How does the NES controller feel like?

How does the NES controller feel like?


Solid, like an indestructible brick made of pure Nintendium. Plastic is very thick and high-quality as this was before hardware makers switched to cheap brittle ABS plastic for all their shit like today

You won't snap it in half like modern controllers.

like bags of sand.

Better than its contemporaries, but not by much. PC-Engine had a better d-pad for example.

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gutter trash tier

It had faults.

Dog Bone is best NES Controller

These guys were ugly and flimsy but one of them had a mic!

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It was part of the model 2 NES, the top-loading one.

Top Loaders Controller

comfortable, gorgeous, but one downfall.. RF only mostly unless you got one of the super rare AV out US Models. That or the Jap Famicom AV

I would think the bigger downfall is that it came out a couple years after the snes. I had never even heard of this thing but I wasn't a poorfagkid

When it released in 93, it was for people who wanted to game on the cheap. That console itself was only $50 at the time.

Also forgot to mention the reliability was WAY better and also no lockout NES10 chip.

Solid and pretty weighty for its size, buttons are all responsive and don't feel mushy though the d-pad can be a bit uncomfortable at times.


Contrary to retard belief, the corners aren't a problem. When I gold the controller, I only touch the sides of it and the back (and the front, duh), normally. After playing for a LONG-ASS TIME the concave A and B buttons tended to wear on the thumb a bit, but it was never a problem for stuff like Final Fantasy, that didn't have you constantly using both buttons.

If the buttons were angled the opposite angle, the controller would have been perfect.

Cord from the side, I'm glad it died.


squishy buttons with uncomfortable edges. Squishy to the point of feeling unresponsive.

There were ads in gaming magazines at the time for rubber skins to cover the sharp corners. The comfort depended on how big your hands were or how much body fat you had.

There was a better first party one called the NES Max, it had turbo buttons and an improved cycloid style dpad without the sharp corners. The dogbone design works when there are shoulder buttons but on the NES it doesn't.

They feel like happiness.

That's not the big issue. The real problem is that they're hardwired to the console.

The controller itself feels good. It's made out of really comfortable plastic, feels good to the touch.

Actually using it? It was fine when I was a kid, but it's just uncomfortable at this point in my life. It's really small, and the layout of the A and B button were better on the Gameboy. I can deal with a Super Famicom controller (and use a USB replica for a lot of PC games), but I can't use these things.

RGB modding those looks pretty trivial though, pretty much the hardest part seems to be cutting the back panel for the new connector and you can trivialize it by just getting a 3D printed back panel.


Really comfortable. The only bad part about the NES controller is the small d-pad.

I have one right next to me right now and I can tell you how terrible the ergos are but I still love the thing to death.

Of course it feels small now; you're likely twice the size you were when the system was on the market.

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Shitty. The SNES was much better, you could actually hold it in your hand without it slipping off your palms. It had a much better grip.

It's not too bad. Modern controllers are much more ergonomic.

The D-pad gave me blisters after some marathon game sessions, but that's more my fault for not taking a break when I should have.

god damnit I was goign to post this

Hold with fingers, not with palms.

Don't hold in a death grip.

Don't mash like you're trying to drive your thumb through the controller.

If you have a gentle touch and don't use more force than necessary, your hardware will last longer.

Feels like nostalgia. Also pretty solid. The buttons don't press easily so you can really feel what you're doing.

I once played Super Mario 2 on an NES for several weeks with my fucking mouth manipulating the A and B buttons as I had broken my right arm. Didn't work so well, but I did do it.

The SNES controller was pretty great. In my top 3 for sure.

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I've used famicom controllers. A variety of bootleg ones too. It sort of built my solid demand on buttons. I don't like analog sticks. I don't like flight sticks. If it's not a solid button doing an exact command, it throws me off. This was further solidified as I started playing on PC afterwards.

Like a cheap toy.
It's small, it's light, it's square, it's all sorts of bad.
Genesis/Saturn joysticks are the best.


The sharp edges are uncomfortable as fuck. But the NES had good games to compensate, so it's not a dealbreaker.

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It was a shitload of fuck

Yeah nintendo doing retarded moves before the mini Nes

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Okay, but not great. It's exactly what it looks like: A hard plastic rectangle.