ITT: Games that you expected to be shit but were actually pretty good.







Won't call it "good" but I enjoyed it. It's flawed, but I don't think it's terrible, either. But I'm also not a faggot who kept the auto-battle option on, I'm sure that helped.




Lot of "unpopular opinion" style shit in this thread.

I got Predator: Concrete Jungle as a gift, and looked up information. Got poor reviews, didn't sell well, and generally became "bargain bin" material. I put it in my X-Box expecting the worst, and instead played a pretty fun stealth/action game with a lot of interesting mechanics, fun and challenging missions, challenges with tons of unlockables, and a shit-ton of post-game content including costumes, missions, and extra characters. At worst, the controls were a little weird.

It's far from a perfect game, and it doesn't really touch something as good as Spider Man 2 as far as licensed games go, but it really wasn't a terrible game. I wouldn't go out of my way looking for it, but if you find it somewhere for cheap (or free), I'd pick it up. It really didn't deserve how bad the reviews were.

It kept 13 year old me occupied well enough until I beat. It was really after it was over that I realized how bad it all was.

Was the The Haunted Mansion game really any good?
What is it? A Luigi's mansion clone? A clock tower clone? Did I jut fall for bait?

user, you must've misread the thread title.

Came here to post this.
I truly expected Bioshock 2 to be shit since it was from different devs. Man was i wrong.

And then came the lofty expectations of "Infinite"; I confess it was half my fault for believing the hype, but I thought Ken LIE-vine made a Bioshock with Portal mechanic where you switch universes in game and have a lolita helping you with her psychic powers. What I got was Bulletsponge enemies.

TL;DR: Bioshock2 Good | Infinite Bad

Bioshock 1 was shit. Levine is a hack.


It was a comfy ghost house exploration game. It had obvious flaws with graphical fidelity and a couple minor glitches, but compared to what I expected it was pretty damn amazing since my expectations were next to dinosaur bones.

Yeah I remember renting Concrete Jungle from the local video store as I liked Predator and was pretty happy with it

wew that sure won't derail into an unpopular opinion thread.

I was expecting RE6 to be way worse than that.
It's a good action game but honestly they would've been better off just creating something new rather than slapping RE on it for brand recognition.

I agree.


This so fucking much. Has such great ambient music and atmosphere.

All funny VA aside, a very charming, fun game that warrants multiple playthroughs.

On paper this game is terrible and has shitty trope filled writing in a setting that doesn't make any god damn sense all with an over the top retarded anime artstyle, yet somehow it is probably the most thoroughly engaging "game" I've ever played just because of how absurd and emotional everything is.

I only slogged through chapter 1 because my roomate begged me to and insisted that it got better once people started dying. I'm very happy that she did and now I do the same to all my friends.

What made you think FNV and Dark Messiah would be bad going into them?

Is it really worth a pirate? It looks like a Ubisoft open world checklist meme game with Arkhamshit combat, what makes it fun?

Why did you think RE4 would be shit? It's not like anybody could have known what would come after.

Honestly pleasantly suprised, thought most of the hype around it on here was legitimate shilling but I was hooked after a free-weekend on steam

Ubisoft is doing their best to fuck this game up though, the matchmaking is awful


Anyone that says this game is The Room of video games is a fucking retard.

These two were pretty damn good local Bro-Op. Leaned hard on the mechanics of pulling aggor and flanking.

No, it's the Twin Peaks of gaming, duh. That fucking tangle of Red Herrings toward the end though, damn. And all the foreshadowing…



This game doesn't get enough love. I have nothing but good things to say about it.

It still amazes me how good killzone looked on the Vita. Pretty fun game too, actually enjoyed the multiplayer for 2 weeks before it died.

I felt the same as OP, it's a departure from a existing series with a focus on action that normalfags like. It really screams lowest common denominator product, so I was pleasantly surprised when I played it.

First Army of Two was surprisingly great. Had a blast playing it from start to finish with my cousin.

Second one was just mediocre while trying to be something more in terms of story. No idea how the third one turned out.

Some of the minigames are fun, besides just dicking around in freeroam


This game has absolutely no right being decent never mind good, and yet it is.

Never thought Rockstar could do the topdown formula right again. Drug business nets you way too much money, it's ridiculous. The banter between characters is shorter than in the 3d titles, but it's still comedy gold.

From all the gameplay footage I've seen online of the original Hard Reset I'd gathered it was a second grade Serious Sam knockoff with low enemy variety and visuals that'd make my eyes bleed.
I was so very, very wrong.

Pretty good

I bought Mad Max with the DLC for $5. For that price or less it was a pretty fun game. The foot combat wasn't super awesome but it did do a great job making you feel like bullets were rare treasures. The driving combat was the best part though. Blowing up other cars, harpooning the drivers out of them, using flamethrowers to set them on fire and generally being a speed demon was incredibly satisfying. On top of that the customization for your vehicle was awesome. I wish there were more body types but they did a really top notch job letting you play to your specific tastes. The story was meh and trying to clear everything in the open world was a chore, which dragged it down. Otherwise though I'd definitely say it's worth a pirate.

I remember seeing some old as shit E3 footage with sand physics and gameplay in this game. This sums up the whole info i had about this game before playing it.

I forgot how much fun my SO and I had playing these. Truly great from a gameplay and mechanics point of view, even if the stories were somewhat lacking. The characters really grow on you especially in the second one.

BioShock 2 was by far the best. The first game being good was completely on accident.

I didn't think it was going to be shit but it was way better than I expected. Probably one of the few good first person stealth games.