Overwatch: ur waifu a shit

making thread because the other guy just wants to start shit

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>two Overwatch threads

Not 2
Mark said make a new one

Where did the old one go?

Deleted because op was the guy that makes the thread just to shit it up making it impossible to talk about the game


Oy vey, G-d bless Mark for saving us from ourselves.


I thought the new season was supposed to start on the 6th

Nah you got it backwards dog, the people that can't stand someone else liking a game they hate is the real autism.

Thank G*d for the goody goy to save us all.

You forgot to link it in the previous thread.
You should also wait until it's at page 15.
But at least the OP isn't bitching and moaning this time…

I though the new season would start with Sombra, but apparently not.
This is gonna make a lot of people angry when she releases.

Since she'll be the first hero to introduce Stealth or Invisibility, that may end up changing the balance in the game severely and people will take time to adapt when the competitive season has already started.

Hilariously, you'll end up seeing more Hanzos since his Sonar Arrow will help against her.


but my waifu isn't from Overmeme

Weren't they like 300 before?

Yes goys! Time to start nu/v/!!!!

The old OP is probably on suicide watch right now. Kek. But to continue the discussion from the old thread:

Roadhogs hook is probably the only actual hitbox problem in the whole game. It´ just way to tall. But saying that all hitboxes are fucked up because one ability of one heroe from 22 heros behaves weird is completely retarded. But i guess someone will post these ebin training dummy vids to "prove" me wrong.

And the problem with Roadhog's hook is more of its range rather than its hitbox.

It was not perfectly valid at all. The general was still up in page 4 when he started that thread.
Don't you know that we can only have 1 thread at anytime about the game and only start a new one once the previous hits page 15?
Otherwise it would trigger everyone with a very strong opinion about a game they don't like or play and you gotta respect their feelings. Holla Forums is their safespace after all. :^)

You are free to post your "differing opinions" all you want so everyone can make fun of your outdated webms, made-up buzzwords and ignorant comparisons.
Or just plain old id-filtered once you start rambling on.

Id be ok with her being released but not use in ranked
Ranked seasoms are 3 months aint they? I have to assume she is out next month id day keep her out of ranked for the second month then let her in on the third
It gives people a month with her to learn while not shifting meta overnight at random

Also I hope she is waifuable
Ana is nice and its good to have a more ara ara character but nobody draws her older and thats a shame


I didn't get called out for anything. I'm not the GPU/CPU guy if that's what you're getting at


that's a strangely specific denial


I can't believe some people here fell for the Overmeme game. How embarrassing.

enjoy your bans, lmao

Can't wait till a6529d gets rightfully banned then starts starts crying about being oppressed.

What did he mean by this

i cant wait for a zarya counter

The counter to Zarya is to not shoot at her fucking shields every goddamn time. Seriously, i have to explain this to my team every single match.

This triggers the autism.

Her counter is gitting gud. Literally don't shoot at her barriers and she's terrible.

overwatch is not a good game :(

I wonder why people here like it so much.

checking dubs because the other guy just wants to start shit threads


Pathetic attempt.

sure let me just ignore the enemy for 2 seconds

Game is still shit, tho.

Very nice.

Well, you kinda have to for three reasons:

it is.

i know what shes about. its kind of ridiculous, its the ultimate cockblock if shes paying the least bit of attention to you or her team

Well considering her low damage, you actually can ignore her at will. Her barrier only lasts 2 seconds or so as well.

Her cannon deals 95 DPS, provided she can keep her aim on you at all times. Assuming only half the time it's gonna be on you and she has 2 seconds of "invulnerability", that means about 95 free damage on you.
But now keep in mind it only has a range of 16 meters (and her grenades only deal 45)

Keep your distance, avoid her when the barrier is up and you can murder her easily. She basically loses against all other tanks if they don't charge her.

A Zarya who's trying to attack you at 0 charge is a shitter. You're basically providing tips on how to overcome bad players.

comp points got flat multiplied by ten to allow them to give 3 points for ties.

How do I git gud with Pharah?

Don't linger in the air too long

i cant just ignore her because she has presence in fights shes barely involved in, my options are very limited with her around.
i dont really get why more people dont recommend her as an anti flanker because she generally makes life hell for anyone who relies on killing to survive

use your E for movement, especially in the air

Learn to lead your shots. She makes a pretty good attacker in a main push but she's also a great flanker due to her mobility. Find flight paths that get you behind the enemy and hit them from behind. If they start actually paying attention to you, use your superior mobility to get the fuck out and lose their attention. Also from the sky and while flanking enemies you can easily single out targets to kill. Shoot down high value targets like healers or anyone with hitscan weapons since they're the most likely to kill you.

You have feet. Use them.

Fly a lot
Use high ground and your space to your advantage
A lot of roofs you can float along basically keeping you in the air for a very long time
That said dont be in the open but always try be ontop

i know a guy who gets really matpatty when he sees ancient egyptian alien propaganda
what do i do with him?
how do i tell him he's annoying?

I never thought it would be possible to be a kike and a goy at the same time.

Now that ranked started again I guess I should find someone to play with. Kinda settled with playing tank characters. I simply love them (and the objective) too much. Though Pharah is nice too.

Try sucking his dick

Dubs confirm.


You really shouldn't try so hard to fit in, reddit.

tfw you make it to gold while your friends make it to plat

Supporting is suffering

i just had a widowmaker slingshot herself into the air and headshot me. then immediately disconnect.
did they have a grudge or was that some kind of cheat detection?

It's an achievement, maybe they just really wanted it before quitting.

Maybe you just were a shit support. :^)

The maps are fucking shit though, but that's primarily because of Payload.


not yet, but soon

people here like EYE and tumblrtale
though to be fair overshill is less shit than either of those

why is her torso so long

It's funny how none of those posts actually are represented by the comic. Enjoy your ban, btw.

Maybe the first one but the other three fit the comic fine.
Also those two other guys only got banned for continually shitting up the thread across multiple posts.

So what is you point, you don't like the game? Is that the essence of your sperg out?

No, none of them do.

Really, nigger?

For starters you're getting that entire panel wrong. The panel is saying that if the players stick around they'll patch it with the joke being it will never be patched. And guess what: most of the problems from launch for Overwatch have been patched. So how is that part correct?

That sounds incredibly pedantic, but okay.

It's not pedantic, it's the original meaning of that comic. The whole thing is about clinging onto a dead in the water game. Note how that guy keeps leaving out the actual last panel from the original because Overwatch is still very much active.

The entire point of that comic is mocking the retarded hopes of fans that their shitty game will be fixed in the future. That they only endure the problems now because they have faith it will all work out in the future.
When in reality, the company that made the game doesn't give a flying fuck about it anymore and it never gets fixed at all.

The irony here is that a lot of the problems pointed at Overwatch are actually patched. If anything, Blizzard support here has been stellar, directly communicating with the playerbase, explaining their reasoning and hotfixing a lot of problems as soon as they are found.

You know those videos of Reaper teleporting somewhere outside the geometry of the level? Usually discovered by some Korean?
I lost count at how many times the changelog mentions "Corrected the geometry of [LEVEL] that allowed Shadow Teleport to move there"
You remenber how Zenyatta was considered the worst support ever? And how it's now a very good character?
You remenber how everyone kept bitching about the Sudden Death mechanic? And now it's changed?

I dunno mate, maybe this is actually an entire different company. Maybe they learned their lesson. Maybe they just don't give a fuck about WoW anymore, or maybe they use WoW and Diablo3 as containment dev teams where they put all the weirdos that don't care about game design.
This feels more like a company that actually gives a damn, that likes and plays the game they are making.

Its time to let go, user.

oh look its this fag again

Well you do have a point: they care about the most profitable game they have and the users of the game, not their fans. Regardless, is still right, since Overwatch is their most profitable IP right now.


What about you let it go?
What about you stop playing a shitty MMO that doesn't even resemble Vannila at all (as if Vanilla was even good…)
What about you stop caring about gook clickers?
What about you let go of criticizing teams that worked in a game (Overwatch) for the faults that other teams that had nothing in common with them did in their own game (Diablo 3)

What about you let go of this "sins of the father" bullshit and actually judge a game by it's merit alone?


I post in them so they're automatically worth something

What happened in the old thread, and why was Mark going on a sperg fest?

Any thread starting with isn't a real overwatch thread

It wasn't Mark, there was no admin capcode.
Just an autist throwing a bitchfit.
Unless we aren't talking about the same thread.

Mark deleted the thread.

everytime I come to this place you're fucking shilling this dead game

it's already got it's audience…Blizzard Drones and retarded kids

it's not gonna get any bigger, so why just keep circle jerking this same shitty thread over and over and over again


+1 to image limit

cuckchan is that way

And when we get there, we start a new thread :D

We don't have an image limit, holy shit lol

Naw, pretty sure I'ma already in cuckchan

according to your friend here

you do, so which is it?

user, we don't have an image limit here. Leave.


it can be fun to look through the forums for things to laugh at though

Overwatch taught me how to protect my family

Stay strong bro


Grey Fox was on the mark when he said, hand to hand is the basis of all combat.
If you can't handle yourself in close combat you are fucked the second you are disarmed or just plain caught of guard.
There are multiple facets to battle, be good at all of them.

Just ribbing you, newfriend. Wanted to see you spam some more in the hopes you'd "reach the image limit".
Have fun.

I'm not even /k/ and I'm getting triggered already.
How can a solid object with gunpower on one end "jam"? Duds and misfires are one thing but ammo doesn't jam, your gun does.

And even when it jams, you can clear that shit and ready another round. There's even a video by that chink operator showing multiple ways to solve a jam, even using your mouth.

The first facet they teach you in any martial arts class is to avoid combat altogether, though.
And you know a good way to avoid combat? Shooting the enemy while he's still far from you.
If you're caught flat-footed, ninjitsu ain't gonna save you any more than a gun.

yeah and the most effective way to solve a jam is to carry more gun

Can't argue with that, partner.

Reminder that Zarya has the biggest dick.

I don't know which rank you're playing at, but it's not as black and white as "never shoot a zarya shield". If your team is actually at least a bit coordinated, (which happens automatically at 65+) you can burst important targets through shield. For example if you have a shielded enemy mercy trying to go for the mass revive, you just burst her and the shield. It's only 200+ hp after all, so it doesn't really protect against multiple people. This applies especially to Zarya shielding herself. If it's clear you'll get the Zarya kill, you should most of the time just disregard her shield and shoot her to shit. Her getting temporary 50+ is negligible since she dies right after.

They are worth a shit, okay.

So a game about waifufaggotry and nationalism, oy vei, those cunning blizzard.

If you keep what says in mind then you can pretty easily piece together that a friendly Pharah, Genji, Reaper and so on that's ulting is basically free 50 charge if you're playing Zarya.

"Wah they insulted our game"

quick, make a new safespace thread! We dont want overbabies to feel threatened!


Literally just a big dumb target with inconsistent damage, stop playing her in competitive. Best game so far was AGAINST a pharah/mercy combo, consistently melted their actually competent McCree because their supports were either busy babysitting pharah or "being ana ;)"

Maybe you should just report this thread too, redditor :^)

Mei destroys at Lijang tower now holy shit.

Mei was always great in koth games, the ult radius buff just put her over the edge.

Okay, post your:


i wish there were more art of d.va that wasn't her munching doritos

D.Va/Zarya/Junkrat depending on what we need
McRee, but I can't aim for shit


Here's some

Is there any good B.va art at all? It´s by far her best skin.

McCree, Dva, Zarya, Pharah
Reinhart first, Torb second

Carbon and Bunny are at least just as good. That fucking hair.

is it just me or is reinhardt useless?

All he does is make himself a target, and when you put up the shield, the enemy team focuses you down anyway and cracks your shield. His only mid range attack has a 6 second cooldown and doesn't do that much damage. You can only hit people when you get close but you attack super slow and it takes 3 hammer swings to kill anyone. People just dance around you and DPS you down.

That's literally the point of the hero.

Mains are stupid.
Hanzo or widowmaker, I guess.

JIBDF plz go.

how is everyone ranking at.
started at like 2566 already at 3k+ now
of course I was 71 sr last season so this is pretty easy as a support player so far

His performance is teammate reliant, you make yourself a big target and you use your shield to extend your survival and if your teammates are decent then they'll kill the other team while they're busy trying to kill you. That's basically the role of all the tanks, to take aggression in place of the people who can't survive it.

Real fucking heroes. It can be a pain playing healer, but sometimes you get teammates that care about keeping you alive.

why is half this thread a vitriolic defense of overwatch's existence on this board and the other half people just posting and not even replying to someone else

His hammer has more range than you think, try "dancing around and DPSing down" a Reinhardt next time you see one.

Some people find it fun to argue with shitposters, others completely ignore and filter them. What´s so hard to understand?

He's got tons of armor, can quickly toggle his shield on/off, his hammer has deceptively long reach and can fucking juggle you. He's far from useless.

Reinhardt is probably one of the most useful heroes in this game. Just by activating your shield and slowly advancing forward you´re already helping your team to push or defend a point immensely.

Maybe it is a shitty game an no one cares about it?

I don't get this game's logic. How have people become so unable to stand shit-talking at even the most basic level?

Lost 2 won 4 so far. Gotten golds and silver medals in every one of them. Just had an amazing game with a TALKING healer and a TALKING tank and landed some amazing game winning Graviton Surges.
I just hate that I keep forgetting to screenshot and the highlights can't be saved after you close the game down.

Not even deserving of a (you).

So they did go whtough with that filter?

Yep. Instead of GGEZ it filters to some sort of self-deriding thing mocking the poster's age or maturity.

Most of the replies are like "what a fantastic game!"





use shadowplay

I dont know what that is.

jewvidia app that comes with cards

I know that feel, my friend.

Sidenote: Finallöy got my first golden weapon since the season end cockblocked me 8 wins before I could get it.
I got Mercy's, of course

this is the 3rd time this has happened to me, why can't I just rank up to 25 so I don't have to play with these retards?

also I'm still having trouble with Rein

Maybe it's because I'm playing quickplay with mouthbreathers, but it seems like my team never does anything useful with my shield. most of the time as Rein I pop the shield when I see the enemy and I think "now what?" I have 3 options

What am I missing? I believe this character has to be good and i'm bad, but I guess I can't get into the right mentality to play him.

Stop caring and do the grind. Don't pick Zarya even though she's amazing and probably the best solo hero because she's mine.

It's the best feeling, isn't it?
Spending your whole match caring about your whole team, sacrificing yourself even. And when you think you aren't apreciated and nobody even cares, someone goes and does stuff like that.
The best feeling in the world is seeing people actually give a damn about something or someone.

Saved this webm from a few threads, everyone replied to him that they wanted to hug that Pharah.

FTFY, but if I got it wrong, you can point to examples of "toxic comments"
You can only dispense so much attention to listen bullshit from people that don't even play, like or care about the game…

You're worse than the original two Genji's.

I remember seeing a mercy fall down that pit in the middle of greece checkpoint. As I was still solely playing Zarya I was scared, but I ran as close to the edge as possible and she got up and thanked me. Was great.

Going "all X" is only fun when its Winston

its quickplay ya fucking tard

He's a teamplayer, you gotta have people using your shield for cover so they can punish people shooting at it.
If you don't have people around you, your best bet is using it to reach safe cover, go inside some building or similar stuff.

Keep in mind that his hammer juggles people around, which tends to fuck their aim and movement. Although you take 3 swings to kill most people, they often aren't able to do enough damage to kill you before those 3 swings hit. Except for Reaper, stay away from that guy.

Use Firestrike to break formations if you are with your team, snipe targets if you're alone. Preferably keep it for when they start running away, since they can't see it and it's easier to lead their movements when they just want to run.
Never ever charge into the midle of the oposing team unless you have yours behind you. It will get you killed.
But if you do have your team, charge and try to see if you can catch someone. After your charge, turn around. Are they shooting at you now? Put your shield up, let your team advance and shoot them in the back. Are they still shooting at your team? Hammer their faces in so they learn not to ignore you.

You either play him with your team or you gotta fight solo targets only.

When will overfaggots realize they aren't wanted here?

This too. I'm sure you don't get much chance to try Genji as everyone instalocks him all the time. Enjoy those matches to try your sweet naruto skillz and have some fun flipping out.
You're not gonna win but you get to play something difference.

If you have a hard time just playing the game and not caring about winning, pick Junkrat for a few matches. Odds are, you'll lose a lot especially if you can't play him.
But I garantee that at the end of every match, you'll be laughing your ass off at the shit you pulled with him.
Best character ever to learn how to just have fun.

I was thinking. Would it be cool if D.Va's E-button had an ability which lets her exit her mech without destroying it?

Left click lets her fire with her pistol. While right-click causes her mech to point its defense matrix in the direction she is pointing (controlling it remotely). While holding Shift causes her Mech to slowly move in the direction she is pointing.

Basically she gains the ability to shoot and block at the same time, at the cost of some flexibility and at the risk that she could get killed while out of her mech (upon which the mech destroys itself, but not causing the explosion it would cause when she ults).

Pressing E while out of her mech causes it to teleport to her area where she enters it (this prevents the possibility of her getting cut off from her mech) and if the mech is destroyed while she is out of it she will have to build up a charge for a new one like usual.

This of course also means she could ult remotely as well, though I'm not sure how useful that would be.

Does play of the game pick shit like that up? I always wondered what the hell "lifesaver" meant.

Probably not. Potg only picks up large amount of expierience points made in a very short time. And you don´t get any points for saving Mercy from falling down. but it would be cool if you actually did get points for stuff like this

I do hope Blizzard develops potgs. At the very least they should show the kills that Torb and Symmetra's buildings do.

Another thing that would be nice is potg duos. For instances where it's apparent that the potg was due to a team effort like Zarya's ult or Ana's nanoboost it should show both players in the opening screen.

"Lifesaver" is when you prevent someone's death at the hands of another champ.
Basically, the game predicts wether or not you'd die (you're in sight of a Widow and a single bodyshot does more damage than your remaining HP).
Then, if you intervent in a way that prevents that prediction, Zarya's barrier, Mercy healing, etc you get Lifesaver. Killing the offending hero helps too.

bumplock when?

So does anyone think any sort of large field 'onslaught' gameplay is possible? Or maybe lore-relevant assault style maps? I get a really strong UT '04 vibe from this game from the characters and maps, even though its heavily reliant on TF2 game modes.

Zenyatta no bully pls
I really want to start getting into proper Junkrat play, as well as find myself a good offense character to play as. I've got my heart set on Phara because of the Gundam outfit

She'd be another, weaker Junkrat basically.

Play of the game is like a braindead monkey watching the game. I got PotG as Zen from a grav surge for killing three half dead people and then a few people full health. Not really spectacular.

Then they'd have to work on developing different interactions. Then again the animations are pretty fukken good.


Also a question for future threads: Does Mark now always delete the shitposting thread, when i make a new one to actually discuss this game, or was this just a special occasion?

If you're just putting up a barrier and praying someone shoots you, you're a fucking retard and you should oven yourself. A good Zarya looks for moments when she can shield herself and jump between an enemy and an ally and face tank shots meant for her team mate.


Zarya has 200 shield for a reason. 50% of her HP is just there to throw away anytime you feel like it.

Every thread until it catches on (or I make a better one, but that would have less charm because this one was made in-game)

Is this the Millhouse from Overwatch?

something's fucky with this matchmaking

Maybe, I have to admit, I am getting bored.

It is, Blizzard is concerned about you winning too much and hurting everyone else's feelings.

Fuckers are so triggered that you made a bingo. What's ironic is that you think making a bingo sheet makes those criticisms invalid. SJW-tier shaking my fucking head fam. The most pathetic thread of the whole board.

Honestly its the first time I ever do anything with rating in a videogame so your post helps a ton with the nervousness I have been experiencing. Thank you for posting that so I know that it could be worse. Even though its probably not much comfort to you I can tell you that you have at least helped me feel better.

I kinda like your meme.


Did you expect anything else?

Yeah that's why I can't stand ranked. Full of shitters who talk big. I'll only play my ranking matches and get the reward at the end of the season.

e-sports cancer needs to die.

I was actually trying to add that picture to the Tracer longs for Widow's butt meme, not exactly make a new one.

Works like a charm every time

I mean left.

Tracer craving Widow´s butt is best overwatch meme anyway.

sorry, toon.

He deleted the other because the previous wasn't at page 15.
There's a bit of an unofficial rule regarding "generals" where they are fine as long as you keep them to a single one and you can only make a new thread once the previous hits the post limist and page 15.

It's not that he wanted to stopped shitpost, more of a coincidence with the shitposter blowing his load too soon.

Ah, you find them everywhere, even in Quick Play.
Just had a match with a Genji complaining about my Symetra for some reason, on Defense. Funny thing is, I got the Gold Medal in Eliminations.

It's not unofficial at all, it's rule #6

Page 13 or 700 posts

I still have no idea why you faggots are still playing this game.

Who do you think took more dick from the team? mom or daughter?

Good to know. I always thought the thread need to reach page 15 but it´s actually 13.

Anyone decent want to group up for comp? Need to do placements and I'll be fucked if I'm going to do those as a solo healer.

Main Mercy, play Zen/Lucio when needed. Rank 68 last season and very nearly made masters on PTR.

Keeping in mind that Ana is way older than Phara and still looks kinda good as a granny, she probably had more action than her daughter.

she also looked better in young than Phara


It is speculated that one of the OW team is Phara's father, but Ana seems to have flirty convos with every one of them which opens the possibility that Ana was at least with 4 guys.

user, if you wanted a (you) so bad you could've just asked. You don't need to be so tsundere about it.

I only ever saw about 3 or 4 threads reaching that much and they had to be fueled by a massive amount of autism to get close to that.
Sounds excessive when the bump limit is 300, but whatever.

I mean… Fap to whatever you want but damn, that's some bad taste.

Considering the daughter never made it into the team, obviously the mother.
Which raises the question… Are there any similarities between Jack Morrison and Pharah?

I can help you, already placed but need some wins.

Please, have some self respect user. Don't just go feeding attention to such low-tier bait.

Support = lust for cock

McCree, Morrison, Reyes, Reinhardt… I can't find the 5th.

It was bastion of course.

Threads are completely locked when they reach 751 posts, the 700 limit leaves enough room to redirect to the next thread assuming one will be locked before falling off the board.

Torbjorn, of course. He even made her gun. You think dwarves craft weapons for free? Especially when they are custom made for some fine wench?

Wait a sec are you in fucking silver? I think I'd prefer the solo queue

I completely forgot about him, yep, now there are 5.

As you wish.

I would've asked for one, since you fags are clearly stockpiling them with these battered wife-tier posts. It's pretty clear you know this game is shit but I'm willing to bet you won't give it up because it's so fucking easy to be good at.

Don't forget to tell us where you got placed in solo, or maybe you got some gold/platinum friends.




I will accept character or avatar. Toon just sounds retarded.

This is why her buff makes me mad, she's still ass, but people don't know how to fucking kill her on sight and let her roam, heal and rez as she pleases and it gives the illusion that she's a decent pick. I can only imagine the horse shit going down in quick play right now.
With DOUBLE fucking mercy and DOUBLE fucking D.va

Its called THICC bro, some folks like impossible girth.

You aren't Irish are you son?

you can't make this shit up folks

Go back to tumblr with your fat acceptance bullshit

That pic is curvy user, not this shit tier "THICC" meme

I really like Mercy, but sadly i have to agree with you. Faster healing is nice, but the problem with Mercy was never the healing output. It was her survivabilty compared to the other support heroes.

Don't be fooled by the corset.

She's the only healer who can really make someone live longer under substained fire, and now does that even better.

But yeah, people don't seem to realize they need to kill her even more than Lucio or Zen

Fucker every healing a tank as Lucio btw

Guess I'll have fun melting mercy's with zarya for the next few weeks then before everyone remembers how to get rid of her again.

Also I'm starting to see the appeal of bastion, been screwing around with him lately. You must become vietcong and ambush people at every opportunity and then move somewhere else. Very fun to use on the new map since you can get behind attackers very easily.

Genji's deflect is also massive and inconsistent.

It's on purpose. He can use that shit to defend teammates and if it was smaller, Pharah or Junkrat could aim at his feet and still damage him.
It's only 2 seconds where he can't do anything, not even interrupt it. Just don't shoot the faggot then.

I once had a Genji thinking he was hotshit trying to deflect me, as Bastion. When I didn't shoot, the idiot actually dashed at me and got killed in less than a second.

ass tier nigger what

mercy is now back in the game literally everywhere cept king of the hill which she was already weak as hell in that already

I haven't played the game in over a month until today. Why did people stop using Mercy and why is everyone using her again?

nerf to her ult making it take forever during middle of season 1

she just got increase healing per a second which makes that nerf gone again almost as well as a better healer.

but again her living long enough is still sort of the problem compared to zen and lucio but if you have two healers its easy as fuck to jump around and not get hit while shitting out so much focus healing that doesn't rely on hitting the ally like ana does

Because the only thing she had better than all other supporters was the ability to die incredibly faster.
This lead to a lot of people getting tired of constantly dieing and picking literally any other healer so they could at least defend themselves.
However the PTR changes have now come and her healing is unmatched by anyone else (save a Ana with very, very good aim) since it had a decent buff, as well as her Boost.

It still doesn't change much, just makes her an even bigger target than before. People will try her as she's "mandatory" now until they realize she does no healing when she's dead (and that's half the match for Mercy) so they'll revert to picking more reliable healers soon enough.

Really sucks, I wanted to main Mercy, but if they don't change something to increase her survivability, she's always gonna feel like you're gimping yourself for the benefit of your team.

People stopped using her because
People started playing her again because she just got buffed with

It is. You don't actually have MMR until you gain a skill rating. Until you get those ten games, it's pretty much entirely random.

I picked her up again after a long break and players have really picked up on how easily she dies and how important it is to kill her thanks to the buff.

my friend is responsible for these edits

I ended up on 2501 just barely putting me into platinum even though I've lost most of my games.

Not that it matters, the people at this skill level can't aim for shit and very few teams go for lucio/mercy wombo combo. Call me a shitter for playing Pharah but I've seen some ching chong dva players trying to snipe from behind cover on defense rather than flanking and protecting teammates with their shields. Also seen a platinum rank player pick a fucking Torb on Dorado attack even though we couldn't make it past the first fucking chokepoint.

If your rank is below 3000 abandon all hope. Wish support main user would tell what his fucking secret is.

Holy shit I think I know that Junkrat.

For anyone who's been playing since season 1 and has played enough games to get a skill rating, what was your high during season 1 and what do you have now?

60 then and 2501 now. Apparently it's a significant drop.

I'm getting shit on in placements actually, 2 and 5 so far. We'll just have to see what happens afterward.

I just checked on overbuff and it says I have 5 wins 8 losses but I've also had a draw in my second placement so not sure how it treats that.

64 in season 1, finished at 58. The drop was largely my fault, I saw too many mistakes in my teams play, and I realised that I was forcing people into roles they weren't good in (taking Lucio or Zen when they were maining them, so they'd take dps). I prefer playing solo to an extent, I find it easier to take advantage of uncoordinated teams as zarya and punishing bad positioning with soldier 76.

I'm gonna wait a week before placing in S2, my jaw is inflammed and it's affecting my play, and I can't speak without pain.

I fucking love McRee

Jesus, these threads are like 50 solid posts of shitposting before actual discussion can start.
You'd think AN ENTIRE BOARD would just not post in these fucking threads if they don't like the game.
It's almost like they've got nothing to play and just spend all their time here on Holla Forums.

Shut the fuck up and go back to your baby game faggot casual

Remember, if someone likes something you don't, they're a shill.

Jokes aside, how are supports finding the new fall back for healing emote? Has it helped team members stop over extending? I've noticed dps players actively come to me and recover, making them play safer. Hope it becomes more prominent and easier to target with, since not many qp supports seem to use it.

I've honestly forgotten they added that in, it's an odd change that's not bad, but I don't think many people are going to be using it. Nobody in QP knows/cares, while people in ranked are going to be using mics anyway.

I feel conflicted since I really fucking hate playing against her, do I really want to inflict that abuse on others?

If they are too stupid to figure out how to deal with you then they deserve to get hozed. She's also hilarious against Reinhardts who just sit in chokes with their shields up.

The point is the game is shit. I haven't heard a single good defense on why Overwatch is good.

She really only punishes people who don't know how to deal with her. The enemy team really has to take her bait. Teleporter wrecks teams if they don't find it on time.

I only wish they'd reduce the number of turrets she has to deploy, but keep damage similar. Wiping with her sets your team up 5v6 for a whole minute. It's never fun trying to frantically recover on first.

I'm no ass man but the butts are pretty good.
Game itself is pretty generic garbage though. Had the same appeal as Rising Thunder but for shooters rather than fight games.

It's pretty much useless because it's still using the old group up voice line so nobody reacts to it any differently. What's worse is it usually takes the place of "heal me" when I actually need healing as a support.

It's a populated team shooter without aids (aim down sights) bullshit, game ducking microtransactions or DLC. So in other words best in its genre.

How the hell do I use it? It's not in the comm wheel and none of the existing messages actually say to group up for healing. Does it not work in the practice range?

It's not labeled, but when you use the "need healing" callout as a healer it turns into a group up ping.

Aim at a player and press X (default "I need healing!" button) as a support. It works through walls but has limited range, and will default if they're too far away.

I find it useful as Ana at least, given how little people realise how she heals, or that leaving fights is okay. Everyone expects Lucio health regen but playing her well, she can keep people alive through an unholy amount of damage.


Okay, so it just doesn't work in the practice range then. I tried aiming on the training robots and Zenyatta would still be begging for heals.

Wonder if someone can redraw pic in webm with Reinhardt carrying a bastion with tracer, torbjorn and hanzo on the ground.

Shit is so fitting with Overwatch, I use it motivate randoms

It has an insane amount of polish put into it.

It has 23 viable heroes to play instead of just a small part of the cast being decent and everyone else pretty much a gimmick.

It rewards teamwork far more than many other games, especially since teamwork isn't just "let's shoot at the same guy at the same time".

The characters are fun, quirky and original. After a decade of brown&bloom realistic military shooters, having something looking like a Pixar movie is actually a positive aspect.

It has a very laid back attitude where you can just choose to play and be put into a game right away. Could use some improvements for picking only specific maps, but overall it does a nice job.

The Devs do a good job at communicating with the playerbase. Every decision they make shows up in the changelog with a description on their reasoning. They talk in the forums, pay attention to what people say and seem to have a commitment to make every hero playbable and decent.

Overall, it's a fun game. I turn it on, I hit quickplay and within minutes, I have a wide array of characters that all play differently for me to have fun with.
I'm sure there's still lots of room for improvement but what we have now is actually 100% fun with none of the bullshit you see in pretty much all other games.

Moba babies will lap up any shit

i dont really see bastions appeal in that regard. there are too many defensive abilities for him to ambush effectively.

i like that about him, but on a character that already has so much going for him its kind of ridiculous. soldier heal can be a godsend but he cant climb walls and double jump on top of that.

You missed a . at the end of your sentence.
Does that mean you are wrong?
McKean's Law, motherfucker :^)

Why? They're outlined in red and have 1 hp. If anything she needs to be able to deploy them faster because one winston basically removes any chance of her getting turrets set up again.

The typo was mine and quoting epic internet laws doesnt prove any point

Your lack of an argument proves the point that you're a cum slurping faggot who should go and play the video games that he likes for a change.

Most people don't understand how annoying he can be if played aggressively. If he drops from high ground behind an enemy team and deploys into turret mode mid fall and starts firing before even hitting the ground, there's not a lot they can do about it. The bastard melts through a charging Rein for fuck's sake.

He also has a decent hitscan weapon that, while not as good as most other heroes, can be quite decent when you take into account both his total health and that a good chunk is Armor.
Not enough people use his Assault mode as they should.

He deals from 48 to 160 DPS, depending on his distance (26 meters for best damage) and with 300 Health of which 100 are Armor, he can be a pain in the neck, especially since nobody expects you to just be walking around. Even better, you can self-heal after every fight (which even charges your Ulti) and keep flanking people like this.

theres plenty they can do about it and chances are they have such options in their team.
honestly though if bastion managed to sneak behind the enemy then he deserves to kill a few of them because what the hell are their flankers doing?

his recon gun kicks ass but his large hitbox and poor mobility means he will have trouble falling back to heal in most cases and doesnt have much option if he draws to much attention. he could ult, but thats his ult.

Wait so threads that trigger faggots is banned?

Nice hugboard.

Wait for the meta to shift away from Mcree.

Well yeah it's unlikely that he'll melt the whole team but their push is as good as over if they don't have a Dva that reacted to his fire fast enough along with the rest of the team focusing fire on him.

Sure a Genji will handle him pretty easily but when was the last time you saw a Genji on the payload?

if dva is deleting his bullets and one other teammate turns to kill bastion hes as good as fucked, it doesnt take that much to get through 300 hp

Sure sounds like video games.


who would have fucking thought?

That's all assuming your teammates understand how sound cues work in this game. My experience shows that very few do.

if youre playing against people like that, then all sorts of goofy shit can work.
id love to play laid back games where people just do gimmicky shit the whole match but matchmaking says no fun allowed.

poorly memed

Yes, that's why they are not arguments.

I was the user that took that screenshot!



Went 3 and 7, placed 2383, shouldnt take too long to get up to plat at least

I have to play Zen at this rank and not Mercy though. Not because they can't protect Mercy (the enemy can't kill me as her anyway), but because my team desperately needs damage that can hit something so Zen plays double duty.

After 3 consecutive wins, now platinum 2514

3/5 right now
2 games with leavers 2 games with people refusing to switch off useless heroes like bastion an torb and a really close game I am happy to say I lost

Ive beein basically instant locking rein at this point because for some reason if you do that people follow you if you tell them to
most the time anyway
fucking retards all scattering on capture maps, stay as a group you useless fucks

Too true about Rein, at least my main role is tank no matter what.

That's kind of my point. If you could reduce the number of turrets, but increase the damage of each to compensate, it'd make recovery much easier. The fragility of the turrets isn't a huge issue, but just how harshly Lucio and Winston punishes Symm for playing correctly is awful given that destroying even half of her turrets sets her back half a minute, if she can even place new ones in good spots.

Half a minute is just a huge amount of time to handicap your team for, and I think reducing the workload required would help her position as a support dramatically.

I was playing Mercy most of that. Honestly I didn't have too much trouble with people being complete idiots. Team comps were a bit off (frequently wound up with some combination of junkrat, hanzo, and mei in place of what should have been attack heroes), but generally speaking the games went decently though not exceptionally.

No leavers, with the exception of first 30 second cancels.

I can play every tank well and good Zenyatta and mercy and a breddy good Pharah and reaper
I just dont trust anyone enough to play mercy most games unless the team looks solid, I have no plans to play attack unless its needed either because I feel more useful as a tank or healer

Do I want to know what's going on in that panel. Every manga artist I care about has turned obsessed with cucking

What does that say about you?

ontan is pure

also to be fair
if you read punpun there was a hole chapter about how punpun fucked his uncles gf

You guys should read this manga called "Boys on the run"

Not a fan of cucking like you

I have
I prefer I am a hero

did you read Ressentiment

I'm getting into the habit of insta picking Mercy, so far with great success. Kinda wish people would protect me from Tracers a little better but that's just comes with the territory.

Does anyone have the webm of that Mei griefing the Roadhog player? I think it was Korean.

5th consecutive win since placements. If this keeps up I'll be diamond before the end of the night.

Of course I'm going to lose now.


You're new to image boards, I take it?

why do i have gold healing as tracer

Tracer's recall heals.

i mean, we had a mercy. she said she had 1000 more healing than i did but i had gold in healing

Well, I don't play the game myself, so I can't fathom how the scoring system even works, but I assume it might be because it's a larger amount of healing over a shorter period of time.
I dunno, I'm just spitballing.

Medals literally just represent who is doing the most on your team. Gold healing means that over the course of the match so far you have done more healing than anybody else on your team (silver is second, bronze is third). There are medals for Healing, Damage, Eliminations (kills+assists), objective kills (actually elims but only counts near the point) and objective time.

This is what the game has in place of a scoreboard, one of the shittier features really.

it means everyone is either dying before mercy can heal them or that mercy a shit. probably both

a lying shit at that

You guys are probably right.

Why are people so fucking bad yet all act like they are God's gift? I'm fucking shit at shooters yet I constantly get placed with people somehow worse. Constantly splitting up to get eaten alive by flankers, don't protect the only healer because no one wanted to pick a 2nd one, constantly shit talking while they aren't even pulling there own weight and no one swapping heroes to counter or letting flankers run wild. And the endless fucking Hanzos on everything, Hanzo's on attack doing nothing, Hanzo's on defence doing nothing. Fucking kill me.

so after the placement matches it turns back in to quick match?

It was pretty much quickplay during as well at least for me, apart from the few teams that actually worked together which were enjoyable matches.

I didn't know I wanted this.

The real reason why any of this was even necessary was because we had a Reaper on our team and when we asked him to switch to a second tank, he swapped to Hanzo who recklessly ran into the enemy team. I hate to think that thanks to our victory he might rank up from gold to platinum.

I've heard horror stories about players like that.

dont pretend it hasnt crossed your mind

Funnily enough, he said he had gold damage and I think elims as well but I've never seen him finish off a kill. Actually I can't really remember healing/damage boosting him much either since he just fucked off somewhere, chipped away at the enemy's health and it counted as an elimination for him when the others finished them off.

asking me to play differently? criticism? how fucking dare you i will throw the match


Gee whiz! That was fun. Good playing!

How does someone get ass damaged by basic-level shit talking like what has gone on in game since forever?

It would at least make sense if they did it to a range of insults but in my time playing before this dumb filter became a thing I haven't seen ANYONE say gg ez once but have seen plenty of 2ez.

How could the fuck this up this much?

Better feeling than saving a Mercy from pitfall death.

ive seen someone get off a gg ez. when asked if it was an alt numpad trick he said it was a russian keyboard

Hanzo mains are a cancer on the Overwatch community. I'd say they're even worse than Genji try hards since Genjis sometimes pull off pretty good damage.

Makes since. Back when I was in the Skinner's Box known as Warframe one of our clan mates called everyone that bought founders stuff niggers pretty regularly. Apparently he was serbian or something.

Truth. At least genji can sneak around and capture things from the rear or deal with a bastion sometimes. Hanzos will 100% of the time fire arrows until their ult is up, then wait until they might get PotG with it. They don't even use their locator arrows usually.

So they're basically like a Charger with Killer Wail in Splatoon.

Yeah sort of. Granted I stopped playing for no particular reason right after the first splatfest but that sounds right.

I think some of the devs saw people whining about stuff like that in the forum and did this as a joke. The whole thing from only applying to "gg ez" to the phrases it's replaced with sounds like it was done mostly as a joke rather than an actual serious attempt to curb shit talking.

I guess, it's not like anyone actually unknowingly wrote gg ez and had it replaced with some silly message making him look silly, since everyone and their dog knew about the filter ever since it hit PTR.

Chargers became a symbol of the try-hard. They invariably came in two types: Asshats who sit in one spot and snipe anything in their line of sight and wonder why they got sub-1000 on a loss, and dumbasses who try to use charged shots within subweapon range.

Alright first time, last 3 games were total shit, clocked in as shit. Why do I play at this time of the day.

Ah. Alright I sort of figured it was something like that after mentally unswitching chargers and rollers in my head.

I hate players with 0 situational awareness. You get icons hovering the heads of all your teammates, you can look around and notice you are all alone.
If you do this shit once and it fails, it's okay. But if you keep doing it and never question "why isn't this working?", you're a bad player.

he even has a point sensor. hanzo is a fucking squid

The polish, teamwork, number of viable heroes, ease of finding a match and communication between the devs and the fans are objective, though.

Polish is the thing even people that disliked the game admit that it has, since that's the one thing Blizzard always does right.

The game also gives you many different mechanics to use for teamwork that are more than just "shoot at the same target together", from Mei's IceWall, Reinharts Shield, Zarya's Barrier, Lucio's Speed Boost, Torb's Armor, Hanzo Sonic Arrows, etc…

Pretty much all characters are viable to be used as well, if you can play them.

I never had to wait more than 4-5 minutes to be put into a match and 80%+ of the time, I have people on both teams with a similar skill level to my own.

You can also read the changelog and forum posts by the Devs if you don't believe the last part.

The impression I personnaly get from this is indeed subjective (and a good impression) but none of those points are buzzwords or subjective.

Not just a squid, but a dumbass squid.

That's not so bad man, everyone I normally group up with is currently in platinum and you're 3-4 consecutive wins away from it. You could be stuck in silver like another user ITT.

And then I get a game where team does great at first point then runs in 1 by 1 and dies

And on defense our mercy switches to soldier 76 in the middle of the game so we lose both points in 20 seconds.

or my favorite so far

I swear EU is the fucking worst player wise.
On the subject of zero situational awareness, un-dealt with flankers are my bane on support.

i wish people would rely on me as dva a little bit more. that bozo soldier might have been able to flush them off the point if he would have waited 2 seconds for me to catch up him and put the defense matrix on his head, but instead he died instantly.

Well I'd really wish I had someone to play with. Although as you can see I main the tank role.

Please don't get upset. Blizzard, out of the goodness of their heart, has provided us this game to have fun. Just relax and have a good time. Encourage novice players so they can learn what they're doing wrong!

Hey now charging my face into a Bastion having his dick sucked by Mercy and Reinhardt is a valid tactic and I do it all the time!
As D.Va, with my booster and DM on, I die for it, but it usually breaks up that cancershit. If it doesn't I just try to get my ult, then it works 100%

how does it work with the reinhardt around?

Get the robot behind them.

Assuming it's a very good Reinhardt, he will probably charge you away from Bastion the moment you stop.
Assuming it's your avarage idiot who only went Rein because the Bastion player was bitching about needing one in the lobby meaning most cases he's try to kill you with his hammer wich doesn't exactly work that quick.

In either case you now have the attention of Reinhardt and his shield is down, Bastion is most likely trying to shoot you and Mercy is irrelevant in this situation.
Assuming your team isn't entirely braindead and just continues going through whatever chokepoint Bastion was guarding, they will now see a distracted Bastion without protection is everyone who sees that kills it, luckily.

Or, like I said, if all else fails wait for your ult, fly in, ult upon destruction and that breaks it up for sure.

Tell me more about Dva ults I feel mine have been getting worse for some reason.


D.Va ults rarely kill, I mean that shit's telegraphed on so many levels.
What it does perfectly well is clear an area because everyone WILL run off or die.
There are some bases where you can ult an area without cover or a team that's in a bad spot, but usually you get a single kill from someone who ignored all 4 diffrent warnings.
That being said, you either try to clear a point or payload (doesn't matter if attacking or defending), conter other ults (76 and McCree both ulted? Make them take cover and waste it.) or herd players in an ever worse spot (imagine the temple in Nepal with your Reaper and Hog in the backroom and you ult the point).

You may also ult if your meka is destroyed wich often ctaches enemies unprepared, make for fun suizide dives and you get a free new meka without haveing to charge it.

When you do ult outside the amove emntioned case, boost your mech, preferable upwards. Hell, be sneaky about it and go to a sniper spot, boost to the cieling and then drop the meka down on the team, it'll confuse the heck out of them.

Also, if you have a Zarya with her ult up… it's neat, let me say that.

Keyword being entirely. If they ran into his fire before and just continue to do so, exept now he's occupied by your presence, it's already enough.
I have yet to meet a player that doesn't kill a Bastion if they can.

blocked by reinhardt shield every time, im never getting that damn achievement.
speaking of the dykeball can defense matrix delete that? what about meis ult? ive used it to kill a few tracer ults on accident, and ive seen videos of genji deflecting the zarya ult then chopping everyone in half.

Sure, as with all projectiles

Yes, you can also Matrix Hanzo's ult if you get right in his face when he shoots it, since it shoots an arrow for around 5 meters before the dragons come out, and deleting the arrow stops the rest of the ult.

Just kill me tbh, I can't handle it anymore, should i just wait a few days for all the hanzo mains to filter down to silver and bronze?

Well then I'm not going to worry since that's how I already was using it. I was just getting a lot fewer kills.

but user i get 0wn3d by hanzo constantly and i had gold eliminations and damage with him once for part of a round before the buff so now he must be a god now. if you stopped flanking and played imperial guard simulator with us maybe we would push through

Thanks user, I needed some levity to cheer me up from getting cucked out of platinum by Hanzo.

I just finished my placement matches.
5 wins, 3 defeats, 2 draws. Began with a Draw, ended with a Draw.
I'm Silver, I think, with 2566, but I expect to go higher from here, since 2 of those defeats where on my team.

First one, we had the standard setup of 2 tanks, 2 support and 2 damage dealers to attack in Gibraltar. But for some reason, nobody seemed to be dying on the other team. Only conclusion we could reach was that our damage dealers weren't killing anyone or doing enough damage.
I'm having horrible flashbacks to season 1 where people will instalock any Offense character and I still get Gold Eliminations as any Support or Tank.

Second one was karmic.
Some slav faggot kept talking in broken english about how everyone sucks and went on a bitchfit once one of our tanks reminded him that he was Soldier 76 and yet the tank had Gold in eliminations. And I had Silver. He ended the match repeating multiple times "report my team"
The funny coincidence is that next match he's on the other team. I only noticed when it finished, but it felt good winning against that asshole.

I main Supports and Defense since nobody ever wants to play those roles despite how useful they are (I pick Symetra just for the Teleport) but I'm starting to think I should start learning Offense as well since none of these fleabags can actually kill anyone.
I guess the game ain't that casual after all if good Reapers or good Soldiers are that rare…

thats platinum, silver is

Mate you're platinum. My placements was 5 wins 5 losses, started at 2440 or something like that.

TWC#2841 if anyone wants to play with a shitty gold player in Europe Im tired of solo

OH. I saw the symbol, seemed like silver to me and had SR next to it, which I assumed was "silver rating". Guess it's "skill rating" instead.
I feel a lot better with myself now, thanks.

I'll add you but I already finished my placement matches, so we'll play another time.

You don't deserve to play as d.va.

Suck my balls I guess

-300 points

Apparently with the Hanzo buff there are a few more aimbots and wallhacks in comp (mind you, Hanzo wouldn't need one), lat night I went solo queue and turns out I competed against two of my friends, I had a Hanzo on my team and after the match they informed me that our hanzo was using both cheats (proven by their killcams), I even recall a person on our team asking him to switch before the match started and he then bragged about his godly hanzo career, quite suspicious.

One of those matches I lost in Ilios involved a Lucio in our team that somehow got pissed at someone else in our team, so he decided to stop healing or something, why are those people in comp? would they rather lose after someone hurts their feelings or something?

Also, stupid system, 30 points for winning with lots of good performance? I tend to lose more points in a single game.

well they feel better when they troll like that because they know people actually mind and might beg to heal making them feel in a position of power.
in fact, a lot of support players are playing supports because they demand respect. look at the forums, theres always a thread up where healers circlejerk and upvote eachother for not healing people who were "rude" to them. not only that but healers tend to get the most ebin upvotes on their cards

Makes sense, btw, I am trying to figure out the stupid ranking score, right now I don't have many numbers, aiming for gold.

Started off in Silver (1938), then I got screwed even by friends apparently, we just couldn't win being 4+ people in a group, then I solo queued, got down to 1787


1821 W +34
1868 W +47
1907 W +39 (Streak)
1880 L -27
1857 L -23 (Streak)
1880 w +23

I still don't get it, my performance in that last one was kind of good and I was using a damage dealer on ATK, then Torb on DEF giving a lot of armor and getting non-turret kills.

I hope the game doesn't screw me over and makes me lose again (by pitting me against way better players)

is this what you mean?

That I know pretty much, what is puzzling is the way you gain and lose points for stuff that doesn't seem to make sense, in Season 1 I was 35 at the beginning and went down to 20's hell, I was about to go back to 30 but the season ended.

Right now I just want to go gold, I am pretty sure I can do it, but sometimes I rank down even in draw.