The next French president will be red, mark my words

The next French president will be red, mark my words.

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got less votes than Le Pen back in 2012

he's got no chance m8

The Parti Socialiste (soc dem garbage) collapsed, the president has an abysmal 4% approval rate. The main right-wing party also is at an historical low. French people are swinging back to Mélenchon (#1 political youtube channel in the country, far above all the other candidates).

I want to believe.

TL;DR us on Melangechom

I don't care who gets elected in France. As long as France is the next leaving EU.
So please may the elected person be anti-EU.

I think that sums it up, basically the first steps towards socialism

The plan is to transform the EU and get rid of all the free trade bullshit that results in social dumping. If it doesn't work, France will have to leave the EU.

Here's him talking about political ecology, the video has english subs so you can actually watch it :

sure he's not just Unruhe-tier?

Well he sounds decent, good luck to him

The EU can't be reformed though, it's a corporate club

sounds decent.

he is sharperning the guillotines


If it has to come to this, we'll leave and make our own EU, with blackjack and hookers. Or just free circulation of people and all that friendship between peoples stuff, no free trade or neoliberalism garbo.

He's actually a huge history buff who admires Robespierre. He's by far the most agreeable politician to listen right now. Most of his enemies are literal jokes who can't even recall this country's founding history.

thats some delusional shit right there

France can't leave the EU. not without going bankrupt at least


I'm afraid you'd be wrong.

what are his positions on imperialism, state violence, nato, etc?

This isn't a choice, really. Stay in line, France.

i dare you to find any economist that would say otherwise.
hell even UK lost a big chunk of its value and is still falling, and they don't even use the Euro in the first place !

i'm wondering this too. also islamism

Sounds quite amazing but delusional at the same time.
When exactly are the French elections? What do the polls say? Is he rising?

He's a pacifist. Said "War is a dirty thing" and "We should seek to stop all bombardements right now". Strongly anti-imperialism, condemned massively state repression against demonstrations (happened quite a lot this year with extreme brutality, people lost their eyes etc when they were already incapacitated but cops kept hitting them).

Obviously there would be drawbacks, but I genuinely believe a more efficient taxation system would cause no decline in the average purchasing power of the French people.
Now in a vacuum, leaving the Europe and doing nothing else obviously would cause ruin. On the bright side we have a healthy interior market and with some protectionism, we can definitely get ourselves back on feet.

The only candidate who actually speaks in the name of those without a religion. Advocates for the right to have your own religion and beliefs but that it should strictly belong to the private sphere, same for all religions, not just islam.

23rd of April and 7th of may.
Polls say he's rising higher than he's been before. Far right is also rising, traditional socdem left collapsing and traditional right mediocre.

He's behind Le Pen and The Republicans. Maybe after people become disillusioned with muh culture muh nation they'll swing to left-populism in a few years.

What about Philippe Poutou and Nathalie Arthaud?

They don't have any electoral weight. Expect them to score less than 4% of the total turnout.

what about Fillon ?

Even if he loses, he's stirring up quite a lot of traditional lefty themes and waking up class consciousness in people who were resigned to accept neoliberalism in their lives. No matter what happens, something important is happening.

Dude is from the right. Very likely to lose the right's primary election to Juppé. Not popular at all.



Hello "Fellow Leftists" ;)


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French Socialist Sixth Republic WHEN?

2017 hopefully!



Remember Podemos and Syriza? Maybe boycotting the elections would be a better strategy.

I doubt he will win, but destroying PS is much should be the main concern of French lefties anyways.

boycotts are bullshit

start throwing molotov cocktails through the windows of expensive restaurants, banks, and stores and see how fast things start to change

sounds nice but what can we do to promote him?

Holla Forums memed Trump into office, time for us to summon Kek

Talk about him, make reaction pics out of him, idk.
When you google "Le Pen" you get a shitton of Google News, when you google Melenchon, hardly anything, because our medias are strongly biased against him.

Destiny is on Melenchon's side

Let us hope you're correct.

I thought Juppe was the most likely candidate by far?

What did Hollande even do to get 4% approval rates lmao

Juppé is an old criminal. The election is still far.