Goals of Marxism:

Goals of Marxism:

1. Destroy the family
2. Destroy private property
3. Destroy religion
4. Destroy the nation

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Goals of OP:

1. Regurgitate shit he saw in YouTube """"""""""documentaries"""""""""" with spooky music in the background as if he's learned something.

Mission accomplished.

Sounds great.

And replace them all by something better. Horrible, isn't it?

these all sound good to me

Not so sure about the family one

Well 1, 3, and 4 capitalism is doing for us.

what's the thing that's better than family?

Can confirm

thats cause youre spooked

You guys are so close to being based.

Have you not read Antonio Gramsci's prison notebooks?

We do not seek to destroy the so-called "traditional" family. We merely recognize that this institution is doomed to disappear, not because of some evil agency working against it but simply because the material conditions created by capitalism demand it. That being said, it is true that we feel no misplaced nostalgia about it and we will welcome any better model of social organization for the future household.

Well, yes, that is kinda what we do.

We do not seek to destroy religion directly by direct confrontation, though we of course unambiguously disapprove of religious influence in the public sphere. What we want to do is facilitate complete secularization, that is the gradual marginalization of religion as a reactionary social force. We don't hate religious people; we simply believe the material conditions that spawn the need for religion in the first place need to be changed.

Not sure what you mean by that exactly. If you meant dispelling nationalist mythology, combating arbitrary discrimination and denouncing class collaborationism for what it is, then — indeed.

5. destroy OP's boipucci

lol this makes no sense, in fact in capitalist system it's much better not to marry someone unless you're literally a gold digger who seeks to gain money that way

I'd rather spread my semen freely across the lands instead of being tied down by spooks.

Goals of Marxism:
1. Destroy capitalism
weird how family and the nation were never destroyed by the USSR

Specifically, we want to destroy the tendency to impose the nuclear family model on people. The traditional family is great when it works out, but it should be less of a problem when it doesn't.

Maybe thats why it failed

Destroy capitalism, then what? The level of automation at the moment is not sufficient enough to sustain society. How about instead of wanting to destroy capitalism, wait until destroying capitalism is beneficial.

Exactly why it failed. No international revolution.

Just 1-word summary : DESTROY.
Marxism is a death cult.

good post


1. Destroy the family
2. Destroy private property
3. Destroy religion
4. Destroy the nation

Those things will be destroyed regardless.

The choice between socialism and capitalism is that socialism will replace them with something better. Capitalism will replace them with nothing.

wow this really convinced me

families are a necessity. single mothers should be euthanised

That's the point he was trying to make: capitalism largely reduces the family to another economic relationship/unit. Just like almost all economic relationships under capitalism (especially ones that have people as their central fixture), they are discarded and replaced as soon as they are are no longer useful.

So all those divorces we're seeing are caused by Cultural Marxism, huh?


Communism is for the beta male that never got a girlfriend, never had any friends, and shunned for being socially inept.

And the nuclear family has ceased working as the economic arrangement it is supposed to work as under capitalism.

You'd think that social conservatives whining about the downfall of the family would blame the economic forces that creates the situation wherein men can't even manage to be breadwinners anymore and women can't afford to be housewives and actually have to join the workforce as well… but no — it's all because of welfare, the gay agenda and cultural Marxism.

then why is Holla Forums full of anti-communists

kek, got em

I have. Gramsci's concept of cultural hegemony is (I believe) an essential development in modern Marxist thought.

idk which political ideology to follow. i'm a virgin. don't have the social ability to partake in politics and i dislike Holla Forums and Holla Forums types for different reasons.

you can do that now under capitalism

really winning me over with that humanity and compassion.
I'm becoming less left wing by the day!

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I don't think you understood the point I was trying to make, I wanted to say that it makes more sense not to marry at all if you're a capitalist with lots of money since you risk losing it in a divorce. From that stand-point, marrige doesn't make sense unless you either a) don't care enough about losing money or sharing your wealth b) you're 100% certain there won't be divorce c) you're certain that this marrige has nothing to do with your income
it's divorces that fuck shit up for wealthy people, not marriges since they can often be strategic (like it used to be with lords and ladies getting marrige to bring two ruling houses together)
too bad lots of rich guys cheat or are cheated so there's an issue with that and that alone can be enough for a divorce to happen
I wasn't arguing this from a social conservative perspective, just simply from a capitalist profit-orianted one

oh shit crtl-v!

Doesn't this disprove the Holla Forums narrative of all races being merged by the Jew?

Imagine how fucking assmad you have to do to post this shit


you don't have to be right wing to hate single mothers and other wastes of space

You misspelled 'Ronnie Raygun' pretty badly, OP. Maybe you should check your spelling instead of sucking dicks all day?

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Thank you for all the (You)'s.

glad I could help


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Just to be tied down by other spooks like private property? No thanks, I'd rather take the complete menue. Besides, porkies would get mad if I'd fuck "their" wives.

Don't you get it? It's because of the Jew puttin' the White man down!

Let me guess, you were only pretending to be retarded?


You forgot one. The most important one.
5.Kill everybody which disagrees with us.


Looks like someones triggered, sorry for ruining your safe place.

you can even sense his anger lmao

are you going to sperg again and post some links?

sex will be eliminated under communism

"a bunch of studies I never read" the post



>Because sampling was population based, the sample likely produced clusters that were more distinct than would have been found in a sample with random worldwide representation.

you forgot about rape. i'll fuck my property whenever i want thank you

Your argument suffer from anti materialistic base and any regard to metrical conditions, it keeps hurting your argument it over and over and over.

How so?

How so?

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Me on a Tuesday

He thinks his autism means he's part of the glorious white race.


6. Confiscate whitey's toothbrush

sure is r/fullcommunism in here

Rape is a spook, it's just me enjoying what's mine.

1. Destroy the family


2. Destroy private property


3. Destroy religion


4. Destroy the nation


I can't wait to kill you

So lets get rid of "social constructs" but have no alternatives. That will work great.
By the way you guys can start any moment now just stop using money…

So an economic system makes people bad, those people wouldn't be bad otherwise. (sarcasm)
Just like holding a gun makes you into a serial killer.
Why can't you admit that people are the root of problems and not money.
Don't you leftist cucks believe in all that spiritual shit where you are enlightened and can't be tempted like the Buddha himself?

My post makes it pretty obvious what the alternatives might be. Also, I didn't even mention "social constructs".

You're missing the point. We're not interested in utopian projects, we want to change material conditions at large. It is useless to try and "act" anticapitalist within capitalism.

That's a crude over-simplification, but there is truth to it.

I just don't get that analogy.

… And what is YOUR evidence to back that grandiose claim?

Are you thinking of new-age liberals? Because we are not new-age liberals.

We want to praise satan too :::DDDDDD