Trainers, the upcoming version of Pokémon GO introduces a new Buddy Pokémon experience...


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kill yourself



Really, nigga?


They literally pulled this idea straight from reddit. I remember seeing a bunch of spergs demanding such a pointless feature around launch. Have they still not implemented trading or their shitty idea of PvP?


How is reddit so shitty when it comes to these ideas?



I should be upset, but now I'm just indifferent.

how about you pokemon go back to >>>/reddit/

Call me when it's identical to a mainline pokemon game, except for the physically walking around part. Then call me when I can play it on a handheld from my couch anyway.

No fam, you kys.



Its popularity brought in a lot of normals who don't care about gameplay or mechanics. Reddit still has some niche subreddits for people who do care. IE Silph Road is a theorycrafting subreddit for PM go.


You mean experiencing the normal dropoff of users all trending apps experience after their initial popularity?

Yes exactly that. Why would you play a game, a fucking phone app that's only popular as a fad that's already fading?

Nigga are you for real?

Your retard brain doesn't seem to understand. All popular apps experience a huge surge in popularity at first, and then lose a fraction of their users as the trend dies. The other users stay and keep playing.

user, you and everybody on this board is a normalfag. Quit trying to be a special snowflake.

>it's not a fad, there's still people playing see u retard?

There're so many decent games you could be spending your time on and you choose this. Well have fun doing nothing at all, I wont stop you

I forgot that shit was even still around, it died off faster than anything else I've seen.

I haven't seen anyone playing it for a couple of weeks now.


Wew lad who cares. Let me know when they actually add combat and PvP and maybe then I'll care.

If you go to plebbit to read about fucking Pokemon Go maybe you should just fuck off back there.

Kill yourself user, also gtfo

bait, but am i really eating it if i sage and the thread was shit to begin with?

you have to go back

I use bots to level up random accounts to level 20 and sell them. 10-20 bucks, once sold a dragonite for 50.

That's the point you other faggots don't get.

Pokemon Go is actually a fun managerial game, if you play it through 50 bots to make a buck. Looking at the character running around the streets is relaxing, and informative too what with the real locations and landmarks.

What's with you faggots and overwatch kikes loving the shit out of old meme games? I don't understand it.

Oh look, someone with some sense around here

It's not fun, it's ordinary. You're masking the fact that you've been hurt too many times to take risks, and are clinging to stable no-lose scenarios to hide your insecurities.
You think pokemon go is comfy, but you don't realize that it's slowly killing your appetite for life.

whats the bot called?

ucking love botting games, something about the automation gives me a special type of autistic delite

Take one of the latest. Unless you use VPN, limit yourself to 1 bot per IP and don't bot 24/7. Also don't get too crazy as there's throttle control for running speed, pokestops, catches per hour and travel distance.

Found the retard!

Shit forgot link (catchem is safest)

Damn mate I don't even own pokemon go and I can safely say you are talking way out of your ass.

Cheers, mate.
Thanks for the heads up too, bottled plenty of online games so i know not to go overboard.


haha epic dude!!!! you'll get so much reddit gold when you share a screencap of that on r/Holla Forums :)

Do you think you're still on 4chan?


What's the point?

I'm going to bully the shit out of you.

How the fuck is that a different experience?

I didn't know anons on Holla Forums played Pokemon go.

Albedo a shit

You're a hugh mungus guy

the whole cartoon is shit

Is that sexual harassment?
Mind your words, shitlord.

Muh genwun.

I guess that cartoon and you, your mother and your dog have something in common.

When it starts to get stale they'll do the next gen. They'll just redo what they did with the handheld games.

Don't talk shit about dogs, fatass.

You can't pick a Gastly for your starter pokemon anyway, so what the fuck do I care about my starter. Gengar or GTFO.