Post yfw you aren't Randy Pitchford

Post yfw you aren't Randy Pitchford.

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Damn OP, I was having a good day.

Duke Nukem franchise

I honestly thought Randy was above this shit. That he only pretended to like SJWs because of money. I now know the sad truth. Fuck you Gearbox!





Who the fuck is this dude and why should I care about a shitty song?

all me




shit I wish I could make a webm of him crying like a retard next to the Battleborn playerbase date




This is why they'll lose every time. Sanitized, only punch up comedy is lifeless and does not resonate with the soul. These ideologues are too busy using comedy as a medium for their agenda to realize that the heart of comedy is the celebration of absurdity and human failure.
The people listen to what makes them laugh.


Don't worry user, their rerelease of Duke Nukem 3D will find new ways to sodomize the franchise.

And this is your daily reminder that Pitchford fucked over a crippled man with a hospitalized wife by denying him the money he was contractually owned, and then mocked him online and sent his followers after him.

I'm still of the belief that the re-release won't be true to the original game. Movement values, or damage values, or something will be off.

brothers in arms is cool franchise

Did you forget he wanted to make it into a meme game emulating Inglourious Basterds?


Yeah whatever happened to Furious Four ?
Did they gut it to make memelands ?

I'm not Pansy Bitchford, or Captain Cuck, but that's not enough to put a spring in my step or a smile on my face.

I suppose it's enough to keep my 1911 out of my mouth.

Dickford did say that he would like to move Duke into the modern era and make him more "mature" and acceptable.
Who knows. maybe the rerelease will have censored lines and covered up strippers.
I wouldn't be suprised in the least.



This fucking retard holy shit. If you want real science then don't follow stupid meme shit on twitter you hypocritical goddamned fucking idiot

He should cover them up in Burqas, make Duke brown and the pigs into white Americans.

It's 2016 after all.

This pic recent? Keanu is still looking pretty good

Why do stupid thin-skinned betas like Randy Pitchford continue to exist?

I'm thinking he's back.

More liek:

fucking hell

Is Gearbox really on its last leg?

Don't get my hopes up user.


Kek here, meme granted.

We know how hard it failled, so unless they have some investors without brain or another unkown source that can print them money, they SHOULD be in dire straits.

Where's the picture of Charlemagne?

Either way, they've taken a nasty hit, and that's a great start.

Stillborn was a huge flop that bombed hard and most certainly got the company in the red zone.
Prememequel was also a failure to a point where it killed the studio that made it.
It's over.

this one?
That's like 800ad isn't it?

We know how resilient these companies are. Just look how long it's taken BioWare to start getting into trouble.

They still have an ace to play, a new memelands game. Though, I have no idea how well it would do in terms of sales after all this time.

he's very clearly implied - at the beginning of the video - that he could handle these jokes by saying "I'm not above [these kind of jokes], I own Duke nukem franchise for fuck's sake", then suddenly he does a complete 180, pretends it wasn't acceptable because it's supposed to be about SERIOUS SCIENCE. That's some dishonest, retarded fucking shit

Probably? I mean really i'd say there might be an appliccable picture of Nebuchadnezzar (how coincidental…).

Nobody cares about Borderlands anymore.

I never cease to believe in the ability of the mouthbreathing normalfags to gobble shit up and ask for seconds.

I'm not actually caught up on that. What's happening with them?

did he fucked blue whale too?

Here, this is what I meant.

Well, I'm sure you're aware of the fact that DA2, ME3 and DA:I were all complete duds in terms of sales, and actually hurt BioWare's reputation among normalfags. That and their incessant pandering to tumblr only made shit worse.

On top of that pretty much everyone with a resume that could see them hired someplace else left the company, including Gayder. I don't think there is actually anyone with any sort of personal presence left in there.

Now, their flagship title, Mass Effect: Andromeda, is being made by tumblr writers, inters fresh out of university and the Curry Thunder.

I predict ME4 will be their last fuckup before EA decides to pull the plug and leave a skeleton crew to keep the Old Republic alive.

These must just be particularly strong and expressive genes, or something.


There are no facts of this. I like to believe no one actually wants cancer like this, and that "diversity" and origin exclusivity is actually tremendously hurting its profitability, but I have no facts to back that up, and neither do you. If you do, then post links. And not to breitbart or polygon or some irrelevant, unreliable blog. Just some reasonably neutral journalistic outlet

If Keanu Reeves showed up tomorrow and offered me a red pill or a blue pill, I'd take that red pill without hesitation. For me the man is a living legend, so it's fun to play around with the idea that he's immortal. I mean it can't be true, can it…? Can it?

We know DA2 was a major disappointment, ME3 pretty much killed the ME franchise and EA isn't releasing actual sale data, as opposed to shipped copies of DA:I, which really drives the point home that it didn't sell well enough that they'd use it to brag to investors about it.

Nu male cucks can prostate themselves in front of tumblr hambeasts and declare their devotion to the Cult of the Whale, but at the end of the day they'll still rather give money to DOAX than to Inquisition.

Just look at Marvel and DC comics. And yes, you can make an argument about nobody caring about the comics themselves, but it's telling that all the merchandise is based off legacy characters, not the diversity shit of the past decade.

I have no reliable data, but it's pretty obvious ME4 is being made on the cheap. There's next to no marketing for it, let alone any sort of hype among the usual suspects.

That guy's Twitter is all I needed to see. I have no complaints if BioWare dies now.

huh, hes got a point. iv heard sweet fuck all from the usual cunts that suck the corporate schlong

Let us remember that they saw fit to release this as promo material for the game.

I'm likely one of the few people actually hyped for it to come out. I can't fucking wait what sort of abomination they've created with this kind of raw "talent" and simultaneous pandering to tumblr, while being led by a racist poo-in-the-loo.


What if Keanu is an angel who just spends his free time doing whatever in our world, and this decade he decided being a movie star would be a decent idea?

I would play that

Remove burger

It's definitely one way to spend a century.

What if he's Adolf as well

Doubtful. He's never had a pedo haircut to my knowledge, and he doesn't do the one inch mustache.

Also, embed related is now working for Bioware, i know, right?


Why hasn't some Russian studio created an AAA destroy American pigdogs game? They ruined the world with their cancerous "culture".

That's impossible and you know it.

Posting in an epic bread!

This is what he meant.


Asari are well-known for being hot, fucking every other race and spending 100 years of their lives working as strippers. So what the fuck is with this goofy looking chick?

that was worse than Bordelands

Lore states that asari always look atractive (it's their evolutionary trait) to any member of alien race, to allow them to mate. Ugly asari are non existent. Also eyebrows. It was even explained that asari don't have any hair and what Liara had, were just skin marks (something like ginger freckles).

But after last Dragon Age, I already know it will be a disaster. They will probably not show the character creation statistics (for ME3 statistics shown that 75% players choose male) to reinforce their gender equality.

Asaris are now oppressed aliens who were made into sex slaves by krogans or whatever the fuck
I bet they'll do this. "Sexually liberated" Asaris.

not for long after all his failures lately

They don't have investors as far as I know, they're probably 2K bitch. Stillborn is published by 2K just like Memelands games.

Asari were triggering their tumblr audience by being too pretty. Why do you think every movie out of Hollywood these days features ugly cunts that, for (((some))) reason, keep getting called beautiful?

Women make up 70% of all purchases, despite making a fraction of the income that fuels such consumerism. The Jews have figured out how to market shit to them, and all they have to do is make the women in the advertisements and products as non-threatening to the Western female ego as it is possible.

Apparently he's going to sing, and I've not even reached that part yet. Well, at least he has the financial security and a huge fanbase from Battleborn behind him.

Hired as assistant writer or such, Bioware Edmonton iirc. My guess is she got hired by one of the other socjus cancer in bioware, Maggs writing a fluff piece shilling for ME or ME:Andromeda probably helped too.


Just thought about it more since this tab was still open. Imagine:
It would be terrifying if it wasn't so goddamn pathetic.

Even for nubioware, yeah nah.

my name is alex but i still don't know if i'm this alex

it's not really "western" ego, it's just that on the east they aren't completely insane. It's a woman's nature to despise competition and psychologically the image of another woman counts as competition

no idea. highway to hell was such a fucking dissapointment i just stopped caring after that. they fucking barely finished the single player..which was forgattable. but the multi was just a mess.