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Baker's files?

what was with all the jet plane noises and zoom ins during Twin Snakes?

A Hind D?



If I want to play all the Metal Gear on PC, what's the best solution?

You simply emulate the PSX version.
Works on anything, takes 2 seconds to set up.

Emulate the first on PSX, although I've had some issues with disk 2.
2's port runs great but control mapping is a bitch and you can't really make use of the mouse.
If you could emulate it, try 3 on PC. Otherwise get yourself a used PS2/PS3.
4 you can play on youtube because it plays like a piece of fuck until that really hard and well done area where you have to avoid all the frogs on the battleship
Peace Walker is easily emulatable, and both V's are on PC.

Fuck I could have sworn I made those up in my mind. What about the car braking sounds during Grey Fox and Snake's fight?

A surveillance camera?

MG 1 & 2: Emulation of MSX2 versions w/ fan-translations or emulate MGS3 for the slightly updated ports with official translations
MGS1 & 2: Emulate, PC versions are trash
MGS3 & PW: Emulation is the only option
MGS4: Watch a longplay on jewtube
MGSV: Pirate

PC version is the best one. Just like Resident. Just like Tomb Raider. Just like every other PSX game that has a PC version.

This is a myth that continues even after all this time. They can annoying to get working because they're so old, maybe finding some user made fixes, but I'm afraid this does not make the PSX version better, my young little friend.


Metal Gear are pretty much non-games anyway, but if you really must then Twin Snakes is the best one. Dolphin emulator then.

user did you come in this thread literally just to bait everyone?
What the fuck?

find Integral and run it through dxwnd



Revolver Ocelot






thanks mark



Revolver Ocelot
Revolver Ocelot


That was Ryuhei Kitamura being 'arty'



Mad Gear?



Play Arts… Kai?


Toriyama, huh? That's the one waifu faggot from Japan, right?

That's right Snake; Toriyama is the one almost wholly responsible for the bad quality of modern Final Fantasy.



Solid thread.



Warped textures!?

That sums up the Metal Gear series quite well

Is Armstrong still running for president in 2020?

Why are they called Metal Gear?


Because 'Plastic Equipment' would have sounded silly.

MGS2 is unplayable on modern systems, you're going to have to emulate the PS2 version for that.

What's wrong with the version in the Legacy Collection?


Kill yourselves, immediately.


are you fucking retarded or something?

Okay. Listen
I've got an i5, third gen but still, and a goddamn 1080 and I can't get MGS3 to emulate for shit. Native res, tried a shitload of different configs,it still runs like garbage. How do you fags do it?

Need to run it in software mode and hope for the best, and if that still doesn't run it with an acceptable framerate with beefy specs then give up and buy a secondhand PS2 or play the 3DS port.

The PC cuckster race everyone.

The music was literally low quality rips of the soundtrack from some fansite

It seems I forgot the basics of CQC
am I screwed?


What sorcery did you employ in order to get this game to run properly.
The frame rate is tied to the CPU speed.
It also has weird crashes.

Over…..rated ?

Honestly, how hard would it REALLY have been to just finish her Persona 4 comic and then say "Fuck you I'm not doing parody comics anymore"? What a fucking bitch move to just fuck off like that because you're too much of a pussy to finish what you started and were already more than halfway through.
And now she tries to actively deny her natural way of drawing so it's not obvious at first glance that it's the same person making these comics. And of course the way she draws now looks like complete shit. It's like watching the mental gymnastics of a person who decided to become trans at the age of 40

Fucking DAAAAAMN it makes me buttbothered

Show some examples of how shit it is and the views she expresses. I want to be pissed.

Well that explains why Cucumber Quest is pastel-shaded inoffensive banality

I really like REX's design

Kiiiiiiinda wish it couldn't open its mouth, though

Could you imagine her doing shit on the Beauty and the Beast unit now?

But that's the best part. I want my bipedal nuclear delivery device to be able to roar like a fuck off monster.

why couldnt it be more like a series of Ground Zeroes?
that was actually an MGS game at least


post it, I wanna be pissed off.





a dub