They keep introducing weird shit, when will it stop?

They keep introducing weird shit, when will it stop?

who fucking cares
god damn just play one of the good ones
also, you didn't need to make a fucking thread for this

But I wanted to make a thread

when the series is finally dead

There's already a thread here.

Now i understand why /vp/ was created back in the day, pokemon fans are fucking retarded.

SM will probably be the best pokemon games thanks to the renovation going on in GF's staff and direction

These people don't actually play the games, they just idly absorb as little as possible to pass as "fans" while idolizing the few Pokemon they like out of nostalgia.

So, is this an anti-trump message? Like "even fat ass chink furry weeaboo can stump the Trump"?

god you're such a fucking retarded

I bought every single game on release since Blue
I own a pikachu Game Boy Color
I have pokemon branded underwear
fuck off

T-that's not something to brag about user

Not everything is about Holla Forums, you know?

In your rush to appear legit you just said things you really shouldn't have.

Best pick up line I've heard in a long time.

Hows that autism threating you?

the ladies love it

Guys please

You didnt ask him which pokemon are on it

Girls with dicks are boys

At least you're taking it in stride. If it's post gen 3, I'm going to be upset.

Instead of depth they decided to add anime fighting game finishers to "mix things up"

you and me both


Same shit as always.
Nintendrones have FINALLY something to talk about so the board gets a thread for each little detail they imagine to find in their "new" games.

Post pics

You're trying to be smart, but people call it trump because of how it looks.
The fact that's it's name implies it's a private eye isn't a surprise to anyway.