Diablo 3 set actually ruins Diablo 3 (lol)



Oh yea, reminder that some people already left the D3 team, and the development team is getting smaller.

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Diablo 3 is great, you're just a hater.

Fuck off, Cheng.

Tricked you, it's me, Jay Wilson!

I love how all the faggots out there tell me "they fixed the game its so much better now"



(in case the archive link doesn't let you watch the interview).

Interview proves how much of an out-of-touche prick Wyatt is. Oh yea, this ass-hole is also involved with that shitty Wow expansion Legion.

I thought you hated Diablo 3 after they got rid of you (before they rehired you to ruin Legion)?

amazing and unexpected news

Seems to be a thing with Blizzard games.

I don't even know, I'm not that versed in inter-blizzard lore.

You think it can't get any worse, but somehow it happens.

All they really added to d3 were cosmetic pets, wings, and a shitty attempt at a Horadric cube that brought back items nobody liked farming. Cheng is trying to spin that shit off at Gamescon, but no one is buying that shit.

I love it, they are being punished for delivering shit, they killed Diablo as a franchise

I'm having fun with my pals in a 4 co-op.

Typical consolefag.

Says the faggot that think the PC version is anything but trash.



What can I say, I haven't been that interested this season so I haven't done TXIII

well it is true if you compare it to vanilla
the action house completely destroyed the game and fueled some of the worst kikery I've ever seen in a vidya throught the real money=gold feature

now it's not good, but it is slightly less shit

I played Path of Exile and Titan's Quest instead.
I win.

More like poe's man diablo 3

More like free, offline, non-repetitive Diablo 3.

Just goes to show you should never watch the company for games but track where their dev teams fuck off to. It's the ultimate bait and switch. Good games come from people, not companies.


poe new expansion should be out


Instead of laughing, just look it up.
PoE is a BIT repetitive at places, but it doesn't come close to Diablo's repetitiveness.

and everybody has to wait till hes done
i also am having fun playing 3 player local coop on xbox

They're still fucking working on this game?

You're the one saying Diablo 3 is anything but trash.
Why would anyone play it when there's Grim Dawn, Diablo 2 and so on.

Because these don't exist on filthy peasant systems.

You can have the best skills and gear in Path of Exile or Grim Dawn and your abilities still won't be as satisfying to use as the most low level abilities in Diablo 3 that you get around the beginning.

Diablo 3 is the new standard. The animation delay in PoE and Grim Dawn feels so amateurish.


A color scheme will make you prefer inferior gameplay.

That's your perogative.

Here's your (You).

You guys need to be bullied.

Your post is so wrong that it would take me more effort to point out why it is than I'm willing to spend. To begging with 4 co-op is the comfiest unless you're a fag that plays with anyone online.

Because those doesn't have local co-op. I only need 4 controllers, an screen an a console in order to play co-op with my friends. Playing online is for faggots, to begging with.

We have an strict rule of doing that once in town while replenishing and shit. You can see most armor without having to enter the menu, but without details. You can change abilities this way too.

Tried to play for 2 days and I just dropped it in favor to play Torchlight 2. I just can't understand how someone can actually like that uninspired piece of shit. At least Diablo 3 is fun in some aspects. and Torchlight is cool for mods. After the ui change for the naked ladies it was just buried for me. Even Titan Quest is more fun than PoE, which makes you wonder.

No, you're the fag who wants to couch multiplayer instead of having a LAN party, you faggot.

Kill yourself. If you want a LAN experience, play Torchlight 2. Better than that MMO bullshit that PoE tries too hard to be.
Also, yeah, LAN sucks, nothing like 4 dudes looking at the samescreen. Did you ever played Mario Kart, Quake or Doom? I bet you didn't faggot.

Why not use VMs?

Did someone say lol?

it will not be truly fixed until d3 will have singleplayer and lan games just like the console versions


i suppose its a matter of taste but i prefere the more realistic graphics style it has.

no wonder you didnt like the game, you cleary didnt understand it. the passive skill tree is all about finding the optimal pathways to clusters and notables you need to make your active skills work or to increase your survivability.

there are over 100 skill/support gems in the game. many of them the usual stuff you would expect like fireball and such, many more interesting and all heavily modifieable thorugh support gems.

meaning it was too complex for you to understand in 5 minutes i suppose.

You faggots expected better? Shame on you.

You can have fun without
Maybe you've spent too long in the Korean F2P mines. Games are supposed to be fun independent of looting efficiency. If this game isn't, then it has much deeper flaws than those you are complaining about.


Don't forget to buy Overwatch go-guys !

This is enough to consider your opinion bad and stupid. Realism fags BTFO.

Find the easiest way to a health node. Gotcha.

They are all the same and/or uninteresting. Nothing beats the good old skill tree, and this game is the solid proof.

It was piss easy, but it was overly retarded for what it is. A classic gold system or any kind of currency would have been better. But let's go with trade like fucking commies.

Is a terrible game and you shoukd feel bad for ever liking it. Hope you have fun with your halfassed mmo Diablo.

This. This is why playing "competitively" is retarded. It was retarded in Diablo 2 and it's retarded in Diablo 3. And even then, it was funbto taste new builds and fuck people just because.

You can't do specific dungeons without certain armor sets, and some of them make you use [shitty] skills Blizzard wants you to use. That and the shitty seasons contradict the whole "Play your way" approach they half-assed.

I had a cold-spell build that was based on Crissaegrim from Castlevania: SoTN. It was the most fun I ever had besides my tanky as fuck pet build on my Witch Doctor; then Blizzard took a piss on the old sets and legendaries through their "revisions" (Zunimassa is horrible now unless you go with faggot midgets or whatever the fuck the set uses now).

Streamers also ruined Diablo 3 because Blizzard dedicated a whole new power creep to only the best attention whores and few poopsockers with ancient gear.

Dude, PoE is a shitty game (I played a Summon Witch because I hated the other playable classes). Builds aren't fun no matter what version or league you're playing, and the economy and crafting are fucking retarded and shitty.

Dude, even if they added those Diablo 3 is still fucked.


Those people were such obvious shills
I'm surprised so little people called them out on it, to be honest

We did. They just realized that Diablo 3 is a horrible game.

The game was greatly improved with the release of RoS and the first two or three RoS patches. But you can polish a turd all you want, it'll still be a piece of shit at the end of the day.

Fuck, has everybody seen this shit but me?? I almost know that tumbling down song by heart– that's the final credits song, isn't it? Where can I even find it to start watching. Not on hulu not on crunchyroll not on netflix.


Would probably be a good idea to ask on /a/ about what to watch since I know there's been some remakes and movies that came out in the past few years, but I guess you can't go wrong with the original run.

Then it went to shit once seasons came about (one broken, shitty season after another), and Wyatt thought he should dictate fun with terrible power creeps.

All I need to read to know you have no idea what you're talking about.

user, for the price of one controller I can get two copies of Diablo 3. So… This argument is moot.

The fuck did you expect?

This is exactky why playing on consoles online is the best. If you get RoS and never update or connect online you'll always have the improvements they did without the shitty season bullshitm there absolutely no reason to go online.

user, I pirated Diablo 3 on PS3. Also, the controllers were a great investment. I can use them on PC without a problem and I can play plenty of couch multuplayer games both in PC and PS3. Totally worth it.

Builds exist in PoE as well, fag. The "play your way" is bullshit both in Diablo 3 and PoE.

I'm sleepy

Of course builds exist, shitty ones, ok ones and good ones, this applies to every fucking ARPG, that's not what I was referring to though, I was talking about how he assumed witch was the only "class" you could be a summoner with, instead of just a character.

None of the other characters were interesting to use, and the game sucks too much autistic[-sjw] dick to make me want to learn the other classes and their shitty builds that aren't fun to level one league after another.

I know other characters can be summoners, but why the fuck do I want to make a giant brute a summoner?

i really wish vidya dev staff for normal games were treated similarly to movie production staff/actors instead of having the publishing jews and their recycled IP branding get top billing.

That's fucking retarded the characters are all blank slates outside of their looks and animations, "none of the characters were interesting to use" shows you never played the fucking thing.

See this sort of shit gives you away, all the characters play exactly the same, unless you mean their personalities in which case I agree on Scion and Ranger's case, one's an unlikable bitch and the other is an unlikable dyke
Because he might be located in an area of the tree more convenient for your build or have an ascendancy geared towards something you might need in a build (not that marauder has anything useful for summoners, at least, not that I know, but other classes do.)

The selling point of PoE is being able to do whatever build you want, but what's the point if you still have to do an specific build in order for it to be good? That's exactly how all other ARPG work, so PoE is basically a mediocre ARPG without anything that makes the others fun.

I didn't know this. This actually makes PoE worst.

I meant their personalities. The Witch was the only likable character I could stomach because she was an ass-hole who didn't give two fucks about anyone.

Templar might be the only other class that could pull off a summoner, but I hated the Templar. This isn't helping your case.

You don't, if you don't know how to properly make a build then it'll be shit, if you do it won't, I mean, there's always rules, you can't go full retard, the game isn't easy enough for just any build to work, there must be some cohesion.

Also, yes, the characters are placed in different spots in the passive tree, that matters a lot while leveling, and still does somewhat late game, there's also ascendancy classes which differentiate characters in a big way, but every character can use every skill gem, provided they meet the attribute and level requirements.

Shadow can be a summoner, but I agree with you that the characters are all some kind of unlikable flawed asshole, I used to like Marauder before his lines got changed now I just like Shadow, Witch and Templar, Templar purely because of the accent.

I can't believe there is people playing this game right now, but defending it. It sounds like the worst ARPG ever made, and after playing it I can confirm by in the surface, it is, and it's even worst in the long run, apparently.

Who cares? None of them were from old Blizzard North and none of them had worked on the Diablo 3 we were supposed to get.

kek, rich coming from someone who plays D3, PoE is a shit ARPG, I'm just tired of D2, the only actual good one, and PoE is the least shitty of the rest of the stinking bunch.

There's Titan Quest, Grim Dawn, Torchlight and Torchlight 2 and of course Diablo 3 for consoles. PoE is the worst of them in every way, inclusing graphics, UI, skills and builds, without mentioning it being a shit MMO with a retarded economy.
But don't worry, I guess you have to justify the time you spent on it for the hype. Doesn't change the fact that is utter shit, tho.

Titan Quest was pretty good, Grim Dawn is a steaming pile though, the Torchlights are both ok but bland as all hell, and the shitty mods don't alleviate this at all.
Ok, you're just pulling my chain here, hah, got me to respond to like 4 posts of yours, good job.

You're a faggot. Stick yourself to PoE and stay there, you belong in the trash with it anyway..
Meanwhile, I'll have a lot of fun with my 4 friends trying every kind of build in RoS with the 5 actual classes there.


I can't expect a faggot that defends a shitty game like PoE understands, since you apparently don't understand how the skill gems shit on the game either.

Those things are all fine and well but it doesn't change the fact that the base game is dogshit.
Enlighten me, oh poe expert.

Sure, but it's still better than PoE in every single way, including the offline part.
God no. I played that shit for 2 days and that was enough. Everything you said about the game only makes it look worst, specially this post
Yeah, if you wanted a shitty unpolished shit with no sense of direction, you can just play the console version of D3. Granted that I played like 2 years ago, but I doubt there is a lot of changes considering gem skills still exist.

How do skill gems shit on the game? You didn't answer.

I already mentioned why the skill tree is retarded too. Anything on it doesn't worth jack shit, you just need to find the nearest health node and that's it.

Not really. Legion is breddy much a diablo expansion, just for WoW.

They're limited by the attributes you have yes, which you are supposed to grab on the tree, you know, those nodes people think are useless, or on gear, this is pretty easy to do.
Not most, there are a few, yes, like arctic breath being a fireball that deals cold damage, doesn't fly and leaves chilled ground, the actual issue is that they release gems that are better version of old gems with a gimmick, for example ground slam->sunder, ice nova->vortex
The skills are still somewhat different but one is just mechanically superior to the other.
You can build around 90% of the active gems, I don't know how many of these can actually do T16s though, they've been working on the balance issues lately.
This is bullshit, the game has some actual serious issues but the ones you listed are not it, because you have no idea what you're talking about because you probably never even beat normal (this is one of said issues though).

The only gripes I had with Grim Dawn were summoners are shitty, faction rewards are pointless/useless, and the last portion of the game is kinda retarded; otherwise, Grim Dawn is pretty good (it has a great soundtrack).

Enjoy your shitty RoS builds before Wyatt Cheng takes a piss on them with his mandated meta.

What were his old lines? I hope they don't touch the Witch's lines because I love how she thinks everybody is a moron that deserves to die (I love her lines around the end of Act 2).

Torchlight was a shitty, overrated game with the most generic-looking items out there. TL1 had some really bad itemization (caster/range stats on heavy armor).


Even Overwatch is better than that clickspam shit

Btw its amazing how a shitty developer that never did a single good game is so powerful

Same reason why AT&T is so powerful.

Aren't factions the only way to get some component recipes and soulbound powders?

dude think about it
median xxl

Eastern Sun was pretty good too, but D3 is way too fucked to be salvaged through mods.


Torchlight 2 with MOD are realy good but crafting still bad.