Gamecube Thread

The Gamecube turns 15 this November, so why don't we have a Gamecube thread in honor of it's upcoming anniversary?

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Bump. This chart needs updating

Could have waited until November for it to be proper "anniversary" thread. Just saying. Though I still remember how someone tried an SNES one for the JP 25th anniversary last November and the thread got shitposted to death because the OP was a fucking tripfag.

But what the hell, might as well get some more input on possible new additions for that image if the thread goes anywhere.

Possible Additions:

Also, if/when I figure out what all to do for JP only games (Probably going to have to make a separate section due to cover dimension differences):

The Wii ought to have more prevalence on that chart, it's dirt cheap and incredibly easy to load GC games on. You can create virtual memory cards as well with GCMM.

Using an actual GC is probably one of the most expensive ways to go about playing these games due to cost. And pirating games is also much more difficult on it.

I'd add Rebel Strike in the list.

I'm a fan of Starfox Adventures, not sure if it should be added. Game is far from perfect but still there's just something about it that pushes me into playing it again from time to time.

I've got a Wii one in the works as well, and the notes section will be mentioning both the backwards compatibility factor (at least for the earlier models) as well as the ability to play downloaded Gamecube games from a USB on a modded system.

But yeah, a lot of actual games on the Gamecube have suffered from some serious price gouging these days. And not just the ones from major Nintendo series either, but even some multiplat games can be twice as much as their PS2 or Xbox versions.

This guy nailed most of the other good ones, though a couple more:

Can I get some links?

Setting up Nintendont now.

For what, games? Emuparadise should have a lot of them, but if you're looking for a Mega full of them or something, you might try asking in the share thread.

Thank god emulation exists, as well as modding for consoles.

Super Monkey Ball and Wave Race: Blue Storm should be on the list. I fucking loved Wave Race.

Donkey Konga should be on there too. That was my favourite of the "music simulation" trend.

Best console that Nintendo ever made. Except MAYBE the NES.

If you disagree, fight me in real life.

>Alien Homonid

Let me just

You know that is a flash game, right? And you can play it on newgrounds for free?

Wait really?

Yeah. I like having actual copies of games I enjoy and have thankfully had some luck in finding cheap shit even when the games can average a lot more (FE: PoR for $10, Chibi-Robo for $9, Pikmin 2 for $2, etc), but it's been a very slow process since I generally don't buy the first copy of something I see (at least without knowing what it averages beforehand). Helps stretch my dollar though, and for what I can't find cheap on various systems, modding and emulation is certainly welcome.

I can also write off picking up copies of various multiplayer focused games, like Melee and Mario Kart Double Dash, since no one ever comes by the play them with.



Yes it started out as a flash game. I don't know if the creator packaged his game, or sold it to another company though. Still there is no reason to buy it

That was the JRPG spinoff, right? I don't see it brought up a whole lot. I'll put it on the list as a possibility.

I remember having fun with:

Virtua Quest
Evolution Worlds
Ed,Edd, n Eddy: The Mis-Edventures
Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance
PSO Episode 3
Freedom Fighter's

Although I'm pretty sure some of these were also on other consoles. I also have this old recommended list that's pretty good.

I don't care what goes in the guide as long as Kirby Air Ride gets the highest tier and shares that spot with no other game.
Kirby Air Ride is perfection and any other answer is heresy.

I support this. Damn good game, and the Gamecube version is the best version.

Part of why I do general recommendation images (and have started some general series ones as well) has been that with tier infographics/charts, it can be VERY hard to actually have one that most people can agree on, especially if there might be entries in various series that are prone to being very love-it-or-hate-it (looking at something like Tales, you'd probably see a particularly high about of debate over where something like Abyss would go, as half the fanbase would probably want it in good or great tier, while the other half would want it in a much lower area).

Yeah, but kirby air ride is the perfect gamecube game.
even the bad parts of kirby air ride are good, therefore it belongs in a tier all to itself.

To be fair, I've not played Air Ride yet (doesn't help when there's no one to really play it with, as I figure it's multiplayer focused), but from what I've heard in prior Kirby threads, it's mainly City Trial mode or whatever people seem to consider really good about it.

Seconding Kirby Air Ride's perfection, plus it gave us this little gem

I still think some drawfag needs to make an image of Kirby eating a shekel and turning into a giant walking nose with one of those skull caps or whatever they are on top, or something.

Kirby has top-tier music.

Not exclusive. IIRC it came out on the xbox first.

Oh and these too.

I've been emulating Metal Arms Glitch in the System and Timesplitters 2 using Dolphin recently.

What are some other good GC multiplats?

At the beginning of summer I got Star Fox Adventures, Mario Party 5 and Kirby Air Ride, all for 10 bucks. Obviously the guy didn't know their value.

Heard good things in the past about Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy. I suppose Prince of Persia: Sands of Time might count too, though I'm not entirely certain about how it compares to the PS2 and Xbox versions (it's probably better than the PS2 one, given how sixth gen multiplats tend to go, but I'm just hazarding a guess).


This one should be added just for Hydrothunder

The xbox versions of most games during that gen were superior thanks to the Nvidia chip.


Sadly few folks had an Xbox and it can't be emulated.

Add all the Gamecube ones (there's like four, right?), or just a few (and if so, which would be best)?

So would the Gamecube be the next best bet for stuff, barring a native PC release?

Definitely. The PS2 had great software but the hardware was inferior.

Oh god, I remember playing I Ninja on the PS2. It's on of the few games I have a love and hate relationship as a kid.

Also I suggest for people who play GC games on the PC that have the GBA link. DON'T, unless you like games that run at like 5 to 10 fps (though X Command Mission and SA games are fine).

are you fucking stupid?

so to recap

SSX3 (the best SSX game) was god-tier on GC. Only the XBox and GC versions support progressive scan so it's one of the best places to play it.
It was "open world" back when that meant "put interesting shit to grind on in between courses"

I wanna find that organ import game near the top, but I can't search them moonrunes…

Not sure what you mean by "Organ," but if it's the orange boxed multiplatform shooter, it's Radirgy. You can always try reverse searching a screenshot of the cover art.

I don't see why not, though I personally believe 5 to be the best. All of them are enjoyable though unlike the Wii iterations

This user knows his shit, SSX3 is a beast of a game, it takes almost half an hour to go from the the highest peak to the bottom. No load screens.

Gladius is great. GCN is the best version on an actual console (because load times are awful on PS2 and Xbox, might be better on Xbox if loading from hardrive via piracy)

I can't remember which, but there was an actually fun as fuck Cabelas hunting game for the cube.
It may have been Outdoor Adventures.

Wonder how many people on Holla Forums just overlooked the damn thing when it came out

Also, if you're going to get skies of arcadia, get it on dreamcast, the gamecube version is like, twice the price and has worse audio, sure it comes with the DLC, but with a little bit of effort you can get that on DC too.

Most people ony own one console in a gen.

Considering that most games OP posted aren't even console exclusive and that the PS2 had 2500 games out I don't think not buying a GameCube was a bad decision.

Most implies that MAJORITY of the games in the pic are not on the gamecube. Also implying they is not version differences.

I think the term you were looking for is "A small Handful".

The problem with that train of logic is PS2 ports of games were almost always inferior in some way or another to the other three platforms, and this was pretty apparent even back then.

As far as I've seen locally, both the Dreamcast and Gamecube version have shot up past $50-60 dollars now. Last time I saw a copy it was $75 and sold within a week or so. The Gamecube version also has the benefit of a somewhat lower encounter rate to my knowledge.

this reminds me of early 4chan where retards were already calling the SNES retro because it was 14-15 years old
at least shit got better in that regard

That's weird… Just a month ago the dreamcast version could be found regularly for 50 bucks cib. Guess (((collectors))) like nintendoage have been buying up all the copies, like i've heard happens.

Going to be a bit odd to see people start calling stuff like the DS "retro" eventually, given it's already over a decade old. Though given it's seventh gen (if early seventh gen), that probably won't be for a while yet.

I'm not sure. I will say that I tend to see the Gamecube port more often here, but both have been just as expensive. I might be wrong, but I don't think Sega bothered printing that many copies of either, and between the Gamecube not having all that many JRPGs (compared to the PS2, the JRPG king of sixth gen), cult classic status, and general Gamecube game pricing hikes, it wouldn't shock me if the Gamecube port still edges out over the Dreamcast one price-wise.

Speaking of prices, saw a copy of Baten Kaitos Origins at a store the other day. I rarely see it around (and thankfully I got a copy myself when it was cheaper), but they were wanting a whopping $100 for it. Saw it in there a few months past for $80.

Holy shit, that's TWICE the price i paid for it back in feburary, and even then i overpaid for it! Someone is definitely hyping the fuck out of these games, but i wonder if that bubble will ever really pop, i've been seeing kikes, especially retro gayme stores do this for over 16 years at this point.

The funny thing is, looking at what copies have sold for recently online, that store is still asking way more than average. I got my copy for $25 a few years back, but from what it looks like $50 is average now.

In the case of BKO, I'd say it's a mixture of A) Gamecube price hikes, B) being a worthy JRPG on a system without a huge amount of them, and C) selling poorly due to releasing so close to the Wii, and D) Monolith Soft getting more popular since Xenoblade for the Wii came to the US.

Honestly though, it likely depends on the store. There's one I know of that goes below average since they rightfully figure that a happy customer is a repeat customer, rather than full force scalping like other stores do. To use a few examples, they only ask $25 for stuff like Koudelka and Castlevania SotN while other stores here ask $45-50, and with otherwise all around expensive games (Earthbound, Suikoden II), they'll undercut by a good $20-30. Still pricy for both of them, but they cut customers some decent slack. I'm not sure how much they'd ask for BKO since I rarely ever see it general (the copy I bought was one they were selling there and I haven't seen one there since), but I'd wager it would probably be $35-40.

That's true. I had an xbox that gen and despite the relatively small library I had a lot of fun.

People need to mark these games as multiplayer or single player.

I need more good multiplayer games for Dolphin.

I had to get rid of the fucking multiplats, I'm not sorry.

Pretty sure some fans of Killer 7 and other stuff are liable to take issue with that. Hell, with cases like Tales of Symphonia, the west didn't even see the PS2 port when it was out, and I don't exactly consider HD rereleases on more recent systems "multiplat" (such as REmake seeing eventual Wii, PS3, PS4, 360, Xbone versions).

Seriously though, would you rather none of these images have a single multiplat on them at all, just because the games weren't exclusive/exclusive anymore? Do you think it would be better that people didn't know they existed on a given system, or would a multiplat specific image be more desirable or something (in which case, that could get really fucking big if left without generational constraints)?

Of what's on there, Custom Robo, F-Zero GX Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles, Gauntlet: Dark Legacy, Ikaruga, Kirby: Air Ride, The Legend of Zelda: FSA, Mario Kart: Double Dash, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, Phantasy Star Online, Pokemon Colosseum and Gale of Darkness, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Soul Calibur II, Tales of Symphonia, Timesplitters 2 and FP,and Wario Ware offer some amount of multiplayer functionality to my knowledge. It should be mentioned though that a number of them needed a Gamecube-to-GBA link cable to utilize (Four Swords Adventures and Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles being prime examples) and I'm not entirely sure if Dolphin has a way to fake that. Additionally, Metroid Prime 2's multiplayer is just an arena set up with two modes. Never gave it a go (in part since no one ever comes over to my place for vidya), but I hear it's subpar compared to the quality of the single player adventure around Aether. Maybe someone else can explain it better.

It does.

you are really stupid. The idea of any game chart isn't only exclusives or only the bestest games of all time ever compared to all games in history even ones released 15 years after the fact. The idea is you want games for the platform-the list has the games worth checking out. They may not be good, they may not be great, but they are worth checking out, the Xbox list has fucking NUDE@ on it, most people looking at the list can't even comprehend the game. Plenty of multiplats too. Often it's just nice to know the games are available, they may have something interesting worth checking out. Undoubtedly whoever is browsing the list will just google the game and see more information about its platform status, and consider from there if it's worth trying on that system. It can even come down to personal preference over the controller, people will want to know.


Might be wrong, but it looks like Noise's games since Go! Go! Cosmo Cops! have all been JP only as well, though I could be wrong (Gyrozetter seems to have an English enough name, but that's not the best indicator). Also can't get a clear reading on when their 3DS games releases, but it looks like they might have fallen into Mobile Game dev hell if Kenkenpa and Hoshi no Dragon Quest are their outright latest games.

monkey ball isn't multiplatform numnuts, it even says it on the box. Super Monkey Ball adventure was but that one was shitty.

also since this is gamecube what about wii games?



Some people seem to have it in their heads that these should only be the best of the best, or exclusive only. The way I've seen it has been merely to provide anons with ideas of valid stuff to look into, if not jumping in and playing, at least doing some research on to see if they like it. Perhaps I ought to put a disclaimer or something on them in the future as to what the purpose of them is meant as.

Even with that "take it with a grain of salt" comment, I'm really not sure how Other M made it up onto that second one in that post.