


could be



i also have been smoking weed all morning

MDMA is my shit man.
Well, was, when I could get it for free.


I know I am, but what are you

I want to do this


Please tell me that's a song.


Hi. I missed you.

I do yeah.

In all seriousness I should try on mascara and eyeliner. Make my doe eyes pop.

Teach me to do that. Or do it for me. Idk.

free MDMA? What kind of kingly arrangement did you have there?

I'm fairly certain I'll pass regardless huheuahueah


I could make it into a song?
a terrible memestep scoot song

I...I... am groot?

Dont you think you should see a doctor about that, sweetness?
Seems like it could be a real problem

10/10 good job

Dammit Lewds, not even binge reading?

I will make a beat.

It's probably just cancer :^)

gonna do a hour of memorizing before the test then pray to god?

Nobody was weird during the trip? Huh
Talk about latent autism

What if its contagious like the anime cancer
Someone as pretty as you should be trying conserve their body tbh :/
id go to the doctor to check that out

Probs will look at it tomorrow
It's not that hard of a course even though it's 7.5 ects

Something like that, but it's just a 15 minute oral exam.
inb4 blowjob jokes


I'll come visit and put it on for you~ I love doing ppls makeup and making them happy
but i have to sit in your lap when i do it


anyyything for oni-chan

lit af fam

heyu I'm flattered to be missed ^^

happy Saturday any plans for later hm?

shit dude don't be a bong hog, we all gotta get lit 420 af dude

So. Cooki is a debonaire fashionista? I would like advice on nail polish. Whats hot and whats not?

Lol those i easy.

You have nothing to worry about.

Just suck the teachers dick.

Sounds good, I think you meant vocal more than oral though.

That's fine as long as you don't gain a bunch of wait and paralyse me

They would do things like post my avatar and say "i'm posting the same avatar as the person I have a crush on" and then when I called them out on it they would deny it.

Then after like a month they said it was me and I didn't wanna be friends anymore because they creeped on me so hard.

Which caused drama

Now oink like a pig

Doctors are scary.

tbh I have two (2) bongs fam 😎

nail polish? uhm, well a nude is always beautiful if you do a matte finish. and a color that never fails is army green

Try this



Yiss, happy Saturday! I've got the Chinese vs pizza dilemma going on for now. Maybe something later if anyone hits me up.

Sorry if I'm late, had to eat.

Well, studying mainly. And I went see my psychiatrist. Nothing fancy.

I think you have no idea how social classes work, supposing that by "Africans" you mean low class African-Americans

Did someone say wedding ?!

oh god no I don't wanna do it out loud

I don't know how much that is in euro talk

I'm assuming it will break my little glass bones

Just be gentle.

Requesting oink

Wow, that olive drab is very fetch, but the glitter though! w e w
Someone painted my nails at work a week or two ago. And got me thinking.


You're admonished.

Cooki smokes weed? How irresponsible


I'm glad I don't have to deal with that the worst was crybabies during Ax

I hope I'll be able to marry one day. Might take a while though. For plenty of reasons.


So is waking up one morning and your back is broken
Aches mean something is wrong babe
it's your body trying to tell you to get some help

ay sodo

boy if you dont is pretty fucking lame

better to be sure with marriage fam

I was also underage btw

Wonder what Grim did to archives while underage


Sup fam
How's the Sat going?

B-but I can't go.

guess I'm not fucking good enough huh

I ordered pizza earlier this week but I sorta like Chinese food more because it isn't just a ton of meat and cheese and wheat... pizza always makes me feel so bleh later

Probably dat mole tbh

You'll have to reword that, because I'm sadly not able to understand advanced slang

Grim couldn't walk right for weeks.

My E-penis is huge

he lewded blood chan too >.>

no no it's not ever that bad ;-;


it's another form of art~


You said you would do anything and then didn't do like the second thing I asked.

fam the sat was like months ago
im graduating in like 2 weeks

Hey you do you bae
I just care about you and want you to be healthy
if it's not too bad of a problem keep cruising then yeah?

better to be sure... like make sure that it is right and that there are no issues before marrying someone
playing the long game

Maybe I should be that guy who paints his nails.
Who knows.

Ah, that's right on about feeling gross after.

aksjdasjdga I think I'll do chinese takeout and walk down for it later. It's nice out.

Going with the flow is my specialty.

I'll report him for sexual intercourse with a minor

Well okay.

I did not have sexual relations with these persons



Ok well just

lube up first ok

Were they?


That doesn't seem very hard though

Don't worry, I'm not in a hurry, quite the contrary. When I say I want to marry, I'm implying that it would be the logic conclusion of a long reltionship with a girl I could trust with all my heart

You're up setting him.

They were like 23 or something.

Thats good, wew hope it pans out. we all expect invites though

Just dont let the flow break your back for me

Fucking shota

;-; vocaroo.com/i/s0RgjcmpFy6N

do it~


Subtl are you still here

LOL this oinking is adorable

cute pig

WHat's this shit about pedophilia each other?

I thought you guys were into lolis not each other.

it's nice out here too... I'm balcony posting right now it's sunny and cool out ^^

are you suuuurrree~?

I don't think it would be either IRL

Cooki's dreams

But then I can appeal to the katawa crowd~

I am


You tried to e rape me don't talk

Most of the ponies could of gone to jail for being pedophiles.

I got sent a lot of dicks


Nice job that made me laugh.

Keep it up.

Did you pretend to be a girl .-.


Shut up or I'll rape you right now

you liked it

That would be hard as hell. Plus, you know how I am regarding the connections between here and my IRL life. Not to mention I'm not sure I want you guys to tell my family, my friends and my bride how fucked up I really am (though I actually hope that my wife would accept all the shit I'm telling here, otherwise she would probably not be good for that role)

I'm not quite following, I need details

Really ? Blood seems crazy enough for that

How do you e-rape someone ? Is it okay to do that ?

What is this anime by the way ? the brown-skinned girl is cute af

I got so faded yesterday, it was great

My friend was throwing up this morning, poor guy.

You ready for dat real NEET life fam?

He's not even picking up on it.

yeaaaaaaaah >///<

I fail to see the problem here


>tfw you will never make cooki squeal

I remember when I posted 10Xs dick in thread and he got so mad

Then after that day Ian never let me use his computer and locked that shit every time

Worth lmao

Thats probably why I had a big folder of them saved

Well you could always just send me a picture of you flipping me off.

So I mean you COULD if you really wanted to

uio+er fjsdo+werusabnfjkl sa jkdferuio+dfjkty]gh kl
sasdfjTY] IO+ER¥\¥ty]

"I drank a fifth last night"

wow I royally FUGGED my old keyboard

God damn

This nigga

All rape is bad
Unless warranted
But then it's not rape
You take advantage of someone e-sexually

I'm right here you fuckwit

I have no regerts

Around soto, never relax

Im not a part of the katawa crowd
It would be a bad deal ;_;

im taking a year off
but then im going to colorado for college


Wasn't it that image when he had women cloth on?


Cooki is underage, you're sick blah blah blah

I did ask for most of them though so its kinda my fault.

Such a dirty mind, who would ever think like that?

I kinda imagined you'd react earlier than now after calling you a pedophile tho

because ur gay as shit yove said it before
you aint into the pussi

well shoot, but I don't have your snapchat. idk if i have ur steam

actually an amazing song

XD well in a year, two weeks, and a day--I'll be 18

when they run you gotta sprint

Uh uh. Uh uh. Mokay. I'll stop here I think.

I miss e-sex. Not as good as sex but better than no sex at all.

For what purpose

Phone posting takes magnitudes more energy than normal posting
I know you're only kidding


E sex is stupid


yeah that makes sense alright

I just watched dredd and now understand the origins of your handle

I thought Loco was also underage

In that case it's totally fine

Which dredd

You don't have my steam




my neighbor is a cop and i want him to hear

Scoots, let's esex

Loco is 18 now
But in a universal sense it doesn't matter

Cooki isn't exactly an innocent virgin

you flirt with one 13 year old and suddenly you're a social pariah

Yeah yeah idk

I've been watching some passionate lesbian porn lately and it's not that bad







I wanted to see if I could get them and it turned out I could.

y doe

Does anyone else hate Rachel Ray

Fucking annoying fat bitch

:3 *eGrabs ur booty*

Cooki is worth going to jail imo

I don't think it was worth the autism that followed though

Oh phone posting, yeah that's awful

but dat evoo


I know. But this is often the closest I can get to a romantic connexion.

Be more precise, I had like plenty of answers back there

Who ?

Oh boy. It begins. Would be better if I knew your genders in order to have an accurate mental representation.



the one on Netflix! now I'm watching prometheus

just think about it

I don't even know who they are.

I am a showman, if nothing else.

when they stop you gotta ride

There's a modern gory one and an old glorious one


American food television host
Google her


ride or die

Probably not but I didn't know any better.

I am


what's passionate about scissoring?


#realtalk, i'd drive it deep and hard in welma, not gonna lie

gonna play games be back laterr~

yo im gonna come up and we going across the river

Now you do
And are an extremely dangerous individual

They can't quite get to penis-in-vagina fucking

but they try so hard

And that's the cute part.

I'm dangerous?

Oh, well then, I think the only ones I know are Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver, Ainsley Harriott and Anthony Bourdain.

Her cheeks are yelling failed face surgery. Or she's born looking naturally like a psychopath.

I miss too much information to know how to react.

Who knows what you're capable of

It was modern and gory... pretty awesome

Its cool. I can be quite.....something...

Watch the old one

That's the true origin of the trip

Me too. Even though generally this "something" is being an emotional wreck

all i'm saying is

the secret is we are all emotional messes

lol scoots, pls .///.

Are you going to AX?
We're renting a studio apartment across the street from the Staplescenter/Nokia theater

I don't know. Many of you seem to handle life better than me, probably because I haven't seen enough yet though

I haven't done anything here though.

Go outside and go see some life then^^

Across the street? Wooow
That's awesome

Hmmmmmm yeah

How about you guys post your loli collections?

I feel like reporting someone to the cyber police.

I meant that I haven't seen enough from your lives. But your point is still valid I guess. I'll consider it when my exams will be over.

Could you not ? Loli is not really legal in my country.

Or have I?

Lay back and open wide

some of us are good social chameleons

Cmon soto i know you fucking have one...


I guess so. My autism prevents me from seeing that.

Well, I'm telling you.

Gotta go for now, bye people.

gimme da booty
i need da booty



hnnnnnng sweet mother of horus

Depends on the definition of "something bad"

I don't think you've manipulated someone into sending nudes

sweet mother of horus

Would definitley depants welma and go to poundtown.

It wouldn't be manipulation if they agreed to show me.

It's manipulation if you talk them into making them want to show you.


I'm guilty then

E v i l

The semantics of dick pics

is that really the definition?
damn i should be in jail for life

It's not against the law

Just very immoral

oh nvm then
fuck morals lol



With all this talk about dicks you could you all are g... oh wait forgot who i was talking about.


maybe being gay is just a meme

Nah. You're just a fag

I'm more of an adult now so I only go for butts.

but liking traps is also gay grim

I don't like traps guero

You don't discriminate between genders huh

denial is gayer

why so mad
its only peepee in bumbum

Embrace your femininity. Stay quiet as long as possible, and then finally, whisper into his ear and embellish your deep olive oiled voice unto him

you dont like traps
you love traps


Whats a gender?


You're supposed to bite the ear

Gender is a social construct


Is this christmas in june???
if not then why the sweet present to unwrap :3

mfw Spotify asks you 3 times if you REALLY want to resubscribe

Like what the hell, I didn't accidentally click TWICE

unsubscribe* fug

I wouldn't mind icing elma's christmas pudding


I got ice cream

they really really want money

really really badly


welma/scoot/tokai/loco/sabs orgy when?


There's your problem


I was just taking advantage of their 3 month summer offer for €1. Unsubscribed immediately after hue

Hey, I have a lot of playlists on Youtube that I prefer but Google are even more jewish than Spotify. At least I can shut off the screen on my phone while listening to Spotify.


Be there or be square.

Or you could just like... download music

o bb
things are gonna get sticky

I don't want orgies

I just want love.

Please. you wanna be used and abused by multiple dicks at the same time. thats the definition of love

The messier the better, bby.


lmao, companies rekking is a nice hobby.
Spotify is chill for discovering and stuff

Its a pretty face, would be a shame if someone creamed all over it.

ssssssh just let it happen

Streaming is too convenient

Surprised to find hardstyle on there

no it wouldnt. pls sempai

let it happeeen~

they got sooo much, I found the weirdest stuff.
Like Aussie hip reggae and Indonesian psychedelic

Can I poke your tummy ?

It almost sounds like you are begging, are you begging?

[guitar solo]

Would you like that?

Very much

P-pretty please with sugar on t-top~?

They changed the family plan deal with Spotify.
It's just $15 for 5 accounts now.
Just use someone else's plan.

Holy fucking source



holy moly.

the dream. now suck for senpai ;3333

Roadhog is one of the most fun to play characters.




now theres a good girl~

Yeah I found a few good playlists. I still prefer my Youtube subscriptions though

What, why?

Oh, might have to look into that. Cheers for the heads up.

*licku lickus*

Back, dota2 drunk ain't as fun as I thought it would be, is like trying to fly a jet.

same, especially when the videos are good.
like trippy


I am going to need a story of you flying a jet.

The fuck are those things on her wrists?

can you take it all?

Don't have one, if I did, it would be on the news.

Giant vibrators

I'm Gazorpazorp-Fucking-Field



I'll sure try my best, sempai~


I made a tinder

what do I put in the About section

Lookiing for Hot, HIV+ Daddies ;P

Gentleman looking for respectable girlfriend.

*Tips Fedora*

good girl ^.^ *pets*

"I love being a pet, and being told what to do~"

Something stupid about going on adventures and having money worked best for me.

Vibrator gaunlets?

Note to self, drunkenly update my okcupid profile.

I almost want to do something dumb like that but I'm thinking what if my teen sister uses it and I'm on it.


Do it do it do it do it
succumb to pressure

it's like a bad doujinshi

All the girls are fucking normies

I can't compete in this

murder its been 30 minutes since you posted that picture of erin

you okay?

Just come be mine and sabrina's pet already. jeez.

Sex toys, weaponized by the Japs to avenge those Ameriunts.


So don't compete, just wait till their is some abnormie shit you can rekt those cunts with.

Like memes, vidyagames or drugs.

When I had tinder I just like talked for 2 hours about arctic monkeys and other bands.

Totally forgot that's not what you're supposed to do lol

same brad

Am I anybodies pet?
Or am I rabid dog?
Can't remember.

Youre my maid

Ok I'm back


shadys back?

mmmwaddup Biznitch

I actually played a few of their albums earlier when playing vidya.

So thats why your kitchen looks like Golf Wang did a tour in it.

Sup muh pigger


back again

Hi baby~ How are you?

I played Don't starve for a long timee

gurren lagan?

doing pretty good woke up not long ago, out the door before too long you up to much fun today?

I enjoyed the old punkey ones the most


Life it ain't real funky
Unless it's got that pop

Nothing, naturally. Just 4 pictures of you looking sharp.

you need another n

I get to sit around in tis hot room all day

All this loco welma pet talk has me in quite the pickle. a sexy pickle.

and you need a D
nice set up

I haven't played Don't Starve in ages, got Don't Starve together, never played it cuz no friends

its not any easier on multiplayer than solo
at least with shitty friends

I've been playing Don't Starve my whole life


i loveplaying dstogether~

It all sounds good to me.

No funk.

I don't even play it solo because I ragequit too much, probably not cut out for survival.

Fuck knowss why I got Rust.

Btw, you have a brother?
HAHA, you're the black sheep like me.

I'll give it a try.

Rob Gasser is bae
You always hit da right spott

I am the older brother :v]



Such a shit role model.
.. like me, I'm older brother too.

Just another day in Rust.

I-I p-play uh...


Me atm

There's children present.

with me?

this is the part where you tell us more~


And I graduated with a degree in media, and I'm still a worthless cunt. ;w;

Yes, with you, piglet.
Ping might me a mad lagfest though.

fap material

should i use plug?

Think of the children!
Not literally.


I guess I must be American SCANNER huh :p
are you le Britbong Bardo?

That took way too long

this is for welma

The cyber police would have a field day in this thread.

Well no, because you're actually a charming, talented cunt and I'm an alcoholic who likes videogames.


I intend to go to the pony thread in Holla Forums when I'm drunk enough, anyone wanna come along? No spam, just chat and WITNESS

Of course


eh who cares I'll host thegamefor you~ do i have yew steam?


is this one of those weird fetishes?

Like people who like it when people watch when they have sex.



Cybersex Police

i was hoping youd say that

I believe this particular fetish is called 'cuckhold'.

A lifetime of prison poundings for child sex crimes for most, although that might be a dream of most.

Nice. get yourself nice and full for senpai.

My point exactly.

Nah, I got this place here if I want to jack off.

Do it

Oh, found out where you got your name from.
Pones usually like 'Scooting' like a dog, so you named yourself after that, with Disco on it.

Dont be so fucking stupid.

Well... either the pones in Holla Forums worship you or they like scooting around like a dog.

later dudes

Later friendo

Later, Ginger Spice.

Those asians webms are a reminder of my loneliness and it's killing me inside