Gamers are Garbage. -Excalibur


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When you're trying to get a message out there, it's a great idea to literally call your audience garbage. I mean, think of the times that other media outlets have used this tactic, and how well it worked for them, right?

Fuck off goobergate and stop threatening this poor man's life

Go back to your containment board. Nazis and misogynists like you deserve to be ostracized.

I vaguely remember that, someone did a super lazy edit of a bomb vest on some guy and a retarded news site picked it up without doing any research at all and started saying he was a suspect for some recent terrorist action or something. If anything it was an example of how fucking stupid people in media are, not anything to do with gamers being big meanie weenies.


Did the GaymerGrapists' rape this poor man? Did he have a feminine dick?

I swear i know that name from somewhere. Wasn't that some lolcow on twitter back when Gamergate was still more about shitposting on twitter and less about muh PR?

I'm not too worried about all these misogyterrorists, the brave womyn at the U.N. will shut them down once control of the internet is handed over.

Nobody seems to know who he is, even google only knows him as a victim of the Internet terrorist group G*merg*te.

Depends who you think the audience really is. If it's self-deprecating, self-loathing faggots…

Apparently some canadian cuck who got trolled by the revolt fags on twitter.
Looks like they photoshopped a selfie of him and got him identified as a terrorist lmao.
The revolt guys where always good for shit like that.


Where do you get those mirror face plates for wall sockets? I've never found them anywhere in a hardware store.

Who the fuck would even fall for the shoop on the left?
Even if you ignore the quality, how the fuck would he be taking a selfie with a quran?

Tax money well spend on those anti-terrorism measures, bravo!


is that a dildo?


A magic shadowless dildo, yes

Looks like a muslim. A muslim talking about toxic communities kek.

It's a vampire dick

Most Muslims go for the quran with the built-in self destruct button and AK-47 dispenser. 0/10




the fuck? i read comics cause they were strange fantastic adventures. Not because i wanted dress like a weirdo in cape and spandex

I play games cause they take you to places and let you do things you normally can't, Not because i wanna be a big boobed sci-fi ninja chick or a commando white guy with a badly shaven beard.

The fuck is wrong with these people?

I thought that faggot blew himself up.

outdated garbage catering to SJWs still triggered by gamergate




Why the fuck do you love it if it's "toxic?" Get the fuck out if it's so bad.
They're still fucking in tears over this, Jesus fucking Christ.
Good fucking lord there's so much cringe in just the fucking image.

This is the mind of a pretentious film student.

Oh, ye of little faith.
Some actual newspapers even ran with it. I think one spanish and another one as well.

I just don't..

yeah so?
I'm also a terrorist
vidya akbar


holy shit this is fucking golden

Check out bed and bath stores too, I've seen them in both hardware stores and bed and bath type stores.

Well, gamers are garbage.

So wait, is it 'Gamers are dead' or 'Gamers are garbage'?

Gamers are dead, but they kept rebelling against those who said they were dead instead of accepting their demise so then the gamers had to be put into the garbage. I doubt that's going to make them give up either.



oops I hereby repent

Veerender "If it's white, shoot em on sight" Jubbal must be stopped.



Guys, I hate to remind you but you can't say "g*merg*te" on Holla Forums.



Really? Goobergabble


I remember him too. I think he's related to Phil Fish and that competition, what was it called…. Jubbal was a judge or something.

What are you talking about, of course you can say Gatorade on Holla Forums


If you do an image search for "gamer terrorist" this shows up a bunch of times on the first page, toppest of akbars, a shoop that took maybe half an hour from one of you spergs is the defining moment in this mans life, howdoesdatmakeUfeel.png.exe


I love this perspective

he should be holding a PS4

It's enough to just search for his name and there's nothing but pages upon pages of newsreports about this hoax.
Any achievement this faggot ever could have made is forever buried under that shit.


"For you it was the most important day of your life… but for me it was 1000 hours in MSpaint."

It's a work of art fam.

Umm, you can't post anime on Holla Forums.

You don't get to bring friends



You're wrong. I can say GaymerGate without any problem.



I just finished watching a few episodes of fate zero after a very long break and the first image I see is a related one. What the fuck?


Biggest case of butthurt I've ever seen

no matter what he does. He could turn his life around, study long, hard and rise up to become the figurehead of a respected scientific field..

he would still have to preface his talks with some version of

and in the meantime everyone is looking that shit up on their phone and reading a bunch of disinfo

this is the power of the jewgle, this is the power of the internet and the marauding bands of miscreants that roam the virtual wastes


Beautiful prose, beautiful dubs


I wonder if I would be higher on the progressive stack if I declared myself a transnigger.

God damn do I miss being ostracized, how do I fuel this fire!?

We have created a masterpiece.
We should be getting fucking grant money from the NEA for this.


This. I want this to happen. I want to go back to the good old days, when they kept screaming "Games are for children!" and avoiding us like lepers.

Be as edgy as possible while reminding everyone you play video games as a hobby.

You can't actually be a winner in that game. It's a bunch of self flagellators punishing themselves for perceived sins, the specific species of freak around them only serves as fuel. They'd use you as masturbation material essentially. The thing that makes them upset is when other people refuse to act this way. No success is ever actually a goal.

Muslims seem to be winning pretty nicely these days.

This only applies to whites that buy into the "individualism" bullshit. The rest is various ethnic groups trying to fool the white cucks into doing their bidding instead of listening to some other subhumans.

So, just like communism?

What does REvolt have to do with any of this?

in the recently leaked logs Brote got a hold of, this guy was constantly talking about killing white people

and then the stupid shitskin complains about being branded a terrorist

Your daily reminder that goymergoys worked to clear his shitty name from this and he didn't give a shit.

So, just like every other brown subhuman ever?

It's how they express their inferiority complex.

GGs slavish devotion to the leftist cause is something I have come to expect from them.

Comes with the fact they are reddit.

Wasn't that the guy we spammed with 9/11?

Now why does that name sound so familiar?

And here I thought I could not feel any more disgust toward Holla Forums.

I think he enjoyed the game and because the game has so many factions with diverse beliefs he's projecting onto it.

It's a board where people say that those that don't suck Marx's circumcised dick have a "warped sense of reality".

They are mentally ill.

Can we fax him some memes?
I'm bored

So why can't I say gamergate?

Oh you've done it now, prepare your anus

It's that which must not be named.



>implying i'm not a huge faggot, especially for you faggots



How would you say 8/pol/ is doing by the way?

The posts I linked to remind me that the site was more unified and in higher spirits than it is now. That's the feeling I get at least, what with the general shitposting and derails bitching about Holla Forums I see on here.

I can only imagine the effect Holla Forumsintl/freech have had on Gamergate, trying so desperately to shit it up and shut it down through various divide and conquer tactics. Their existence also fueling paranoia to the degree that it may play into that; anons accusing others of being them when disagreements arise, when character assassinations are attempted, when complaints raised about some other wedge issue (like Holla Forums and the use of anime images, which was covered in that /cow/ thread), etc.

What role do you think reddit & 4chan have in all this? Saw some complaints about the board being a supposed hugbox/co-opted by foreign elements such as therightstuff and the Iron March (not necessarily stormfront, which is often brought up by people ragging on Holla Forums), but also, 4/pol/ & reddit. The latter containing a Trump subreddit with more activity than any single board here, and the former said to have had more users flee here after Holla Forums harbor or whenever their mods decide to clamp down and censor sensitive information like the Cinton leaks.

Heard there were issues with Holla Forums's moderation staff, namely therealmoonman and imkampfy in regards to what constitutes as spam, what is allowed to be posted in general, the Rachposter and so on. Finally, do you think any of that is connected to the aforementioned subversion groups, as they've been shown to have really had it out for Hotwheels, the GGHQ board. and the rest of the site's staff as well?

The article blames a tweet from Blacktric, who as far as i know was with revolt,no?

Wrong crowd fam

I liked it better when they were barely in the top 15. Cancer grows slowly, I suppose.


Look at the goofygrabbler lmao


You can't bully me, im immune at this point





Are you legitimately autistic


Both of those sound fucking retarded. Please come up with better insults. You could just call them faggots.


Man, you guys never learn.

When did namecalling dismantle a leaderless group based around ideals? did we miss a memo?

explain to me how my anger is misplaced you fucking commie

Gee, you tell me.

If it's all just one big continuous shitposting joke, it's not funny.

Bet they LARP as Holla Forums with proxies, too.



So that's a yes then.


Are you mentally challenged?

Gee, you tell me.

All variations of gamergaters sound retarded, thats what makes it fun

no shit it does, this is where we post.


And that's not important?

Mocking a good cause doesn't make the cause dumb, it makes you look like an asshole.

Reminder that most of the leftists here are comprised mostly of redditors that came because of gamergate

PS Holla Forums your commie jew was ALWAYS going to stab you in the back, you had everything that happened coming to you

>>>Holla Forums

So? They're just faggots who are unable to argue correctly, it's easy as cake to deal with.

That's because all of them are leftists and liberals.

Being imbeciles comes naturally to them, as breathing really.


Yes actually, I'm fairly affable with almost anyone that's not a leftist on this board, its pretty much exclusively the lefties that start shit and derail threads with their "but OUR esoteric brand of communism has NEVER been tried before!"

It's just bait/shitposting. Unless, this very post is bait.

Look at this shit. Can anyone tell anymore:

Leftist memes are so fucking bad, it's like they are all "how do you do, fellow kids?"

Bernouts deserve to have 20 thousand dollars cheated out of them. Hope they all enjoyed buying him a new sportscar and summer home

Nowhere does that actually happen on Holla Forums. The videogames board. Fuck off with your political shitflinging back to your hugbox.

What do you expect from a bunch of idiots that still think communism is a good idea, after a consecutive century of fuckups and a death tool running in the hundreds of millions?

And they'll still vote for Hillary like good little cucks.

Holla Forums is done the hall

Do you know what I'm mocking, goobygrackle?

so is Holla Forums, you should go back there

They are really fucking cringeworthy man. Because leftist memes try not to offend anyone. Holla Forums claims they aren't SJWs but half the threads there are about debating Holla Forums about trivial shit that has jack shit to do with leftist politics. "Debating Race Realists" is a reoccurring thread there now, although its all made by the same guy, the especially cringeworthy thing is its full of blogposts he made himself. It has nothing to do with leftist politics, most Communist revolutionaries hated niggers. And holy shit, someone from there actually started a website dedicated to furries based on political ideologies

Name one video game that has been mentioned in this thread.

But why.


Its relevant to gaming as a whole, kinda. Its like gaming culture news.

When have leftists been right about anything?

Honest question leftists: how do you even lurk here or literally any other board than /lit/ and maybe Holla Forums and not get completely triggered by everyone calling out fellow leftists, cultural marxists, and in general your ilk?

Do you just justify it with "well its not MY brand of esoteric marxism" ?

I don't think even GG believes this anymore.

It's not relevant to anything except perpetuating the germygroaner circlejerk.

Every fucking day with you political faggots.

And if you read the source regarding the summer home, you'll see that they sold a house to pay for this new one, the old one was given to his wife by her parents. But I know that's an inconvenience for the circlejerk. As for the sportscar thing you just pulled that out of your ass.


I don't know what is worse, the fact Sanders donors will never see their money again. Or the fact that where the money actually went is debated between buying Sanders a bunch of expensive shit or directly to Shillaries campaign

No refunds commie

Didn't you state it? You think ethics in journalism isn't important, enough to mock it.

I think you're mocking something that you don't really understand. The media is most people's contact outside of their town, if you don't have ethics in that very important place, you can cut off communication and drive a narrative to manipulate people, in fact, hate groups like BLM was literally CAUSED by this.

You seriously need to re-evaluate your life, if you seriously believe the words that are coming out of your mouth, and if you're just trolling, you need to get a better hobby that's actually productive in some form, instead of wasting time on a message board.

Or, you know, go get a girlfriend. Failing that, go jack off.

The same could be asked of you natsoc faggots. You're too paranoid if you actually think there's an organized subversion effort on this tiny site.

ED used to be good.
used to be


Holla Forums once again proves to be useful idiots

Are you fuckan kidding me?

Go to They mention the chans and their efforts to shitpost on there.

So does Stormfront. What's the difference?

Let's say for the sake of argument it is somehow relevant. It still belongs in the GG thread per the rules.

Holla Forums and Holla Forums goons, please kill yourselves.

every time


You will never get your money back user, no amount of butthurt shitposting will change that

How can Holla Forums even live with themselves. Christ it must be unreal.

Oh boy, here we go yet again.


Thanks for correcting the record!

I see the light now, i just shouldn't vote at all!

They just can't leave it alone. lefties have to shitpost for some reason.

cool, perhaps normalfags leave us alone now


Well you could always vote third party and throw your vote away. First past the post is absolute cancer.

It's far worse than people expect, one of the only people arrested in that camp, Joshua Goldberg, is facing decades in a mental institution for providing bomb making material to an FBI agent posing as an ISIS convert trying to get him to attack a Jewish synagogue.

He's the kind of person that would send death threats posing as a member of GG, specifically against Caitlin Roper. These people are mentally ill to an extreme that is practically incomprehensible to normal people. Get a dozen of them working together and the narrative that GG harasses women in gaming is an easy sell. Whether it comes out later that these people are heavily medicated and locked up in insane asylums is irrelevant.

This tbqh


I have the proof


GG are truly filth.

Oh man, these are colored now?

Top kek

Isn't he that racist guy who pumps out tweets declaring how much he hates white people?


How does this prove anything?

More amazing than seeing Holla Forums, Gamergate, and Pepe in the news for over 2 years is quite something. Exciting but also depressing to know how much we've caught the ire of so many people trying to shut us down like they tried getting Holla Forums kicked off of virtually every payment site and when that didn't exactly work, post CP, shitpost and instigate from board to board; fucking with the staff.

What do you think of pic related?

Would you say they are responsible for bringing in the ones in this thread, as well?:

In addition to Hotwheels' statements about accepting reddit refugees, and of course the news media making everyone aware of our existence, it was an inevitability, GG or no.

Thanks, Doc.


It proves that GG is largely made up of goons, Holla Forums and reddit.

Keep trying.


It really doesn't. One post on one board is hardly a majority, and GG works on multiple fronts as a boogeyman cover, while people do actual work to pull advertisers from corrupt companies, etc.

GG is a literal boogeyman, and anyone can claim to be in it, which makes for great psy-ops because it prevents SJWs and the like from targeting any one person, and people who use GG as a boogeyman are seen as fools, because the subject is THAT divisive.

Do you seriously not know how it works?



Y'all fuckers make me laugh.

He doesn't want to know how it works, he only want to implant a meme and cause d&c.

Also he's going blind.

Funny or not, it's sure irking your ass enough to attempt a weak psy-op demoralization thing.

Seriously, name calling? Where's the challenge?


If I wanted to actual do psy-ops demoralization I'd send fake reports to my bosses and slack around all day while getting paid for doing nothing simply because KiA and its ilk are the only thing left in this whole shitshow.

I stopped giving a shit long ago, a few months or so after Jim pulled the plug, it's just that your retarded delusion is funny enough that it deserves a reaction image or two.

Oh wow, I remember him. If he's still asshurt after we cleared his name, then I don't feel bad for him anymore.



You are laughing at "GG acts as a boogeyman cover while people do actual work to pull advertisers from corrupt companies, etc" but that shit actually happened. All you are doing is making a fool of yourself

Have one as well

Nice reading comprehension nigga, check the post count and how I'm only replying to you also the nigger above you but just because he is more retarded than the average redditor

Also I need more reaction images, someone give me a dump

So what video games do "garbage gamers" like you enjoy? I hope it's not weebshit.

All of the weebshit.


u wot m8

Kill yourself skinwalker.

He was a third party troll from Ayyteam. The people who were responsible for spamming the /gg/ board.

Nigga you do realize Lightsource is a predominantly tumblr-using porn artist right?

why are you here?


thats just not true

Read the post again nigga

sure is pseudo-marxist goon act around here, can't believe this shit has been going for well over a decade now

well, at least they'll never breed

That's actually a good summary of GG currently.


God damn internet, I just cant turn it off you know! This is serious shit!


I'm glad I stopped following GG. It's essentially a shell of itself. Not dead, but a shell. Worshipping acidfag, going "MUH PR! MUH EMAILS!", etc.

How to tell someone is a huge piece of garbage.

Does that guy ever smile?


Keanu…Keanu had a hard life


I goes something like this.

Kill yourself.

A term that was invented by a film that was made by 2 trannies. (Yes, one of them was a tranny by the time the "redpill" maymay was made on Holla Forums a few years ago.)

Shhhh. Take it.

It didn't actually invent those terms. There was a comic and movie that used those terms beforehand. That movie just popularized that term.

Nea famalam. Maybe after the PR game tonight is done

>you're either with us or against us, a infograph brought to you by r/the_donald Holla Forums

I see this shit argument everytime, so fucking what? It still has the same meaning

It's called "irony". It's ironic that Holla Forums says it champions all this stuff, anti-trannyism (one thing which I actually agree on) with it, and yet, constantly uses a term popularized by one.

I love Holla Forums

okay shlomo

ew, a neutral!

I would fuck those degenerates.





As for the summer home, I'll give you that.

oh, you mad?

Get a life.

Just ignore the rest of his post so you can laugh, haha XD


The difference is one doesn't like free speech


If I ever saw someone wearing this IRL I would keep my butthole at least 50 feet away from them


Yes, kikes would love to shut this place down.

Groups want to shut Stormfront down. A good proportion of people just want them to fuck off considering the damage they've done to board cultures.

The "damage" done that you speak of is them speaking their opinions about a subject related to the thread. Opinions that you can't tolerate and must be silent.


Good thing they tolerate everyone else that isn't them then.

God bless revolt.

The people that actually cause damage are the very people complaining about opinions they can't tolerate. It's usually liberals, childish people that sperg out at the sight of different opinions.

And posts like these.

There's nothing wrong with posts explaining situations for a better understanding.

Sure thing, tovarisch

A good thing we don't constantly have to explain why murder is ethically unjust.




I like to think he's happy even though he probably isn't, I mean if he's happy then I can be, right?

Keep your board to yourself faggot.


You first, skinwalker.


You will never be original or clever user, no amount of trotting out the same old tired meme that was already stale before the primaries will change that.


Did that hit a little too close to home, for you?

so true

You don't have to be the character to enjoy teh game.

This fuckers are so ego driven they have to see themselves in the hero role or they get triggered

They use rhetoric to hide their agenda, which is asserting ideological control over the media.