I love hitting things with a big fist

I love hitting things with a big fist.

Is there a type of character ability you consider satisfying?

I do like well timed charge attacks like the Arc of Deliverance in Dragons Dogma. Killing Grigori while he was swooping down to me in one hit was just so damn satisfying

Going berserk with an greataxe or warhammer

Double jumping. Physically impossible, yet so nice to have. I enjoyed Nier having it for no good reason.

If I can launch things with oversized weapons, if they get split in two its fine too


Do you know what the bear represents?
Killing shit.
And the eagle?
Killing shit too.

Pre-Platinum MGR was my dream game, I honestly think it would have been one of my favorite game.

Abusing i-frames.

Throwing heavy weapons around



Archers and snipers that can kill a man from a mile away.


Parry or perfect blocking. It needs to be risky to perform and punishable if you fuck it up, but also has to give you some sweet ass advantge of some sort.

fuck off griffith

I like healing/buffing people , it fills the void of positive human interaction in my life

Everything up to Revelations was 9/10 it's okay.


No matter how shit the anime or manga is, trying to greentext either Guts or any MGS character in here would be like entering a lion cage dressed as a steak.

tl;dr you're fucking stupid lol

Being a pussy who avoids battle then?

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HUGE AoE spells. Preferably nukes.
But I also really like playing tanks so any AoE included in Paladin set is also nice.

Funny you mix interactions with buffing because one thing I learned from being support/healer is you cannot rely on other people.

Not this time

I would sell my soul to see Griffith's kingdom come to fruition.

hitting things with a giant hammer

You would be one of his many useful idiots if you could, right?
You would also do it for free.

I like weapons that allow you to pierce or charge through enemies. Assault Android Cactus's gigadrill comes to mind here.

Griffith did nothing wrong


I like bashing stuff with a heavy two-handed weapon, ideally a sword or a warhammer.

I also like firing shotguns at enemies from point blank and see them flying away as if punched by the fist of an invisible god although it's unrealistic and likely gives /k/ aneurysms every time they see it in vidya

I would rather prefer it if it gave the enemy a gaping hole.


How long until I get banned?

I love using attacks that both deal damage and put you right in the enemy's face at the same time.

I absolutely love charge mechanics.

PK Rockin' Ω & PK Starstorm Ω always feel good to use

yes starstorm does look like the star of david

oy vey

One of my favorites would be impaling/sticking fuckers to walls. Soul Reaver, Hl2 and Painkiller. Am I missing something?

Probably never, Mark is into that sick shit.

Is HE really into that?


I really need to replay that, recall that being a party in multiplayer.

FEAR also has fists.


engulfing enemies or anything in flames.

Burning something until it's nothing but bone and/or ash.

He gets off the boat though. Ain't no coming back from the trash.

Shotguns; the really powerful ones

I love the one in Doom II so much

The Super Shotgun was really fucking satisfying.

Ripping and tearing, with my BARE HANDS.

Fuck off, fuckboy!

I've got this absurd hard-on for options in shmups, and really want to see more games use them to greater effect. They don't even need to be shmups, let's see how we could incorporate floating bonus guns into other genres. Like Mega Man X-style action platformers, or RPGs.

I like to sharpen my hammers too!

Anyway, I find any game where I can play a Martial Artist to be satisfying, which is not at all unlike the OP, other than the fact I like kicks too.


Bruh, I know. That kick, the way it's so damn efficient, how it can oneshot pinkies up close, everything about that gun just feels great. It's one of the most reliable weapons I've ever seen in a game.

Strider in Marvel vs Capcom had a gimmick where he could summon one as a super move. Did you ever play that game with him?

I love stunlocks. If I can mercilessly wail on my opponent and they can't do jack shit about it, I'm satisfied.

Disarming enemies is the best feel

Fucking this, there was this one shotgun in the first Memelands that was mediocre but knocked enemies and comrades so far back when you shot them that you could break any part of the map and glitch into some really neat areas. The weapons were probably the only thing to save that game.
Fuck, we need more overpowered shotguns in gaming.

Also all of you are literally the biggest faggots who would be okay with your best friend cucking you and basically becoming God of Dragon's Dogma world for almost killing you and raping your girlfriend.
Sure, from Griffith's own perspective anything he did would be justified to improve his own conscious existence, but to anyone else he is a total Cunt betraying anyone he can in order to gain more for himself. A cool guy, but never someone you would want to be friends with
Maybe if you people strived to be more like Guts or Rickert than Griffith you'd actually be proud of yourselves instead of selfish jaded cunts with nothing to show-for.

Any game with wall jumping is ok in my book.

Lifting things up and throwing them.
Bonus points if you can throw enemies.

Looks like FEAR MP is dead now. Hardly a populated BRBRBRBR server even. Why do you do this? Just to hurt?

Games with combo systems that you could combine in several ways, or characters in fightan games that have something similar.
Sengoku 3 had a neat system that let you start and finish your combo in several ways, while juggling the enemies to have a higher score.
Big Bang Beat had a boxer character that could combine his punches and jabs to punch upwards, downwards and the middle. It's fun to keep the other person guessing.

absolutely perfecto

The ultra wizard of fairy island confirmed Griffith was bad. It's not just Guts.