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These hipster fucks piss me off

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So are these the fucks who issued a takedown of Powerslave EX?

As far as I'm concerned, they have no Powerslave rights, they wanted to re-release it too, but IP owner didn't allow them. I assume the same owner took down Powerslave EX.

It seems like it's unknown who have source code of any Powerslave version either. Someone tried to find it but had no luck. Fuck the Jews for holding the rights, source port of Saturn and Build versions are all what I need.

They did a great job with porting Turok though, even if the price is way too high

whoever the owner they're probably a lobotomized fuck for holding onto the IP for so long and not doing anything with it.

Speaking of the system shock remake why is there loads of bloom on everything? I know this idea of having loads of neon lights in cyberpunk settings is wide but sticking bloom on everything just makes it look inviting and cheap.

Don't these fucks steal community patches and updates to get games working on modern systems, too?

It was ported by the same guy who is responsible for Powerslave EX and Doom64 EX.

Don't joke like that, m8, Lobotomy Software who was later killed by EA deserved better

I really wonder who is current Powerslave rights owner.

Some doom modder named Samuel "Kaiser" Villarreal claims to be working on it.

Pretty sure that's the Powerslave EX guy.

You forgot

Real professional outfit they are running here.

It's like God draws perverse enjoyment seeing my childhood defiled by his Chosen People.

Sh-shut up, user, they're the good goys… a-aren't they?

Oh, Christ, they really hired him? Magical.

I used to follow them because they announced a re-release of Full Throttle. What's so bad about it?

they're just kikes. they bought a ton of dead IPs for virtually nothing, in a couple of cases stole community compatibility patches, and resold them on steam/gog/whatever

That's it?

I understand why that's bad, but at least there's a chance of them working with the titles they acquired?
In any case, I think I pirated most of the stuff they released on GOG.

If they got ANYTHING from EA I'd be shocked. But I'm sure there's no way the kikes at EA would give anyone anything let alone sell another studio the rights to a title they hoarded.
If they got any of the good shit EA stole then I'd probably go for it. Unless they rape it so hard that being in the EA pile would look like a god-send

We need a new law that prevents fucks who had nothing to do with the original work from getting the rights to them.

What I want to know is how they got the rights to some games like D. Acclaim died and the development team besides being shut down since 2000 is located in Japan.

Thats the thing though, other than a few lazy ports the only "original" thing they're doing is that System Shock Reboot on Unity

Oh and i guess they got that Doom 64 EX guy to do a pretty good port of Turok too

That's better than nothing. As long as they don't start to DMCA everything, I don't see any particular problem other than them being kikes Which I actually respect. Getting easy money is always respectable

Is the System Shock Reboot that bad?

no, we need copyright law to be un-Disney-fucked so it doesn't last lifetimes.

Good idea, shit execution

That should be illegal, I remember reading an interview with the guy who made Strife possible on Doom Sourceports and Night Dive approached him after acquiring the rights to Strife to produce the Veteran Edition of Strife.

You mean like System Shock?

We need a law to stop people who have no idea what they are talking about from posting on imageboards.

It plays like someone who never played the original designed it.