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MoM user here, I have a question for you guys; At some point, I was planning on streaming me working on my project in the near future, and I was wondering if you think anyone would be interested in that?

Reminder that if you don't make and post progress over the weekend your waifu is getting a spanking.

Been working on this. Tool is Game Maker Studio.

That looks pretty cool, what kind of game is it?

I like the art, though maybe you should maybe move the camera up in the sidescrolling part so as to not fill half the screen with dirt. Those rocks on the top-down view could use a different color too.

don't bully

Thanks! Game is lightly focused on puzzle and more on the combat, leveling up system and different weapons with different abilities.

Have a few pictures, hope they give a better idea.

Good idea, not sure tough what to color the rocks. Brown like the side-scrolling segment?

The Overworld + Platforming Segments remind me of Act Raiser

Can Godot crop loaded images in a shape other than rectangular (like displaying a face of a character in a circle as a map icon) or would i have to make a separate, already cropped image?



One day I'll get something better than a toaster.

I actually only have a 60Hz screen myself, but the counter is useful for detecting performance issues. The screen recorder makes the FPS fluctuate but normally it's higher and stable.

There's an FPS cap slider in the options menu that ranges from cinematic™ to 250, so you don't have to waste any power to render what you can't see.

Looks cool.

Can you really detect performance issues at that FPS? It seems like you'd be bottlenecked by things outside of what's going on in your game when you're > 200.
I mean, obviously you'll know somethings up if it tanks from 200 to 30, but smaller individual issues might not even be noticeable until you build a larger scene.

It's helpful to know if you've fucked something royally. Beyond that you should be profiling anyway.

couple of days ago I fixed a bug, by getting rid of a global. turns out globals are eeevil. It interfered with level up screen, by for example if you pressed c button it would bring up character information screen. Oh well. then I got rid of another global.
I probably should ask my friend to help me get rid of most of the orther globals

but I'm (very) slowly learning, so yay?

What if I don't get to work on my game, but still am very productive?

What a great day I had.

B-b-but I'll be out of town for the weekend!

A single person tilebased RPG where you play as a monk. Because of the setting, euroshit armor and sorcery would be very rare and most powers would come from your ki.

Sorry user, I didn't make the rules.

I don't want excuses Bugsy McGee, I want progress on my desk before Monday morning.

Depends on what time you stream at, timezones are a bitch.

As someone else said in the previous thread, maybe have them turn back to their original position once you walk away (possibly with a small delay). But nice progress as usual, love the fact that you actually bothered to give them an animation for turning instead of just rotating them.

Yeah I've put that on my todo list

Threadly reminder to never sell out to tumblr and reddit once your project gets popular.

Speaking of which, where do I go on reddit to get more buzz for my game?

I'd totally watch, I'm loving the development so far.

make some sort of meme references and self post around until people starts asking

I'd watch all your devlogs if you made them. Wouldn't watch a stream though - too long.

Thanks fam, what subreddits though?

Such a nice looking game with simple mechanics and minimalist artstyle. Honestly, this is what aspiring devs should be looking at when considering just how big and how much mechanical depth their first project should have.

I started modding Nuclear Throne a few months ago to get a little experience before starting my own project. I knew from the beginning that it would be a bad base to use, but it gave me a decent enough playground to test some things out, and it furthermore gave me an excuse to sprite some cute bandits doing cute things.

The project file for that mod is hot nasty shit, because I had to replace a good portion of the codebase to even get it functional, and some experimentation on my part further muddled things. For these reasons, I've begun putting together an engine from scratch. Alarms have been done away with in favor of an event system I put together so that I can fuck around with the timescale (since Game Maker's alarms automatically reduce 1, and that can't be changed), and put together a faux 3d collision system that's pretty fucking inefficient, but functional. Need to work on it later.

Also had to do some stuff to make code-based collision calls function for every object they collide with, rather than just the first. All it does is cycle through a ds_list of entities and checks for the ones they're colliding with. I don't think it's terribly efficient, but it works, and I can't really think of anything better to do in its stead at the moment.

The hard part is done, now I just need to figure out what monogame is. Was it that XNA thing?

The not-XNA XNA thing yeah. FEZ was made in it.


I need food for my fucking bees

Are you a beekeeper?

It's more of a hobby since I never make any money off it

That jumping sound might become a bit jarring in the long run. It seems a bit too long or drawn out to me.

That's a sweet hobby


I dont want to ruin the theme of the thread but thats nice. My late grandfather kept bees and honeycombs were top notch.

Here's a challenge. How do I get fully dynamic lighting working in UE4 that is not just a directional light and a skylight? That is, having those two and having DFAO or some kind of GI. These two have caused nothing but headaches when trying to implement them properly.

Dude shut the fuck up, we're talking about bees

This is a game development thread, shut your face off.

Posting bees



Honey Bees will usually leave people alone, but they are attracted to some soaps, perfumes, and hair sprays. If one comes near you, it is probably confused. Once it realizes you have no nectar, it will leave you alone.

Many predators avoid Honey Bees because of their sting, but others eat them.

The worst predator for Honey Bees is the Varroa Mite. Varroa Mites are tiny arachnids (spider cousins). Varroa Mites weaken the Honey Bee's immune system, which makes them vulnerable to diseases. The picture to the right show Honey Bees covered with Varroa Mites (the tiny red creatures).

September 9th to September 16th will be the Bee Jam.

Have you looked into NVIDIA VXGI?

Check this thread out to get it running:


Make mp4's of your game, upload to gfycat, then post those links to
/r/PCMasterrace if you are releasing on PC
/r/Blender if you used blender to make the models in your game
if you are using a unity or unreal engine
are fairly active.

also /r/gamedev

With /r/gamedev you are going to have to disguise it using something like "My experience making x game". Straight up shilling doesn't fly as easily on /r/gamedev as it does on other subreddits. As with any shilling, you have to lurk to find out what the community likes and what they reject.

JW is the bigger issue. He's alright at designing a fun and mindless romp of an arcade game, but the codebase is an absolute abomination. I suppose I should elaborate more on this

Nuclear Throne's codebase is completely unusable, for the reason that JW was at the helm of development for 95 updates. While I do not like Salami Swami (I know about the shit he does, but that doesn't bother me as much as his insufferable PRspeak and unsuccessful damage control), he is actually capable of programming to a certain extent. After he took over, the game started to run much more efficiently, BECAUSE his filthy hands were all over it. Leaderboard scores send 250 lines of code to the leaderboard servers for no apparent reason, unclean destruction code caused a plethora of idiotic errors that were left in the game during this current period of no updates, and things in general are simply written so stupidly that a simple topdown twinstick shooter runs like hot nasty shit for no apparent reason. ALL of that is on JW's head, but people blame Rami because he's the only one present at the moment. I would rather shoot myself than work with such a codebase. If I were offered money to do it, I would use it to buy a gun and fucking shoot myself instead of working with such a codebase.

tl;dr: It's not a mod, as it does not use any of the retard code that they cooked up as a base.

I bought it a long time ago, and it's actually fun. Art and Sound teams did a phenomenal job with the project, which is the reason I don't regret buying it. I'm not retarded enough to buy another Vlambeer product in the future, though.

My $80 mono game engine is coming along well
also, what the fuck

There are serious pedophile groups among authorities and governments. What's so shocking about that?

you don't post your secret pedophile ring busting plan on upwork. I mean, if you're going to ask someone to take down a cartel site, don't be so goddamn open about it.

Well, okay, it's just a site, but the rationale behind it is ludicrous. About as absurd as thinking overwhelming a .gov site would render an entire branch of gubbermint inoperable.

what if the said website is Holla Forums

I'd apply to get more info out of the guy but it costs upwork 'credits' and I need those to eat

I'm surprised you didn't ask around here, I'm sure someone here would have liked to give you some cash money for some help, or is this a meme like the guy who paid $2000 for the animu monstrosity.

I'm pretty sure there's almost zero money in indie game development. It's like trying to suck bleach from a rock.

Are you saying The Rock's cum is so potent that it can be used to disinfect surfaces? Does his sperm batter bacteria to death?

Did you even try asking?


I like junk maggot.

here i go

Does anyone need programming work done for minimal shekels?I can build the back-end/minimal front-end of websites, or make Unity scripts and extensions.

I'm also not indian

Ye, I've looked into it. Looks gorgeous, but unfortunately I prefer to work with the official UE4 branch, I don't like having to work with a completely different branch just to have access to one feature, even if it is fantastic.

Just how experienced are you with webdev? I will actually need some of it done in the somewhat near future and I fucking hate doing anything to do with webdev. Would you be able to make a website that functions well without requiring javascript that functions primarily as a sort of blog / organization site?

Most of my webdev work has been smaller, like psychology quizzes or image processing. I worked on a weed banking website for a few months.

I've moved away from PHP/SQL and started using C# for the backend because I hate debugging dynamically typed languages. I'd be able to do the back-end work, but the front-end HTML would be very basic. I'm not much of an artist.

Just curious, what's your angle with the javascript-free blogging site?

I just hate javascript. It's not exactly necessary but it triggers me when a basic site does not function properly because you have scripts turned off. I'd leave the front end HTML / CSS up to some artsy fartsy poofter anyway.

Holla Forums would be a massive pain in the ass to use without javascript.

I guess it's not strictly necessary, but the content's going to be entirely static without it.

Should I take you out for dinner, or how're we going to do this?

Holla Forums is not a basic site, so it's permissible to use javascript. A basic blog or news site I don't think often needs it. Might be wrong after I see the final product to be an ugly monstrosity but who knows.

Yeah a free meal sounds good. I don't need it done or even started right now, this is at the very least a few weeks off. I'd also want to look into it a bit more to see what I want to do but it'd basically just be blog entries / reports on events so it doesn't need a lot.

If you wanted to give me some contact details I could send you a message in the future when I want it done.

Sounds good. Do you use skype or something? Here's my inoffensive email that I use for hiding my power-level when shilling on reddit.

Well I can definitely agree with that. It just sounds weird when people complain about javascript on a website that relies on it so much.

Best websites work without javascript, but JS then hooks into things afterwards and adds extra functionality (like those banners that switch between different ones).


this one is really specific

Roll-a-ball adventure game I'm working on right now. Basically just that roll-a-ball tutorial but with extra polish and bigger levels.

Could use some advice on the aesthetics. I'm already satisfied with the brick textures and their bump maps. I just need to know if the rock looks too psuedo-realistic for the artsyle.

Your ass-dead-dicks are decent when it comes to the brick, but I don't like the rock. Doesn't look like rock that much, looks like some artsy fartsy performance done with concrete or something. Plus, it doesn't fit in well with the grass, it's just offputting. Can't describe it.

Someone was reading that tutorial too, eh?

Yeah, there's this big-ass seam between the grass and the rock. I'm not sure what to do about the texture works because I'm using tiled material for both of em, but I'm considering using 3d grass and small details around the edges to hide it.

Might also go with a slightly more cartoon rock texture if it really looks like shit. Maybe take the Yooka Laylee approach, or Wind Waker with bump maps.

Yup, the game is literally just that Unity tutorial but with multiple levels that flesh out + mechanical polish and simple AI.

Yeah, well, I meant that it was offputting for reasons aside from that blatantly obvious seam.

Hmm… I see what you mean.

I think it's the overall geometry + the texture which makes it looks like an an uncanny source engine cliffside.

I'll take a more rigid approach like in pic related.

Something like that would be better, yeah.

Alright I decided to stop tiling rock textures because it always looks like shit.

This is gonna be a pain in the ass for UV mapping, but hopefully it'll be worth it.

Heres some progress I made today

finally added ability cards to the UI
though some abilities don't have icons and the ones that do i ripped from starcraft.
Also did a lot of refactoring and backend stuff

I'm almost done. I should have it by tomorrow.

You should, really. UV unwrapping isn't that difficult, but it is tedious.

mmmmmmmmmmmmm that 1st rock from the left makes my dick rock hard


Behavior for this is actually kind of interesting, the bottle itself is a monster entity, but its melee attack (instead of actually attacking the player) is a whumph sound and a big ol' recoil.
Collision detection is still a little wonky, though, since it tends to get in fights with other sprites. Need to figure out how to make it only care about the player.

(also as usual, placeholder sprites, temporary graphics, everything looks like arse, etc etc)

Got a webm dude? The game looks pretty damn nice but I want to see it in action. Also, when did you start making it?

You should add a button to chug faster.

This is cool though, what kind of game is it gonna be?

It's a sprite-based FPS, where you play as an anime space pirate. Fly from planet to planet, grab a lot of money, shoot aliens and monsters, then head back to your ship and fly to another planet, repeat until you're the richest motherfucker in the galaxy.
I'm trying to keep the scope pretty simple, but even then there's a looooot of stuff still left to do.

I'm loving it so far, new effect is cool man, keep it up

When making a game that has a focus on plot/lore/setting/etc where/how do you find inspiration for setting/worldbuilding and naming characters/locations?

Naming shit is always super hard, I can just make shit up when I worldbuild but names just sound very weird. Maybe I should just build myself some random name generator, one in 1000 must be a good name for a character or location.

Sounds good. If you need someone to make a few sprites down the line, just ask.

But what if my waifu likes spanking?

Find out which real life culture is most similar to the one you're depicting

I find inspiration by reading and watching a lot of related media. It's usually a good idea to see what other people have done and find what works for you and what doesn't. It can be a good idea to figure out what aspect you really want to stand out in your world and build around that.

What in particular are you aiming for? Hard sci-fi? Fantasy? Semi-realistic?

Making progress so far on my XNA-based 'framework'. I'm just mimicking Unity's component system. Also made a sprite component for testing.

Better post shit so I'm not a hypocrite. Finished modelling/rigging this which is gonna be used to render basis for player sprite. Will probably have to adjust proportions when I know exactly what size I want stuff to be and have yet to figure out colour scheme I want.

At least your waifu's rump is safe, right?

Then you're a lucky man.

looks more like Kaizo Mahjong to me user

How do you plan to habdle spritesheets and animations?

That's a rather manly jaw

All the better to protect her delicate jawline.

for you

Hey, what engine is that ?
It looks like doom but you can move the z axis.

Can you play as a girl?

It's gzdoom. A full 3D opengl doom engine

Thank you.


Spriting assistance would be very much appreciated. As I'm sure you can tell from the graphics, I am not an artist.
Though this is all still extremely, extremely early in development, so there'd probably be a lot of changes/adjustments to things down the line.

GZDoom, an OpenGL variant of the Doom engine.
I'll probably be using a variant of that called GZDGPL, with most of the licensed Doomstuff taken out and replaced with GPL-compatible FREEDOMcode.

She is a girl.
The design is very much not-Samus, since I'm a big fan of Metroid, but instead of being a bombshell inside she's a fucking nerd.

Thanks for the info, can GZDoom mod or whatever you call them usually run on toasters ? Because I'm having a hard time finding some engine that can run on my thinkpad T410.



Is there somewhere where I can keep up with the game's development?

this thread

Fair enough. Does it at least have a name?

Why not make some github and see if some anons want to help with the coding ?

Usually it can run pretty well. If you load in default Doom, you've got no problem running it.
For stuff people make, though, it really depends on the amount of particles and actors and etc people spawn.
Since I'm aiming to make this a full game rather than simply a mod, I'm really bending over backwards trying to make sure it runs on raggedy-ass laptops as well as a cool fancy desktop, so I've got settings that reduces the graphical effects and actor demand.

I don't really have a devlog place outside of my personal Tumblr, since it's not really far along enough to merit its own website. Plus, with all the placeholder graphics, it looks like ass.
Doesn't even have a proper name yet, I've just been calling it "The Booty Project" because booty is cool.

I can handle the code pretty easily, I'd already planned what everything would take and how it'd be done, it's just a matter of, well, doing it.
The big issues would be sprites and maps, both of which I can kind of hack but would be very slow in the making.

I'd be genuinely surprised if anyone would be interested in helping with the coding, since Decorate/ACS is a bastard lobotimized take of flash actionscript/C.
Plus, I haven't commented anything since it's just me. Yes it's bad practice I know I'll add comments someday I promiseeee

Pic related ought to illustrate my feelings about this.

Give us the tumblr m80.


Found it.


lmao noice.

terminusest13.tumblr.com/tagged/the booty project/



Damn that's cute.

What the fuck are you doing user

Reposting a screenshot from the dev's blog?

Right now, it just polls every sprite component and adds them to the buffer. I think XNA has enough helper functions to where I only have to keep track of some information.

Hey dude, I was looking at your blog about the money and spending money and stuff. I came up with a crazy, but maybe kind of awesome idea. Would you be open to hearing it? It could be a lot of fun. Wouldn't be too crazy to implement and wouldn't effect balance at all, and would actually help advertise your game online (not too much, but really).

I made a SpriteSheet class that contains a Texture2D and a Rectangle[] for image indexes. I made an AnimationState class that contains an int[] for indexing and ot also has a few timing variables.

It works pretty well

Oh man my waifu is going to get spanked really hard….

There is so much to do.

Alright nogs, I'm looking for a decent engine for a 2D sidescrolling platformer. I've used GameMaker in the past (like, when the version number was in the 4s and 5s) and I'm sure as shit never using that again unless it's improved. Apparently Unity is alright but I'm not sure how the performance of it is and I know it's intended for 3D so I assume it's not the best choice.

Anyways, I'm hoping someone here knows a few engines I could look at, because I'm not finding many that look workable at all.

It was likely GM5.3a, then. It's improved quite a bit. Pirate a copy of Game Maker Studio and give it a spin.

Also, Unity is needlessly bloated. I downloaded a simple phone game for my niece that had no business being over 3mb that was built in Unity, and it was over 50mb when I uninstalled it to clear some space. Don't do this.

Sounds about right. Does it actually have proper physics collisions and stuff built in now? I remember having a hell of a time handling players hitting ceilings in my old stuff I made as a kid.
Yeah I assumed so. This isn't going to be a phone game (or at least, you'd need a controller to clip on) but I'd still like it to be a bit more efficient.

I just build that kinda stuff from scratch, so I'm not the best person to ask about that kinda thing. I've found that the fewer built-in functions you use with Game Maker, the more control you have over what you make, and the better your shit comes out as a result.

I'm going to say "no," though. Probably not, anyway.

Ehh, I mean I can do it myself but that shit is kind of annoying. I'm also not exactly a fan of GML, especially not after having used proper languages. I'll try it though, but if there are any other engines I'll probably use them instead.

You could try heading to cuckchan's Doom IRC, someone there probably knows all kinds of retarded decorate tricks, assuming it's still alive.

You don't need to ask permission to give me ideas, I'm always willing to listen.
I can't guarantee I'll go through with it, but dump as much as you'd like to.

I've been trying to find some good examples of general architecture when it comes to making a game, but it's always either too small, too huge or just blatantly terrible.

Any of you folks read any source you've found insightful?


just remove "game" from request

Tell me fams, why didn't this work in game maker studio? It usually works in java. Wrapping the string values in () doesn't help either.

draw_text_transformed(view_xview[0]+10, view_yview[0]+10, global.inv[0,0]+" "+global.inv[0,1], 0.8, 0.8, 0);
draw_text_transformed(view_xview[0]+10, view_yview[0]+20, global.inv[1,0]+" "+global.inv[1,1], 0.8, 0.8, 0);
draw_text_transformed(view_xview[0]+10, view_yview[0]+30, global.inv[2,0]+" "+global.inv[2,1], 0.8, 0.8, 0);
draw_text_transformed(view_xview[0]+10, view_yview[0]+40, global.inv[3,0]+" "+global.inv[3,1], 0.8, 0.8, 0);
draw_text_transformed(view_xview[0]+10, view_yview[0]+50, global.inv[4,0]+" "+global.inv[4,1], 0.8, 0.8, 0);
draw_text_transformed(view_xview[0]+10, view_yview[0]+60, global.inv[5,0]+" "+global.inv[5,1], 0.8, 0.8, 0);

When you want to render strings and variables together in game maker, you have to call the variables as a string(string). Say you wanna render the framerate, for example:

var xoffset = view_xview[0];
var yoffset = view_yview[0];

draw_text(xoffset + 8, yoffset+8, fps); ==> Renders the fps at position 8, 8 on the screen
draw_text(xoffset+8, yoffset+8, "FPS: " + fps) ==> outputs an error.
draw_text(xoffset+8, yoffset+8, "FPS: " + string(fps)) ==> Renders "FPS: " + the fps at the above position.

I admit that I think it's a bit roundabout, but hey.

Wew, I haven't even put the inventory scrolling feature.

Just looking at what you posted, you'd be better off doing it in a loop.

var xoffset = view_xview[0];//I establish these only for ease of usevar yoffset = view_yview[0];for(i=0;i

and furthermore, rather than doing global.inv[i,0], do global.inv[i+invoffset,0] so that you're rendering the proper slots. invoffset is the offset in the inventory, of course.

Also consider looking into using data structures. A ds_map would be perfect for this sort of thing.

I love the 2.5 D era FPS so I hope this will be good.

What is the best javascript-based game engine for browsers atm?

Okay, the idea is a little crazy, and might take some work, but it could be really fun and could make people want to share screenshots of your game.

The idea is, at the end of the game, after you've killed everything you're going to kill and you've gained as much $$ as you can for the run, you are transported to another area thats like a "Luxury Black Market".

In there, you can go to a guy who sells land and spaceships, you first buy one of these from him.

Then, you go to the NPCs selling stuff, they will have cosmetic things that you would be able to place within your newly bought piece of land or ship. Stuff like an alien in a jar, crazy martian plants, statues, paintings, etc.. all kinds of crazy "luxury goods" so you can spend your ship full of Yen.

After you've spent all your money, you get to go into the new pimped out ship or house/land you bought, and decorate and place all of the crazy shit you got at the black market.

None of the stuff will do anything, and it will remain as a scoring system, but instead of just seeing the Yen at the end, this way people could get the gratification of spending it, and then showing it off with how they pimp their pad.

On a programmatic side, you could just make all of the place-able items like how you coded the whiskey bottles and make them enemies that don't hurt the player. But the player can just move around the level and press a key to spawn the item in front of them (to place it) and another key to return it to their inventory.

With the idea that it helps people show off what they got, instead of at the end of the game and seeing they have 100000000000000 Yen, they could instead show off with a screenshot and be like "I bought a mansion on Mars, a gold plated hoverbike, 12 endangered aliens species trapped in jars and a mega death ray capable of destroying a galaxy."

I now remember what I started doing before I had to deal with a fuckload of exams for weeks. I think my footstep sound implementation needs a little bit of work.

Considering I could only hear the sprinting footstep sound without turning up my speakers. Yeah, it needs much better implementation

Sweet. Any details on how it's gonna be like? Factions, overall theme, etc.

i got a short design doc
I guess i can just post it nothing is final though
actually if you have any good ideas/additions i would love to hear
I wanna make the game fun and unique

* Very little to no conventional mechanical units; vehicle-equivalent units are all strange alien behemoths or animated monoliths

* Weapon types include melee attacks with monstrous limbs, conjured balls of deadly energy, flames, arcs of electricity, pestilence that rots enemy units over time, and mind control

* Destroyed enemy units can be “zombified” and used (maybe)

since the faction cannot mine normally map control is very important from the very start.
The amount of resources gathered are directly tied to the amount of the map the player controls (will probably need to adjust this in some way).
Because of this this faction will have a very aggressive playstile from the very start.
Maybe a defensive playstyle will be possible if the player can invest in the passive gold gain.
passively gain money
gain extra from killing units
cannot mine.
All organic all outerplaner

My idea was you would start with a landed spaceship and an alien queen.
The spaceship would spawn drones to mine and other mechanical units.
The queen would lay eggs and spawn small weaker units that would need to consume organic units to grow/evolve.
Then at later stages the robotic and organic units could be merged to create the factions strongest units.

Gain resources from mining and from eating dead units
both count as different types of resources and allow for different things.

Get resources from mining Energy and matter
launch uncontrollable hostile units at enemy (headcrabs/antlions)
use a mix of troops and vehicles.

Are robot necromancers.

ball crush gamemode:
there's a few massive balls on the map that you have to make your units shoot inorder to move and crush your opponents units with as you can't directly destroy them but merely hinder them in certain ways(immobilize, make them unable to shoot) them

units that steal parts/abilities of other units

Sounds like he's running with 10 feet.

Nine vagánias.

What kind of game is it going to be?

I can't tell whether this is a good thing or bad thing


Probably due to my audio setup. It's fine on my side, but my headphones are connected to an amplifier.

Well, he has to go fast.

Horror. I like the genre, but a lot of shit has been released. Especially after the first Amnesia and "thanks" to Unity and Greenlight. I've heard people talk about how it's "too late", because the "hype is over" and "the bandwagon moved on". But a) I think it's never too late to release a good game and b) screaming YouTubers with autistic thumbnails aren't my target audience, so I never intended to jump on the actual bandwagon in the first place.
If you have specific questions, feel free to ask. There's a guy who might team up with me, but I need to pitch it to him once he comes back from vacation. I'm writing the design doc and am roughly 15 pages in so far. (No story/plot questions though. Don't want to answer those until I've written down a script that I'm satisfied with.)

I feel the same way about tactical FPS, and I'm still making one too. Well, it's not exactly one. It's realistic, but it doesn't force you to act that methodically.

Are you going to have immersion by being able to see your legs and feet? Pic related.. If you do, there is a tutorial that mentions how to sync footstep sounds with footstep animations. And will you have weapons?

Not on the list. The ratio between amount of work to model, rig, texture, animate and write the code for such a model vs. the actual use, just doesn't make it a high priority. Especially since I'm primarily a programmer. I certainly appreciate it when devs do add this, but it's never a huge deal for me. I just look down once and go "hey cool. I can see my lets", then play the game and never bother again. Since the project is quite sophisticated already, I have to cut corners somewhere.

Yes. The flashlights also double as melee weapon with which you can knock enemies down. It won't kill them, but it will buy you some time. Besides that there will be three pistols in the game. A Nagant M1895 (also known as "the revolver you can put a suppressor on"), an almost H&K USP (suppressed) and an improvised MacGyver pistol.
Gameplay-wise Frictional has taken it too far with Amnesia, if you ask me. I certainly like the no-combat approach more than the "you're fucking Arnold Schwarzenegger" one (in horror games), but there should be the option to defend yourself, even if it's hardly effective. I want engaging in melee combat to be almost a guarantee to get hurt and ammunition for the pistols to be extremely scarce. Stealth will be encouraged, not enforced.

What about the story?

Need to write the script first. I have a whole bunch of ideas, loosely strung together, but that's about it. Programming and getting gud at Substance is more important right now.
Are you that user who tried out CryEngine last thread? Did you check out the forest level? How did it run?

Yeah, I was the one that tried out cryengine. I still haven't gotten around to trying around the forest. I've also been busy with my game, so I haven't had much time to ponder the whole "let us datamine your ass" ordeal. I'll probably do it next week though.

I see. It would be really cool, if you tried it out. I would myself, but I don't have a toaster running Windows available.

Here's a shotgun. I just finished making its holding animation.

It's the easiest shit ever, do not worry about it too much. Keep in mind that every dumb whore, every leftist moron, every retarded person you met that also happened to drive a vehicle did pass those tests. There is no reason for you to fail them if you at least look at the study materials once or twice

I have an mp4 but I can't be bothered to post it.

Just uploaded a new build of my game, fam. shiny-rice.itch.io/distantbreakoff

The guy making that game pretty much wrote the book on retarded DECORATE tricks.


sounds like shit, give me a big muscular Billy Herrington

IIRC, some anons last year mentioned subleddits like /r/gamedev, as well as posting retarded meme .gifs to /r/games in order to go viral and become e-famous

Possible? I can't see it happening from an art standpoint.
Depending on the amount of different armor/clothes/weapons, there would be an absurd amount of combinations, even if you split the armor pieces into different images and layered them ontop of a base sprite.
The animation requirement alone seems ridiculous to me.

Any suggestions?

Code yourself a smart sprite animation engine that automatically pivots objects to certain skeletal points of a sprite.

Doing pixel art kinda sucks which is why not many games do it right these days.

It's very rare to see that happen, but it's not that difficult if you don't have a gajillion different items and the animations aren't super complex.

I think I've also seen some games have generic equipment sprites, I think for different tiers. For example every tier 1 helmet would be green, every tier 2 helmet would be red, or something like that.

Just do what Terraria did. Basically

Fantasy. Medieval era.

I wouldn't mind using real world location names for in-game locations (except for the most important), as long as I'm not using any name well-known enough that the real world location will come to mind before the in-game one for most players.

A very interesting idea, thank you; certainly one that could encourage replayability, and it'd be extremely easy to code, too (just make a weapon that spawns a prop/model instead of coding a projectile DONE).

But the sheer amount of artistic assets involved would be monumental, having to create a wide variety of different props and textures solely for use on the ending.
I'm also worried about the practicality of having a base-building gameplay section only being after the main game is done and only done once, but maybe it'd be nice for the player to unwind at their own pace and relax after everything's done.

Still, it's a very interesting idea. Thanks.

Mod that makes all important players white for Fallout 4 when?

Listen to this wise man fellow developers of Holla Forums.
Let us join in on the glorious efforts to make mod content for the massively praised Fallout 4™; especially on this community!
Don't forget to join the Bethesda.net, and to upload the mod for the respectful Xbox Live™ community for Fallout 4™.
As a developer the Fallout 4™ Nuka-World™ DLC is an exquisitely executed, and a fine example to take note of for any mod you wish to develop. On top of that, it has a modest price for the hard work of the Bethesda employees, and should be purchased without hesitation.
You see that Nuka Cola, you can drink it.

I rate this insightful and thought provoking post 4/4

Mucho gratitude fam.

I was just afraid that using ds_map would hurt the performance, like the documentation said.

The closest I've made to progress is studying obsolete fortifications and more SIGGRAPH/GDC presentations such as confettispecialfx.com/gdce-2016-the-filtered-and-culled-visibility-buffer-2/

Yeah, it was a pretty random idea. I normally wouldn't even suggest anything, but I realized it wouldn't be too tough to code, so I might as well mention it. I do realize as well that it would be a lot of art assets to make worthwhile. Have you done all of the art yourself? I know its placeholder so far. Are you going to get an artist to help you out with the workload?

I'm a sucker for stuff stuff like this. You could also hide decoration pieces through levels as secrets as well, which encourages people to go for that 100%. you could reuse the placement mechanic and place stuff in your normal ship as well, might make it more fun to have a slightly customized ship as you travel level to level.

One thing you could do, is repurpose textures and sprites you have now, just edit them down or change it around to give some variety into what the player can buy at the end.

How long have you been working on it so far? When do you hope to release it?

It's looking awesome though dude, you've done a really great job with the mechanics so far, I really like the movement.

I love the art on the sword. Looking bloody stellar. How does it switch between fire and cold? Is it just a cooldown period?

What would be my best option if I wanted to start working on 2D pet simulator? I have precious little coding ability but I'm willing to learn.

Make it autistic as fuck. Even more autistic than sim loli from /agdg/. Also use SFML.

Learn to make FSM AI. Make a zoo simulator instead of just a pet simulator if you're really dedicated.

Add girls.

I was actually aiming to emulate something specific.

Autism is definitely involved in a way, I guess.

Try to play Jurassic Park Operation Genesis for a while. THAT's how you make a pet simulator.

I have an idea for a artistically minimalist game, probably ASCII or something to start with, and focusing more on mechanics. I want it to be sort of like an RPG rather than a roguelike though, keep things mechanically interactive like a roguelike, but not procedurally generated or fully open ended.

So, what coding language should I learn to make it? I know jack shit about coding besides knowing how to make a website page, something I learned in high school.

The fire attack is the current altfire of the powered sword, dictated by what subweapon you have at the moment. So the torch's altfire for the powered sword is the Firebrand, it'll consume a gem of mana per attack once I get the animation down.

Looks like my waifu is getting a spanking

Malbolge. It's a great programming language for beginners. Don't let the fact that it's named after the eighth circle of hell steer you away from it.

Once you get that out of the way you can start with stuff like python. It's a language with an active community, which means that if you run into a problem early on chances are someone else came across it before you, and you can fix it out with a simple search. Plus there are a lot of libraries for you to use which means you don't have to reinvent the wheel a million times. Also a popular language means lots of tutorials.

Also, don't aim for that game when you start. In fact if you are just learning how to program don't aim for a game at all. Go through the beginner tutorials and get your footing. You have to learn how to hold a angle grinder without loosing a finger before you build a spaceship and fly to mars.


What kind of setting are you aiming for? Just search for artwork or photographs (unless it's too futuristic for there to even be photographs) that fit the setting. Just don't specify that it's fro a game and you'll find more examples. Just looking at architecture and landscapes can usually give me ideas.

About time. I was wondering why nobody ever picked up the idea.

No one's picked up the idea because it's mostly an untested market. As we've seem more and more over the years indie fags are cancer who don't care about exploring genres and ideas for the sake of the game. Only for the sake of their wallets.
And Chao Garden is such a niche concept that I can't blame anyone for being skeptical of it's marketability.


I need ideas for a stylish RPG 2D combat screen. I mean, I have already thought about the mechanics, but I have no idea how to display the fight. Right now, I am thinking about a Golden Sun-like screen in which you can see the ally party's backs facing the enemies, with cool parallax and zoom effects, but I am not sure if I could draw inspiration from something cooler. It should be relatively resource-light on the art side, since I suck at drawing and any humanoids would take me days to finish.

Needs more detail. So far it all looks really basic.

Luckily I'm good with ideas. Got any more info?

From what I've seen it was an extremely popular addition to Sonic. Lots of Anons miss it not being in the newer games.

not really
right now im thinking some kind of mix between starcraft and zero hour maybe?
I like starcraft but i think it goes a little to far with the amount of APM required especially when it comes to macroing
I also kinda wanna do something unique like the giant mechs from universe at war
but not that cause my game isn't really 3D

I don't really have any sprites done and all the systems i've made are pretty generic so i can more or less take it in any direction

Software architecture.

Finish Demonsteele first, you fucking nerd.

Your ideas are very basic.

I suggest you work on them a bit more.

And Sonic is niche. Especially the games that have Chao Garden because it's not the hot new thing so none of the kiddies know how great it is.

Oh fuck, Term posts on 8ch?

My primary goal is to make a good reproduction of the Tiny Chao Garden that was available in the Sonic GBA games. In the Steam releases of Sonic Adventure and it's sequel, there's no method of obtaining the Jewel Chao (besides gold and silver in SA) or the TCG-exclusive fruits, aside from cheating them in (via Fusion's Chao Editor). You can technically bring a Chao from the Steam versions to a Tiny Chao Garden already, but that requires the Chao editor, a hex editor (or an existing conversion program), and a hacked Wii, along with a copy of SA2B/DX, a GBA, and a link cable. Whew!

So what I'd like to do (for now) is cut a lot of those steps out with a single program. I want to focus first on all the basic features of the TCG, plus the ability to import and export files based on the .chao format used by Fusion's editor.

What do you mean work on them?
how do you work on ideas?

Where are some tutorials for gamemaker that aren't video tutorials

No I don't want the fucking docs

why dont you go fuck off to RPG maker and lift code off the forums, thats generally what retards who cant read docs do

go look up heartbeast and buy his ebook

I've not done a whole lot of the art–I'm not an artist, so a lot of it is graphics from other games/projects to replace later or off OpenGameArt.org
Definitely hoping to get an artist down the line. I can't draw. I mean, I can hack it, but it's better to get someone who knows what they're fucking doing.

I've been working on this for a better part of the year, got a lot of the basic gameplay stable and ready to go.
I don't know about when I plan to release it, but this year I got a tech demo, next year I hope to have an alpha, so…2018? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The last game I made like this was for an indie game jam competition, making a whole game in a month.
I did it, but at the end I wanted to fucking die and the rush-rush-rush really hurt it in a lot of ways. So for this I'm being a little more…deliberate, I guess is the phrase? Not without a sense of urgency, obviously, since gaem's still gotta be made, and I'm working on stuff every day. But I am being a LOT more in-depth about things–for every problem I make about two or three different possible solutions and play with all of them until I find something that I think is good.

Hey, if you've got art, I'd be happy to. :^)

I do. Hi.

Just how complex is it going to be? I thought you were well into development already.

So I'm trying to add some fire particles to my fire sword attack and I needed a placeholder in the mean time.

"dagger" was the first thing that popped into my head.

What's wrong with a dagger that shoots more daggers?

I actually had an attack that did that a long time ago, and I got carried away with it, it wound up shooting so many projectiles it would crash and desynch multiplayer games.


jesus dude, you'd make more working minimum wage

This is why I stopped drawing. That and getting too frustrated. I don't want to spend 10h on a $50 commission, waste a lot of time, and do a bad job. I want to spend 4h and get $80 or something, but the journey is fruitless because there's no guarantee of skill or quality at the end.

Alright so I tried to use Godot but I cannot make heads or tails of how the fuck you're supposed to get anything done in it. The UI is godawful and the entire concept seems like they wanted to do everything Unity did but make it less usable. I mean how the fuck is an ostensibly 2D-focused engine lacking an option to force sprites to draw at a certain size measured in pixels? Just what the fuck. Plus it seems like it wants to do everything in its power to prevent you from having a simple time of programming in your own movement rules that aren't Box2D based.

Anyway, asking again, aside from Game Maker Studio (which I really do want to get away from) what kind of decent 2D engines are there? All I need is something that can draw some fucking sprites to a screen, accept input, and handle collision & level/screen changes. I'd really like to not have to write my own renderer if possible.

Anyone know what this rendering artifact is called? They're all on the same z axis but the perspective is super weird.


uh, no. That's a rendering technique, not an artifact.

Bad Z ordering?
Depth sorting?

I like the perspective user. Most shooters have the guns annoyingly far to the right of the screen and it makes the perspective look all kinds of wonky.

I found PIXI to be pretty good.

agdg will mainly judge your game on visuals than mechanics and features just like any other audience

Prove me wrong

if they're all on the same z-axis, then it shouldn't look like that, because they would all be on the same plane. Unless you drew them over each other.

Yeah, it was a blendmode/z-buffer thing. Apparently they aren't on by default in XNA.

ignore this guy

what is "all on the same z-axis" supposed to mean? its misleading because it doesnt make sense.

It's like if they were all on the same x-axis with the Cartesian coordinate system, except they're on the z-axis instead.

are you trying to say that they all have the same z-position? You arent making sense.


Not too complex, and I kind of am.
The actual gameplay is fairly simple. As I said before, fly from planet to planet, pick up money, shoot enemies, repeat. This basically translates to a hub where levels are divided into small handfuls, and you can pick which handfuls to go to and do all the maps there, before repeating.

It's just been a matter of two things. 1: I want there to be a good chunk of content for the player to go through, and 2: I want to make sure the weapons/items/stuff in are solid and don't break.

Halp, anons. It's ten days to go and I haven't even gotten started for my entry in Lewd Jam


I need some help focusing on a theme. The only things I can think of are the following:

Nipple Nazis
My Little Nazi Can't Be This Fuckable
Loli Nazis Rape the Galaxy
Nazis vs Isis + Sex Slaves
How to Turn a Feminist into a Nazi Waifu

Also can't decide whether to do it in 3D (using stock assets), 2D (actually harder for me since I have no experience with pixelart) or just a Visual Novel with stat system.

How about not having nazis in it at all since they wouldn't approve of this lewd shit.

So make it about Nazi lolis. What's the difficulty?

Anyone got a sample or demo of a simple RPG made on Godot?
I want to make one myself, but coming up with a system that works from scratch is pretty hard, not to mention that I'll probably have to scrap it a bunch of times(like I already have), so if I could take a look at an existing one's code, it'd be great.

I think the doom source code is publically available. Not for godort, but a pretty good rpg nontheless.

You mean the doom roguelike surely?
I was wanting something more like a traditional rpg, but that might be nice too.

was doom a roguelike? I'm pretty sure you just repawn if you die

Uhn, I don't get it.
Are you baiting me user? Or is this just a huge misunderstanding? You wouldn't bait me, right?

Use a global list instead of a localized one. It's gonna hurt performance like holy hell if you're making a lot of them, but if it's just one, it isn't an issue.

now that's pajeet coding if I've ever seen it

It's less typing for if when you make longer stuff that piggybacks off of the same stuff. If I'm going to make a mathematical call that's used in a number of places throughout the code, hell yeah I'm gonna pajeet it.

I was referring to the awkward grammar in the comment

Maybe I don't need the fire particles

Dunno, now that they're removed it doesn't look so hot.


Would anyone be interested in some kind of resource on implementing client side prediction and player movement? I was learning about client side prediction, but then decided it would be a lot easier to implement if it was using a custom player controller. This was a wrong assumption, but someone might find the knowledge useful if they want things like bunny hopping and surfing in their games, or if they dislike their engine's sample player controller.

That's because nobody ever uploads playable builds.

yeah, are you going to download and run an .exe from this site?

If it's FOSS, yeah

considering most of the games here are not FOSS, then maybe that's why?

Why wouldn't they be FOSS? Seems like a shit game to me and thus, why would I want to try out a shitty game?

because people are eventually going to try to sell their games?

I know the game I'm working on isn't going to be FOSS, I'm going to spend years of my life working on it and I'd like some sort of compensation.

Blame Patreon and Kickstarter, Steam and Apple for killing genuine freeware.

When I was in the freeware scene I noticed how people only talk about paid games (whether or not they pirated them), so I wondered if I just want to make a game people would talk about, might as well make it payware even if it were pirated.

Plus not utilizing at the very least Patreon and Greenlight is like leaving money on the table.

No, I'm tired of contributing hours of unpaid labor to team projects which were subsequently abandoned, considering that I have to work a shitty schedule that leaves me little time for dev work.

Plus look at all the games now even the Youtube bait, they're all monetized. Everything is monetized. Free-to-play is a thing so why would someone play genuine freeware which looks lower quality? I wish I could turn back time, but now you have fucking hipsters who hate the game industry making bank on it… at the very least I want my shekels too.

Free and Open Source software is regularly sold

user, you know that average pleb browsing itch or Steam doesn't have first idea what a compiler is, much less how to compile game and your game will be pirated if it's worth pirating and average neckbeard who wants to compile everything is more likely to pay you for the package with art assets to use with the game's source than to buy closed source game.
So only reason to make it closed source is to protect your secret implementation of game mechanics in other words you don't want other people to see the horrible spaghetti code of yours and make fun of you.

Just because you free the engine's code doesn't mean you can't keep the assets copyrighted, you dumdum. Look at Doom and Quake: free engines, but the actual content is still owned by id Software and Bethesda and has to be bought or "bought" by the user.

and how are you going to enforce people not stealing your assets, when you are not a big company?

Same way you prevent people from pirating your game you don't.

If another programmer saw my "implementation of game mechanics" They would ask three questions.

How do you keep this undocumented mess straight in your head?
How did you get this to compile?
Why has god forsaken us?

I know this because I ask myself these questions on a regular basis. And so you are right about me not wanting to show other people my terrible code. Good god this thing is going to be a bitch when I try to optimize it.

user, I don't even want to look at my source anymore because I'm certain reading it out aloud would summon Cthulhu or make Linus, Stallman and de Raadt have gay sex on daytime TV news.

I don't think they'll allow loli.

If they try to peddle it as their own? There's a reason why nobody does this. The internet would rip you several new holes, and anyone smart enough to rip a game open is likely to respect others' work. Also making new assets is easier, but filthy freetard nodevs can't realize that.

I don't know of any FOSS games that are 'regularly sold', and I don't know of any good FOSS games that didn't start out as proprietary.
Games don't need to be free, they can and might as well be proprietary blobs ran in a sandbox, if not on dedicated hardware.
Do you refuse to watch movies because they didn't let you see the raw reels?
Do you really need 50 mediocre instances of the same game with minor differences, just like on pirate Chinese cartridges?
Do you want your vidya to be constantly unfinished, with an endlessly trailing version number?
Do you want vidya direction to regress to the level of Atari 2600 and the worse half of the DOS library, because not a single project is done with a coherent vision anymore?
Do you want every game to have the production values of a dA sprite comic, or your typical RPG Maker game, because everyone is reusing the same assets over and over?
Do you want shitty forks and mods replacing the original by making it harder to find, play, or even know about?
Do you want empty multiplayer servers because communities are spread thin over 30 different forks of the same game?
Do you want picking the right version of a game to be just as autistically painful as picking a Linux distro, and just as fruitless in the end?
Do you want to see good work go to waste as it only sees the light of day when it's absorbed into bigger, shittier and more popular projects?

You call them poopy heads on social media.

What the fuck are you going on about? Nobody's telling everyone to give away ALL their shit, just provide source code of the engine the game runs on.

Also, have you ever heard of fucking Tales of Maj'Eyal? It's free software, but is sold on both Steam and GOG like a normal game, and nobody has a problem with that.

You can't do that with FOSS. You still have the copyright, so claiming ownership of a, let's say, GNU program, is unlawful.

Nor will your game.

You are not even making sense anymore, you are just repeating the same mantras FOSS naysayers have repeated for decades.

Yes they do. Just lurk more if you aren't lying through your teeth. And bitch at the engine devs if you want free engines, not at the users.
Behold, the power of free software.

Learn to read, nigger.
Almost all proprietary games that were opened later.
Post someone else saying the same things I did.

No they don't. Not even Richard Stallman, maximum authority in freetardism, advocates for "open source" art. Quite the opposite, he believes art assets don't need to have all of the four essential freedoms, mainly because some of them don't make sense when applied to art. In particular, you could apply the fourth freedom to art, but he doesn't advocate for it.

I'm not going to ask you to release your game's code if it's built on Unity, I'm just going to laugh at you for limiting yourself to a proprietary platform.

Except there are many that were opened the same year they were released.
Sure, just let me dig years of archived posts until I find something that comes close to what you say just so you can dismiss it as not being exactly like you said it.

this fucking bullshit is the only thing that comes out of open source games

Some people are making less popular shoddy copies of your game. Oh, the horror.

some people are making games and not posting the source code so you can make shoddy games
Oh, the horror

Some people are making lostboy.exe games. Now, that's THE horror.

It could be worse.

Someone makes 2 cosmetic changes to your game, shills it and becomes Notch while your game is completely forgotten.

are you talking shit on ToME? it's considered one of the best roguelikes out there, and has lots of content. The base game is actually completely free, but if you buy it on steam or GoG, it's treated as a $10 "donation" and so you unlock more features.

ToME is a pretty big success for its business model.

I'd like to have that, yes please.

Except you can sue him if he releases something for money based on something you released as open source, depending on the license you choose.

Rimworld except your colony being destroyed is a failure rather than an inevitable endgame

Which license is that? Most FOSS licenses don't stop you from selling whatever you make with it.

Also friendly reminder to never use a permissive cuck license like MIT, they allow people to take your code and turn it into proprietary closed source shit. There's no good reason to use them for videogames, and anyone who tries to tell you otherwise has an unusually lengthy nose. Use either copyleft like GPL (it forces anyone who uses your code to also release their code), or a proprietary license if you want to actually make money.

so for having a shitty business model from a financial point of view it did well financially.

I don't know much about Doom modding but when I try to run it in GZDoom I get the following message:

Zandronum gives me this:

Am I doing something wrong?

You retain copyright over your content, so while someone could take your engine, make their own game with it, then sell that to become Notch, they can't take your content, alter it a little, then sell it. The line is somewhat blurry, but the two cosmetic changes the other user suggested would almost certainly be close enough to hold up in court.

I don't know of any RPG code for godot specifically, but you could apply basically any open source rpg code to your project. You'd just have to reimplemented how those systems interact with the engine.

Shit, I didn't know there were colored scans of part 5.

ok how this


So far this looks like an Ideas Guy Document. What's your goal? Is this supposed to become a short document to pitch the project or a full fledged game design document. If it's the latter, you still have a long way to go. I attached the official GDD of an unreleased Saint's Row PSP game to this post. It's what I use as reference for my GDD. That's the level of detail you should be aiming for. A single bullet point to describe the setting doesn't cut it.

Not really, I'm just working with a devbuild. Didn't expect anyone to try and compile it.

I've done a handful of quick last-minute fixes, so I guess if you want to give it a run, then here. dropbox.com/s/8qppwrdorpvgi8e/anime_tank_tits.zip?dl=1
Run the .exe, tweak the options, customize your controls, optimize the graphics (if you don't have a hefty rig, lower the particles/debris in Customize Gameplay), play the tech demo level, etc.

Usual disclaimer, early on, placeholder graphics, nothing is final, tell me if something sucks or breaks, all that stuff.

It's been two minutes and I've already found a bug. I think you might already know about it, but when you kick booze bottles right on a doorwell and the door closes, the bottle gets stuck under the door and it spazzes out. It can't be seen, but you can hear the bottle clinking endlessly. I've already done this three times.

I have a new build of my game, with a new level that I made. Here is a video of me playing through it. Its supposed to take place on a sky-scraper.

If you're interested in trying it yourself, you can download it here:


What do you think of it? What should be improved?

I had friends play the game, but they couldn't beat any of the finished levels. I'm not really sure how a more serious player except me would play my game, since I dont know any.

It would be helpful to see what you think of the level design. I think I might be too stingy on health-packs, because two of the levels that I made did not have any health packs, this one included. It took me a lot of tries to beat this level because I would purposefully engaged several enemies at once while recording, so that I could show the combat better, although it made the level harder.

If anyone has the time for it and is interested, I would like to see a recording of someone playing the game, so I can see how another player will attempt the level.

It looks like you haven't even read a guide on pixelart or anything, considering that pillow shading. Also, your colours are way to desaturated. Hell, there's even jaggies. All problems covered in the most basic of basic guides.
Read a book some tutorials, nigga: pixelprospector.com/the-big-list-of-pixel-art-tutorials/


Well yeah, usually people post their own shit in a thread for posting progress on your own games.

it would be used as a short document pitch
but it's more for creative direction for myself
i've seen this GDD several times and though it's nice
there is no way i'm writing a 122 page GDD for this when a lot of this is very much subject to change
Even some of the stuff i've written down here im not so sure about.

I did not know about it. Thanks for letting me know.

They only went up to chapter 70~ last I checked, but they're still pretty good.
It's really, really hard to get what's going on part 5 sometimes, and being colored really helps

Looks pretty awesome so far.

I really dig the artstyle and overall feel of the game.

I do have some issues with the gameplay though. I dislike the bullet-hell style enemy shooting patterns. It just feels awkward in first-person to me. Aside from that some of the weapons feel kinda unsatisfying but that's nothing unexpected from a dev build.

As one user pointed out earlier, the booty grabbin' feels kinda fiddly. It should feel nice and easy. Like grabbing a big handful in one stroke. Gotta grab that booty.

Also forgot to mention.

The framerate was really bad after a while. I looked into the settings and found out that the decal limit was set incredibly high. When I lowered it it worked again for a while but soon the stuttering came back. Might be worth a look into.

Humble bundle is having a game maker sale.
Is there any point getting game maker pro?

If you want to make gamemaker games, then yes.

You can get all of the export modules too for $15, breddy gud


Christ it's like the universe is trying to tell me something.

I used GM for a while, and I enjoyed it. I has its issues, but its still fun and can make quality games if you put the time and effort into it. I don't use it any more because I moved onto 3D, but sometimes I do get a hankering to go back to GM and make some small fun projects. This is a deal if you've been thinking about getting into it user.

I've used GM in past, was going to start using something else but I might try this again.

I know that feel

Well I'm not one to turn down a 99% off sale :^)

pls rate.

why the fuck would you post popeye-small?

because… fuck you that's why.


Got down to business tonight in GM. Not much to show yet, but it's a start.

Question, why's my shit blurry? I have color interpolation unchecked.


The bullethell style of projectiles is something I've been waffling back-and-forth on, since anything less doesn't really merit the jetpack/dodge mechanics, but there's also that it can be extremely overwhelming in first-person and "drown out" everything else about the environment.
I'll definitely take a look at the framerate issues, though, thank you.

That was pretty fun. Needs more fun weapons, but it was enjoyable and not too easy either. Beat the boss with 2hp remaining. Keep up the good work.

What is the yellow bar on the right hand side?

For those who use gzdoom, do you know if it's possible to generate random level ? I'm interested in making a roguelike.