So, I just found out that God Eater is using Denuvo and with it comes the threat that Tales of Berseria and DBZ Xenoverse 2 is now at risk. See that attached images for my general opinion on this fuckery.

Denuvo won't even leave my fucking weebshit alone. And no, I don't blame pirates, it's the publishers. Always the publishers, doing everything they can to fuck their paying customers as hard as possible.

Denuvo needs to die, before it ushers in a new dark age of PC gaming. Until then, I will continue to tell companies that put Denuvo into their games exactly where to shove them.

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We are already in a dark age of PC gaming.

Isn't Denuvo already cracked anyway




if you criticize Planet Coaster using Denuvo you either get called a pirate by whoever is modding the forums or get banned from discussion because you must hate Frontier because of elite dangerous.

this isn't a new thing, they refuse to address the issue because there's no recourse other than "muh ebil hackers stealing my 1's and 0's"

I also found out that Champions of Anteria, a game I've been on-off interested in for quite some time uses Denuvo. Why this is troubling is that the game is published by Ubisoft, who are also publishing South Park: Fractured But Whole. So expect that game to also have denuvo I suppose.

Fuck denuvo. I didn't even want to pirate Champions until I realized it had denuvo.

They'll piss off enough russians eventually who will go after the fundamental mechanism of the system. Very few companies can actually afford to go toe to toe with a persistent hack attempt.

What bugs me is why would even need to fuck me over because you're paranoid and you want to squeeze every bit of sales out of something while not wanting "inferior beings" to play and enjoy your game?
My PC's old, it can't handle constant rewrites and shit. I actually got a better performance in Lords of the Fallen when I had a buggy cracked version than I did when I bought it and funded it in 30 minutes.

They get greedy and sure of themselves. I honestly don't think they see something like that coming. But the fact is, there's a hole in it somewhere or it wouldn't work, and that was very difficult and expensive to make.

Shooting yourself in the foot seems to be a very very common tactic in 'business.'


Yeah, there are enough retards to keep these assbags in business forever, but don't fall for hype. There are quite literally thousands of great games you haven't played yet, none of which have overreaching copy protection.

I haven't even run Steam for months, and I think I'm going to uninstall it and abandon my library of trash. Fuck it. I'll just buy more shit like Everdrives and the PSIO, and similar products, and play on consoles, since I have every ROM up through the GBA.


Welp, at least my doujin games and xseed games are safe from Denuvo at the moment



Are you watching animu too?

Putin is clearly takings notes in advanced NSA-proof KGB codings.


Holy fuck, do you people do any research before trying to shill on sites? Nobody here is stupid enough to believe DRM has the slightest thing to do with protecting consumers, not even the mouth breathing, shit eaters here that say things like "writing is useless to society." Your efforts would pay off much more on sites like 4chan, reddit, or tumblr.

As someone who has a job and pays for all their things, I'm so glad Denuvo exists. I hope it continues to blow pirate the fuck out. And even if it gets cracked there'll be even better protection in the future, DRM is evidently outpacing the crackers.



Go shill somewhere else, shithead. Anyone curious about new games, or willing to fuck with their system can buy legit game keys on G2A for next to fucking nothing. Only a complete dumbass wouldn't use a keyshop if they didn't want to pirate.

For the record, Mad Max would have been great if it wasn't BAMMAN ARKHAM DESERT: PUNCH ALL THE MANS, devolving into GET ALL THE THINGIES ON THE MAP AND ENJOY THE SHITTY ENDING YAAAAY.

Dark age of PC gaming?

Steam came out long ago user. Denuvo is just pouring salt in the wounds.

How do people still not understand how Denuvo works?
You can crack certain games, but not the software itself. Each game has a unique version of Denuvo.

As someone who has a job, pays for their things and isn't retarded I am pissed that Denuvo might get put into games I want to buy because it's useless shit that is going to lower my performance. Luckily it's only been put into games I am not interested in yet but only shills and willing scam targets would deny that it is shit that does nothing for paying customers.

Thanks user.

This game is off my list.

I need to play offline.

What's funny is most of you pirate because you are children with no self-control. I would not be surprised at all if some of you end up buying this game on release because of said lack of self-control. I hope that DRM gets better in the future and pirating dies out completely just to see the impotent rage of children upset they can't have every toy that catches their eye.

People can say what they want about consoles, but at least the Vita or PS4 versions can play without always being online. Digital only is the deal breaker there.

What happens when you want to play again five years from now?

Good thing there still isn't a single fucking good game out there that uses Denuvo.

someone apparently found a universal backdoor

you know how dreamcast burns initially required game specific hack files to be burned onto the disc to bypass the copy protection but eventually someone made a universal hack file that actually took up less space?
kind of like that but not threatening anyone's bottom line

Good thing there still isn't a single fucking good game out there

I've spent a TON of money on JRPGs these last 10 years.

All I want is

But I guess the industry is shit now and doesn't care anymore.

I remember when you could buy and play games anonymously. Good times.

Found the publisher shill.


You're new here. Settle down and lurk a while.

I'll pay you one (You) for that lovely bait.


Oh no, now you'll actually have to PAY for games you like and want to play, almost like a sort of system where developers work hard to provide entertainment for you and you compensate them in return. How awful, what a cruel unfair world

And now you can check these sick doubles.


But remember: Microsoft had plans to use "always online DRM" and kill off used games and game lending. They wanted to turn consoles into Steam.

it seems you don't understand retard, a russian pretty much cracked all denuvo games in a span of a week

>publishers and devs STILL think DRM works



















Found the goddamn shill.

I think the most important question hasn't been asked yet. When's the God Eater 2 crack? I want to play it online with friends using cracked copies so I can post about it and rustle the jimmies of all the DRM shills.

Can't you just emulate PSP version?

Man, Russians can crack anything. Games, e-mails, your mum.

Only the first game, because I don't speak nip. Besides, that won't rustle the shills nearly as much, especially since I was one of the people willing to buy it until they revealed denuvo.

Wow, checked.
Torfags must fuck off

I mean the game itself is shitty monhun clone, and you won't rustle shills no matter what you do, since they don't give a fuck about the game or about it being cracked/pirated. They're here to shill and to get their bitcoins and then to disappear in the night.

Here's your (you) with a polite sage.

All complaints about Denuvo are basically 'I can't pirate games anymore so it sucks'. It's not actually bad for customers in any way. That's why pirates are getting fucked and most people don't care.

You can keep changing your ID all you want, I know you're a single anonymous shitposter and perhaps even a shill.

Shitty monhun clones give me something to fill that niche until the next real monhun comes out, and that's all that matters.

Except it also kills performance, completely blocks almost all forms of modding, breaks the game if you aren't on supported hardware, and stresses your hardware for no reason.

I'm sure the normalfags will still be laughing when the next gen of CPUs comes out and suddenly their new PC can't run half their library. Denuvo relies on the publisher updating it to support any new hardware that releases, and the kind of publisher that slaps a game with denuvo is not the kind that would support the game a year or three after release. Fuck Denuvo, fuck any publish that uses Denuvo, and fuck any retard that defends Denuvo.

Apparently it now breaks Steam offline mode so you're wrong.

Monster Hunter. Seven letters, followed by six. Four total syllables. Don't be such a lazy cunt you can't spell out and/or say "Monster Hunter." Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you.

Do not, and cannot. Five and six letters, respectively, two total syllables each. Do not be such a lazy cunt that you cannot spell out and/or say "Do not, cannot". Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with u.

Trails in the sky: second chapter

Only buy denuvo games from G2A and other site that sell stolen copies because the devs don't lose money instead. (you can add 2 or 3$ for insurance in case something happens to the key).






Had to happen sooner or later
At least be happy that all the games using denuvo have been a moderate financial failure finally proving that pirating does improve sales because people are able to try what they want to buy before wasting money

Piracy is over, its finished. Get used to playing that backlog.

I haven't pirated a game in almost a decade. I'm gainfully employed and believe in supporting companies with my money, and the all time low price of PC games and the ease with which the can be bought and downloaded encourages me to be a consumer.

I also fucking understand my rights as a consumer and refuse to bend over for the big fucking game publisher cock to the ass. The same one they've been trying desperately to shove up there for years.

I see you're enjoying it though. Does it feel comfy?


waaaah I can't steal this game: the thread


Why are you standing up for a company that literally doesn't care about you. You don't care about you. At all. AT ALL. For fucks sake man, stand up for your basic consumer rights. This is why they are in the shitter, because people like you who suck on all the delicious corporate cock.


you make it sound like buying or pirating a game are the only options

No, it didn't. Ground Zeroes did, but Phantom Pain was noticably more demanding despite literally being the same game.

How much are they paying you, anyway?

No, you can also not play. Which is what I'm doing. The point of not paying though is also to demonstrate to the people selling the product that they've lost you as a customer because of their fuckery. So I will jump around and make as much noise about this as possible, because that's my right and duty as a consumer.

What does Denuvo do FOR you? How does it make the product you are buying better? Answer, it fucking doesn't. You aren't the publisher. You are the CONSUMER. Your role, your job, your fucking duty in the capitalist supplier/consumer relationship is to look after and defend your interests. Denuvo isn't in your interest, it's in the interest of people who'd love nothing more then to strip away every last bit of consumer protection that exists in the world.

People like you are why consumer rights are in the fucking shitter. Have some god damn self respect man.


Maybe because it had more enemies and bigger maps?

Camp Omega is larger and more complex than any area you visit in Phantom Pain you retarded nigger.

Oh, absolutely nothing. I just love that Holla Forumstards get assblasted when they love a game and sound like they would buy it, but
Whoa, hol' up der, Cpt. Faggot! If a developer creates a good game and I give them money, I'm supporting them to create more games. If they want to reduce their profit margin by using Denuvo, that's on them. If something looks like shit and I can't pirate it, however, I just don't buy it until it's rock bottom price and through a means where I can get a refund if needbe.
Ahahahaha, you sound like a whiny entitled teen. Enjoy going back to school Tuesday, little Johnny!

I'm the one discussing the moral and ethical duty of the consumer required for a healthy capitalist system. You are enjoying people being 'assblasted', ignoring the bigger picture of your consumer rights and the implications of what will happen if something like Denuvo catches on, all while giggling like some edgy teen faggot…

And your argument is that I'M the teen who needs to go back to school? Fucking what mate?

I know you're baiting, but people like you are the lowest of human garbage.

Stay mad, kneegrow

Top kek m8.


I'm not. Go get your BPD checked out.


You either are retarded or just haven't played the game

Look, I get that you're a retarded underage faggot but you don't have to post three times to reply to two posts. See you next thread where you'll be assblasted that people are playing pirated copies since no DRM is uncrackable. You're exactly the kind of person I had in mind for what I was talking about earlier.

They're banning people because Denuvo is not discussion about the game? It might be shit, but it's also off-topic.

He's a smug shitposter. He deliberately forgoes the point that games most affected by piracy are usually poorly made heaps of broken promises, e.g. No Refunds Man. Don't bother replying, unless it is to shitpost right back. Watch this:

Lol what the fuck is wrong with you XD just like kill urself XDDD ayy lamau enjoy paying your shekels to some greedy kike lol

You see? Easy.

Probably after the core players played the shit out of it, maxed, and finished whatever endgame and spoilers are out there like any other games that are hard to pirate or on consoles for almost a decade.

Im happy it exists too user, but for different reasons. The games will always be cracked anyway, but during that sweet spot of 4-6 months that its not, if the game fails it cant blame pirates. Like Deus Ex, or Just Cause 3. Its no ones fault but the developers. Without realizing it denuvo is singlehandedly killing the pirate narrative and showing shit developers are actually shit.

cyclops are weak to thunder

And nothing of value was lost today.

Just, like, play more monhun, no need to eat shit when 3 ultimate games and around 4 normal versions exist.

They're weak to ailments in general.

Please share your own, obviously unimpeachable taste in games so that I can moc…er…be corrected in just how obviously good your taste is!

MGSV was incredibly well optimized and used lighting effects to seem to have a higher resolution. And even with all that there were times where my processor would be operating around 70% despite the game not being all that resource heavy. Denuvo definitely had an effect on the Phantom Pain.

Here you go

He's probably american. These are the same people who clap in the fucking cinema.

If those selfish mexicans would have just bought products instead, wev would never even have had CD keys. It's very obviously the fault of dumbass pirates for taking things too far.

A publisher isn't going to spend a lot of money on DRM unless they feel that the extra sales will offset the cost (hint: it actually does).

Fags on Holla Forums like to pretend that pirates buy good games after ""trying"" them (total bollocks) and that the number of people pirating is exaggerated(also false, 5 years ago I could go on some shithole public site like TPB and see tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of people leeching off a popular new game).

If you want to blame someone for invasive and over the top DRM, blame no one but pirates for making publishers feel like they have to.

Show proof
show proof
pics or it didn't happen

If they handed out demos like they do on the PS4 it can stop all these whining. It's good to see some developers returning back to the age of demos. Although timed demos are bullshit and alpha/beta is not how the final game will look like.


No. For the following reasons.

1. Industry is making record sales and record profits. It's doing better then ever, despite piracy being easier then ever. So are movies, music and everything fucking else trying to blame the 'piracy' boogeyman.

2. No one has ever managed to offer any compelling evidence that piracy has any serious effect on game sales, while anecdotal evidence, much like Witcher 3's massive success, suggest it means fuck all.

3. Even if companies were losing revenue from piracy to that extent, I still wouldn't accept them harming my paid for version of the game with their bullshit. They need to come up with a solution that doesn't devalue my purchase.

4. It is and will always be about one thing. Control. You think all that shit with the Xbox One back when they first announced it was for 'piracy'? No, it's about control. You don't own shit. They own YOU, so shut the fuck up, bend over and spread open that wallet motherfucker.

The last one is spot on.

you got any source on that?

Give them a search on steamspy
The one that sold the most is MGSV by getting to 1m copies


one million doesn't sound like a failure user, especially considering the sales of all of the other versions.

It also depends on how much the games cost to make, not just unit numbers by themselves.

and on the marketing costs (ads are expensive as fuck) and on the amount they pay Sony for licensing and on the amount they pay Steam and on taxes.

That's why I said MGSV was the one that sold the most
Do you have some kind reading impairment?

None of these have broken bank. One million copies sold for a multi million dollar triple A game is not enough. Especially if you count anything published by SE.

Those "record sales" obviously aren't what they think the top could be. Hence why they pay people like Denuvo big $$ to let them use their system.

If it wasnt netting them an increase they wouldn't use it. It's basic business. That's all the evidence anyone needs for the c impact of piracy.

See point number 4. Control. It's all about control. They are desperate, ravenous, to retain control of the product after it's been sold. Why consoles love being a closed ecosystem.

And it's been shown again and again, once that control is seized, you can do all sorts of shady and profitable shit.

There's also the fact that the people who run game publishers are fucking retards who don't understand anything and would spend money on a 'two reflector' to keep all the twos from getting into the binary, as long as someone convinced them the terrible, TERRIBLE danger that twos represented to his product.

So, can we expect Denuvo in Tekken 7 then? I hope Harada won't let it happen, otherwise Bamco can go fuck themselves because I ain't buying this piece of shit, I can forgive boring roster and DLC characters, but with Denuvo they can suck dicks and I'll make sure that everyone whom I know don't buy this too.

Piracy damaged plenty of devs, small ones at least. I don't give a fuck about AAA devs, but it was quite sad that ArcSys dropped PC market because niggers pirated #Reload.

Pretty much almost every Denuvo game was forgotten in one week if no less after release and some even had shit sales, modern devs want millions and they waste shitton of money on marketing. I can bet my 60 bucks that there are some people who aren't aware that new Mirror's Edge exist. Fuck, I didn't even know that there was new Sherlock Holmes game which user posted here

But the best example is probably NuDoom, it was 50% off in one month after release and "one week" demo is still available to this day. Even FO4 had lower discount in two months after release and this piece of shit is without Denuvo and had massive marketing campaign.

TPP was the only successful Denuvo game and was the most optimized among all Denuvo games, although GZ runs better.

If a dev you care about is using DRM without releasing a demo then they clearly don't care about you. Just forget they exist and save yourself a lot of suffering.

How does this affect paying customers?
Sounds like a bunch of people who wouldn't buy it getting upset that it will be hard to pirate.

It's pretty non-intrusive. It doesn't effect me as I pirate before I buy and if I can't pirate or play a demo I don't buy.

Read the thread and go fuck yourself, retard.

Yeah, go fuck yourself too.

I think it's hilarious that piracy is the single best thing that could have happened to Dragon's Dogma. Within hours of the leak the pre-order hit #1 on the Steam top sellers list, when it wasn't even in the top 20 beforehand.

OP here. Between my marathon cock sucking sessions (I am OP after all), there has been numerous conversations in this thread about exactly what you are talking about. Fucking READ.

Short version? Denuvo is fucking shit and anyone who understands it doesn't want it on their computer. I don't buy denuvo games. I don't pirate them (I don't pirate games period actually). I don't play them at all. And If you have any self respect, you wouldn't either.

Wrong, it's the consumers.
Every single person who pays. Every single person who supports it. Who says "This is acceptable!" and hands these publishers their money.

The one responsible is you, fair Steam user.

Wow guys, the wiki page says that denuvo doesn't read and rewrite drives all the time, and that it doesn't effect performance. Everything's fine.

No. Steam actually offers something in return. It offers a convenience, infrastructure, social and multiplayer features, as well as being a good 'recruiter'. The success of the steam platform is why PC gaming has taken off so much and why we're getting a lot of this ports we're getting now. Steam is a big reason the PC has become 'The Market' for gaming in the west.

A value was offered in return for a level of DRM that basically amounted to a 'please do not steal' sticker placed on the product, something that was really done to appease overly paranoid publishers who would've fucked up steam with their own third party bullshit instead. Valve knew that would sink the platform and offered a solution to a problem they knew didn't fucking exist. It's why Steamworks is such weaksauce DRM. Valve knows piracy means fuck all, it's a placebo for the publishers.

As a consumer, it's your job to decide if the gains offset the downsides. I'm inclined to think it does. I won't blame you if you don't. But placing the blame for Denuvo on Steam is a pretty big fucking stretch. Publishers were going to do this fuckery with or without them, as shown by the terrible DRM that existed before steam (and that steam did it's very best to REPLACE), and the terrible DRM that's existed since.

Steam and Valve can be blamed for a lot of shit. Denuvo isn't one of them.

Fucking this.
Autists put out better content than some publishers could ever manage, and they are doing it for free. And now publishers are getting on board with a form of DRM that prevents modding from making their DLC look like overpriced trash? Oh wow, what a surprise.

Contractions are a perversion of the English language.

Ignoring the fact that I completely disagree with your whole post, the fact remains that it's entirely irrelevant. Actually, no, I take that back, it actually proves my point.

Most consumers are retards who feel the same way about Denuvo as you do about Steam. They're perfectly accepting of it and it will not stop them in any way from buying a game. Because they continue to buy those games, continue supporting them, Denuvo will continue rather than being dropped immediately like the hot sack of shit that it is.

All in all though, it still misses the point. The ones responsible for the continued viability of Denuvo or any other form of DRM is none other than the consumer who continues to throw money at it.

The difference being that I've actually taken the time to become educated one Steam, it's faults and benefits, and come to a conclusion based on my own interests. In all, I believe Steam is to my benefit and I could bring forth a mountain of reasons for

Denuvo and it's defenders are not educated or thinking logically. They just want the game and shell out money for it, then defend that position with extremely weak arguments. I do disagree that it's fuckwits who don't think through their actions that are why Denuvo continues to propogate.

What I take issue with is your accusation that accepting steam, even as the farthest DRM should be allowed to go, is somehow aiding and abetting something as insidious as Denuvo. That is flat out wrong and is an extreme oversimplification of an extremely complicated issue.

We CAN agree that people who buy Denuvo blindly are fuckwits though and need to take 5 minutes to actually consider what they are doing.

Typing to fast, need to calm the fuck down.

From my perspective, that's you still, but again, you're not paying attention here. The important part, the thing to take away from this is that The people who are buying games with X are the ones who make X viable. As businesses exist for the sole purpose of making as much money as possible, financial success will mean that a practice continues.

What publishers don't get is that the ones who are dead set on pirating it, weren't ever going to buy it in the first play.
Some can't afford it, thats why they pirate.
Some want to try before they buy, thats just being a smart consumer.
Last is the hurrderr why shud I pay 4 games. They arent going to buy it anyway, you arent't missing a sale.

I can understand publishers wanting to protect their product, but I feel like its just going to hurt them in the end.

Which is true. Which also means it's to our benefit to rabble rouse and raise awareness of just how scummy and anti-consumer Denuvo is. Trying to get a message to the publishers also help. Not buying the game is helpful. Anyone who has a steam account and gives a shit, should probably just do a quick post on the God Eater boards, expressing their disappointment.

Then run because the steam forums are shit, but still. The more people saying Denuvo is shit, the more nervous they will get.

If you pirate a game, there is no drm to deal with it.

If you buy a game that's infected with DENUVO, you get to install that piece of shit onto your computer, incurring all the performance penalties it brings.

[citation needed]

It clogs your cpu cores up with threads decrypting the game as it runs the game.

This hurts FPS.

[citation needed]

inb4 /g/ tinfoil archive/thread is used as a source instead of actual research


Woo! Pirates get fucked! Hype!


So basically, it just slows down the process of cracking?

Enjoying that 10 bucks?

It just means you can't pirate at launch and if the game isn't mainstream, it may not get cracked at all. Denuvo is great.

Run ABZU with Rivia Tuner on and showing your CPU usage and temps. Watch that shit reach 76°C in no time.

No, I didn't buy it. Family share is a thing.

These are the same faggots arent they?
They even post in a similar manner.

It's not like Denuvo shills have a life beyond larping. They'll never be successful, just stuck advertising worthless software for shit games.

Only thing I care about on that list is maybe Tales and I don't have particularly high hopes for the game. How well did the PC version of Zestiria sell anyway?

189K copies according to Steam. Whether or not that's "good" is up to how autistic Bamco is.
the game deserved to fail, Zesteria is the worst game in the franchise and its PC port is an abomination

Cracked games are always best. I actually download pirated copies of games I legally bought.

like when faggots here downloaded gtaV on release for that superior russian trojan crack and resulting salt mines

While simultaneously expressing your support of

All of those things are acceptable, and your dollar says so.

Luckily I also have a pirated copy of Bitdefender and Malwarebytes. But I've never had a problem so far. Just read the comments and choose a good release group.

Yeah I gave up.

I thought against Steam for years. You can still read my comments on gamefaqs about how much I hate Steam.

But I lost. Gabe the Jew won.

DRM has always fucked paying customers in the ass in exchange for a brief period in which pirates may or may not be able to get the game for free. Denuvo was left uncracked for a longer time than usual because its developers paid off the Chinese crackers to not do it. Now it is completely worthless intrusive garbage just like every other DRM that has ever existed. Once again, the cracked version is superior to the severely gimped and possibly harmful "legitimate" copy.

How comes no one still tested both Denuvo/cracked Rise of the Tomb Raider versions?

Well, they just lost a sale. Another win for DRM!

Because that would require playing Rise of the Tomb Raider a non-zero number of times

There is also the question of just how 'cracked' that version is, and if it leaves any Denuvo components still running, just not effecting the game any.

I've yet to see anything in depth on his cracking method. I wish pirates did fucking whitepapers on this shit.

Lets not forget that it has been proven many times that pirates pay for more merchandise than the average consumer. For both anime and music this was proven. Music pirates would purchase 30% more than the average consumer while anime shows that were pirated more gained more views shortly after it was uploaded to a site like Nyaa or HorribleSubs.

When you don't have to worry about taking risks and spending money on something you may not like, you have more money to spend on things you do like and want to support. Publishers also don't take into consideration that the people who pirate the most are those who don't have access to said content. Like how Crunchyroll doesn't have a server in South America. There are people there who want their product and have no way of getting it legally. Sometimes they can but it might as well be extortion at that point.

Most likely because most people would rather have AC+R instead of #Reload. That version is good but +R is considered one of the best games/versions in the series. Then I heard people saying the online wasn't that good. Also piracy has helped advertise many smaller games.

Shitposters just need a reason to throw shit. Whether they agree on something or not doesn't matter. They just want to see people upset. It's like when Dark Souls wasn't on PC. "NEVER EVER" was thrown around. When it came to PC, the same people would just say "STAY MAD CONSOLEFAGS".

Literally who cares

Okay, when it's a game you care about you can make the thread. Until then…

8chon is completely out of touch regarding piracy. It reads like TorrentFreak. Piracy stops people buying games they otherwise might buy. Just because some nigger guilt trips themselves or wants to be a good guy and buy it after doesn't change shit. You have no idea how the average responsible person operates. Free is better than paying. If they can avoid paying they won't pay at all, especially in shit hole countries. Told you faggots this for months. You're getting your shit kicked in badly by DRM. No gook crackers are going to waste their time anymore.

Your whole naive narrative relies on "we can't possibly know how many". Just as bad as "if you make a good game it will sell".

Which is it?

The most popular torrents for DOOM, Tomb Raider and Just Cause were all packed with bitcoin miners. You're getting fucked even by the gooks you depend on.

I have plenty of other games I can spend my money and/or time on that don't come with cancer bundled in.

I pirate anime because the product I could get legally in the west is fucking garbage. I will never ever pay for a stream, and if I can't block the ads on a free stream I won't watch it. I do buy figures and sometimes manga, though.

stale pasta

True. I'm not a normalfag, I cannot lie.

Besides I haven't bought a mainstream game in years, only play niché Japanese games.

pc cucked yet again, that's what you get for buying weeaboo trash on shit like steam.