Comfy Guy General

Comfy Guy General

What games have you been saving for the best part of the year?

I'm ready to replay S.T.A.L.K.E.R, FFV and Pokemon Black for its autumn season routes. Plus more monhun with Holla Forums of course.

Are you ready for the comfy times again?

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I dont know, what classifies as a comfy game?

I find multiplayer/coop games to be breddy kampfy

Piracy on the Vita just started.
Get a cheap vita and a 16GB or above memory card. Prepare for comfyness


I'm fine.

you need to learn what words mean before you use them.


Oh god yes

Right now I'm tempted to emulate Shenmue, I hear thats really comfy, but I barely used a Dreamcast emulator so I don't know if that would work well or if I'm better off eventually buying a DC and pirating a copy that way.

Besides that though, I'm tempted to replay Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles and replay a ton of games from my childhood, or games from 2003 and older like Pokemon Red or Dragon Warrior GBC.

I don't live in wherever the fuck you live, idiot.

All games are potentially comfy.

Games usually with some rural setting of some sort. Trees and falling leaves are a must. Or just any forest level.

-But because its nearing Halloween, Bonfire night in the coming months 'spooky levels' in games have their own kind of comfy.

When you think back in your heart to games that dont get your heart pounding but make you relax? thats comfy.

^This nigga.

What are some good comfy games for the Vita?

Didn't like the sequels but i could be down for raiding jills sandwich for orange juice and clotheslining zombies again.

dis gun b a guddun lad

get fit. solves all of that shit.

Is it time?

Its pissing rain out, and I have to choose between Skyward Sword, Dragon Quest 5, and Baldurs Gate II. Which is the comfiest?



Fuck, that "game" sucks so much dick.

Bump with comfy kitten
Also post comfy games

It has begun.


I still have to play that shit, it looks like a fucked up point and click Deadly Premonition.

Dragon Quest 5 I guess, SS would be comfier if its controls didn't feel so laggy compared to TP


Some are spooky some are cute but all have an odd sense of comfort to them that suits the season.

I've had two go it's for 10 years now: SotN and Morrowind. Especially Morrowind.

*go to's


Finally putting some time into 3 on my PSP.

das it mane.

I just want my autumn aesthetic. Also on that note I have next to nothing installed but Skyrim, Grim Dawn and Kotor. Can anyone suggest some cheap comfy games on PC for when I can find a decent enough connection or maybe some mods/play styles to make Skyrim more cozy?

Everything is already brown where I live. That said, kirby air ride is comfy. Don't really play it as much anymore as no one wants to play it.


Mount And Blade Warband is comfy, download a GoG version from the Share Thread and you are set

I welcome winter's cold embrace.

Think I'll restart Valkyria Chronicles once is cools down.

what about the people?

Summer is the only time I get less of that. Thank God my parents got the house before the prices got high. The area still has a decent amount, but not as bad as the area around my college.

As some regions become comfy others must suffer. It is the cycle and the way.

That meanie kept running away from me.

I can't wait until summer actually fucking ends.

God I am not looking forwards to november and february
It's freezing fucking cold

Good thing I have a gaming laptop and can just stay in bed and never move

At least I don't live in the south.

I'm glad things are finally starting to cool down.


My time shall come

Rain from Hermine is making things a chilly 73, but even more humidity, now at 86%

Out west is slightly better I guess, even though it's hotter it's incredibly dry.

Probably should have mentioned this before, but I'm in Alaska, so when it's 70 degrees and sunny you're getting cooked by vengeful forgotten sun gods all fucking day.
Global warming is real, and I fucking hate it.

Dry heat is not nearly as bad as humidity. Especially at 86% humidity. I drink this water for you, my hot ass friend

Is 70 degrees F really that hot to everyone else?

That's optimal outdoor temperature for me tbh.

24ºC with a nice cool breeze. It's usually dry during the day so the nights are just perfect.

I just want to explore and fight monsters, really. Help a nigga out.

Where's the most comfy place to play comfy games? What's the most comfy accessories to maximise comfiness?

I feel you, Terraria is probably the only game for me that has the combination of exploration and looting cool shit I've found so far. And there's building comfy as fuck cabins in the tundra.

Does anyone know of a game like Terraria in 3d maybe?

Am I the only one that starts sweating after just one match? I can't keep up with anyone if I just stay relaxed.

Pillows and blankets and a view of the outside if its raining.

Shadow of the Colossus

just single player. descending on a town as an undead horde, wiping out all life and covering the woods with blight after starting with one cultist is oddly satisfying.

Fuck Summer and fuck Spring.

Finding Teddy 2. It's indieshit but it's pretty comfy. You go around finding musical word pieces so you can communicate with NPCs. Sometimes if you pay attention and hear the background music and manage to imitate it's notes you can find some secrets.

Didn't know there was a sequel. The first one was pretty alright but I'll go check it out.

It's still too goddamn hot to get comfy. It feels the same outside as it did in mid-July, 33°C during the day. I am so fucking ready for 15°C high temps, though. I want to wrap up in a blanket with some awesome coffee and replay River City Ransom and Grandia.

I fugged upp :DDDDDD

It was almost impossible to find it, some kind user gave it to me on a share thread. I'll put it up on vola if you want.

Sure. Might as well give it a try

It's up. Have fun user, and remember to stay comfy.


Do you have the link?


the gr8 db8: is the silly village twin peaks rip off through a JP lens of deadly premonition comfy enough to outweigh the awful re4 if it was on steam greenlight 'hor-ror' section?

Sorry, thought you had it.

Had to run out and some errands. It is now pissing rain out again and I have the rest of the day to myself. Still haven't decide


All I know is that SS isn't comfy

that's the joke

At last all the fucking ticks, mosquitos, and wasps will die off. And the fucking humidity will finally go down. I'm so tired of coming home from work and having swamp ass.

Oh? I thought it would be with a controller and what not. I will play DQV

you forest faggots have it good.


Ahh yes fall, it's finally consistently 80-90 degrees out. It'll be getting a little nippy at 70 soon!

As for comfy games, today I ordered a ps3 and the metal gear legacy collection, never got a chance to play all of them completely for a variety of reasons, gonna get mighty comfy.

Comfy doesn't exist.

This place is nice of you are the outdoorsy type, but not that great for this hobby.

Sure is.
Not where I am, and last year some of them never fucking left.
Skies going brown because of dust storms.
Hot wind is going to stick around; today was 102 out and tomorrow's going to be hotter still.
Not until December.

Where I live it averages 110-115 in the summer, maybe 120+ on a really bad day.

On the other hand, it getting to about 60 or so in the winter feels fucking chilly.

At least the climate's pretty stable and we don't have to worry about natural disasters.


TFW tropical storm hopefully Hurricane soon
Maximum comfy


Spent most yesterday playing Tempest and woke up in port after falling asleep. It leans into some folklore and sea monsters which is sadly rare. Not the end all pirate game but I like most of what it does. Think I'm going to start on the M&M games this season. I miss the smell of apple trees in Autumn. I want to move back east so bad.

Just the other day I found a rhinoceros beetle. If I can find three more I can get some shit started.

Where I at the only change in leaf color is in the sourwoods.

You have my condolences. For multiple reasons.

Pictures like these makes me feel that there should be more autumn themed games.

24ºC is fucking hot. Even in summer 25ºC and above just boils me.

~20ºC for summer and

That image is more like Arizona in the summer. I mean, I'd wager that Florida gets hot too, but the humidity would probably be much more the issue.

Better put your vidya higher up on in something waterproof just in case.

You guys use centigrade? I figured y'all used °Ré or something.

fit and gay have become inseparable

Pretty damn comfy.

New Zealand's north and south islands are the same as the UK's north and south in that image.

But Harvester is comfy.

My fucking nigger, Kirby games are the epitome of comfy.


Summer is approaching in NZ, I fucking hate summer.

Good choice. DQV is good shit.

Brad pls go cry over your zunes with david if hes still around.

There are people right now that think being hot is acceptable as being comfy.
The only true way to be comfy is having a bedroom cold enough to freeze reptiles to death. Leave the bedroom alone just long enough to slide into a set of freezing cold sheets. Now enjoy as your body head warm up the sheets. Now grab a single really thick blanket that is long enough to cover your whole body and still act as a cape.
Blanket is not required. You may want to enjoy the shivers that come from a dropping body temperature.[spoiler]Its pretty nice.

I safe horror games for October. That should be fun.
Going to replay FEAR and Silent hill 2 and 3.

kill me m8

Slayer, comfy grind, minimal effort, nice rewards and Farming is also very comfy

David left years ago.

Now it's Nick, Brad, Nolan and a couple other fat unfunny fucks everyone hates. Brad is literally the only reason they have more than like 5 views.

Who lets these quads go unchecked?

I saved that image. Do you have any more?

that inoculated me from that shit.

It's kind of sad because they got big for a while, then they just fizzled out and are only getting 500-2k views on their videos. And Brad really liked Gone Home.

they always look so god on covers but javs are complete shit otherwise

Thats the power of photoshop.

I want to 100% legends of grindaea, mindless grind is my kind of comfy

Also, keep dem coming guys, I'll post some once im at home


Secrets of grindea actually

I have a weakness for koreans



go out


l l ame



Please save us fall/winter. Who else had 80F+ last December?



I can't play a game if I have no girlfriend, I can't enjoy it.

Fuck yes.

Good times ahead.

It's raining again

I'm comfy as fuck anons. I just started my vacation from work, I've got jack shit for plans and it's a nice 76F in my house. I'm gonna sit my happy ass right here, browse the internet and play some comfy games like Prison Architect. My job sucks but when I'm not there I'm happy as a god damned clam.

What games are you guys playing?

September only just started, it's still fucking 89 degrees. We won't get down to 70s/60s for highs until mid-October, kill me.

Dead Space, and I don't play that until Halloween night, and I'll pay it the next few nights after until I beat it. Any other games I just play whenever I feel like playing.

The new Shantae comes out sometime this autumn as well, so I'm looking forward to that too bad it won't come out in October, since it just got pushed back to November 1st

I don't know

Fuck off.

i'll show you the life of the mind.

go to /fit/ and read the sticky

Play it.

It's a literal hiking game in the forest where you walk around ruins and giant stone heads collecting herbs and chilling.

It's still chill even when there is the creature looking for you, just pick up fire and walk home.

I fucking emotional normalfags so much. Why can't I live in the mountains with satellite internet? At any rate I'm hoping to start over in Terarria or Stardew Valley once I have peace and quiet. Those types of games are the greatest for this time of year.

Sage for blogpost.

literally asking for it


Hot September?

Any mod that does this?

Kill yourself degenerate.

too obvious

Little girls are cute and should under no circumstance be sexualized.

You seem troubled user.

when they're just drawings, who cares?

What a world.

Thanks for ruining the thread.

Shut it down goys, the ride is fucking over.

I'm guessing you believe that videogames make people violent?

No I do not.
Do you seriously think THAT is the only possible objection you can have?

I was in agreement until
you are the big faggot



Remember to spoiler user.

Fuck off Liefeld

Go away.

The weather is so perfect now after this record breaking summer drought we had here a few months ago.

I'll follow suit like the other user and do a run of Fallout 1, this time with mods!

Maybe I'll even attempt to get Planescape working again.

Vampire Masquerades would also be good to get into for the coming spooky fall.

100$ to fuck her, not even the price of a good game with dlc

*few weeks

Can't really add anything to that.

What a fag.

Real men get thick girls because real men want strong legs with wide hips.

The best asses only come from being thicc.


What comfy games you guys playing currently?
For me, I've been playing some MonHun Generations, just grinding out parts for different weapon upgrades before I jump to HR7, also gonna make some Duramboros Blademaster armor I have work soon though, unfortunately

I don't understand, if weather is comfy, why not go outside? I


Eldritch. Trying to get the good ending.

My go-to comfy games are Rise of Nations, and Freelancer. Building a few cities and watching how they work close up, or just flying through a star system on cruise engine while atmospheric tracks play in the background just makes me feel good.


just wondering what's the point of mentioning weather

Not everyone has central air user. Some Anons during summer can't get comfy in their own houses, and might even have problems with their game shit overheating if they live in a shit-hot location.

I've had a yearning for the Zone all summer, so STALKER playthrough is on the horizon again.
Banished might be my ultimate comfy game. I'm pretty sure there's been at least one update to the Colonial Charter mod since I last played (it turns Banished from "okay but lacking in content" to pretty damn amazing).
And finally there's Dwarf Fortress, what else needs to be said?

Is that game actually good?
The artstyle and setting just scream "pretentious indie shit".

Your right user! I should have listened all along! Lets all start fucking fat women because they are real women!

Give it a run and you'll see, it's fun. There's no pretentious shit, there's lore but it's in scattered notebooks, read it only if you want. You can sneak or just go full speed. Resource management gets tricky at the start of each run.

you lose

what the flying fuck is this shit

Banished is awesome.

You must be autistic because you clearly have a hard time understanding nuance.


I might give it a whirl then.

Can EA devs be any more jewish?
Unbelievable and very shameless.

Some men fear the thick, they will learn one day.


I accidentally skipped the tutorial in Banished and still dug quickly into it without handholding and wiki dwelling. That speaks for the game design.

It's a separate game from LiF.

I might pirate if it actually is better than Banished. Banished ran out of content and depth really quickly, and while Colonial Charter helped a lot, it does a lot of things really awkwardly.

Kinda ridiculous that they're even ripping off the same icons, though. Looks like it's the same publisher as LiF, but a different developer.

I have gone outside.
Walked around my rural area and enjoyed the incredibly baby soft grass between my toes as I basked in the warm sun on a cool autumn noon.

It was invigorating, like being a youth again.

Eldritch is just 38 megs.

I don't understand. It's a ripoff from Banished, same menu, is it even legal?


I have no idea. Reviews say that it's Banished++, but buggy. The LiF devs are in slavland, so they might get away with it.

I really don't know how to feel about it, in the end.

You mean slav developers themselves say.

Yep, being comfy just isn't something that can happen in a Holla Forums thread.


Also true.

Like I said, I don't know what to think.

Irishman pls.

Here, have a magnet link for Forest Village. Uploader is trusted (dauphong, does lots of indieshit).


eghh.. fuck it, douchebag banished dev abandoned the game.

I was disappointed by Eldritch.
Actually purchased it.
I was hoping for something to match even a little in the ways of Spelunky or Isaac.

It just ran out of content before you knew it and it was incredibly easy to win with the revolver and block blasting bullets.
There wasn't any real variation between runs either. For magic spells you'd just use crap until you acquired said bullet buff and then blast yourself to the end chapter where you look for switches I believe. Blasting away the blocks where they could be hiding made things even easier.

Sneaking was intriguing, and one of the more tense elements, but weak once you figure out how abuse the a.i. with vertical distance.

Killing merchants and taking everything is no sweat.

There's a good ending? What do you have to do for that?
Maybe that's where I'm missing everything.

The trailer is awesome.

In all books during the second stage there will be a hidden room with a book, find it and get an item. You need 3 that will replace all of your upgrade gear (hence it getting a little harder, took me 6 tries). You need those items to conduct a ritual so that once you close the library and lock all the deities in it, you won't get trapped inside.
Once you have them and move on to the final area, you'll need to light a candle per stage to finish the ritual which are all hidden as well.
Jumping or block magic and a pickaxe (if you're lucky it survives until then, but you can just run Halloween again and get one) can save your life.

I finished the game with 1 health, 0 bullets, no artifacts and only a grapple hook. I was sweating like a motherfucker.

Also once you get block it's easier to trap a shop keep inside.

Download finished.

Main menu at least is different from Banished.
Graphics are solid.
Music is comfy as fuck.
Windowed mode can be resized on the fly.
Buildings feel overly large in comparison to everything else, but part of this may be that you start fairly zoomed in and there's a lot of detail.
Some minor engrish ("Small house: started the building construction")
In-game menu is a direct Banished ripoff.
Controls feel identical to Banished, as do mechanics a few minutes into the tutorial.
Seriously, this soundtrack is comfy.

what version is the game? the one from cs rin ru is 4160

Thanks, I always felt so dejected after beating the game and dying story wise, trapped in the books.

Now I can feel better about the game.
Sliding around in that game and the grapple hook were neat too.
Had some cool Dishonored exploration with some Bioshock 2 (line traps) gameplay.

Again, your autism is showing user.

does look chubby to you?

It is the older one. I was just lazy when I was looking for it, I'll snag the updated one later on.

Other thoughts:

Some moments were extremely tense like those fucking lizard statues lining up to the exit of the second book. Honestly I just mine the rooftop from the level above it.

This is not my pic but it's strangely similar to what happened.

There's no such thing as a $3,000 residential washer. Especially if you're dumping water into it, implying it's top-loading. She just wants free money when hers inevitably wears out.

>tfw my hometown went from being the hottest place in Canada to a nice, cool, cloudy clime the moment it became September

Going full intersection and interchange autism in Cities: Skylines. Slip lanes and flyovers for days.
Music mod with SimCity 4 OST makes shit extremely comfy.

so, is it any different from Banished?

That's also a thing that bothers me. It should use up ammo, otherwise it feels kinda broken.

start downloading now, the new version from the link takes forever to download


Better graphics, by far.
Apparently you can control villagers in first-person.
Music is better.

Can't speak to anything beyond that, I stopped to take a shower and now one of my friends is nagging me about playing something with him.

I love this time of year because its right around the time it gets really crisp and freezing in the mourning hours but still gets 80+ by the afternoon. It makes me feel nostalgic almost. I can't wait for daytime temps to start dropping too. My PC will also appreciate the lower temps

Ausfag here, enjoy your winter. I'm not looking forward to Summer, I measured the temperature in my house in January and it was over 50C

Never ever go to Darwin, it's 30C in winter.

Time to get comfy, although I'm sure it will change in a week.

The one on the far left, yes she does.

I have a semester of college classes ahead of me.
ask me again around Christmas


I have to agree with this guy. I like summer in a burst, i'd like to have like 2 weeks of pure summer twice a year for beach fun and that's fucking it. Because of this I'm planning to move to norway or alaska once I finish school and go on a summer holiday somewhere warm every year.

also, pic related is pretty comfy if you have someone to play with. You can make the backdrop a cottage or tavern which is comfy as all fuck even if you just use it to roll dice while playing rpgs, it feels really nice.

Thera for Medieval 2 is officially the comfiest mod.

I've been wanting to play D&D on tabletop for a while, but it seems rather difficult to make a character sheet and shit, and its hard to understand how it would work on Tabletop since its easier in person. I played D&D all the time with a Russian friend of mine. Man what i would give to live those days again.
All i use Tabletop for is MTG and Eldritch Horror.

its nowhere near winter god geese are retarded

The PC version may be always online rubber banding garbage but the console version is fantastic.


Do I need legal game for that mod?

Unfortunately despite it being September we've a mini-heatwave forecast for next week. So I have to endure one more week of pain.

has there ever been a comfy sci fi game? all the comfy games i can think of are fantasy themed.


MGS4 has some comfy moments.


I'm not sure, but I'd guess not. You just need to have the correct version of the game.

thats not very funny

Dont you have a screen?

I love spring


Graphics look nice, I'll give it a go.



We don't have those screen things in Bongland.

what's that

That seems retarded, why would you want bugs to just come into your house. Before i got a screen my entire ceiling was covered in insects. THank god i finally bought one

Irish fury confirmed.



What kind of nonsense is that? Why not?

wait then how does the air comes in.

I looked it up, but still have no idea what's it about.
It's an overhaul based on what exactly?


Probably because bugs aren't a constant problem here, so there isn't high demand for them. It's the same with aircon since the UK doesn't get hot that often.

There are still plenty of small holes for air to come in, they're just small enough that the bugs cant come in.

Huh you guys have them on panels?

You can't tell me you can't buy something like pic related in the UK.

You can. I just never see anyone with one.

I live on the fifth floor in a city, so I get barely any bugs even if I keep my window and balcony door open all day. I got like two bees and a few smaller flying insects the whole summer and never anything that creepeth.

Man, I always hated the cities. To much noise, to many minorities, and alot of hipster fags. The only redeeming quality of the city is the internet speed.

same here. I think it's more of a culture thing. I actually just close it and leave pic related on in the late nights.I found it cooler than just leaving the window open

I envy you

White noise well sleeping since I was a kid was a huge mistake. Now its always required.

Deux Ex Human Revolutions was comfy last autumn.

Aswell as Deadly Premonition. That's a comfy game you can just fuck around with.

Screw fall, I'm waiting for the dead of winter to replay Icewind Dale 1 and 2

It is maximum comfy, snow outside and in-game but I'm still warm and toasty

Lost Planet 1 is a great winter game, god that series had potential, the monhun lite sequel was fun but that should have gone sci fi survival not ded spess in lp3.

How are Icewind Dale 1 / 2?

I will tell you story of my lands

I check socks everyday

Basically a hack n slash version of the Baldur's Gate games, pretty light on the story. Almost all of your time is spent dungeon delving. 1 uses 2e AD&D rules, 2 uses 3e rules

I'd go as far as to recommend the EE version of Icewind Dale 1, because unlike the BGEE games, they haven't touched anything story-wise so its mainly quality-of-life features that were added

Yeah, I have done enough digging into the EE versions. Ill try Icewind 1 out sometime

I envy you
winters here changed from snow&cold to bit colder autumn without snow

Same here dude, it fucking sucks.

I love winter and the ultimate comfy nights it can bring, just wish it didn't come with icy roads seeing as I live in an area made of steep hills. Makes getting anywhere a total nightmare.

I would burn my socks, then burn the house, then burn the neighbourhood and then kill myself.

I am excited for winter but also concerned.


I want to build a kotatsu just like in my japanese animes.

Thanks to El Niño, winter this year and next should be colder than average. And thanks to the collapsing sunspot cycle, we might even be in for a new Maunder Minimum globally.

Freeze the kikes; ice age now.

Also, The Long Dark is pretty great at giving you the comfy winter aesthetic. Just pirate it.

Exactly. I leave my bedroom windows open in the winter. Who the fuck wants to sleep in a hot room? Cold room, warm bed. If you get snowed on, just wake up and brush it off.

The need is strong but i could never hide such a power level.

Settling deserts was a mistake.

if this happened while playing videogames, it could fit in the category of spider bro
But that wasn't a spider bro, he wasn't interested in my games at all. Jumping spiders, on the other hand, always checked me playing my ds.
These fuckers love handhelds for a reason

Started replaying Ape Escape, the nostalgia is pretty comfy.

But only weebs know a kotatsu is a nip thing, the average normalfag will just think it's a bit weird but awesome.

the best

I would be comfy if not for the fact I'm incredibly lonely. I regularly hug my blanket to pretend I have another person beside me.

b-but what if i ever bring a girl home and she knows just enough!

Buy a hug pillow, we wont judge you for trying to heal your sad heart.

Hang out with a friend or something, that can really help.

I've never felt as cold in my life. Other times it was more miserable with wet clothes and rain, but that time I felt cold to the bone. Your description of getting snowed on just triggered me.

You want to get fit, brah?
Do the 5x5 routine. Look it up.
Free weights only, no machines, no bullshit.

Sunggle up with a bunch of blankets and a body pillow.

I don't have any friends.

Get a load of this casual.

Yeah charsheets are shit in Tabletop sim. We use paper ones, scan them after sessions and send to the DM just so he's up to date. We literally use tabletop sim just for throwing dice and the backdrop, and sometimes for a simple world map or something but we don't really do tabletop combat cause it's slow and unwieldy.

I would love to be able to play some ruddy mysterious music and sound effects for my group as a DM tho, not sure if possible in tabletop sim i haven't figured it out.

you still trap the smelly air inside. you need a fresh air

the 1st one seems to have one hell of a massive dick ans balls …

Alaska is no sanctuary from the horrors of summer.
If you thought summers in the lower 48 were bad, try it with 24 hours of the sun beating down on you and bug swarms that can blot out said 24-hour sun.
That's just the north slope, it gets a bit better as you go south, until you hit the islands where it rains enough that the bugs don't get too out of control on half the island.

seriously how can are they able to survive. even with all the meds its not possible to live like that for long right?

I often go out and just walk around my area exploring. I've got plenty of hills, forests and fields all around. The world is beautiful and going out is great but makes you feel even more lonely.

I'm happy that winter is coming, but I hope it's going to be a good one this year. Where I live the winters are getting weaker every year and it sucks
all around it's pretty sad, but strangely pleasing in it's own depressing way

As for video games, my choices for autumn are Dwarf Fortress, gsg (EUIV and Victoria II), E.Y.E. and maybe Gothic

fuck. that sucks. i just read that there are long winters, jobs and very few gun laws(fucking hate it here in europe because of this) which got me pretty much sold. Norway got a close second place because of the gun stuff, and when you hear that in northern europe a woman gets fined for defending herself with a mace or how women are told to tell rapists stop instead of defending themselves and shit like that. I want to live in a place where if someone attacks someone, they forfeit their right to life and i have the means to defend myself.

I'll be your friend, user.


I've never had any friends and I don't know how to act socially. I have speech problems and I stutter and stumble a lot. I'd likely make you feel incredibly awkward

I probably don't even live in the same country as you, so why does that even matter?

Cmon man this really kills it for me. If you're going to rip off Banished then do it properly.

We could chat in game or on steam. There's something to gain while risking nothing.

so why should I take advice from you then?

William and Sly is pretty comfy if any of you are looking for a flash game.
You play as a fox and platform around a huge rainy forest as you collect fairies and mushrooms.
It's pretty relaxing.

user that link you provided gives a rar with password.

You wouldn't happen to have that and share it with the rest of us, right?

Why don't more people go full technowizard-futurism?
It's really cheap and easy to set up.
Price of cardboard - $420 ($400 for android phone)
Price of piboy - $~80-150 and your principles (SJWpi)
Anyways, I had a real kampf day today.
the media player software is called vr ar cmoar and it's only for android, there's also tons of shit if you gizoogle "cardboard" ar

Because niggers will try to rob you, no matter where you go, and putting them down like the animals they are causes more trouble than it's worth.

Oops, I forgot, the extra $400 for the cardboard is actually the price of the handgun you'll buy to conceal carry.


ive been sleeping with a fan on for 10 years, i can make do without the white noise but im uncomfortable without the airflow

Even a nigger might start to see a problem at that point. Plus you just stay in public.

Skyrim, with the right mods is one of the comfiest game. You can transform it in a hunting-survival game, with a good ENB and some realistic mods ( food, sex, sleep etc.), that's pretty comfy, with the snow, the warm fire, the occasional visit in town to rest in the Inn.

I prefer Oblivion for that. Cyrodils rolling hills feel more fun to hunt in than the yellow grass and jaggy rock croppings of skyrim.

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